Comic: Transplaining

The funny part is that they make up catcalling stories for attention.

When they’re totally honest. Do the she-males wanna ‘date’ one another, or is it another guy with a lesbian fetish who feels entitled to pussy?

That’s the reason, that’s the trigger.

Point out medical data, nobody listens, nobody cares.

Make a joke about entitled lesbian rapists, everybody loses their minds.

It’s just. Too. Easy.

Their suicide rate is so high because it turns out, lesbians aren’t so easy to trick.

Gamma mansplaining

h/t Not Enough Musk Spam

Lost it at muh argument to authority.

Better than cocksucking for fiat billionaire though, huh?

“Your daughter is nothing” but abundantly qualified and not fantasizing about mass murder.

Which somewhat counts in her favour.

“and never will be” if a person sounds like a villain from a cheap old vidya, you should definitely respect them.

Like yes she’s a qualified engineer but she wasn’t on Rolling Stone so non sequitur neee naw nee naw you’re wrong.

Write back to Joshua asking for Musk’s bail money.

I can see why Vox purges these bitches. Identification is a destructive defense mechanism, psychiatry’s idolatry.

You may criticise your shady boss I never met but do you have the same SSN, horoscope and favourite colour? I don’t fucking think so. Secret king wins again against all you just jealous bitch haters. You’re lucky he doesn’t drag his totally alpha pussy banging ass (no homo) to shoot you cuz he was in Iraq, cunt, in the SAS and can kill a man at 750 yards. How very dare you. If you insult his billionaire waifu by punching up, if you snark his internet boyfriend again, he will find you ….and he will pity you.

Can we please exterminate the Joffreys of the world? Not all men, #just the joffreys.

Women have nothing against omegas who keep to themselves, as a point of fact. It’s the gammas we hate.

Not because they are men, but because they’re not.

They actively try to harm real men, women, families.

They can’t get a wife so your wife must be cheating with the milkman.

Your daughter doesn’t want them so she’s obviously a whore.

As for the patriarch of a happy household, he should cheat on his family and leave them with nothing because muh divorce courts are evil and happiness is impossible.

Speak for yourself, losers. Speaking for all men is sexist, even from another man. Especially so. A man without a desire to compete with other men doesn’t exist, so they’re poisoning the well, must be.

The biggest gamma I’ve seen is Tony Blair, constantly gaslights other men with mansplainy shit.

Dead doll eyes. All mansplainers are gamma, it still counts if they’re assuming qualification over another man.

SJWs are just female gammas, learn to spot the rot, the anti-trad bullshit.

Two sides of the same anti-natal coin.

Why Rowling won’t run

Sick ’em, Jimbo.
I wouldn’t even rape a pedo apologist.

>Guy supports child sexuality because liberal.

>Muh moral relativism. Age of consent makes it legal therefore moral.

>Muh children, minors can consent to homosex as long as the rapist isn’t Muslim.

>Refuses to back down. Makes it worse. Reees openly.

>Appeal to history. Fake history.

>Muh ancient greek pederasty was common, normal and moral and totally not sex slave rape.

>Still hates being white. Black grandpa thing was true until a joke, guys, Schrodinger’s joke.

>Guys pedos make modern civilization because pedo teachers existed in Greece.

>Oddly okay with ancient low-class boy rape but previously raged for virtue signalling points against rape of modern girls, can we count malicious sexism or is this ignorance?

>As if to prove he hates females too, threatens potential colleagues in politics. Somehow, failed to shout FIRE in a theatre because free speech.

>Thinks COD-tier threatening rape or incitement of rape of a public official is professional or legal behaviour.

>Doesn’t get arrested despite claiming oppression as white male who can’t make a joke without getting arrested.

>Claims MSM are dead and he has more views. Goes on TV anyway.

>Stays in politics, thinking he’s being misquoted for things he affirmed later.

>Continues to imply he rapes white women and hates Little Englanders.

.>Wonders why social conservatives vote nuh.

>ZERO seats.

Yes, you are so oppressed. You poor, fragile broflake.

SLMs out.  Smug Liberal Men, move to Thailand where your superior intellect can be appreciated.

Ting Tong says you’re a real man because you feel so tight with her vaginal shrinkage cream.
She’s a traditional woman, fucking your brains out as a LBFM before marriage.
So trad, she wants a green card to America, away from her culture and family.

After all, she does anal like a good Christian girl and the ironing. Reddit is full of surprised soyboys who didn’t realize they married whores abroad. It’s like a Cinderella story where the happy ending involves syphilis.

But if all the race traitors move to Asia, who’ll vote for Sargon?

You can listen to Carl Benji smuckle through an audiobook of Machiavelli’s Prince. That exists.

Plenty of low IQ men claim to have read the classics, too dumb to know they can’t understand it.

Rule 1a of 21st century politics.


I’m not explaining this.

Hollywood actors refuse to play pedos.

1b – rape is not sex, see 1a for clarification.

Rule 2

Women are people, as human as you and over half the voting, tax-paying population.

Do not fuck with us. -maths

Deadbeats on welfare do not get to complain about spinsters bankrolling their bastards and STD shots.

