You don’t want a bunker

There seems to be a misapprehension that anyone with Fuck You Money will survive the Apocalypse, Zombie or Otherwise, in a bunker.

You don’t want a bunker.

Trust me.

The people who would be suited to bunker life are already antisocial.
The people who would go insane, inside of six months, are accustomed to living in sunny locales (SAD is a medical condition) and taking constant vacations to exotic places.

And the only person who likes being in a cave is Batman.

Think of it as similar to the isolation of space.

“This tendency of some crew members to become more egocentric was called autonomization.”
Picture a tunnel full of billionaires, it sounds like a great reality show.
If they’re so certain they could do it now, they would.
If they cannot psychologically handle it now, they couldn’t when stressed either.

“In general, the crew members reported that their life in space was not as difficult as they expected prior to launch, despite a 20% increase in interpersonal problems during the second half of the missions. It was recommended that future crew members be allowed to control their individual schedules as much as possible.”
These people are not used to losing control.
If you’re holed up in a bunker, you’ve lost control of something.

The reality will slowly dawn.

How many are already on meds? No meds in space (whatever they say) or The Apocalypse.
“Most common are adjustment reactions to the novelty of being in space, with symptoms generally including transient anxiety or depression. Psychosomatic reactions also have occurred, where anxiety and other emotional states are experienced physically as somatic symptoms. Problems related to major mood and thought disorders (e.g., manic-depression, schizophrenia) have not been reported during space missions. This likely is due to the fact that crew members have been screened psychiatrically for constitutional predispositions to these conditions before launch, so the likelihood of these illnesses developing on-orbit is low.”
A bunker full of somewhat bipolar billionaires and nothing to do.
Also factor in how many CEOs have psychopathic tendencies.
Do you trust one with a butter knife?
“Asthenization, a syndrome that includes fatigue, irritability, emotional lability, attention and concentration difficulties, and appetite and sleep problems, has been reported to commonly occur in cosmonauts by Russian flight surgeons.[24] It has been observed to evolve in clearly defined stages.[25] It is conceptualized as an adjustment reaction to being in space that is different from neurasthenia, a related neurotic condition seen on Earth.[26]”

For Mars:
“Given the long distances involved, the crew must function autonomously and develop their own work schedules and solve operational emergencies themselves. They must also be able to deal with medical and psychiatric emergencies, such as physical trauma due to accidents as well as suicidal or psychotic thinking due to stress and depression.”

I doubt Musk could ever go to Mars, given his mental problems.
So a bunker of billionaires, some bipolar and others psychotic.

Yeah, those are gonna be bloodbaths.

They could volunteer six months for a bunker scenario right now, a trial dry run, but let’s be honest, if their net worth dropped by 50% to mere rich asshole levels they’d probably kill themselves, and what are the odds the market will come down at some point? Exactly, they won’t make it to the bunker.

My money is on a sniper rifle from the corner office aimed at all their former employees trying to escape by car for the bank.

This is assuming they didn’t get grenades. Considering their love of flamethrowers… possible.

Note: nothing I say on this site is encouragement, it’s academic.

With a little silliness thrown in.

However, satellites will pick the concrete up and will raid it while the residents are held by the “police” on fake charges (how Communists work). They may be “let go”, to an empty bunker, to starve to death.

Even if never found, they would be effectively incarcerating themselves for us.
“It is now used to refer to anyone who becomes restless or anxious from feeling trapped and even somewhat claustrophobic in an environment perceived to be more static and unengaging than they can any longer continue to hold interest, meaning, or value in.”
Could you take away their instagram for a week, that’s all I’m saying.

What happens when the anorexic women (read: all of them) run out of vegan food?

They’ll riot when they run out of “nutritional yeast.”

Have you seen a vegan who didn’t get their fix? It’s like She-Hulk.

If you’re used to Fine Dining Gourmet experiences, sitting in a concrete coffin indefinitely with people you secretly hate will trigger every amygdala into a maddened frenzy. Atheists (read: all of them) had nothing to live for before.

The hedonism numbs them from how much they hate themselves.

The Zombie Apocalypse is likeliest to happen in the bunkers.

It isn’t survival of the richest, this would be survival of the dimmest.

You don’t want a bunker.

Why hide?

Follow the wives indeed. Where’s the white rabbit? Who bought it?

The chain contains mixed metals and an infinity symbol. Eccentric design choice.

Ignore this post.

Other programmes you may want to switch over to: Lolita XXX, Alice in Fuckerland and Black Mirror.

I have others.

You’ll know when this gets real because the biggest taxpayer tart, the fattest statist piggy, will go down in very public flames.

He knows

He self-corrected and makes it clear we knew he didn’t think we were about to enter a dark age…

Sure Jan. That’s why you’re prepping for it in your life time.

He sounds dumb 90% of the time, but that 10%….

like AI is capable of more than pretty much any one thinks of it.

I dunno, I have quite the imagination.

I sense a man who foresees Calexit.

It’s a plan

I regret the necessity of cropping out the author but you’d be surprised. You can’t tell me this isn’t deeply ironic, deserved and actually feasible. I can’t get it out of my head so it’s here. Historically, most explorers do die. The odds are in our favour.

People do hold doubts about the livability of any colony far from Earth’s rich resources because let’s face it, cash rich does not equal smart or capable of farming.

There are others.

I’m starting to think of all these ventures as cake frosting spread too thinly.

It doesn’t look good on other fronts, in a bid to prevent bad PR…
Man loves his rocket, tells everyone, news at 5.

I’m actually unhappy about this, at least the guy’s trying. Very trying, but trying.
I’m rather concerned for his health actually, considering all this undue pressure.
I’d discuss other businesses but they aren’t as interesting. This is forward-thinking. Just gotta be careful not to fall, as we say, ‘arse over tit’. There is such a thing as too forward, too fast?

Rome wasn’t built in a day, true.

Personally, I’m more concerned with the double-down on lithium investments. It seems like a really bad time to build a vast li-on factory when solid state seems to be the future.

It seems – I could be out of the Hyperloop on this one.
Remember when Tesla cars were popping like champagne corks? Would never have happened with solid states.
However, China controls most of the world’s Cobalt, which li-on batteries tend to need a lot of, and I’ve heard no word on safe disposal of the huge quantities of li-on used from a so-called eco-safe company. No use manufacturing in America if China still has you by the nads.

It would be a shame to see a great EV concept go down the drain because of a stubborn adherence to outdated battery tech.

As for space stuff:

That could mean future batteries last a lot longer – ideal for electric cars. Imagine buying a car or phone in the future where you never have to worry about battery damage or how you charge it to protect that. These could even be used in future spacecraft.

As for the Matrix