People have no sense of humour any more

I think it must be an age thing. A bubble used as a control group.

Actually, isn’t Ivory Tower a white supremacist meme? It sounds like one of those things the SJWs will pick up on in coming years. Towers are also symbols of privilege or some shit. Echo chamber was quite a funny way to re-purpose stories about torture chambers (so built so you could hear the echo of the victim’s screams). If I had to put up with purely “normal” sources, I’d scream too.

These simpletons take everything a person writes completely seriously (I’ve seen the traffic) and don’t get the sarcasm inherent to slang. Pre-internet twats, for the most part, upset they aren’t “cool” like that’s a thing instead of a 50’s marketing gimmick to sell Elvis’ fat face on his target victim’s knickers. We don’t fall for that shit. Humourless jobsworths for the rest. The kind of losers to spread memes on Facebook nine months after circulation, then misinterpret them, of all the indignant pozz.

Memes are an art, rarely understood.

I don’t believe any thing I post, really, this is a shit blog and always has been. I’m amazed there’s any traffic.

I would prefer to think of it as entertaining shit. Singing and dancing crap.

I said on the About this is craptacular and you still have your own mind. Satirists must exist to keep everyone sane. Imagine if they pulled a Cromwell and banned all comedy. Then you’d see rivers of blood. People need a sense of humour. I wonder how people can live so long without one.

Why bother hating a child of God, then again. That’s as much as I’ll say on that.

You aren’t supposed to believe everything you read, that’s the entire object lesson here. The fable is to trust your own ability to check on things. If you can’t be arsed, why should I spoon feed you? You don’t want to know, it’s like quoting the bible to an atheist. I don’t think you understand how painful it is to hold back things people are unwilling to hear, knowing them to be true. Knowing! No wonder God hides from us, if any true sentience is such a burden. These blogs and forums and videos and interviews aren’t about that. I have a gratingly pedantic style. It’s my inner auteur, cannot be helped. -shrug- I’m the type of foppish person seized by an idea, who obsesses and researches and boils it down to essentials, whatever is worthwhile. I suppose I fall in love with certain, silly things. Don’t we all? Don’t our passions kill us? Well, this is a moral quandary. I came to the public conclusion a number of years ago ’tis better to be wrong and give something valuable to the world than be right and offer up nothing. We all wish we could do more for the “normies” to have a shot at real happiness yet find circumstances are quite a snare. The current system won’t let us do the right thing, by any one, it defers to the easy thing. Always, like a brattish aristocrat. Time will loosen those oppressions but I’m a lover, not a fighter. I couldn’t fight for toffees, too skinny. I was once taught a very useful lesson in perspective – everyone has one. On the other hand, you can choose to change your own by spotting others. We are never blind as we are led to believe. They ignore this blog to ignore that message, embedded in everything I bloody do. We disempower ourselves when we stop looking, really looking. What a brilliant blue ball in the sky under a fiery lamp, how dare we ignore it for some Plutonic cave that echoes the word ‘cuck’ nevermore? Who are we? I believe it hurts us deeply. I know sincerity is considered hideous online but you can see why this time, surely. As the media crumbles, the first group they lied about seeks to benefit and can serve to pull up the rest. There is a quiet excitement in a place of great air. You can merge perspectives from such a vantage point, pooling the audience for an accurate composition that really captures something. I hope you can spot the change in my usual tone. I don’t even bother to check most things nowadays, it’s the same sewerage pipe. There are higher and deeper truths than any thing you read online or in the papers. People lie, as House said. Just passively taking in things is still a bad thing, irrespective of the estimated quality. You can’t trust a single source if it’s contaminated past the horizon. There’s a whole world out there, Horatio. Ah, maybe I give too much away there. Drat.

Still, there are plenty of people who Care and they, the small dim lights, can be found in the darkest of places. Prepare to be surprised as the years sweep forward. Mixed motivations past a certain level are common. It is to be expected that some fall off the knife edge of shallow pressures onto the moral path… albeit later than would be desirable, all things considered. There is much lost time in this world and while we cannot get it back, we can choose to do what’s right with the remainder given us.

Mean while, people like us, and there is a number greater than one of us, sit around minding our own. Rarely chanced upon by fucking normies. We’re used to looking scary, every day is Halloween. If it keeps them away, good riddance. They don’t get it, they don’t want to get it, don’t give it.

It’s like they consider the internet a new invention when they showed up with their idiot phones and they don’t know how people are supposed to interact. Many of the “worst” parts of the internet are actually the most polite. They have a low tolerance for bullshit that makes them thoroughly pleasant once you understand signal to noise ratios and the generic etiquette.