It makes more sense for poor white women than bitter angry men, doesn’t it? Multicultural gang of low IQ men lecturing rich man is still ….all male. Where’s the rebellion? Half the working class are female so it can’t be that, can’t be classism. Emma Watson cares more about Africans than whether I live or die.

So what did poor white women ever do for poor white men?

Women grow you and give you life. Women feed you, women clothe you. Women nurture and support you.

We determine your genetic future. God’s wisdom, that.

Even if you ban rape abortions, we’ve used herbs for that for millennia and there’s always stairs. They seem to think it’s okay for a rapist to punch a pregnant victim and kill the kid that way, but the mother can’t choose it herself.

Related: no, rapists have zero paternal ‘rights’.

Women are not magical nurturing baby holes. We don’t love every baby on the planet, especially the product of incest, sexual terrorism or other trauma. This isn’t shitting Disney.

The tits don’t make us wanna adore everything that could feasibly suck on them.

The same as a male human would resent a child of his own rape, so too do women.

Men fear prison mostly because half the rape equation could happen to them, minus pregnancy.

You want a white society? What’s 52% of that?
White women.
You know what we’re sick of?
Being threatened with rape. For existing.

For being female and being white.


I don’t see big strong masculine white man Sargon threatening non-white MPs with his freedumb of speech.

The backbone of this country is not the middle-class cuntry on twitter.
It’s the men and women working and quietly paying for their degeneracy. And we’re upset.

The gender wars are a middle-class delusion. We recognise national, cultural traitors, class traitors and race traitors.

“Being a bitch” is the new Liberal Left’s “Punch a Nazi”.

Spoken like a true Cultural Marxist. Because you can just stop people from owning anything by wishing really hard (quoted wanted this to happen, in context).

Do you think I want to fund the immigrant men on my street?

I’d adore the option not to pay taxes, as would anyone going Galt.

Then there’s the obvious…

Think of how many votes I can buy with my tax money!

Those anti-natal, anti-white people are against white women too? Really?

Almost like they’re the actual biological future of Europe. Whereas the (secretly brown, online) misogynists who, astonishingly, cannot attract 1 woman (ONE) out of billions to live and breed with them by choice have a high rate of suicide. It’s amazing how many pro-eugenics ones there are too.

Kinda like when you move to a nation with a significantly higher average IQ, suddenly your solid 82, that served you so well in Cuckistan, isn’t so hot to the local ladies.

Claim: Africans have a lower average IQ than Europeans.

MGTOW: fine, duh

Claim: Africans commit more crime than others.

MGTOW: fine, duh

Claim: Women have a higher average IQ than men.


Also MGTOW: I believe in meritocracy. It’s logical.

Fact: women do better in school across the board, taking blinded exams, especially in all-girl schools.


Claim: Women do better in maths exams until their menarche, then never catch up.


Claim: Men commit most violent crime, especially rape.


Misogynists are not red-pilled.

They hate women but especially white women. Huh…. That is not the natural instinct of genophilia of a white man. Most telling, they do not allow criticism of Asian males. Especially the really brown, ugly, fat and smelly ones. But they are totally Aryan, fellow white! Just kill all your women for the ethnostate!!!

Test: go on a MGTOW forum and complain that all the ugly Asian men smell of curry on the train.

All white men agree with this. The MGTOW forum goers claim to be white. Watch their reaction.

As for the white bitching fake MGTOW… blaming their parent’s divorce for why they hate women twenty years later?

Like, sure, if I made you, I’d get divorced too.

But there’s another 50% to that equation, mate.

The ones who fell for rare Pokeballs of SJW trolling hook, line and sinker? e.g. fragile masculinity.

Ignore the class aspect of the so-called gender wars, it isn’t like middle-classed men with every advantage (inc. money) losing out to working-class men who don’t cheat and do a real job is some kind of… sexual selection, is it?

Muh Darwin, fellow intellectuals. Muh Darwin.

Rule 3 (of 3)

Do not join the only party at the time that opposed rape gangs and think rape (especially of innocents) isn’t degenerate. Furthermore, do not treat one of the most intimate violations of property rights as a joke, as a supposed libertarian.

Seriously, I would not be shocked if it came out Roosh had been mentoring him on maintaining alpha male frame.

Sargon has become, by choice, the posterboy of mansplaining.

See, when he said those things, he only meant them in proportion to your agreement.

Mansplaining is, at its core, a very specific thing. It’s what occurs when a man talks condescendingly to someone (especially a woman) about something he has incomplete knowledge of, with the mistaken assumption that he knows more about it than the person he’s talking to does.

So a male ignoramus can mansplain to a better-educated man. It’s a form of pseudointellectual pride.

Kinda like if someone said, to paraphrase:

“You don’t understand what I meant by the word pederasty, let me explain it to you”.

and look, ironically, like a complete cunt.

It’s the sin of atheistkult, if you will. Nobody else does this (in practice).

Petition to force Sargon to join anti-fa?

The rape thing was just satire, bro. And the other rape thing. And the other other rape thing too.

If you try to hold a man accountable, it’s just free speech and you’re a sexist bigot.

And we all know that rape victims love joking about it. Big brained wigger optics there.

Mansplaining chart


There needs to be a specific word for these guys who spend too much time on reddit and think they know everything. A word that includes when they stick their oar in to men as well.

