Circumcision, removing 15 square inches of skin, is hardly a snip

Neuroanatomist Dr. Ashley Montagu states that an area of “normal” skin the size of a quarter (U.S. 25-cent piece) contains more than 12 feet (3.66m) of nerves and over 50 nerve endings.* The illustration at right shows that at least 15 U.S. quarters can fit upon the area of tissue represented by an average adult foreskin. Infant circumcision likely deprives the adult male of about 240 feet (73.2m) of nerves and over 1,000 nerve endings. Since Dr. Taylor’s research suggests that the foreskin is more densely nerve-laden than “normal” skin, a circumcised man likely loses many times more than 1,000 nerve endings.

The foreskin is the male prepuce, homologous to the female clitoral hood.
FGM and circumcision are two sides of the same, ahem, coin.
Do not forget, adult circumcision is rather firmly established too.

If you were circumcised, are you a victim?

Personal, female opinion: yes. But a victim narrative doesn’t make it grow back, ending the widespread practice for other menĀ is all you can realistically obtain.
What the Jews choose to do to their own babies aside, the medical evidence is unsustainable. HIV and HPV are at all-time highs, for example.

Consider the peer review bias: if an article as any listed above came in, and all the men on the panel were circumcised, would they be more or less likely to publish an article calling them subpar lovers?

Finally, there’s the evolutionary argument. Are we to remove clitoral hoods too?

Should we circumcise women to prevent throat cancer in men?

I’m always amused by the exceptionalism of feminists.
One rule for you men, another for us women. Hate men? Of course not.
I’ve asked so many feminists a barometer question: would you sleep with an uncircumcised man? (i.e. natural!)
Their response was disgust, revulsion and mockery (aka foreskin shaming).

The sole logical explanation: all feminists are Orthodox Jews. In which case, premarital sex should be off the cards altogether.

Male AND female circumcision are anti-evolution

it’s a short paper;

Abstract: “For various reasons, penile and clitoral prepuces have been amputated from children in certain human societies for thousands of years. Although the justifications for male and female circumcision have changed over the last several thousand years, the practice of circumcision has not been examined from the perspective of primate evolution. Why do primates have a prepuce, and what function does it have? The comparative anatomy between human and non-human primates will be reviewed with a specific focus on the sensory innervation of the prepuce and glans.”

Highlighted (literally);

The male and female prepuce has persisted in all primates, which strongly supports the contention that the prepuce is valuable genital sensory tissue.

Some advocates of mass circumcision have, likewise, considered the prepuce to be a “mistake of nature,”70 but this notion has no validity because the prepuce is ubiquitous in primates and because it provides functional advantages.

The results of this study demonstrate that the human prepuce is not “vestigial” but is, in fact, an evolutionary advancement over the prepuce of other primates. This is most clearly seen in the evolutionary increase in corpuscular innervation of the human prepuce and the concomitant decrease in corpuscular receptors of the human glans relative to the innervation of the prepuce and glans of lower primates.