1850 fuckboys

We call that an attention whore.

Studs are just the male forms of coquettes. There’s nothing impressive in it at all – anyone can flirt with a person they don’t care about. The name for a male tease is coquet.


A man who from vanity or selfish motives aims at making himself generally attractive to the other sex; a male flirt;

From cocky, which clearly applies more to men.

Why rude? A person can be promiscuous emotionally.

Literal mansplaining

I can’t find that pointless blog post I was gonna put.

All blog posts are pointless. Still.

It’s like a weird combination of ignoring someone, telling them to shut up but then expecting they’ll listen and agree with whatever you say like the peerless wisdom of Moses bringing down the Ten Commandments. Imagine every conversation with the opposite sex was like talking to a Reddit atheist who kept quoting Dawkins out of context, citing bad memes and he was 100% certain your mounting irritation was in fact sexual attraction.

And then there’s the march of the Sure, I get it morons. Who never got the tactful ability to keep their mouth shut on any issue, ever. We call those gobby, it’s something only women and gay men used to do but now men nag and whine and bitch because those are verbs and they do them now. Men became the shrew (but what about ME?) e.g. in a conversation he interrupted on periods. They think they look philosophical but they’re ….what’s the pretentious word they misuse? Solipsistic. Er, selfish in normal people tongue. It’s always got to be about them because why bother talking about anything else, they must be the centre of attention at all times even when not around.

It used to be only teenage mean girls pulling this shit. They’d grow out of it. Nobody claps the guys round the ear at a certain age (18) and tells them to STFU if they have nothing nice to say.

If you have nothing nice to say, don’t pretend you’re nice?

Silence is golden. Why aren’t Americans teaching this anymore? Turn taking, humility…

The funny part is that women do it but it’s rare a woman would be so rude (and you probably missed the cues to stop looooong before that point). In the case of men it’s expected to jump in and help, regardless of qualification and socially vaunted. Mr Worldly Expert dives in with yet another piece of nonsensical bollocks he pulled off wikipedia while skimming something vaguely related on the toilet last month. No, your opinion doesn’t magically become relevant. It’s like my opinion on male circumcision, I keep saying we need studies because I’m not a man, I lack the parts and this keeps things objective.
The sad part is it’s still controlling what other people talk about, which is not on. People don’t have to stick around and listen or care, but you can say almost any boring shit you want. *stares in blogger* It’s the internet.
You’ll never hear a white, middle-class American male say ‘I don’t know’ these days. It’s the scientism, they equate waffling and useless trivia to personal value.
No, never. It just makes you obnoxious. You know when two of  them try to outdo one another? Everyone else in the room, men included, is relieved to have a break. No one cares. They were being polite.
It’s also related to the jerk who only asks how you’re doing, on say, a holiday, so he can talk about his own. That one’s pretty even though. I guess the crux of the actual mansplaining thing, and not the attempts to shut men up on their own issues, is that women are burdened socially based on the expectation we’ll listen to any old shit without pointing out it’s shit because then we’re the bitch. The etiquette says that isn’t rude, wasting someone’s time to brag is. Derailing a conversation you don’t like with one-upmanship is rude, whoever does it.

Man is critical > clever.
Woman is critical > there must be something wrong with her! This one’s malfunctioning!

In a way, smartphones and the like have made men more socially backwards than any stereotypical historical misogynist. It’s catch 22. Whatever we say is spun against us. Are you actually a woman? Are you bad at being a woman? No, we’re trying to hold this mess of a conversation together for you, thanks for caring.
The judgemental Victorian men in films were actually very polite. They valued attempts at learning and expression, in part because schools doubled as finishing schools and they had to LEARN manners. Where do kids learn it now? Rap?

FFS, you made me sympathize with Laurie Dippy Penny.

Anyone expecting you to stand there quietly and listen to their monologue like an obedient pet has gotta have some issues. Take up running and run away.
This is why therapists exist, you pay them to let you take over the room.

We have an old term for those, conversation hogs.

Rarely, it can be female, like the woman going on and on about her nails. It needn’t be political.

I guess the unfair dichotomy goes as such;

Woman does this > Ah, stupid women.

Harsh. Why is the entire sex dragged into it?

Man does this > Ah, he tried.


Male narcissism and misogyny


So many studies, so little patience.

Yes, a core trait of inferiority.


It isn’t a complex, if it’s a fact.

Logically, you cannot feel threatened by an outgroup if you are secure. So either they are insecure or lying about who’s the superior sex. Bears don’t have to tell racoons they’re bigger.

Link: Gaslighting in marriage – why it’s wrong

It isn’t purely men that do this but in a marriage, I’ve never heard of a woman doing it.


Those ‘redpill husbands’ claiming this is prosocial domination are covering for their antisocial, divorce-causing behaviour.

In a 1998 study of 130 newlywed couples designed to explore predictors of divorce or marital stability, marriage researcher and author Dr. John Gottman and colleagues, labeled this observed behavior of husbands — as “bat-em-back” — due to the force with which husbands automatically acted to cut off any attempts of wives to influence. To the researchers, this intentional behavior was likened to that of a baseball player at the plate, ever ready to “bat” a home run.

This and subsequent studies found that a husband’s “refusal to accept influence from his wife” — in effect, gaslighting — is highly predictive of divorce. On the bright side, findings also showed that a husband’s “acceptance of influence from his wife” is even more predictive of a stable and happy marriage.

Essentially he’s depriving her of her role, refusing to allow her to support him.
Well, if you didn’t want support, why aren’t you single?
If you hate the feminine, why legally and spiritually bind yourself to it?

