Video: Google NO

Internet of Things is just Spies You Pay for Twice.

Random but meh, not worthy of a new page.

Also, is Sargon the Dickhead really starting on Taylor Swift?
With the femininity so fragile thing (doesn’t work, btw, shit meme)…
Do you have a death wish?

Going after all women makes us band together, we aren’t like men.
Memes don’t operate on us the same. Look at #metoo men could never do it.

If you want to splinter good from bad, don’t leave out bad men or we smell a rat and ditch. Acting like only one sex is flawed is what an SJW does.

The fact insecure men assume no woman is naturally beautiful is frankly hilarious. Are children naturally beautiful? Exactly, sexy is totally different ball game. To remove all a woman’s naturally good features mean it isn’t even realistic, it’s a zombifier. How about an app that makes men adopt middle-aged beer guts, leathery skin and baldness? We have an impression you’d call that sexist because you’re so insecure about someone else’s appearance, I dread to think if it actually aimed back onto itself. Plenty of women go without makeup, I have and men preferred it. I tend to use very little, this is not LA.
Author was correct, it’s a cheap way of gaslighting women into feeling shit about themselves. Well, you needn’t bother because the whole cosmetic industry already does this way better and with targeted ads. It also implies men don’t wear makeup. Plenty of men wear makeup, at least in the form of fake tan and tinted moisturiser. Deceptive? Nah, we can tell. We’re not stupid.

“Men” are en masse proving the fragility meme (I am surprised by that) by going on and on and on and on about it and trying to project it. You’re all pajama boys, real men in the olden days would laugh and agree it was a phase. Everyone is insecure when they’re younger, you just hate the now real social media pressure against men too. Well, blame the Beautiful Ones of the male demographic for setting insane standards or the companies. It isn’t woman on the street’s fault you don’t have abs, mate.

Sargon autistically misses the point on women once again! tfw to intelligent, amirite?
He’s being very disturbing in this, it’s abhorrent to an English countryman.
He’s acting like he’s unmasking a Scooby Doo villain. OK, quit toothpaste and deodorant and SPF and lip balm and shampoo. None of those are necessary and used to be called vain. Silly, wouldn’t it be? Modern cosmetics are good for you! Drunk Elephant!
Women know this, we’re taking care of ourselves. It’s no excuse for men to let themselves go. It’s the 21st century, deal with it.

I’ve said before men doing this are kicking themselves in the teeth.

Short points.

  1. you can’t change female nature, we preen too
  2. no narcissist can erase natural beauty from the world or its enhancement
  3. you’re only showing you don’t get how women work, which is ugly
  4. it puts women off you but not the stuff
  5. it also shames the feminine women into being more like a fatter West, totally hateful of beauty
  6. I thought you wanted less of those?
  7. make up your minds
  8. stop bitching you aren’t even good at it, makeup is complex (see Fenty discussions)
  9. copyright issues from altering someone’s photo to humiliate them (defamation)
  10. Controlling a stranger’s face is fucking CREEPY
  11. Controlling a stranger’s face is fucking CREEPY
  12. Controlling a stranger’s face is fucking CREEPY

What would be good? A cosmetic surgery spotting app that works on both sexes.

Video: Fake bitches

Ew, e-celeb. MUST SCRUB CLEAN.

Patronizing head tilt of fakes at 1:39 why are you stealing my spotlight?

2:28 concealed inhale of anger, hand flutter to hide eyes, clap to distract and control.

A master at work. This is the real expression, it was so quickly hidden I could barely catch it.

This is my show.

Post-release, ugh dis bitch.

This one is “why are you trolling me bitch? There are CAMERAS.”

Tight expression, neck tattoos are often used to conceal anger there. Sharp inhale, it’s his tell.

Lip chew, after lips pursed, then embittered pout, anger remains in the eyes and direct glare.

“I love you” immediate neck itch of liars.

When it’s imitated

See the thing about the neck tattoo?
Lower teeth bared, try it yourself it’s only frustration. I am good at this. TBF, he’s obvious. Most people couldn’t accurately spot deception from insecurity but his facial expressions say it all.
Immediate distraction with spray.

He reminds me of someone, I can’t think who.

Fuck him, he’s a bully. This has been how to spot a narcissist.

47-49s, she’s genuinely hurt.

1:18 he has the cold, dead eyes of a Chucky doll.

You didn’t believe me, did you?

