Video: China’s Keynesian Housing Experiment

Yes, this can last forever.

State-owned company = Communism

Keynesian stimulus is the technique, building things with no demand. On the books assets.

It works on greater fool theory. Pet rock economics.

If you don’t trust the stock market because you know it’s rigged….

And you don’t trust the banks because you know it’s rigged….

why trust the houses, supported by both?

They’re crooks trying to rip off one another first.

New Money deserves to lose it all.

Imagine being so shallow you claim you’ll only reward the men fool enough to get into the most mortgage debt…. in 2005. Housing Idiocracy.

China is going to bankrupt the London and New York property markets.

We shouldn’t have allowed foreigners to purchase. The Russians are among the worst.

They have no right to be here, build ugly culture-less glass (safety hazard) buildings and bribe officials to ruin the “protected” skyline. And why is there social housing in London? At all? It isn’t as if they need to be there for work, is it?

Communists can’t count. China is playing Russian roulette with living conditions.

Then there’s what will happen since it accounts for almost all of their “wealth”.

More people than ever in an urban space.

Limited food.


What happens to every Commie country EVENTUALLY.

I have to keep pointing this out.

Learn “please give me food” in Mandarin.

When they overthrow the government eventually, the bigger balloon will pop.

They’ll find a series of IOUs at Communist HQ. Can you say bank run?

I hope you can put a down payment on a trust fund with selfies.

Is Kate Upton oppressed?

They aren’t a Marxist if they wouldn’t strip all middle-class savings (including their own).
If there shouldn’t be a (low) cap on earnings and savings, they aren’t Marxist.
Naturally, they refuse to quantify, being dishonest. 30k a year is rich here.
Class is actually defined by income and lifestyle. Both quantifiable and tangible.
Don’t trust the CM definitions. They’re wrong. It isn’t about whether you’re hired. Most people don’t work in factories anymore.
Real Marxists should be calling for income caps and a total ban on luxuries including drinks, clothes and cars.

Personally, I find the mudshark fat, dumpy and over-rated.

Who owns all the MOPs?

The banks.

Who should be nationalised, fully?

The banks.


However, loss of social mobility in a meritocracy is due to IQ.

GDP is tied to IQ too. It isn’t personal.

However, myths of high IQ in certain groups are…. fake news.

Verbal IQ shouldn’t be included but Jewish IQ would be trash without it.

Who said we needed a verbal section? Jewish psychiatrists.


The best part of these discussions about Marx is asking why all the books on him cost money.


Technically, Communism is more oppressive than a tithe.

Most workers would love a tax cap of 10%, they refuse to do that.

Why no tax cap?

Rent controls won’t save as much money to the poor as a universal tax cap.

A flat tax. The only “fair share”. Maybe the “Government” (BOE is private) shouldn’t take more than its “fair share” from all, in equality.

Churches are more Communist than SJWs, they give out books for free!

I’ve literally never paid for a Bible.

I have one of those faces where people assume I’m a sinner so they just give me Bibles.

Marxism is the classism that brainwashes the poor into letting the rich (middle-class) tell them what to do, because slightly richer people exist and must be stopped! (As the middle-class obviously get these marching orders from the even more wealthy). Talk about false consciousness.

What they appeal to:

Marxism is the opiate of the masses. Original virtue signal shekels.

Why do you think it was called Das Kapital?

They repeat the same thing as the Papacy without the kneeling and funny hat.

Luther was right, all you need is a Bible. You don’t need a Church.

Perhaps race would be more apt.

Chinese debt 300%

Again, they want a war. They need a war. Or the People will overthrow them.
Worse than reported Japan.
Real is more than reported.

“The biggest problem isn’t the overall levels of debt, McMahon says, but the pace at which it’s been accumulated.

He says that around a decade ago, China’s debt levels were about 160 per cent of the size of its GDP.

Asiaphiles STFU.

“Now it’s somewhere between 280 and 300 per cent,” he says.

Doubled in a decade.

Commies can’t run economies.

When other countries have accumulated debt that quickly, they have “almost invariably experienced a financial crisis”, McMahon says.”

They wanted to take over the world. Instead they’ll be fighting over their neighbour’s spleen.

I’d like to see global debt by nation. Their record-keeping has been poor, so it’s much, much worse – and Communists only keep poor (especially rural) records when a famine is close.

They’re keeping Western Boomer real estate out of bankruptcy.

Where’s your fake news IQ now?

Collectivists don’t have a high IQ. Screwing the producers leaves everyone starving.

I’ll trust China’s data is honest when all whites with an HSBC account find their money has gone missing.

I tried.

Video: Undercover at Anti-fa

Many old embeds of mine keep disappearing into the code so I’ll also post the link in case.


Causes terror, promotes violence, political = not domestic terrorists?

They literally bus or coach people in. I’ve seen them plan it.