However, mansplain is the word we’re stuck with until then.

They’ve been known as fools, boors, dullards and other terms throughout English history.
This is not a new concept.

As you’d expect, it’s a thing of beauty: clear, concise and perfectly designed.

However, with a predictability that wobbles precariously along the high wire between hilarious and infuriating, a man decided that she was wrong and he was going to tell her why, whether she wanted him to or not.

I blame the popularity of House.

The sneering guy saying “you’re wrong” is wrong 9/10.
The explanation just goes to show, it’s fallacy after fallacy after misconception after biased information. Just a steaming pile of total crap and there’s no use trying to turn that shit into gold by correcting the corrector.
The issue is that they want a lecture, a monologue, and think turning a conversation (equal exchange of info) into a “ur so dumb” shaming session will make people like them. People only like snarky smart guys on TV because they’re magically always right and in spite of the bitchy attitude. These men are vapid. They align perfectly to vapid women. Yet these guys insulting the same behaviour in women scream like …bitches, when you insult their magic wikipedia penis for being obnoxious and #fakenews.

They don’t know anything so naturally assume they know everything.

Dunning-Kruger doesn’t just apply to women, guys.

In a debate, both parties can be wrong!

translation: Men can’t be wrong and even if we are you shouldn’t tell us we’re wrong! #broflake

“Why make this a gendered issue? What you are basically defining here is condescending behaviour that can happen in any human interaction, regardless of gender. I take offence at the sexist implication that this is a male oriented behaviour.

His ancestors probably fought in wars.



“I take offence” I bet he’s circumcised, you can smell the butthurt. Can we set up a safe space for little crybabies who don’t like being called out on obvious bullshit?

They’re making this a totally valid term, it’s so fun to watch.

“It’s gendered because the behavior is predominantly gendered”

True. That’s how words work.

I bet he doesn’t want to remove the “Man” from “Mankind” although that’s heavily gendered.


Fuck, such a snowflake.

Would you prefer bitchsplaining? Boysplaining? Cucksplaining?

Actually memo to self: cucksplaining is gold.

These are the same twits who ruined kek for everyone.

“Based on this chart girls explain things to me without me asking… So maybe we should start accusing women of

Well technically, it’s already in the word. Man means Man and/or woman. If you actually read and know your grammar. This is the average level of ignorance of the MRA. AVERAGE.

As an experiment, if all women stopped explaining things to low IQ men, their death rate would go up even higher for that year, I guarantee it. Fine, we can stop pointing out ways you’re about to commit a very creative suicide with ancient ramen noodles, that’s totally equivalent to me not liking your totally backward “interpretation” (opinion) of a Nietzsche quote that missed all the humour any literate European above the age of nine would’ve noticed.

Americans have an 8th grade reading level, reminder.

Americans have an 8th grade reading level, at best.

And they try to correct English people….on English.

On that note alone, mansplaining exists. Yanksplaining?

Actually Americans act like they’re more White than their European homeland, yes. They act like they know our history better than we do and have any kind of culture, they deserve it.

“If you have more experience, a man of her experience wouldn’t know it, and you asked if she needed an explanation, you’re fine. It’s the assumption that you have more knowledge that’s insulting.

Redditfags think they know everything.

To use the older meme, assumptions make you an ass.

Would you prefer to be called an ass, than a man?

There’s a point the article neglects.









they’re complaining she did the thing other men wanted

This is why patriarchy crumbles, the stupid men drag down the smart ones.

It describes a real phenomena thus the neologism is valid. That’s how words work.

Totally valid as a word. You’re making it more valid acting like etiquette ceases to apply in male-female interactions. It always applies. In all of them. If you act like her dad that power dynamic is creepy, especially at work, which part of that is hard to understand?

It’s like the psychopath who tries to act like your shrink. Err, no, you have no authority. Even if you did, it has to be accepted to operate under that paradigm. No. Women know social dynamics, thanks Mr Crazy Control Freak. We won’t accept your “frame” coated in bullshit. There is no such thing as verbal “frames”, you’re a chronic liar and we can see through you.

Explaining to someone something they know better is vulgar, America.

If someone says they don’t want to hear your “explanation*”, change the subject or leave. Your opinions are not a gospel gift bestowed on mankind by the deity of wikipedia. Get over yourself.

*Normally their pretentious word for what turns out to be an emotion-laden rant we’re expected to sit there and soak up like an emotional tampon. Women don’t want to stand around emotional vampires wasting our time and feeling like shit, okay? I think their mothers praised them too much as children. They expect their slightest opinion is award-winning genius and to be received as such. It’s insufferable.

Assuming they’re thick based on their appearance… really, need I explain that?

You want to be seen as a nice person after that, huh?

They’re fishing for compliments on their subjective opinions.

I bet they’re such dunces they actually think it makes them attractive. Pull her hair too. That’ll go well.

Arrogance is never attractive, America.

Think of all the times you heard a man explain things that was wrong. Ass-backwards, missing the point, how could you be so stupid kinda wrong.

Now think of how women are sometimes expected to pretend he’s right, be “nice” (a total doormat) and humour the moron on the long odds he might get violent and chimp out at her?