Video: American on chav makeup

She doesn’t know that’s what it is, but damn. She burnt it to the ground and she’s dancing in the ashes. The best reviews are actually the black girls because they don’t hold back. They don’t care about your feelings. It’s magnificent.

I spat out my tea.

Do you know how rare that is?

Do you know how expensive this tea is?

If only the likes of Beyonce had half her personality.



can we all

take a moment

to appreciate

this expression.

You would never catch a white girl doing this, mad respect.

Video: Arabic vs. Indian Makeup

Responding to the enduring and fatiguing popularity of any makeup post, this is the kind of education I can get behind and really endorse.

Such a sweet woman and a refreshing change from certain other Indian women who denied their heritage and tried to white-out themselves with foundation and blown-out dodgy lighting to the extent they’re lighter than me, a Brit. Love yourself. Hiding what you’ve got defeats the point.

This is how you do looks respectfully. Take notes.

On the topic, there’s really no British look, it’s similar to an older French style because we’ve been borrowing from them since we both had a monarchy. Women used to make their own cosmetics, like powder from flour. We made lip tint from beetroot and blush from rhubarb, by the time companies got involved it wasn’t new. Mascara was literally from pitch or soot over some type of oil or jelly. Makes me laugh when silly (normally US) men say they’re gonna “ban cosmetics”. K, hun. K, sure. Ban food. Ban honey and sugar and oats we use to scrub faces too. Willow charcoal, burnt and ground up brown herbs… you can’t ban nature, babe. Ban soap and tweezers and scissors. Mint tooth products.

Men wore cosmetics, especially in court. Powdered wigs still technically remain, in legal court. Deodorant is male perfume, it’s a cosmetic. Fake tan is a TON of makeup, more than any historical man wore. Even the Greeks. Even the fops.

Scotland I can’t speak for but Irish looks are about the hair and the plumpness, so to speak. They like to look healthy.

Welsh women go really out there with eye definition and it’s hard to say if they affect Scotland, who tend to blend various looks.

English is the classic Rose type and that’s a natural look; warm lipgloss or stain worked into the mouth with clear gloss over the top, blusher is important, no bronzer. NO bronzer and a peachy or cream powder. This is possible because primer isn’t really a traditional thing, like the French we allow moisturiser to sink in. Eye makeup varies, the 40s style covered by glamourdaze is correct that it wasn’t as important as lips. Culturally, women were allowed lipstick in our rations because it kept up morale. Eyeliner was natural-looking, like a more subtle Monroe. Look at Vivien Leigh, doll-like but not heavy. Women could compete to wear as much lipstick as possible in Blitz reds to seem the most patriotic. This is why we had to invent lipliner, basically.

Violet and rose products remain popular. Lavender from the Victorian era on.

Video: Instagram Bitch Look

Very Brit sarcasm.

Now I need a male version with 300-style contoured abs and eight month old gay bar trends they insist they didn’t steal.

This is the warmed-over chav look again, I previously mentioned.

Most Americans don’t even know what a chav is, yet they look like the 2004 version.

Creepy similarity to Helen Flanagan here.

If it isn’t enough these Russian women get Kirk’s alien sex doll surgery, they spend so much on makeup, more than the surgery. Why people think I go easy on whites is beyond me, I mock us most of all.

What cultural appropriation?

That’s so disrespectful.

She was a monarch and she was murdered.

What’s next, Diana?

You gonna open with a slow-mo car crash?

American trash whore bloggers, plugging their shitty products (always the same dozen or so brands) and abusing our history to do it. These girls always trowel it on to hide their hideous real features as well, especially the nose. But they’re too vain to suck it up like the Jewish girls and get a nosejob. Sure, fine, lecture us on ‘real beauty’ from behind 17 layers of silicon….

Meanwhile, here’s what Marie really looked like.

Wear all the makeup in the world, you’ll never be 1% as naturally alluring as this woman.
Kills you, don’t it? If white women are so flawed, why u constantly trying to look like us, dress like us and name your kids like us?

This tart up top isn’t fit to lick the Queen’s boots, this is completely abhorrent to anyone who reads.
Marie and her husband weren’t actually responsible for the French Revolution, it was Louis XV and his debauchery. He was initially called The Beloved but reviled by the time he died, as people found out what a degenerate manwhore he was. Everyone despised him. Among his many crimes against morality was to kidnap nubile daughters, almost always against the parents’ will, have them locked up- and rape them.