I don’t know why they think this is a human level thing. The illusion of control perchance? From all I can tell, it’s a force of nature. It goes beyond “ideas are bulletproof” and into fundamental questions of human nature.

That, I find interesting to explore. I am not misunderstood, other people are confusing. They don’t comprehend themselves, let alone little old me. It’s like a magician, you can’t show them everything at once or they’ll irrationally hate your guts for it. Messengers are in danger of getting shot or worse, branded.

If science could get to that soul-level stuff, that would be great.
We are not dead inside, the guardian angel hasn’t mutated into an orc-like demon.

Mean while, I’ll be dancing around in a toga enjoying the decline, Roman-style.

Hey guys, maybe we should consider….

I think I might give up this year and let them all burn fully. That or a hiatus.

When I warned last year I wasn’t playing. It’s feeling time again.

Dealing with the new morons is stressful. I think maybe let them sink?

My family situation is changed, I moved for starters and work more hours than before. I don’t know if it’s possible to dedicate time to blogging for much longer.

They all laughed at my snow gear


I told you to buy the snow boots, the ones with the studs.

But no. 

Not one of you wanted to listen “because Christmas was fine”.

Last time I checked Frosty the Snowman didn’t own a fucking calendar.

So that’s what I’m doing.

Sitting smug with a rum hot cocoa and about a bajillion blankets.

That must suck.

Do not feed the Old Media



It reminds me of the stupid liberal writers, some of whom I know, that write for huge newspapers and magazines for free. Last Psychiatrist did a thing on that. If you do it for free, it’s a hobby. This is a hobby.

They need you. They pay you. You won’t gain new viewers from the idiot box. You’re slowly coiling a rope around your neck then handing it to them. Feed them bullshit, troll lines you know they’ll quote verbatim.

Treat them like the joke they are. Allow the viewer to laugh at them.
The Emperor has no clothes.

Do you know how many of those places I could’ve interviewed at? Influence or attention, pick one. No, you cannot be Bruce Wayne and Batman.
I don’t even want this blog getting too much traffic because I know too much or predict too much in advance. If it got into the public way ahead of its time, it would be pretty easy to figure out my circles. Especially from the financial stuff, which is oddly specific, ain’t it?

Like, I wanna spend 2019 in a NZ bunker, cowering. 2018 is a nice year by comparison.

Hello 2018

2014 was the year of refreshment.

2015 was the year of galvanizing.

2016 was the year of the normies.

2017 was the year of rest and repose.

First, you observe.
Then, you respond.
Then, you teach.
Then, you set in motion.
Low time preference is our weapon and I am not lacking in arsenal.

As the 18th century was r-selected and promiscuous, it made the 19th century K-selected and prim. The 20th century was the heaviest r-selection in human history, so what about this century’s trajectory might we infer?

America’s Pluto Return starts in 2020. That’s gonna be tough.

This year, I doubt bad politicians will drop like flies, but we can hope.
Do not buy up cans of tomato soup en masse. It would be wiser to grow heritage tomatoes. In farming, as in all things, heritage is better.
Instead, we must loosen them and keep loosening. A slow process they don’t think to, nor can they possibly defend against. It’s too subtle for them. It’s like loosening a stone in a ring, it seems secure until one day it plops out, never to be seen again. ~They are only as strong as their support.

Cheerleader effect is wearing off, with the likes of Evil Creep finally shutting up. Do not anger them, do not frighten them. Blackpill them. Make them so morose about their true situation they have no energy to be active with. You’ll have won without lifting a finger. Remember your own process of accepting this reality. They need space and time and their own body to slowly, grudgingly accept the truth of the world.

Every left-wing prediction this past century, has turned out to be wrong.

Their work is futile. Let it fail. Let it be met with silence. When the audience leaves, the actors are nutters talking to themselves. Your power is the stream of your attention, they cannot control it for you. Expend your time on constructing the future, personally and socially, than scoffing as theirs collapses. Remember, you didn’t build that, it was doomed regardless.

Silence horrifies these people. They goad you into talking, to entrap you. To learn your tactics, your vision. To twist it and thwart it. I tell you, you can’t thwart something you don’t understand.
Silence is the best device to fight them, as Shy Tories always knew. Jesus didn’t insult the Pagans, did he? He didn’t spend all his time sitting around, trailing after them, trying to change them into what he refused to become. This is where atheistkult has failed, there is no lifestyle to practice. Sky fairy rhetoric or Xmas prezzies? Do not be hollow.

‘Listen, smile, agree, and then do whatever the fuck you were gonna do anyway.’