Well, we never used to. In the old etiquette books, you avoid those people. Naturally, they do not like this. They are kinda like the trannies in the sense they want you to continue their pretentious delusion of intellectualism and you aren’t their mother, you don’t care about their feelings just because you have tits. Men are allowed to politely call them wrong and have that dissent respected (since it was only an offer of information) but these redditfags (the worst examples) refuse to believe it’s physically possible for something they read on the internet to be wrong.

Pause to consider how retarded that is.

And we’re meant to humour that?

Egotism is bad at the best of times (real genius is actually disagreeable, not the same thing) but when combined with educated stupidity is practically social knock-out gas.

But a woman walking up to THEM and saying that, “duh, there’s more than two genders” is the only stupid one? What if they truly sincerely believe that huh?

Don’t signal smarts unless really smart. Common sense?

To men who genuinely don’t get this and think lying about intelligence impresses women, imagine the guy is showing her his Rolex watch and it’s a fake and she points this out. He gets upset. Why? He brought it up!

He waved the subject in her face and forced a conversation about it! We aren’t gonna lie!

This has happened to me a lot because I hardly ever reveal my power level on watches. I love it when they lie about the functions and the function they state has a missing button. Just innocently ask “where’s the button for that?” it’s great. Just because a woman isn’t wearing a watch, doesn’t mean she can’t tell your watch is fake. I happen to find a real Rolex too heavy for my bird wrists. Similarly, just because a woman doesn’t seem to know a certain subject, doesn’t mean you know more than her. You should have the basic decency to check.

*What is it with the pretentious labelling of opinions now? Every chucklefuck “writer” online calls their random dog turd of a fiction a “thought experiment” and their illegal bullshit a “satire” when God damn it, satire is hard to write! You can’t just write something stupid and say “satire” to look intelligent, you need layers and depth and realism!

We make this look easy! Believe me, it is not. Writing a few lines of vague disconnected prose isn’t a poem, either.

In science, almost every “explanation” is rejected!

If I call it “an explanation”, you can’t call it “wrong” is some rule they made up in their head.

It’s equivalent to getting angry with a stranger because they didn’t act like how you rehearsed in the shower.

Literal mansplaining

I can’t find that pointless blog post I was gonna put.

All blog posts are pointless. Still.

It’s like a weird combination of ignoring someone, telling them to shut up but then expecting they’ll listen and agree with whatever you say like the peerless wisdom of Moses bringing down the Ten Commandments. Imagine every conversation with the opposite sex was like talking to a Reddit atheist who kept quoting Dawkins out of context, citing bad memes and he was 100% certain your mounting irritation was in fact sexual attraction.

And then there’s the march of the Sure, I get it morons. Who never got the tactful ability to keep their mouth shut on any issue, ever. We call those gobby, it’s something only women and gay men used to do but now men nag and whine and bitch because those are verbs and they do them now. Men became the shrew (but what about ME?) e.g. in a conversation he interrupted on periods. They think they look philosophical but they’re ….what’s the pretentious word they misuse? Solipsistic. Er, selfish in normal people tongue. It’s always got to be about them because why bother talking about anything else, they must be the centre of attention at all times even when not around.

It used to be only teenage mean girls pulling this shit. They’d grow out of it. Nobody claps the guys round the ear at a certain age (18) and tells them to STFU if they have nothing nice to say.

If you have nothing nice to say, don’t pretend you’re nice?

Silence is golden. Why aren’t Americans teaching this anymore? Turn taking, humility…

The funny part is that women do it but it’s rare a woman would be so rude (and you probably missed the cues to stop looooong before that point). In the case of men it’s expected to jump in and help, regardless of qualification and socially vaunted. Mr Worldly Expert dives in with yet another piece of nonsensical bollocks he pulled off wikipedia while skimming something vaguely related on the toilet last month. No, your opinion doesn’t magically become relevant. It’s like my opinion on male circumcision, I keep saying we need studies because I’m not a man, I lack the parts and this keeps things objective.
The sad part is it’s still controlling what other people talk about, which is not on. People don’t have to stick around and listen or care, but you can say almost any boring shit you want. *stares in blogger* It’s the internet.
You’ll never hear a white, middle-class American male say ‘I don’t know’ these days. It’s the scientism, they equate waffling and useless trivia to personal value.
No, never. It just makes you obnoxious. You know when two of  them try to outdo one another? Everyone else in the room, men included, is relieved to have a break. No one cares. They were being polite.
It’s also related to the jerk who only asks how you’re doing, on say, a holiday, so he can talk about his own. That one’s pretty even though. I guess the crux of the actual mansplaining thing, and not the attempts to shut men up on their own issues, is that women are burdened socially based on the expectation we’ll listen to any old shit without pointing out it’s shit because then we’re the bitch. The etiquette says that isn’t rude, wasting someone’s time to brag is. Derailing a conversation you don’t like with one-upmanship is rude, whoever does it.

Man is critical > clever.
Woman is critical > there must be something wrong with her! This one’s malfunctioning!

