The Calais Crisis and the Coming Collapse of the EU

…Such feebleness is outrageous. But they are so in thrall to their doctrine of multiculturalism, so wedded to their belief in ethnic minority victimhood, that they are terrified of vigorous action.

Indeed, so powerful is this climate of political correctness that even when a politician actually dares to speak out, the reaction is hysterical.

…This is precisely the kind of offensive sentimentality that is wrecking the fabric of Britain.

It is a form of emotional blackmail that aims to shut down all debate about immigration….

The EU right now —


The response needed is pure K-selection. Reality is crashing around the rabbit ears. Cuckservatives are having to choose sides, and being traitorous scum we all know that isn’t with their own racial group. You can’t even win votes from illegals, en masse people are getting red-pilled hard over this.

Gif is completely, totally relevant.

Who could have ever predicted all of this?


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Hopefully this chaos won’t take too long to come to a head.

almost care

It’s been a foregone conclusion since ’08, I just want this mess done.

5 facts about the Muslim demographics in Europe

That can’t be true because, in that case, young Muslims when grown will outnumber the low birth rate natives and install a Caliphate slave system. And since France has the densest population of them all, we’d expect a rise in terror attacks as the first taste of what is to come….

And that’s just silly.

It isn’t as if there’s a European precedent for blocking Muslim immigration and saving BILLIONS. With a capital B.

Video: Jewish activist supporting mass immigration of Europe and race replacement

They didn’t ask her whether her dream would apply to Israel.

But they’ll kick out Africans en masse:

Interior Minister Eli Yishai vowed Thursday to exert every effort to see that “the last of the infiltrators return to their countries,” referring to the some 50,000 African economic migrants, asylum seekers and refugees currently in Israel.

Speaking with Army Radio, Yishai dismissed the notion that Sudanese, Eritreans and other Africans in Israel have any standing to seek political asylum. “These are not refugees, these are economic migrants who want to come to Israel for work,” he said.

Their presence “is an existential threat” to the State of Israel, he asserted, vowing to “defend the Jewish majority.” The interior minister added, “Each and every one of them will return to their countries.”

come at me bro scarlet pimpernel

Netanyahu said of the infiltrator problem, “Israel is a small country. We cannot allow ourselves to be flooded by illegal work infiltrators. This threatens our society, our economy and our security. Therefore, we must expedite our dealing with the problem.”

oh come on my god why NO kill me now
England is smaller. Logically, we shouldn’t take any “Boat People”.
Population of Israel = 8.296 million.
Population of England (stats about 20m lower than reality for whole of UK) = 54.657 million.

Prank Video: Virtue signalling on immigration versus responsibility


*Nature documentary voice*: Behold, the r-type, called on their bullshit. Watch how it flees at the idea of personal responsibility forĀ its opinions. Much like a rabbit, it disappears among the wilderness, never to be seen again.



Video: The ONE anti-immigration video to show everyone crying over Africa

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Every r-type you will ever meet upon seeing this video;

shock horror wtf omg no denial signs

Take your bleeding heart to the emergency room.

FYI, they don’t want us there. “For God’s sake, please stop the aid!”