Sexist chemicals

Never let it be said I avoided an interesting title.

Male infertility isn’t just related to procreation, either. Oftentimes, a decrease in sperm count is an indicator of an increased risk in premature death. (2) In fact, the study called it a “canary in the coal mine” for male health. And though the researchers didn’t set out to figure out why sperm counts were decreasing, they floated several theories, including environmental and lifestyle influences.

STDs and endocrine disruptors. That include the talc on your ass as a baby, makes you less manly and gives women ovarian cancer. Men get testicular.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, it’s been found that the effects of continuously raised estrogen levels in the female body due to taking birth control pills may include: (5)

  • Potential increased risk of breast cancer
  • Potential increased risk of blood clotting, heart attack and stroke. The risk of blood clots is highest for very overweight women taking the pill.
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Gallbladder or liver problems, including benign tumors
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Weight gain
  • Mood changes, with some women experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety
  • Nauseacramping, irregular bleeding or spotting between periods
  • Breast tenderness

Compared to the low low risk of shutting your legs.

Ignoring sex has medical consequences. Groundbreaking.

Tea, coffee or cocoa: which is better?


Inspired by this comic.

Black tea is retarded leaf water and nobody really likes green.

Black tea contains fluoride which cannot be removed.

Search fluoride Harvard.

This might be why the British have lost our fighting spirit, the more cups of black tea with fluoridated water we consume PER DAY.

Coffee is the cocaine of pussies. After a brief high, whatever you consume as your brain downregulates activity to compensate merely keeps your levels normal aka not boosted. Coffee is not a nootropic in the neurological sense. Plus the modern dosages (one serving is not a Venti barrel) fuck with your sperm.

No, literally, your sperm gets fucked up.

However, large amounts of caffeine cause sperm to swim slower thereby reducing male fertility. In order to improve fertility reduce or eliminate caffeine from your daily diet while you and your partner are trying to conceive.”

Meanwhile, chocolate, drink of cannibals and philosophers…

Chocolate is as complex as wine, in fact, this is the reason for classic wine and cheese OR chocolate sessions.

Chocolate contains flavonoids, like tea, but mixed with dairy (a milk or cream base) has the same impact as what all the hipsters call Bulletproof Coffee. Only better because the cocoa fats render well with the animal fat and absorb better into the body (more important than what you ingest).

Vegan chocolate is the shit, you can get green tea flavour if you’re boring or strawberry milkshake if you’re me. Put it in your wheatgrass high estrogen smoothies if you wanna be a pussy about it.

The Enlightenment was founded on chocolate, moreso than coffee. Great scientists and Casanova, among many royals, chugged the stuff.

Hot Chocolate is the drink of the beverage master-race.
All the facts are there.

….We have options. We haz your whipped cream. We haz the marshmallows. The humble cinnamon wand. We haz da mighty wafer.
There is no come-down from a good hot chocolate. There isn’t enough sugar for a sugar crash, the dairy is light enough (genetics – only white people can properly digest dairy) that it causes no digestion issues and you can drink as many as you want without fucking your BP. You can happily mix Merlot into it. Bourbon. Vodka. Say the same about coffee.

How is this not a thing?

That and bone marrow ‘butter’. Great on garlic bread.

Lust supplements case study: arsenic

Although this was nonsense, it was true that very small doses of arsenic could stimulate circulation and increase weight gain. There was great excitement in 1851 when a Viennese medical journal reported on the sexual benefits which arsenic consumption was supposed to have brought the peasantry of Styria – a remote mountainous region in Austria.

The Styrians commonly swallowed quantities well above the lethal dose, but they ingested it in solid lumps which passed through their digestive tracts almost intact.

Just enough was absorbed to increase blood flow, giving the women a rosy- cheeked glow and the men an increased libido, resulting in an inordinate number of illegitimate children in the region.

By all means, trust people selling you medical supplies online.

I’m sure

there is

no way

this could


go wrong.

And they call women vain, we don’t take magic pills like Horny Goat Weed.

That last link tickled me.