I’m in a few groups where they openly discuss how they want people’s scalps or to crack open skulls. Sometimes they draw fanart. They’ve never seen American Psycho.
They see everyone as inferior to them and let’s just say they’re big on cosplay. You go to anything cosplay or find any cosplay group and they’re in there, and usually on psychotic meds for delusions. Hostile to the lower classes, they’re always middle-class and with a massive chip. They only go to lower class events, since the upper would sue, it’s hate crime. Pretending to be an artistic geek or posing as an intellectual nerd makes them feel more superior again, they’re single-handedly the reason those things have become uncool and the real ones are hiding it. How to stop them? RECORD. Give them a police record, nothing less. TELL THE PARENTS. All of them are trustifarians, they need to stay in Daddy’s good books, the cheque book to be precise. They don’t care so much about the record since their connections will land them internships, and if you find their real accounts you can find Intern at Company, but they also expect to retire early on inheritance, never to hold a good job. It’s like Bullingdon but actually worse.

All you need to do is watch social media or track social media from the days of a terror attack or some Gay promo. They can’t resist the chance to signal, it’s like a fat kid with candy. ‘member Redwatch? Man, I could go down a Gay Pride RSVP Going list and easily get half of them. Fandoms: Glee, Modern Family, SPN (Destiel shippers only), GOT for the porn and Frozen. You could easily come up with a list of fandom likes to check. Tarantino features highly, surprising no-one.

A lot of the doxing comes from the ones in IT. They’re entrusted with banking data. Bitter people who dogpile and troll, only to concern troll that in fact the other person was is the real troll. Same antisocial fake cheesy nice funny guy routine, even women.

Rosa Luxemburg, cultural marxist?

I’m not saying she was, but based on biography…

could predate the school. In some ways she sounds quite nice. I guess you can never know what someone’s endgame really is.

Her features were sharp and pronouncedly Jewish.

The subjects of discussion had one theme — revolution, whether it be philosophy, Darwinism, the emancipation of women, Marx, Tolstoy, Russian agrarian communism, capitalistic development, Nihilist terrorism, Bakunin, Blanqy, methods of revolutionary struggle, demoralization of the Western bourgeoisie, Bismark’s fall, German social democracy, the emancipation of Poland, Emile Zola.. Luxemburg positioned herself in the thick of political battles, invariably advocating Marxism.

Max Beer, who traced the history of the movement in “Fifty Years of International Socialism,” said about Luxemburg, who he called the Jewess:

Hey, they’re making a big deal of it, not me.

Her wide learning, intellectual and artistic culture, her eloquence and sparkling wit, made her one of the great figures of the Socialist International. She won the admiration of men [persons] of action, like James and Lenin, and of artists such as Hugo Wolf.. Her method of dialect was strongly influenced by Marx. She regarded history as a process. In the process class-forces struggled for their own interests as they evolved out of a given economic situation.. For Luxemburg,

Charisma gets you far.

She seems to have been in it for her own amusement.
Encouraging women to leave their husbands is a bit far though.

Cleanliness is close to godly… honesty

In turn, the researchers found that cleansing behaviors actually mitigate the self-serving effects of disgust. “If you can create conditions where people’s disgust is mitigated, you should not see this (unethical) effect,” Mittal said. “One way to mitigate disgust is to make people think about something clean. If you can make people think of cleaning products — for example, Kleenex or Windex — the emotion of disgust is mitigated, so the likelihood of cheating also goes away. People don’t know it, but these small emotions are constantly affecting them.”

But wait, conservatives are more avoidant of disgust!
This matches up to a study of Marxist cheating. The longer they were exposed, the more they cheated.

Study shows socialists are cheaters

Paper here.

Reason Coverage;

When playing a dice game that could earn them €6 ($8), subjects originally from the East, which was for four decades under socialist rule, were more likely than their market economy counterparts in West to lie about how they fared. The Economist explains the task:

The game was simple enough. Each participant was asked to throw a die 40 times and record each roll on a piece of paper. A higher overall tally earned a bigger payoff. Before each roll, players had to commit themselves to write down the number that was on either the top or the bottom side of the die. However, they did not have to tell anyone which side they had chosen, which made it easy to cheat by rolling the die first and then pretending that they had selected the side with the highest number. If they picked the top and then rolled a two, for example, they would have an incentive to claim—falsely—that they had chosen the bottom, which would be a five.

The results were that “East Germans cheated twice as much as West Germans overall,” leaving the researchers to conclude the “the political regime of socialism has a lasting impact on citizens’ basic morality.”

You can outlaw competition, but you can’t change human nature. Especially in a resource-scarce mindset.

The paper discusses some potentially related reasons for the outcome, such as the fact that

socialist systems have been characterized by extensive scarcity, which ultimately led to the collapse of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) in East Germany. In many instances, socialism pressured or forced people to work around official laws. For instance, in East Germany stealing a load of building materials in order to trade it for a television set might have been the only way for a driver of gravel loads to connect to the outside world. Moreover, socialist systems have been characterized by a high degree of infiltration by the intelligence apparatus.

The Duke-Munich team positions their work against a 2013 study, “Of Morals, Markets and Mice,” which concluded “that market economies decay morals” but “compared decisions in bilateral and multilateral market settings to individual decisions rather than an alternative economic allocation mechanism.” The new research finds that “political and economic regimes such as socialism might have an even more detrimental effect on individuals’ behavior.

In another aspect of the study, the researchers note that “we did not observe an overall difference between East and West Germans in pro-social behavior,” such as donating to hospitals, the capitalist-influenced demographic does, in fact, donate marginally more. [ explained by a true sense of community, instead of just speaking about one ]

Capitalism is the best we’ve got. Until something better comes along….