that’s why I ‘suddenly’ backed out of multiple ‘good’ career paths, including ‘academia’.

To this day, some people still laugh at me or call me crazy for it.

No regrets.

The ticket isn’t always a one way non-stop ride that one is offered all at once. Sometimes it’s a lot of little connecting flights designed to get you to the same destination.

Henry Cavill’s pedo activities spring to mind. Most recently with the Millie ashtray currently being passed around.

And Emma Watson ‘hosting’ on a whore yacht ‘cruise’ acc. to CDAN.

They know how to tempt, anyone claiming they cannot be tempted is lying. It takes strength of character to repeatedly say No.

ParliReach wall contribution

I’ve been told I have white privilege
and how often I would duck it…
I’ve been told I’m Satan* by Marxists
and to all you I say “fuck it?”

I’ve been forced to write on this wall
for the colour of my skin
which is many shades of wrong –
by the people who came in.

I know enough of history
from Robespierre to Mao
to know you’ll see another wall
with the turning of the crowd.

Do not bite the hand that feeds

that’s holding all the cards

do not piss off the productive

or we can let you starve.

I agree with the Marxists, you see
for all the “wrong” badthink reasons.
If you’d been less arrogant
you could have won, with one more season.

By all means, awaken the Saxon;
but he is a bloodthirsty madman.

Have you seen what we’ve done to our kin?
Our brothers, white as snow?
Have you seen the civil wars, the torture and gaol?

What do you imagine we’d do
to a wretch as base and low as you?
You’ve set up an illegitimate colony
and strut around like you built the place.
But we built it once, we can build it again
when we eject you in disgrace.

It didn’t work in Munster, the cages are still there.
If we deported the lot of you, we wonder how we’d fare…?
We never voted for this, we were never asked.
Genocide is illegal, still, your passport is a farce.

You come here and leech off our society.

We’ll tear it down to build another, happily.

We gave you all we had, the country we bled for
you spat in our face, attacked us, had contempt for
the guest right and its conditions, civility and merit
but as we gaze long at the outcomes, you can rightly shove it.
You are clothed in the purple of liars
of frauds and rejects spare
we see through you to your skin
your lies are just as bare.

And as you tell us not to look
behind the curtain tall
it makes us all have time to wonder
is the giant truly …small?
We never tried to push you
it was ‘mean’ to fight you back.
But back us into a corner
and you’ll see we never lacked.

We will never be slaves
it is not in our blood
we are kind and genteel
until, we’ve had enough.

We groan quietly at first,
you think our tuts don’t matter,
but when we wake from slumber
I tell you, Marxists, scatter!

From the people of this country
we’ve almost had enough.
Push us a little harder
and we shall call your bluff.

*seriously, like, in person

You may reproduce for free, but on condition you credit me (a link to this page would be fine).

I may still publish this for real, a few years later once this nonsense is all gone.

I tried to redpill you on China

But the weebs intercepted on behalf of their honeypots.

China Has ‘First-Strike’ Capability To Melt U.S. Power Grid With Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon

Let’s see the chucklefucks when they’re drafted. Am I jelly then?


Considering my prior military drops:

All the ‘Alt Right’, “Manosphere” types will pretend to have gotten here first.

[heavy sigh]

Last week, the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security issued a scary report on China’s ability to conduct an Electromagnetic Pulse attack on the United States. The key takeaway, according to Dr. Peter Pry,
 executive director of the task force, is that China now has super-EMP weapons, knows how to protect itself against an EMP attack, and has developed protocols to conduct a first-strike attack, even as they deny they would ever do so.

imagine my shock

the pearls clutched

the tea unsipped

cold, desolate, left on a side table in a darkened hallway

the English horror

According to the Center for Strategic International Studies, China has the most active ballistic missile development program in the world, so this is doubly troubling. China used stolen U.S. technology to develop at least three types of high-tech weapons to attack the electric grid and key technologies that could cause a surprise “Pearl Harbor” attack that could produce a deadly blackout to the entire country.

Dr. Pry outlines how China has built a network of satellites, high-speed missiles, and super-electromagnetic pulse weapons that could melt down our electric grid, fry critical communications, and even takeout the ability of our aircraft carrier groups to respond.

I told ya so
I told ya so


I told ya so

I am so tired of the doubters. Some people with info are actually trying to help you.

How many times need I be right?