If you want my opinion on the economy as it stands:

As for shitcoin, bit rot aside, anything that can be nationalized, will be nationalized. It’s the European way.
America has the bigger problem of South American invasion. When the lights go off, what are they going to do? Twiddle their thumbs in the dark and wait to fuck off and die? I don’t think so. If only you had a wall or something… (yes, that’s why Wall). When poor, desperate neighbours outnumber you, better build a fortress.
The dwindling quality of resources is apparent in diamonds. Older diamonds are better quality. Why? [rhetorical] With newer stones, the cutting techniques discuss ‘bringing out’ parts of the stone. If a stone is good, you don’t need to ‘bring out’ shit! Brilliant cuts are a lie. How does this end? No more new iPhone models, first off.
Expect another Biblical disease to pop up, we’re overdue another threatened outbreak to distract from terrorism. Growth will never be 4% again with current demographics. IQ is practically synonymous with GDP, this ought to be well-known.

Back to annual matters of studied import.

This past year, I have been quietly setting up long, complex chains of dominoes. This way, whatever happens to me and my interest in these things, they are likelier to fall the nationalist way than the supranationalist, the People over the Elite, the poor workers before the arrogant bankers. We had to clear out some of the guttering that is Hollywood and the Lefty signal set. Precedent is important, see Roe v Wade if you don’t believe me.

First, you make the women demand equal pay (plot twist: they earn more per film, in shorter careers) and put the white actors out of a job (signal transmission dead). Suddenly, the middle class and their representatives in media are on the defensive, the issues of the Chattering Class rise to the top of public discourse.

Streisand effect comes in as efforts to suppress, exacerbate.

The critical domino was to expose the Left’s hypocrisy in 2017. The hypocrite preacher becomes an object of ridicule and scorn, aversion and finally, open rebellion. Personally, I won’t sit here and be lectured by filthy degenerates.

I believe this task is accomplished for the time being but until everyone cringes at Clooney the way they do Hillary today, I shan’t be satisfied. I’m greedy when it comes to these people.

What is 2018, you may ask? Have heart and rejoice. Today opens a nice year, for us.

2018 is the year of culture and civility. A slow grope back of what has been lost or forgotten.
I’m not alone in this opinion.

He gets it. Positive contribution to your people or GTFO and join a Communist group to sponge off.

Culture is paramount, if I had to choose one. Yet they go hand-in-hand.
Sitting round twiddling your thumbs hoping someone else will impose standards of a 21st century honour culture won’t do anymore. You must live the quality, and demonstrate the moral standards you expect of the world (because you are in it). Honour is something individuals must possess, and to lead with that moral authority, before society follows. It is largely what you do not do.

This is bigger than pride or money.

Do you think there aren’t facts I dislike? I can no more deny them than the fact I need air. Pointing out something nobody chose has nothing to do with advocating it, it’s like observing gravity. It isn’t a proposition, this is the system you are IN. You have always been in.

There are benefits to seeing what you don’t want to. Mainly empowerment.

I want to be on the right side of the fence (outside and free) and the right half of the history books – that’s the future half, in case you were still fending off a demonic hangover.

Listen, if I can restrain myself from meme-ing the chicken story… the Poundland ‘Princess’ doesn’t interest me. The wannabe POTUS Looney neither. If you can’t see the big picture, it’s safe to assume you’re damaging it for short gains. We know the laws of nature and must use them in our favour.

These are the foundations of future success, it is no guarantee. Quit celebrating prematurely.
Meanwhile, nerd ruins life.

We had comedy, now we need quality culture. This is exemplified by the humble library.

Read every old book you can get your grubby little hands on, if you want to use this year well. Start with Project Gutenberg if you’re poor and flea markets with loose change, I am completely serious. Especially look for lost, recent (past two centuries or three) treasures from your country. Don’t let them die. This goes for everything from novels to recipe books. Traditionalism is a thread in all of them. Wisen up, be a force for good. Do not think something because it’ll make you seem cool. Do not waste time signalling topical bullshit, or else all your labour would be useless in a week.

Rites of passage are prohibitively expensive? Duh?

I’m bored of excuses from grown-adults. They sound like hippies. You’re not Boomer enough to get away with this, you were born too late to feel that entitled. Look clearly at the world you inherited.
Describing the obvious is not knowledge, especially if you’re too dense to teach it. Children are earnest to describe reality. You need to stand for something, you must pick principles (and reject others) and have a real argument for those who already knew and still have nothing to do. Adults expand, cautiously. And so what?

What now?

Posting will be on-off, this is hardly my primary vehicle of influence.
The Government is shaky and chaos is a ladder.