Are the abusers honest about this fact? No.
Never. They’d lose control. You cannot cooperate with someone who wants to destroy you.
They don’t care about the marriage bond and they certainly don’t care about the other spouse.
In Biblical terms, they are letting the team down on the cherish part of the vow.

Naturally, the problem here is not male partners, rather the social conditioning that trains men to anxiously feel they have to prove masculinity on the basis of how different they are from women — and in general that means avoiding the “soft” stuff their female partners want, such as romance, nonsexual touch, doing things she wants or likes (without feeling emasculated), etc.

Anyone who does that whipped sound, you can tell they’re bad with women.
Love is a verb. Do or do not do.

Culturally speaking, we don’t trust that a baby boy will grow to become a man in the same way that an acorn becomes an oak tree. We expect men to be on guard throughout their lives to prove they are the “real” thing, and not “sissies” or “gay” and the like. And men’s fears are real; everyone is “watching,” male and female, ready to shame them to get back on track. (This shaming has intensified in last two decades.)

As Ali notes, gaslighting is a result of social conditioning rooted in a set of beliefs regarding gender roles and masculinity, such as that:

  • Women’s opinions don’t hold as much weight.

  • Women’s wants should not be treated as legitimate.

  • Men should never express regret when their actions have caused pain.

aka psychopath

Who doesn’t want to live with a psycho?

Geez, no wonder they divorce the bastard.

If they really believed any of those false beliefs, they would never, ever marry.
They’d rather die on the end of a shotgun.

I don’t think the men who do this realize – if we brought back fault-divorce, men would lose because dissolution is normally their fault. It’s a failure of EQ on their part. That’s also why they refuse therapy, they don’t want to change, like a toddler. They’d rather hurt/weaken or lose the spouse.

“Hamstering” explained as bullshit;

Because women are conditioned to collaborate and empathize, this tactic can send a woman’s brain into an exhaustive wheel-spinning mode of explaining, complaining, crying, begging, pleading, etc. (and women’s socialization leaves them more susceptible …),  and deceive a man’s brain into making several false, misleading (and unfortunate) conclusions.

Victim blaming, hilarious. Note that they’re fine around normal people though. It’s mere proximity to the loser who feels the need to throw around diagnoses like a Munchausen by Proxy (Woe is me because of them) that’s the real issue.

For one, they interpret the effectiveness of this thought control tactic to silence their partner’s voice as “proof” of men’s superiority, rightful dominance, strength and intelligence compared women’s, etc., and thus get tricked into relying on a tactic that harms their relationship, and gradually pushes their partner away.

They crave attention, spew bullshit, get what they wanted – but it’s the woman’s fault?
Amazing magic trick.
The dumbass doesn’t know he’s conditioning women not to provide him affection.

That’s a level of retard I’ve never seen.

In truth, gaslighting is a major obstacle to forming a healthy, vibrant couple relationship — emotional intimacy. For most female partners, for example, a failure to build emotional intimacy often means a gradual loss of interest in sex.

Literally the manosphere.

Women don’t want me – how is this their fault?

But while discussing their relationships, you can never, ever talk about them.

Guess the common factor.

Guess the problem.

Statists want taxpayer-funded pussy

It finally happened.


I’ve seen people mention (uncabob? I think?) that all this sexual entitlement is essentially calling for AA for supposed ‘incels’ and they’re finally just admitting that ‘game’ is a marketing gimmick cum Ponzi where they circlejerk e-books that don’t attract a wife, at the very least, which is the only way to make sexual entitlement a legitimate thing.

via The Kids Are Alt Right VI

Previous generations of men would be ashamed at this desperation.

‘Incel’ is normal for the unmarried and …not a sin.

Fornication, prostitution, adultery – all sins.
This is why, it makes for weak men.

“My problems are society’s problems” I bet he calls women solipsistic narcissists or something. Men won’t be widely respected again until they whip this trash into line.
Only one group has the right to have ALL its ‘needs’ met – babies. Babies can’t consent.

<obligatory Brave New World reference>

Everyone belongs to everyone else. – rapists everywhere

I bet they’d still reserve the ‘right’ to reject 1-3s.

It seems, like the ‘refugees’, beggars can indeed be choosers.
When society has gone insane.

Video: What is a thot? (plus traps)

Okay, the joke’s over, it’s mainstream.

It’s the female version of a fuckboy, a trashy slut.

Note the age on this video. Like a wine*. You could’ve checked Urban Dictionary …but no.
Yeah, the alt right’s been stealing black slang. They’re just applying it to basic bitches, and even recently, normal and good women. I’ve mentioned how dumb it is to criticize women who don’t wanna be fat and useless, as the sex that hates fat and uselessness. Use basic bitch, it’s a good insult but ya gotta know for an insult to work, it needs to apply.
Everyone takes selfies now. Men take the most selfies down the gym – they thots? That’s the grammatically accurate use of the term. The standard for pop culture was that dog filter. I mean, damn, that dog filter. THOT-QED right there. Tindr? Thot. Female? Not a thot. It ain’t a synonym. Wearing a short skirt? Not a thot, normal in the West. Fashion is not a behaviour. Some of the sluttiest women dress modestly to get away with it, I’ve seen it. Club sluts, female club sluts. THOT – in da club.
He also discussed traps.

Look at the DATE. Stop nabbing ghetto culture and still insulting everything about them. You clearly liked some of it.
So technically, plenty of men posting gym selfies are thirsty traps. They’re attention-whoring for orbiters.
If you wanna use the tranny definition, just be specific. They’re copying black girls. A lot of black men secretly cross-dress. Like, a LOT. If you ask around. A LOT.

inb4*”Men age like wine.”

You can tell they don’t drink wine.

Sure, men age like wine. With each passing year, the odds of being infected and ruined forever increase exponentially. (called ‘corked’ wine)