[laughs in higher IQ than you]


Ask me how I know.

hint hint bloodlines hint

Imma do a barrel role of adjacent Told Ya Sos for the new decade. A handful.


There will be recession. – March, 2019.
Yes I am quoting myself. 

I quote myself literally all the time, you just don’t see how.


“Multiple Asians have stolen defense information from American universities and you still let them in, rocket information, only reason they have rockets (and gave some to Korea).
All of this is fact if you only look into it.
They’re not smart enough to develop any of this alone.”

As we noted here, China has created over three times as much money supply as the US since 2008.

Yeah but they’re gonna take over the world, right?”


This title aged like a fine wine

as did these
“Remember, these people want to nuke you.” – August, 2019.
fyi EMP is a weak nuke.
But foreign students are always good? We owe it to them to study among us, as ...equals…

Like international military boosting AA. How ‘kind’ of us. So glad we got a vote.

Remember, passports are a military document, brought about in WW2 and are used as draft cards.

That way, no deserters.

TYL: You already have your draft card.*

Some of the cowards have two!

*I hesitated from pointing that out before. Because it was funnier to watch.

The slow dawning, since I cannot be drafted. Don’t worry, I’m safe. 😉

I’d put the war probability at 25% now. Conservatively.

More fun:
“The spate of mixed race divorces once their assets are confiscated for being a White Male* is gonna be amazing.”
“They’ll be lucky if the Tiger Moms leave them with shoes after going through those divorce courts. They’re maternal as vultures over a carcass. Even reddit is picking up that Asian prostitution involves a wedding ceremony and lying about their politics, ambitions, notch count. This is precisely why the family had to approve of the male heir’s bride, it was an investment of the bloodline.”
“Multiculturalism there seems to be failing because they think they don’t need you(r money) anymore.”

CBA, tbh
Those empty homes are nuclear shelters ‘in case’ the cities are attacked, actually.
Now I’m at liberty to mention that.

Party cities. Comrade. Party palaces – and their staff. Useful eaters only.

“China is going to bankrupt the London and New York property markets.”

Classic rinse.

Pre-pre-pre strike. Where the Boomers hurt. No liquidation, no moving away. More deaths.

Gold thieves for war tech:
“Recycling plants end up in China. They’re selling you back your junk.”
“The IMF anticipates that by 2020 China’s domestic credit to GDP ratio will rise to 300 per cent.”
“Read the chart and tell me which continent is fucked.”
“Which continent, total populations considered, is the most fucked?”

“Tiny houses – below the legal international levels required for sanity and happiness. Prisons you pay for. And you’re proud of this? Buy a caravan FFS. Car + bed = win on two huge life expenses.”
“Stocks go up because national debt goes up. Wake up, this is Communism.”

this, in 2019

I’m kind of a big deal. Actually.

Given this timeline, I’m starting to run out of major drops. Been here years.

“At around 90%, every economy declines. That is a rule of history and economics. That is the tipping point. There will be no recovery.

Choose self-reliance, panic a socialist today.

The promises of socialism are communism in a silk glove. Yes, it’s soft – now.”

“They want us crawling over one another like worms, begging them to enslave us.”


“I don’t need to advertise. Why do I want this on public recordbitch?” source

Point 2 if Trump doesn’t default on American debt and return to the gold standard, there will be no recovery.”


who else was saying this shit?



America needs infrastructure, like the whole West, it’s crumbling and almost gone. It took the best part of a century, but we’re pretty much there. You cannot get the funding or public will for it without solid currency. The Immigration Act and hullabaloo over the Gold Standard happened strangely proximate to one another, didn’t they?…..

Say, don’t you want to arrange your money on this ID?

Let’s ban cash.

Conflict: not wanting a war but wanting to see the weebs drafted.

My general plan

Apart from sitting on my backside.

1. pretend to fall for it, a little, to guide others and avoid over-reaction response
2. make errors, minor ones
3. note errors of others
4. ask Qs
5. go radio silent on all platforms, don’t get banned
6. ask Qs
7. repeat step 5 through 6, repeatedly
8. guide to, then post the truth at exact time of dire need
9. space out nodes of it, also across platforms, under other names and outlets
10. knit them together all pretty, a veritable tapestry of truth

It’s been working every year since I’ve been here, especially this one.

If I had an indie band = tapestry of truth.

I know the feel

It’s exhausting being two people. Almost like how I imagine cheating except cheating on your true self.