In a way, smartphones and the like have made men more socially backwards than any stereotypical historical misogynist. It’s catch 22. Whatever we say is spun against us. Are you actually a woman? Are you bad at being a woman? No, we’re trying to hold this mess of a conversation together for you, thanks for caring.
The judgemental Victorian men in films were actually very polite. They valued attempts at learning and expression, in part because schools doubled as finishing schools and they had to LEARN manners. Where do kids learn it now? Rap?

FFS, you made me sympathize with Laurie Dippy Penny.

Anyone expecting you to stand there quietly and listen to their monologue like an obedient pet has gotta have some issues. Take up running and run away.
This is why therapists exist, you pay them to let you take over the room.

We have an old term for those, conversation hogs.

Rarely, it can be female, like the woman going on and on about her nails. It needn’t be political.

I guess the unfair dichotomy goes as such;

Woman does this > Ah, stupid women.

Harsh. Why is the entire sex dragged into it?

Man does this > Ah, he tried.


Link: Men explain things to me

I did have a post explaining the real features of mansplaining but I need to find it to post it. At least I doubt I posted it. It’s hard to keep track. This will be blunt for the spergs.

You’re not holding court if the other party hates you and wants to leave.

I have never seen a woman do it. We keep out. It seems a male feature, especially a bitchy gamma male type. Internet bitch fights between guys. Think the atheist talking about sky fairies when nobody asked.

When men do it to other men, which is uncommon, they’re just called jerks.
There should really be a term for this behaviour though.

It’s toxic, it’s antisocial and it’s ignorant to think a conversation is an excuse to chop the other party down.
You can say someone’s wrong if you think, but there’s a respectful adult, mature way, and then the way where you make them never want to speak to you again and act like it’s their fault you’re an ass.

Also a favourite with the guys who complain of being friendzoned. They’re normally not friends but acquaintances.
I insult her! I demean her! I disrespect her! Why won’t she date me? I’m such a Nice Guy!

Really they’re passive aggressive and blow hot and cold while thinking they’re being smouldering and mysterious.

One of the assumptions is that a woman, despite credentials, has no idea what she’s talking about (even as she’s teaching you the thing, thereby proving it) or randomly invalidating their opinion purely because they’re a woman (that’s just sexist, like when SJWs dismiss men on that basis).

Opinions don’t need to be right.


So the bloviating moron just rattles off his opinion like a fact glibly and expects the presumably ditzy girl to be sexually impressed. And that’s the worst part, they think cocky is sexy.

No woman fancies House.


Have you noticed that?

…Why do you do this?

It’s the shittiest flirting tactic known to man.

Look how smart I am! they think they’re signalling.

Look how obnoxious I can be! women see.

You are not at work and you’re not the boss there either, so you couldn’t bully people like that at work. If you did bully work inferiors, they’d leave. If you’re mean when you’re trying to be ‘nice’ on first meeting, imagine what an asshole they think you are once they get to know you, who wants to? Really it’s the bottom rungs of men who do this because negative attention is better than none, they’re already unattractive but this makes it hard to look past because there isn’t even inner beauty or some sympathy.

Woman thinks:

Why should I be nice and carry you in this conversation? Next!

It’s this alpha posturing BS going round. The old term for this? False bravado.

It’s fake as those thots’ nails. Pretending it’s about the intellect doesn’t make you less superficial than a guy in a tight tank top, you’re still being vain. It’s a false image of leadership. Who is inspired by catty comments?

There’s a sexual element where it’s like negging but instead of appearance or something superficial like a laugh or posture, they’re dehumanizing you. It’s the dehumanization part that rings true to regular, non-SJW women and made this such a Thing, thanks to EQ. I’ve had men on here try to deny women’s EQ when there are plenty of studies, since the idea of women being good/better at anything triggers them to their tiny fragile peanut balls, but then go on to say women are too sensitive. ….like -how? How does your brain keep you alive when it’s so dumb?

They’re patronizing but in doing so, demonstrating their stupidity. If the woman defends herself, let alone fighting fire with fire? He gets really offended and maybe calls her a sexist bitch.


You don’t take the time (SQ) to explain something for free only for the ingrate to turn around and begin implying that, because they don’t like what you say, you have no right to say it.. also because you have tits. Ironically they talk about freedom of speech constantly…. yeah, they just mean their speech. So you can’t punch them for being jerks….

That was April 2008 and it struck a chord.  It still seems to get reposted more than just about anything I’ve written at, and prompted some very funny letters to this site. None was more astonishing than the one from the Indianapolis man who wrote in to tell me that he had “never personally or professionally shortchanged a woman” and went on to berate me for not hanging out with “more regular guys or at least do a little homework first,” gave me some advice about how to run my life, and then commented on my “feelings of inferiority.”

Don’t be this guy.

If it’s something a nosy old woman might say, don’t.
Hearing something you don’t like isn’t a personal insult.

Don’t make it personal.

He thought that being patronized was an experience a woman chooses to, or could choose not to have–and so the fault was all mine. Life is short; I didn’t write back.

the way someone else speaks to you is THEIR fault

they are the responsible one for their tongue

even being wrong isn’t a provocation

it’s a learning opportunity

a bonding opportunity

or maybe that’s my EQ talking

not a bitchy high horse shade-throwing competition


straight men are acting gay

to attract women

it puts off women

homosexual men do this

that’s why they do it

they always did this

look at Oscar Wilde!