“The foundation of that infamous establishment where Louis XV kept young girls, whom he had in many instances caused to be forcibly taken from their parents…”

You wanna talk about rape culture?
Dissolute monarchs completely deserved the block.
Marie is mentioned at the end. She never wanted to be Queen. Back up, hoe.

Do a French-inspired look, fine, we don’t give a shit. We can just laugh when you fuck it up because Europeans don’t use a fifth of the makeup of parvenu Nouveau-Americans.
Do not perpetuate lies about good people. Have you Americans lost all respect for the dead?
Looking at the way you treat statues (you might as well dig up dead bodies like we did Cromwell, ‘cept he deserved it) I’m thinking so.

Why do non-whites think it’s OK to rip off our history?

And who in their right mind wants cornrows and tacky patterns anyway?
You have yours, we have ours. That was the deal.

The whole Princess culture is strictly European, other cultures might’ve borrowed it but the closest is the Empress system of Asia or perhaps the geisha (who were prostitutes, the world is laughing at you if you imitate that).

It’s a repetitive thing where they lie with their camera and lighting choice and STILL dial up the contrast until they look white. I was shocked when the camera tracked on her real face, and that’s minus just the thick cack-handed makeup.

Warning: cack-handed makeup is always ugly makeup.

BTW, those white phenotype contacts lenses are always creepy.


Asian and black girls keep brushing on freckles now too.

Oh, so it’s fine for everyone else to racebend?


I have another post I mostly wrote where I go into what’s really wrong with the ‘beauty community’, namely that men are allowed to dictate to women how we should look, what is feminine today: that we should look like men trying to be women.

However, a second and almost equally virulent issue is ripping off various ‘influences’ and acting like it’s okay to cosplay real, dead people. These people would reee if we pointed out Beyonce’s talentless thunder thighs but apparently they can rob the dead for cosmetic tips but there’s no equality.


Like, we are (free) to buy fake tan, but not (free) to buy skin lighteners in the West.

They’re allowed to be sold to non-whites though, who don’t actually need them for medical reasons, unlike white people. We’re allowed brighteners, which are close but don’t really work on white skin.

Anyone racebending looks stupid.


You cannot look a different race.

It’s forensic, you cheap-looking slappers.

Update: This girl isn’t even attractive by the standards of her own race/country.

She’s no Nutan.

Yes, Asians fake eyelids

They fake a lot, actually. This is level 1 of Operation Half-White Baby.

Asian cosmetics are plain better than ours, if you bother to look. The intent of it all? Snag a husband.

But the white girls are fake for using concealer, right? Red lipstick?

While the manosphere is discussing the pedomorphic neotony of Asians, with a focus on the eyes and claiming this is superior because it’s more feminine than white women…..

…that’s because it literally isn’t real.

Let’s quote the denizens of Roosh V’s forum, shall we?

There is a reason women put on fake eyelashes, it will make their eyes look a bit more distanced from each other and larger. With the help of makeup they can look more “sweet”

They basically don’t have eyelashes. Short stubby things that grow directly outward.

It’s part of the fake femininity thing. Here we call it a cutesy act.
Remember, most fake geek girls were/are Asian.
As I pointed out before, otherwise their childish looks would freak you out, if they behaved their age.

The fake eyelashes are worse than a Kardashian. How are you not getting this?

More fake lids!

Superior femininity, right guys?

Bigeye widespace girls are quality. Warm, generous, sensitive.

Deep socket girls have intellectual depth, honesty, and conscientiousness.


The surgery can be superb though….

You’d never know, would you!
Well, until she gives birth. By then, you’re fucked too!
If natural lids were retained, this would be the result.

It’s called “monolid makeup”, look it up.

Because white women are traps.

Race traps.

Look at the angle of the eyebrows. There is no nurturing quality at all. Combined with her eyes there is a soul-less quality to her stare. I can’t quite tell what it is about the eyebrows but hopefully you guys see it too.

I may be going insane but I’ve picked up on certain facial characteristics that tend to be common with bitchy and non-nurturing females.
The biggest one is the manjaw of course.
Also, small beady eyes that are close together.

While on the subject of Edenic anthropology, Asian women can have manjaws.

That chick is not widespace, but she is definitely bigjaw and wideface. The latter two are testosterone indicators, so I would expect more aggression, abrasiveness, higher sex drive – pretty much how Roissy describes his lawyer chicks. Her eyes are not very large, either, so reduced sensitivity.