Yes, I know it sounds wanky. Sorry. I go thousands of posts without rambling about myself, we can afford ONE.

I guess it’s a stronger form of what many traditionalists feel under the globalist thumb, only more intense with the import of hiding here. They’ve tried to come after me once openly, they refuse to speak of me again in the years hence, although they’d adore any excuse to get me arrested e.g. repeating fact.

I exploited some little known legal loopholes to be here, after all this time. I don’t knock down people’s doors or scream in the streets.

It isn’t cowardice to hide, it’s strength to seem to hide when you’re actually not. It’d be far easier to do nothing, bow your head and cow. But you can explore the wiggle room between hiding and showing. The new internet seems to have lost all subtlety. I don’t like e-celebs, I like the original idea of vehicle, internet as message. I don’t care who the messenger is. A smart 12yo is no less worthy of respect. The e-celebs who hate me, hate me because I don’t show them “respect”, by which they mean idolatry. I ask for none and give none. Either you’re right or you’re wrong and time will tell so there’s no use hiding it.

The opposite philosophy would be magical thinking – you can be anything you claim, kiddy dress-up but for adults e.g. a philandering “Christian”, a man in a lady’s dress, a saintly rioter or degenerate alpha. I hold no space for such delusions. I don’t do much here but I see the uniques, people want the information. They want the studies and the sanity of it.

Here’s to half a million hits.

I assume most of your assumptions about me are wrong. I seem to have a legit digital reputation now, which I never expected when I began.


Fun fact: One day, I aspire to bring out an amazing line of sarcastic tea-towels.

Here’s to making more people doubt my existence.

If it’s safe to come out one day, that might be funny.

Until then, still too pretty for prison.

This is how you do it

I’ve managed to subvert more of my fellow woman than any angry blackpiller ever.

With the power of pastry aesthetics.


The alternate name was Village Living.

See, when a girl loses her innocent joy at beauty, that is when the evil strikes. With apathy and misandry.

If you bar that with a solid base of good taste, evil is powerless against it. We wage a battle of aesthetics, gentlemen.

And Barbiecore as an alternative for preteens to the queer glittery bullshit and thot dress subcultures.

This is how you kill the SJW – with feminine beauty and vintage aesthetics.

They cannot hope to compete, but they’ll try.

Less wheat field, more sourdough.

You can’t sell women on giving birth, guys.

wiki: “an Internet aesthetic which celebrates a return to traditional forms of craft such as foraging, baking and pottery.[1] According to its proponents, the ideas of Cottagecore can help to satisfy a popular desire for “an aspirational form of nostalgia” as well as an escape from many forms of stress and trauma”

My definition?

Escapism from postmodernism.

Turns out cultural marxism is equally open to subversion as the things it was attempting to subvert.

No TV, less social media – less SJW bullshit and influence. Cut off their hegemonic grip at the neck.

They’re trying to re-subvert it in response, like that asinine #notvintagevalues signal, but it isn’t working.

It’s like soft libertarianism with baked goods, you can’t make it an urbanite thing. It’s polar to such coarseness, hence the instinctive appeal to white girls. Better than being ‘basic’ globalist consumerists and it dovetails to minimalism (going Galt) nicely.

This is what I’ve been doing. Well…. some of it. We’ll see how the rest pans out.

‘Dark Academia’ is pushing all the slightly goth stuff I used to wear… while there, and is decidedly.. “Eurocentric”.

Have ya noticed?

Know thy place, my people.

nb. Yes I partially ripped off the tradladies but made it more normie, I doubt they’ll mind.

Cottagecore, derived from normcore, because it’s for normies, get it?

I’m also working on an “elevated” classy version that isn’t invaded by black thots pretending they’re not hookers.

Like this but with evening options.

can confirm, no dick

I expect people to question my motives, it’s fine. Forgoing d’nations and such is weird in this venal hellscape of a fallen world.


I am indeed a dickless wonder.

I’m just trying to make the world a better place without attention-whoring, it can be done. If you keep your profile low, they’re less likely to make an example of you. Anonymity is power. I don’t actually like the internet, isn’t that ironic?

Ironically, nobody who knows me in real life would guess this past-time. You’d never know by looking. I like skirts, bake my own bread and know a lot about gardening. Being under-estimated is useful. Every few years I rebrand into an additional identity as a challenge, have done since the teens.