If you can’t boost it the natural way (diet, exercise) don’t bother. Taking any form of supplement will decrease natural production because the artificial kind signals the production organs.

If you’re such a manly man and it’s all natural, you don’t need this shit.

Sure, load up on whey protein, bitch tits, I’m sure that’ll make up for refusing to drag your ass to a gym.

Child abuse and homosexuality, microbiome, gay germ, male slutting and pedophiles

Okay I had to post this one thing, just this one thing.

Watch the lengths they’ll go to. Now it’s sure, there’s a link (under-*)reported by the victims themselves between being raped as a child and being ‘gay’ as an adult, but we can’t prove causation. We’re not, like, social scientists.

*all sexual crimes are under-reported.

As for saying there’s no link to orientation, well, technically that is true because orientation theory is Victorian bullshit picked up by Kinsey to justify University expenses on rentboys. Yeah, gay ones. Twinks, apparently.

Fact: Nothing in the definition of homosexuality (<3%) mentions age.
From the only study I can find to dare measure this, mentioned here with other data, ~30% child abusers are homosexually-oriented (quantifiably, their proven targets/victims were the same sex). That’s a whole order of magnitude at least, it’s significant. Nobody studies it. People who moan about this fact and worse, try to suppress it, are more offended by truth/facts than they are about rape. I said it.
Orientation theory means nothing without behaviour. If the facts are denied, the distinctions cannot be made. Orientation theory is unfalsifiable, identity is a self-involved delusion. It’s magical thinking to believe asserting X makes Y more likely in the outer world. If you didn’t feel attraction to A, you couldn’t sexually perform.

I love how they believe criminal lies where sexuality is involved. The pedophiles have a vested interest in getting a reduced sentence.

Like, rape isn’t about attraction but they magically got an erection.

Like, they didn’t choose the kid based on the sex, but they did choose that kid/s and none of the opposite sex. If only they cared so much about the child’s choice (always no, they are legally incapable of consent).

Are we meant to believe psychopaths when they say they’re harmless now? Why do these people (who rely on the consent of pedophiles to make their living interviewing them) lose all rationality when dealing with the consequences of other’s sexuality? It’s like they’re incapable of admitting there’s such a thing as bad sexuality. 

They sympathize with the monsters (Real Victim card). The maternal (often paternal) instinct is misdirected to the adult criminal, instead of the formerly innocent child whose life they ruined. This is why pedophiles pretend they are still mentally children (diminished responsibility, lower sentencing) but it doesn’t occur to a child to have sex, let alone rape. They pretend to be scarred and traumatized themselves, yet somehow believe in spite of that claim causing the same suffering in another is justified? GTFO.

Feminists are happy to blame men for plenty of things, but remain strangely silent on pedophilia, which explains Rotherham neatly. The stark majority of pedophiles are men, well over 90% (similar to rape rates), and I haven’t seen MRAs try to deny this fact while casually decrying (exclusively female) feminist teachers as child abusers.

omg really wtf go away no audrey

r u bein serious rn

Maths says you’re wrong. The male teachers, on solely the basis of sex, are more likely to fit the forensic profile of child abuser.

And where the admitted link between homosexuality and former abuse as a child is concerned, it’s like they all magically forget another known admitted link in behaviour called the cycle of abuse. As if pedophiles don’t recruit. What do they think half of grooming is about? One half, making the kid think they wanted rape and other half, cultish indoctrination.

It isn’t an argument that goes both ways like how they twist it in academese. A recipe bakes a cake, the cake doesn’t unbake the recipe. Nobody is saying all homosexuals are pedophiles, but by definition, if someone meets a rare (1-3%) criterion for the criminal profile of a pedophile, they are statistically more likely to be one. The same as how a drunk driver is statistically more likely to kill someone. A male fan of Celine Dion is more likely to be interested in man-meat.

Still, no one looks into the microbiome and how it informs sexual behaviour, because Gay Germ Theory is crazy, right?

Well, actually

And it’s not just the skin that envelops the male sexual organ that’s inhabited by microbes:

can you say weeping sores?

researchers continue to identify bacteria that dwell within the urogenital tract, a site once considered sterile in the absence of infection.