Young women subsequently added the word “mansplaining” to the lexicon. Though I hasten to add that the essay makes it clear mansplaining is not a universal flaw of the gender, just the intersection between overconfidence and cluelessness where some portion of that gender gets stuck.


empty arrogance

nothing between the ears

literally no self-awareness, like, autistic levels but no autism

It’s like being nagged but about something you don’t need to do, by someone who acts like they know you and has no idea what they’re talking about. They seek you out and maybe corner you and trap you with a question to make it look less like bullying.

to the sincere fools:

you can’t banter until there’s a bond

Busybodies is too archaic a term. The worst were crotchety old men. At least the women would feed you and it wasn’t about sex.

The funniest are when any woman who uses this word gets mansplained by a broflake guy who says he’s never seen or done it.

It’s a thing you do, that’s why the word is used.
It just isn’t always directed at women, but when it is, there’s a significantly patronizing power dynamic imbalancing tone, regardless of the actual status of individuals involved.

The other cause? Smartphones.

They can’t hold a conversation anymore, we blame the internet.

Then there’s the sociopathic nutjobs-

On two occasions around that time, I objected to the behavior of a man, only to be told that the incidents hadn’t happened at all as I said, that I was subjective, delusional, overwrought, dishonest–in a nutshell, female.

That’s misogyny and gaslighting.

You are woman, therefore must be <character insult>, it’s defamation.
Men used to hold their tongue in days of dueling.

The craziest ones you’ll ever see think they’re playing Freud and can sit judging all women as inferior because they imagine a fetish of theirs, daddy issues (plot twist: because they have the daddy issues) and begin seeing insanity or dishonesty everywhere… because they need a shrink themselves. Put down the schoolgirl/teacher porn!

Men explain things to me, still. And no man has ever apologized for explaining, wrongly, things that I know and they don’t.

that’s the virtue of humility

let me end with

Surely one of these men has died of embarrassment, but not nearly publicly enough.

Mansplain Bingo


really mansplaining refers to debate practices done incorrectly or in bad faith
it’s all about the pretentious people appealing to their own authority
in lieu of proof/s
they lack honour but go on to disrespect their opponent while refusing to let them leave
trans. intellectually dishonest bullies
aka It can’t be antisocial if I use big words! Stop crying! Stop hitting yourself!
they assume an authority above the other speaker without anything to back it up
it’s just extremely more typical for the male to bitch with rationalizations to feel intellectual

it’s a logical fallacy to wield the terms and ideas of logic incorrectly
their own emotional high rests on their opponents’ ignorance of correct form
like kicking sand in their eyes in a fight
they’re low
they need to cheat because they’re scum

no parties involved can commonly articulate this because neither of them fully know the rules

in short, in response to one stupid person/group, you get the REAL triggered group

they pretend to be offended by lies, but it’s really personal -like, REALLY personal

the opposite of gentlemanly (correct form) making them instant losers

going “achtually” when nobody invited them, they don’t know what they’re talking about (man card is not a valid qualification on STEM topics) and sperging out

in a woman it’s called being a gossip, being a bitch, whining, being nosy or nagging
they try to pass all those off as proof of masculinity and veracity (fooling no one, causing temper tantrum)

it’s entirely fully 100% bitchy men pretending to be smart

starting on the idiots they perceive as slightly lower in the chain

throwing a tantrum when you point it out

very delta/gamma

not men, but boys, too easily triggered to be masculine

when arrogant men and women bump noggins, but project their faults as an innately sexual thing

buy hey, I just believe in Burden of Proof

Most things are not obvious. Otherwise, a debate would be redundant.

eyeroll marilyn monroe rlly really uhuh hmmm oh

My personal favourites are;

you’re too dumb to explain it to (or, Occam’s razor, you can’t do it cos you’re poorly informed and therefore wrong) but also I don’t even understand you and that’s your fault (incredulity)

If I repeat myself maybe it’ll make it sound like I have a valid point.

If you call me out on any of my bullshit, somehow ad hominem.

Autistic shrieking as they gesture at both wikipedia and the common dictionary of non-technical terms.

If you make my beliefs look stupid, I will get so defensive I can only call it a strawman but cannot explain why.

Gaslighting comics and other funnies



They have a tell. “No you’re not“, whatever the topic and they’ll try to make you feel stupid.
They try to tell you what you’re (supposedly really) feeling, or that what you’re feeling is wrong. Feelings can’t be wrong, facts causing feelings can be wrong but again, there is a clear demarcation. It comes down to a 100% logical truth: Another person cannot know your mind better than you can. Anyone who claims otherwise is gaslighting you. 