Remember: as Anonymous said, there are no girls on the internet.


Or I’m larping this whole thing, as the following may conclusively prove?

Here’s a hell of a drop for you.

As to how I heard all this stuff (-my accuracy rate is at least 80%), well, you really, really don’t wanna know. It’s tedious and boring to relate.

tldr I’ve seen this coming for a while and disliked the direction.

e.g. I knew Nan, the limo blonde in this clip, is based on Hillary. Obsessed with bad suits and looking caring for PR. “Later, she met First Lady, and future Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.” source Odd things to include for a fictional character…? The event of Apocalypse refers vitally to the “blood field” [akeldama] of the Bible, they’re obsessed with it, along with “liquid cannibalism” and, sorry, “blender babies” (placental smoothies). source  They’re not taking kale for their iron, that’s all a front. There’s the setting for your much recently-discussed apocalypse. The blood field of infamy. It isn’t the end of the world, but you can see it from here. As in Judas’ times, treason still doesn’t pay. Find that akeldama info somewhere else before me, I defy you. It gets scrubbed if it blips, along with the poster. Americans seldom actually read. But they left many signs. Hollywood has always known. Who else would tell you this? But pass it on.

Here’s some Bible they don’t teach in Sunday School:

Only be sure not to eat the blood, for the blood is the life, and you shall not eat the life with the flesh. 


Manly P Hall said “in the arcanum of magic it is declared that ‘he controls the soul who controls the blood of another.’” and “Black magic is not a fundamental art; it is the misuse of an art.” as true Christians ought to know. Otherwise you can’t have a car because drunk drivers exist.

For the life of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it for you on the altar to make atonement for your souls, for it is the blood that makes atonement by the life.


Indeed, under the law almost everything is purified with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins.


or the child reading-level version: “In fact, the law requires that nearly everything be cleansed with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.”

Who else tells you this? Nobody. But I know how they think. Where is the lie?

When have I ever, ever lied to you? Why bother, right?

53 Jesus said to them, ‘Very truly I tell you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. 54 Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise them up at the last day. 55 For my flesh is real food and my blood is real drink. 56 Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in them.

To be as a God? It’s called Godform assumption.

True Christianity is fundamentally weird, okay? It isn’t the Hollywood religion of fools and wimps.

Truth is stranger than fiction – some guy drinking out of human skulls and writing about vampires in the literal Romantic age.

“The new world would be nothing to the old” sauce, hold the walnut

Who else has told you this? Show me him. Show me the man. You can’t.


This decade is gonna be fun.

You don’t want to know who spine guy is based on. I hear conflicting reports but (shudder).


“others have been killed for far less”

They’ve yet to suicide me, so I feel special. I know why, theoretically, I just dislike thinking about it.

I wrote it here, once. I can talk about it a smidge if anyone gives a Minerval hoot.

Victory lap

Don’t you find it strange the Twentieth Century was so technologically advanced?

Imagine my shock. Three months prior, almost exactly.


I am shooketh, folks. Q r real.

May I direct you to:
including many things

Yes, indeed, many. A. Thing.

Update: Logical correction: What calls itself ET is a question of existence and labelling, which is separate entirely from the question of the reliability of their testimony so stop bashing us with that Bible Churchians, your faith is too easy to shake.

To save the atheists time

Fridge horror: all experiments die.

It isn’t nice being in the petri.


Approaching two-thirds through the year (ratios are important), it’s amazing how far we’ve come as a culture, isn’t it?

I think next year will be better, I’ve got a good feeling for the first time in …ever.

And I forecast one-third of the year in advance, more or less. There are reasons, lunar cycles and such. It just seems to work. Doesn’t it feel like that change in the air is finally turning positive? For years it felt oppressive, like a thick foggy cloaking of lies, slowly smothering us if we dared open our eyes. Now it feels like the air is clearing after an air raid, like there’s some freshness. It’s hardly seaside levels of clarity but… it’s getting there.

I can’t help but feel it’s the start of something very, very good.

Global. 2019-2021.

This is a turn-up for the books, I can tell you. I used to think no one cared, everything was lost and that ravenous entropy of evil was going to turn this world into Evil Clown World. It’s amazing to see all the things I cared about and worked on for so long popping up as relevant. Things that didn’t make sense before click into place and it isn’t just weirdos like us anymore. The perfect is the enemy of the good.