Link: Seneca, Shortness of Life

Why do we complain of Nature? She has shown herself kindly; life, if you know how to use it, is long. But one man is possessed by greed that is insatiable, another by a toilsome devotion to tasks that are useless; one man is besotted with wine, another is paralyzed by sloth; one man is exhausted by an ambition that always hangs upon the decision of others…..

Character is important.

I’m tagging this with masculinity purely because it’s more important for men.

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Vices beset us and surround us on every side, and they do not permit us to rise anew and lift up our eyes for the discernment of truth, but they keep us down when once they have overwhelmed us and we are chained to lust.
Their victims are never allowed to return to their true selves; if ever they chance to find some release, like the waters of the deep sea which continue to heave even after the storm is past, they are tossed about, and no rest from their lusts abides. Think you that I am speaking of the wretches whose evils are admitted?

1821 burn

“We are assured, however, that the women of the East prefer the uncircumcised”.

All women do if they aren’t brainwashed, there are satisfaction studies to prove it.

Another thing that destroyed modern masculinity. You could never convince an adult man to slice off a huge piece of his manhood (you measure the area of skin removed once spread out) especially the part that’s most uniquely male and sensitive.

Tapping into female energy

Women need to be told this?

Women need to be told this.
I oppose fakers of masculinity and femininity because the energy is off and it doesn’t work but people mistake it for the real thing. Femininity isn’t just doing nothing, obviously.
It has nothing to do with men though. In a room full of women and all alone, being able to do that is normal. The mind isn’t the enemy, the mind isn’t some anxious blob of neuroticism like modern people assert. Neither is intelligence purely male, to look after a baby that can’t tell you what it needs requires a very real intelligence. In fact, intelligence is neither male nor female, the basic level of it is human. Too many skills overlap to think otherwise but men are quicker with rationalizations to protect their ego. This comes down to less of a work performance mindset and remembering you’re a person first. For men too, it would be useful to remember you are not a gear in a machine and to stop ruminating. A barrage of heavy self-loathing is not “thinking”.
The body’s already male or female so you don’t need to push it hard or try to parody your gender role.

Sincere masculinity?

I think the healer archetype is old as the hills (Matriarchal, but still) but some of you may agree with this.
He’s battle ready, he just isn’t cocky about it.
“Leave his brains”…? The line that made me question if that was a kid’s film.
Contrary to many, he’s too empathetic to be autistic (a low empathy condition by definition). He’s brimming with it like love juice. They like animals for simpler cues but animals may hate them. Because they can miss those cues. Other species have more complex cues in reality (better senses) but from a human perspective, since they cannot talk, they’re dumb. This character doesn’t fall into that.
Anyone who isn’t a beer swilling 90IQ yoohoo is called autistic in films now, especially if they’re calm in a crisis or solve problems creatively. How many autistic people do you know who never freak out about anything or think outside the box? [none, the condition is the opposite, not to mock it but describe it]

They admire it because they aren’t it. Modern people are taught to delude, to conflate identification with identity.

This numbs us to developing or questioning those learning models.

I think he’s a good role model for boys if we saw him on the expensive CGI adventures to actually get those things, like Indiana Jones with dragon eggs.

Why We Founded Phalanx

Low masculinity, good idea. I’d define it as base.
They aren’t men but animals.
Base women are little better, the funniest outcome of these expectations is that a woman who doesn’t act slutty randomly and with strangers is considered to be acting… “like a man”! That’s how far gone we are, it’s pure Orwell. As if women are supposed to be flirts, camwhores and sluts.

Even literal whores aren’t up for it, those are false airs.
I bet they think the porn stars are actually having an orgasm too.

The Spiritual Survival

Phalanx-bannerThere is a spiritual crisis in the modern world. Yet nowhere does this appear more so than among men. Leaving aside statistics that put men at 90% or above for suicides, imprisonment, and combat deaths, etc., it is clear that less and less often do men have any examples of healthy masculinity by which to measure, and to improve, themselves.

Rarer still do men encounter an authentic initiation into manhood — by which we mean into a life of physical, mental, and spiritual transcendence, overcoming one’s own limitations. Indeed, the words “masculinity,” “manhood,” etc., have become associated with juvenile behavior that is self-destructive and, at the very least, disrespectful to women.

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Why do hipsters have beards?

Actually a very good question.

TLDR: Because they feel emasculated. 


A beard is a complex social signal: a man feeling powerless, as if he has no future, wishing to signal virility but closed off from proving himself by the hegemonic culture, no rites of passage, it’s a sign of Letting Oneself Go, and from this, rebellion against capitalist norms (cleanliness required to work with machines safely, get hired at an interview being well kempt and not being shabby, self-respect), a sign of testosterone in an age of estrogenic influences, a traditional marker of solidarity in the working class (shaving instruments were expensive and a Good Shave a sign of wealth), mild competition and aesthetic expression regarding type of beard etc etc.

Rich men don’t need beards, at most they’ll have stubble from travelling but be embarrassed of it. They find them too grubby, in my experience (do any of the Royals have one)? It’s viewed, here, as a Middle Class Scourge, because they aren’t imitating anyone in particular. It’s an image. The urban social climbers think it’s authentic and rustic and very Countryfile.

This impression carries over to business. Bearded men are seen as deceitful, note the stereotypes about types of beard and various character flaws. It can obscure or alter identity, make you hard to really see, who can trust that?

They are hiding something: their insecurity. 

Men are being outcompeted by women at school, at university, in academia, in the workplace, in Government and so forth, what’s one visible thing men can do with their appearance, that women cannot take from them (as they, silly, see it)?
With increasing androgyny, this is like, the ONE thing, they’ve got. Same problem with lad culture (really Eurotrash Ibiza club culture from the 90s, spare us), which has mistaken physical maturity (fucking, drinking, drugs,  swearing/being rude to all women as a form of underclass ‘humour’) for social or intellectual maturity (and respect).

A clean-shaven man doesn’t need to look like a furry animal to show dominance and a masculine nature, he has the real-world power and adult behavioural abilities in reserve that requires no display or show of symbols. In fact, counter signalling is their game.
It’s like the guy in credit card debt who buys a sportscar versus the millionaire who buys a secondhand moderately nice car on equity, because who does he need to impress? 

The blokes who say women are attracted to status? Ever notice they don’t have any to speak of?