Most of them do, actually.

You just aren’t looking.
The hate-on for whites is too strong.
This graphic is from a facial study.
Label of graphic is:
Back-up here for convenience’s sake:


Look at that manjaw. Look at that thing! You can grate cheese on it. It is a sign of high testosterone.
In other words, if you have two equally cute girls, go with the one with the higher pitched voice, the more feminine waist to hip ratio, and the smaller jawline.

WHR? Asian women are definitely out.
More Roosh forum quotes! Always more!

Masculine facial traits include:

Pronounced chin
Robust brow region; small eyes
Marked mandibular breadth (wide jaw)
Strong chin
High, pronounced nose bridge and/or greater nasal width

Perhaps if I use their own words, it’ll sink in.

Feminine facial traits are neontenous traits, signals of youth (i.e. traits that children/babies have), basically the opposite of above:

Gracile features, flatter faces
Reduced chin
Reduced brow region; large eyes
Weak chin
Low, subdued nose bridge, with lesser nasal width

In context, this part is hilarious.

This is why East Asian girls and white girls are so popular among men. East Asian girls have the most gracile facial morphology; white girls “cheat” with large eyes. 

It’s like they can’t see over their erection.

Studies? No? No studies?

Like, one group is literally faking its eyelids and not one of them has the slightest idea.
But they’re 100% accurate judges of women, yes Siree!

not one had the intellectual curiosity to look it up

A little more, I have plenty of salt spare to rub in this ax wound

You could build a boat with a jaw that broad, their long hair is meant to conceal it.

And if you compare the races…


Update backup photo:

White women are gracile in bone structure. According to the plastic surgeons.

Maths, I hear you cry?!

Asians are literally broader as a race.

Here’s something to trigger you, if you’re naive to China.

“Either way, the world’s most common face is, and will continue to be, fully Asian, whether Eastern or Southern, well into the distant future.
The concept of “Asian” cosmetic surgery as a limited subspecialty of plastic surgery is already disappearing as this evolving discipline now encompasses the largest patient base on the planet.
Celebrities and models glorified in the West (and East) as today’s “beautiful” are already old news, really just tomorrow’s “fixer-uppers,” even if they don’t yet know it.

Can we get Heartiste’s take on that?
Sounds fake but OK.
Like none of those bitches would look like Amber Heard, given half a chance.

What does this mean for cosmetic surgery? Look for a “new” phase in Asian plastic surgery where the primary goal will be to look better rather than mainly different or “Westernized.” Operations like double eyelid surgery, epicanthoplasty, cheek and jaw reductions, calf nerve ablations, and so on will degrade into obscure footnotes in old textbooks on outdated plastic surgery.

“Ethnic” plastic surgery will come to refer to surgery on the European or Western population seeking “Easternization.” A whole new group of operations will be developed in response to new demands.
When will all of this happen? In a hundred years? In fifty years? With the present rate of change, give it a good ten years.”

Don’t let mathematical fact get in the way of your fetish.

They’ve been trying to replace white women this whole time.
This whole time, anime was war.

2016 makeup: Year of the Chav


He’s brutal but they deserve it.

This didn’t look good ten years ago on schoolgirls. Schoolgirls don’t even need makeup usually, being at the peak of their oestrogen. Concealer for spots, maybe powder for grease. Done. Instead, they applied more paint than a GCSE Art class.

I’m getting flashbacks. By 3pm, it would’ve cracked.

It’s chav makeup the Americans have only just discovered. I haven’t said anything previously because I found it funny.

They spend a ton of money looking cheap.

It allows you to swerve to avoid them.

We have a TV show here called Snog Marry Avoid. Watch it online sometime.

Essentially, it mocks all those LA wannabes. Except, beautifully, the LA people are now imitating them, ten years too late.


This show is amazing, really. It should become a Thing in America. Do your own version please.

The host is in on the joke.

Playboy Americana.

2017? Pointy.

Going by what I’ve seen these people do recently, Asian eyes. They try to narrow them and stretch them out but up, like Benedict Cumberbatch it produces this alien effect. A lot of purple and green for some reason. Orange mouth that isn’t coral, but isn’t red either. It’s like someone gave baby Oscar Wilde a geisha makeup set.

The mouth, however, is very round. Like a blow-up doll. Ideally, a circle, mid-pout. But the brows are flattening like a man.