A short, sharp HA! in your general direction.

Some of the anaerobes commonly found on the uncircumcised penis and on occasion inside the male urogenital tract are the same species associated with bacterial vaginosis (BV) in women, said Liu, lending support to the idea that male and female sexual partners share genital microbiota.

Dare you to study homosexual partners, considering the infamous hatred of condoms.

If you find no connection, I’ll do porn.

There is active change with every sexual partner. Proven.

“We know that it is not sterile, and some scientists think that some of the bacteria found in semen may be involved in male fertility issues.”

Mother Nature hates r-types, male sluts too. Cite Darwin now, wife-fuckers.
But why only study men? Surely the MRAs and MGTOWs want equal science funding to know how their bad lifestyle choice is making them infertile?

Kevin-Hart-Really-o rlly lies

Right guys? I mean, you can’t only want the science that makes you look good and avoid what triggers feelbads, that would be sexist. And the male version of Trigglypuff.

In fact, there is an observed connection between circumcision and homosexuality, from people who oppose it.

Almost all of the surveyed men who were predominantly or exclusively gay were circumcised. This does not imply that circumcision tends to predispose men to homosexuality!

It literally does. If you have evidence against, go for it.

There were two factors at work here. In the Net group gay men were mostly North American, and therefore likely to be circumcised.

That can be controlled for but assuming it was because you didn’t express otherwise, the prevalence still suggests a link.

Among the Australians only half were done as infants (the same as for our sample as a whole) – but most of the others had later had to be cut, because of infections under the foreskin. Gut bacteria are the commonest cause of these infections, and anal sex (in the pre safe-sex days when this survey was done) is one way these bacteria can get under the foreskin. So it is infections, rather than preference, that accounts for the scarcity of uncircumcised gay men.

This whole paragraph.

Okay, but no big studies, you say? Nothing recent?

Gut Microbiota Linked to Sexual Preference and HIV Infection

cracking up dawn french

I wonder why that wasn’t featured on I Fucking Love Science.

It’s about science, and fucking, and they love both those things.

Sex, hormones, and the microbiome

The microbiome — the kilogram of microbes that each of us carries around — has been shown to be involved in everything from obesity and type 2 diabetes to behaviour and sexual preferences.

Imagine taking a course of antibiotics and suddenly finding that your sexual preferences have changed.

Imagine if a specific infection reaches the brain during childhood pre-pubertal development #gaygerm

“This idea was dramatically confirmed when he gave the insects a dose of antibiotics. Immediately, their sexual bias disappeared and they were just as likely to mate with flies from either group.”

What if the lower number of gay people in modernity is due to all the antibiotics in the food?

Wouldn’t that be ironic?

sensible chuckle

You wanted ‘clean’ food, right California?

“It’s possible that the bacteria influence the levels of sex pheromones that affect the fly’s attractiveness, either by producing those chemicals themselves or stimulating the fly to do the same. That’s not too far-fetched: bacteria can alter the smells given off by many animals, and smell certainly affects sexual behaviour…. Antibiotics brought the levels of these chemicals down to similar levels.”

But remember, questioning the Pink Mafia makes you anti-science.

The science is settled TM.

For the MGTOWetc who’ll dispute any of this and continue to misuse Muh Evolution as if they were born with XYZ and choice never factors into the matter of sexual consent (scoff).

In any case, the study suggests that you can’t understand an animal’s evolution simply by considering the evolutionary pressures that act on its genome. You also have to consider the genes of the bacteria and other passengers that live inside it, which also create variations in its behaviour and affect is chances of survival. Sharon calls this the hologenome – the combined genes of a host and all the microbes it contains.

yup damon ian somerhalder vampire diaries hot duh yes uhuh

Enough for one day. Back to melting in this heatwave.

40% of fertility problems down to men

Do they mention STDs?

No. Even though it causes a lot of issues and effects get worse (and more untreatable) the longer you leave it.

Typical. Health at the expense of a single guilt trip.

