Simulation theory by a philosopher

While I respect Bostrom, believe me, the guy is renowned for being a little dramatic and way too into the sci-fi he consumes for his futurology work.

“Ned Block is not just a philosophy professor: he is also a psychology and neural science professor. Though he’s unfamiliar with Bostrom’s argument and with Elon Musk, his brain — his real, physical brain — is otherwise ideal for coping with this question.

Block thinks that we have no reason to believe that a simulation could reproduce consciousness, and no reason to believe that our reality is not base reality.”

At least Elon isn’t one of those Dennett cultists, he’s citing someone intellectually honest. God, please don’t let him be a materialist cultist.
They are like autism on crack, the view is so narrow. Humans as calculators, seriously.

It isn’t a physics problem. It isn’t even a maths question. It’s pure philosophy.

<Einstein level quote>

or I could not be boring and show you a pithy comic!

They never include programmers, who are actually to the left of sociologists as a form of linguistics.


^ Elon needs to see this one.

Possibly this to quit embarassing himself.

He could always give me a call but I use burners.
Am I too lazy to memorize a number? We’ll never know.

I’d probably take the piss out of his suit choices too.
You can afford Savile Row. You need between this-

and this-

This is fair as my taste cannot be surpassed.

“No matter the fact that we are inherently limited in our experience: Block thinks that “our first-person acquaintance with our consciousness tells us that there really is such a thing, and the fact that there really is such a thing is a challenge for a simulationist view.”

Where have I heard that before?

Cogito ergo sum – Descartes

“Bostrom disagrees, but does not offer much support: “It is not even obvious that it is possible for an entity to behave indistinguishably from a real human and yet lack conscious experience,” he writes.”


and Descartes.

Make that movie, Hollywood.

Do you know what Musk is really arguing?
We’re already AI, we’re already computers. And he doesn’t even know it.
Why go to Mars then? There is no Mars. Dumbass.
Congratulations, you’ve made your achievements futile.

The hipster hackers of Mr Robot plus Tumblr’s opinion

which is always fun and grotesquely wrong. Spoilers ahoy duh.

I haven’t criticized the media in way too long. This cannot be tolerated.

just getting that now rlly slow on the uptake moriarty

It’s too hipster for my taste. Too many tropes, too many clichés, rather insulting actually, to real hackers; I know I guessed the twists from the first episode and I’m no brain on these things, and the reviews going on and on about how “authentic” it is really give it away to me as Gen Y hipster fodder, they’re trying to make this our Fight Club, complete with grating hashtags at the bottom of the screen you’re supposed to respond to like Pavlov’s dog.

I can see you trying all the way across the Atlantic.

I can see you trying all the way across the Atlantic.

Which makes it fun to make fun of, cos projection. As TLP says, if you’re watching it, it’s for you.

It’s like a pastiche parody, a mishmash so hastily thrown together to please a demo. It’s selling you non-conformity. People are buying. People thinking they’re too smart to do that, who like the show and the message, and just mindlessly promoting it.

laughing rdj crack up

Even me with this review, I guess. I’m selling out guys. Buying a place in Miami.


You know he’s edgy bc he’s wearing a hoodie.
Really? Nah. It gets in the way of typing. When I see someone wearing a hoodie with the sleeves rolled up, however, my eyebrow hooks up at the rarity of the sight and I’m like
I wanna know that person. That person in particular.

Trust in the wisdom of the secret race of sleeve roll people.

As this sweet, sane Tumblrina (they exist) points out, the best thing about the show isn’t the main character (too whiny to carry it, the Millennial personified in self-loathing) but the Swedish Patrick Bateman. Yes. He needs a lot more screentime. I miss him when he’s offscreen. Of course, she doesn’t realize he’s a literary reference so most of his character doesn’t make sense to her.

Why did no one slap her in this scene? Just tying her to a chair. No actual beating, like every male counterpart?

To the rest of us who read books that aren’t in the YA section, he’s a joy to behold.

The guy deserves a spinoff. Watch it for him.

Bread and circuses

Reading mainstream media for fun, I try to discern little patterns and connections. It’s all too predictable and dreary when you see the code case-by-case. I see the bugs, the levels of awareness and the knitting completion of the quilt of lies.

My current approach is yielding sufficient if not preferable results irl

I’m still trying to come up with little games to slowly spread the truth, especially social ones that lure out like-minded individuals. Slowly building up stock of bright people, assisting their development and finding ways to boot out the weak with minimum fanfare.

I’m disaffected, that’s the word. I am disaffected by this social scripting from MSM.