(For this reason, you will never hear a psychologist deny your experience, they will simply work with what you’ve got).
However gaslighting may be claimed by people who want to lie for attention and later claim other reasons. If you’ve got proof their ‘memory’ is wrong, they’re in the wrong. Sometimes manipulative people want you to take their version of events, with varying levels of awareness about how much they’re manipulating. That’s right, many gaslighters have little awareness about what they’re doing, and deny-deny-deny if they feel the slightest gain is to be had. Narcissists may use gaslighting without a conscious awareness of what they’re doing, like a deceptive fugue, better known as a ‘selective memory’. They’ll manipulate and even with dripping knife in hand, will always play victim, sometimes claiming to be gaslight victims themselves, or justifying themselves commonly with “She deserved it.” As if anyone deserves any form of abuse. That they can treat someone they ‘loved’ with such cruelty, someone intimate and personal, that they took personal revenge? You’re dealing with an omega, lowest of the low.
The two types of narcissist act differently but both play Victim to control others: the covert kind often self-diagnoses (no, don’t do that) to control the narrative of their own life and use this ‘diagnosis’ as an excuse to control others. Frequently female.
The overt narcissist Plays the Psychologist (without qualifications, obviously), diagnosing everyone who disagrees with them as some form of ‘crazy’ (as if mental illness is an insult and sign of personal weakness). This type are more often male and almost always think of themselves a superior version of Freud (who, as we know had Mother Issues), so they often go for women they believe they can break, psychologically, and put back together in their model of Perfect Woman. First they minimise your experience before completely denying it. Naturally, this never works and she leaves him eventually. They become more bitter and sadistic as time goes on. They like Freud because they mistake it for an easy way to blame with a veneer of social acceptability.
Bear in mind the key question: If this person is so crazy, why do you want them?

For couple there is a simple way to smoke the rats out.
If they are actually ‘crazy’, why don’t you want to see a psychologist together?
You see, they don’t want the psychologist to see their interactions, what they’re doing, because the psychologist has legally and socially valid opinions on what is crazy, although I have seen men try to gaslight female psychologists. Yep, scumbags. Exactly the same type to complain about how they never find the Right Woman (defined in real terms as a sex slave happy when emotionally abused, if you ask for details) and how it’s an injustice because they’re so ‘sweet’, when in the same bloody sentence they casually refer to us all as ‘whores’ (regardless of behavior). Does that sound oddly specific? Yes, yes it does. It’s a tell with 100% reliability. Berating the entire sex because you can’t get 1 (ONE) is desperate countersignalling (‘I didn’t want one anyway’… sure you didn’t).


“You’re (personal insult).” or “You’re not offended (as an order).” = dismissive, judgemental, definitive, gaslighting
I think (self-ownership) your reasons (distinction) for being offended (valid emotion) might (room for error) be mistaken (outcome).” = not gaslighting

gaslighting gaslight2

Translation: She doesn’t trust my version of events above her own direct experience of events. I’ve seen them deny text messages, honestly.
Of the man with ‘crazy exes’ ask yourself: what are the odds they were ALL crazy, if so, why did he pick them? Or did he make them crazy?


They tend to select introverted victims because those people naturally question themselves. If they’re too busy looking within for the problem, how can they look at the person next to them?
If you’re in this situation, you have my sympathy, ask yourself: Did these problems start when he showed up?
Gaslighters despise self-confidence, self-respect, any form of dignity (differentiates you from them) and happiness (when you’re happy, they’ll tear you down, test it by pretending to be happy for no reason and watch their reaction).
You need to establish clear personal boundaries and be willing to walk if you don’t get your needs met.


Somewhat connected to mansplaining before the concept was taken too far (dismissing a man’s opinion on a non-female-exclusive topic on the basis of being a man), really it’s where a man assumes he knows more on a topic, any topic – because he is a man, and attempts to browbeat you under the guise of teaching. This is like a subtle form of gaslighting but is light enough to be done naively, it can become true abuse with time and constitutes a red flag for this reason. The concept is amusing if only for all the mansplainers who deny it vociferously, then make it personal when it wasn’t even aimed at them, which actually proves its validity as a concept. By definition, they hate it when you point out what they’re doing (like gaslighters).
Mansplaining: because a Y chromosome is not a qualification. 

Gaslighters do the opposite, it’s more advanced, they make everything about you because it’s personal. Most egregious are the ones where he pretends you’re too dumb to understand his argument (why socialize at all then?) when you reject it because you happen to be an expert (gaslighters deny any form of expertise not connected with them), and/or use their feelings (bless) as the barometer for what yours should be (solipsism).

…The actual crazies deserve one another. Leave them be.

Sorry this turned into an advice post but I thought What If someone in that scenario found this page by accident and couldn’t help myself.

Another final test for a gaslighter is to joke they’re gaslighting you, while they’re doing it. If they fly into a rage (and know exactly what that is), that’s a positive. “How could you?” they’ll turn. If they look confused, “Why?” they may be in denial or Mr Expert may be playing dumb, something along the lines of “I think I know my own mind better than you” is appropriate, delivered cheekily. If they logically explain why they aren’t, with proof, they’re either fine or a sociopath (good at rationalization, most people can’t tell the difference between that and logic).

If you hate the idea of marriage, you don’t deserve one

Let alone a happy one.

red dwarf useless insult condom machine vatican

And they expect the rest of us to convince them to leap in the gene pool?this is awkward

Who wants them there? They’re like a vegan at a steakhouse.