Further perpetuating the myth that they don’t ‘really’ affect men.

Fine, I guess, since they’ll be raising and supporting the sickly, stupid ones.

They didn’t mention porn addiction either.

Adrenal fatigue?



Neither sex gets the quality of fertility information it deserves.

Nature: Old fathers, sick babies

The people pushing a “Father at Any Age, Just Find a Young Woman” model are just as evil as the female counterparts. You can’t trick nature. Who would deliberately stall and put their descendants in such an injured, sickly position? Monsters. ‘Have It All’ is impossible. Family or party, pick ONE.

Fathers passed on nearly four times as many new mutations as mothers: on average, 55 versus 14.

The father’s age also accounted for nearly all of the variation in the number of new mutations in a child’s genome,

with the number of new mutations being passed on rising exponentially with paternal age.

A 36-year-old will pass on twice as many mutations to his child as a man of 20, and a 70-year-old eight times as many, Stefánsson’s team estimates.

Go ahead, deny the damage of mutation load, I dare you. Let’s see if you’re redpill and accept the genetic data or a narcissist just like the ‘career women’ coldly leaving it as late as possible.

Nature is very clear that, given the option, youthful parents (18-25) are the better parents (genetically) in both sexes.  How could any sane person, educated in genetics, see it any other way?

By starting families in their thirties, forties and beyond,

The manosphere is doomed to comparative genetic inferiority.

men could be increasing the chances that their children will develop autism, schizophrenia and other diseases often linked to new mutations.

The super-classy myth of blaming older (supposedly feminist?) mothers for child autism is also wrong, if you look up the data, which points to a paternal and grand-paternal age link. Nor does it make basic logical sense that a Male Brained neurological problem would be passed on from anyone other than the father (that Y chromosome?). As more data is taken, this connection will only get stronger, so a word to the unwise: quit putting it off, idiots.

Naturally, the other options are genetic suicide (probably a good idea for this selfish type, imagine what awful parents they’d be) and/or mudsharking/outbreeding, since they can’t get a higher status (usually) white woman, which also, as covered in the mixed post, causes psychiatric issues. Those two races did not co-evolve, the material conflict fundamentally, it’s like mixing oil and water. Especially half Asian/half Europeans, like …Elliot Rodger.

wow omg omfg how can you be so dumb really stupid fyi

Yeah, that’s an angle I never covered. 100% true.

inb4 an embittered shriveled egg joke, that will not be a problem

Shocker as fathers’ bad habits hurt their future babies

Father’s bad habits directly impact child’s genetic quality

“We did not expect to see such important changes in epigenetic information due to environmental pressure,” says Barrès. “Discovering that lifestyle and environmental factors, such as a person’s nutritional state, can shape the information in our gametes and thereby modify the eating behaviour of the next generation is, to my mind, an important find,” he adds.’

Bad lifestyle too

These results suggest that the parents living conditions before conception may directly impact the health of their children.

“We’ve known for a very long time that preventive care among expectant mothers is critical to the health and well-being of their children,” said Gerald Weissmann, M.D., Editor-in-Chief of The FASEB Journal. “Now, we’re learning that fathers don’t get a free pass. How they take care of themselves — even before conception — affects the genetic makeup of their children, for better or worse.”

cracking up dawn french
Sperm carries environmental information about the father’s weight
All this information is technically under male fertility btw. Since it’s germline.
Male interest in babies hormone-mediated

“These results suggest that even before young men make actual decisions about marriage and children, one can distinguish between individuals who are more fatherhood-oriented and those who are less fatherhood-oriented.”

Do I sense a test for r/K? Dare I dream?

I would like to see sexual history included as a poor lifestyle factor. Cue the howls against biological responsibility from the manwhores. Hey, what are you afraid of? Your germline can’t escape your biology, the way you treat your body. Can’t blame that one on women.

toasting raising glass cheers leonardo da vinci congrats well done demons

Why am I mocking them? There are still males who blame the females for any issue with a baby (including miscarriage) as if it’s all on us. It’s a Henry VIII Complex. They refuse to believe it could be them.