They’re like the new vegans. Rant rant rant rant rant – to the omnivores. They bore one another so must seek out the rest of us. I’ve even heard them try to argue against the Bible, because it tells you to marry repeatedly, but with God…

“Perfect love casteth out all fear.”1 John 4:18

As I noted briefly in Who do these guys think they are? there has been a new trend to start randomly pontificating at women on traditional matters by wholly modern men with no moral authority. An egregious example of this are the basement-dwelling losers with MGTOW somewhere in their screen-name who go on female issue websites and start bitching about us, to us, for attention. They aren’t even trolling, they’re probably retarded.

white male opinions do the creep

It’s quite literally mansplaining, quite by accident. A genetic suicide has no valid opinions on childrearing, male or female. Imagine if I kept blogging about how great it is to be a man, that isn’t even an opinion, it’s a delusion. A vegan has no valid opinions on the preparation of Thanksgiving turkey. It isn’t that they don’t have the right to an opinion, theoretically, but the basic conditions of merely having an opinion do not hold. They have no skin in the game. I don’t mind if they go off to their precious male-only spaces, please do go. But this new barrage of intrusion to the exact group (traditional women) you’re whining doesn’t exist? It makes all men look bad.


Nobody is going to tell people so actively hostile to a stable base to have kids. Even people on the fence with that stuff shouldn’t have kids. It’s the biggest of responsibilities. You can’t half-arse it. You need to go in expecting to do half the work, because there’ll be a lot more than you could ever expect, that’s called ‘parental investment’. Nobody is oppressing you, it’s the hardest job and has been for all time, whatever your sex. You’re never off the clock once you become a parent. It’s a 20 year to life investment, like a prison term, but these guys would balk at signing a two year employment contract. They are literally afraid of commitment, whatever the context. If you aren’t mature enough for that, fine, at least be mature enough not to brag about how childish you still are.

Here’s the inner monologue of everyone who hears these people;

You don’t want kids? Why should I care?
I am entirely neutral on this piece of information.


Or worse;

You’re never having kids? Thank God.

The two main groups, the no-life teenage losers and on the shelf Boomers, feed one another in their hatred like a human centipede of misogynist shit (you know they think men are blameless innocent little victims on a pedestal for every count) and they wonder why they put off any sane women, to the extent they say there are no good women – sound familiar?

Bitterness is never attractive. The system isn’t against them, they could theoretically have a nuclear family. They don’t want to put in any work. They dream that a Patriarchy would just hand them a wife with no effort, like a slave driver. Since they cannot get a woman by persuasion. It’s Affirmative Action for boys who refuse to become men. Never in human history has marriage worked like that, the family unit cannot excel while one party is a user, what all abusers have in common. It’s an r-type scam, they cannot compete reproductively, so they’re trying to convince other men to simply give up. They’re jealous of Patriarchs. The future belongs to those who show up for it and that requires…?

All this complaining is convincing themselves that they don’t need to put in the work, because their dream is impossible.

Imagine a scrawny pajama boy bitching on a weightlifting forum about how weightlifting doesn’t work. You’d wanna wring the little bitch’s neck too.

A couple of choice examples I have read.

“Give a benefit of marriage/ traditionalism that I don’t have already then I will consider it”

This isn’t a business transaction. There aren’t spreadsheets to look over. Aspies are already at high odds of dying alone because they seem to think it’s a contract for their soul. There isn’t any guarantee in human relationships, in ties to people. Why are we wasting time listening to these losers when they can’t keep a girlfriend more than a matter of months? Why do you think women ask how long your longest relationship was? It’s to see if your pair bonding ability is broken.

“MGTOW is the new way.”

Cult alert. Cult alert. Cult alert.

If you go into a marriage cold, you deserve to get divorced.
If you think it’s you vs. them, it’s over. It’s dead. It was never a true bond. Monogamy is pair bonding. If you can’t pair bond, you are incapable of being monogamous. If you can’t pair bond with your chosen spouse, you are incapable of a marriage with them.
They don’t even like the idea of being loyal within a marriage, as if that isn’t the entire point. Their imaginary Ideal isn’t even good enough not to cheat on…
If you can’t trust the person you’re marrying, or trust any member of the opposite sex, you are barred from marriage. Oh, you might have the paperwork, for a wedding, but you don’t have a marriage. That takes work and dedication. If you’re busy thinking of the end before you have a beginning, if you go in without the love, the fault lies with you.
If you allow the failures of your sex to turn you bitter and cynical and jaded, you are no better than the lowliest feminist.
If you spend all your time telling people how much you don’t care about something, you may as well be a goth. At least they’re honest about it.

If you give up on women, that means you give up on talking to women online or discussing women’s issues online.

After all, it isn’t your problem, is it?

I think we have a decent test for fake MGTOW in that.


Ma’amsplaining: when a woman asserts a moral superiority over another by oppressing free will, speech and individual choice in opinions, thoughts or actions. The counter to mansplaining.


Bobby: “I happen to think differently.”
Britney: “Me too.”
Feminist: “You’re mansplaining and you, Britney, are still a victim, of internalized misogyny.”
Bobby: “Ma’am, you are an idiot if you think we’re stupid enough to fall for that.”
Britney: “You’re Ma’amsplaining, you bigot. You hate everyone who isn’t like you.”
Feminist: “Ma’amsplaining? That isn’t a real thing.”
Britney: “Neither is internalized misogyny.”