Do not feed the Old Media



It reminds me of the stupid liberal writers, some of whom I know, that write for huge newspapers and magazines for free. Last Psychiatrist did a thing on that. If you do it for free, it’s a hobby. This is a hobby.

They need you. They pay you. You won’t gain new viewers from the idiot box. You’re slowly coiling a rope around your neck then handing it to them. Feed them bullshit, troll lines you know they’ll quote verbatim.

Treat them like the joke they are. Allow the viewer to laugh at them.
The Emperor has no clothes.

Do you know how many of those places I could’ve interviewed at? Influence or attention, pick one. No, you cannot be Bruce Wayne and Batman.
I don’t even want this blog getting too much traffic because I know too much or predict too much in advance. If it got into the public way ahead of its time, it would be pretty easy to figure out my circles. Especially from the financial stuff, which is oddly specific, ain’t it?

Like, I wanna spend 2019 in a NZ bunker, cowering. 2018 is a nice year by comparison.

Hello 2018

2014 was the year of refreshment.

2015 was the year of galvanizing.

2016 was the year of the normies.

2017 was the year of rest and repose.

First, you observe.
Then, you respond.
Then, you teach.
Then, you set in motion.
Low time preference is our weapon and I am not lacking in arsenal.

As the 18th century was r-selected and promiscuous, it made the 19th century K-selected and prim. The 20th century was the heaviest r-selection in human history, so what about this century’s trajectory might we infer?

America’s Pluto Return starts in 2020. That’s gonna be tough.

This year, I doubt bad politicians will drop like flies, but we can hope.
Do not buy up cans of tomato soup en masse. It would be wiser to grow heritage tomatoes. In farming, as in all things, heritage is better.
Instead, we must loosen them and keep loosening. A slow process they don’t think to, nor can they possibly defend against. It’s too subtle for them. It’s like loosening a stone in a ring, it seems secure until one day it plops out, never to be seen again. ~They are only as strong as their support.

Cheerleader effect is wearing off, with the likes of Evil Creep finally shutting up. Do not anger them, do not frighten them. Blackpill them. Make them so morose about their true situation they have no energy to be active with. You’ll have won without lifting a finger. Remember your own process of accepting this reality. They need space and time and their own body to slowly, grudgingly accept the truth of the world.

Every left-wing prediction this past century, has turned out to be wrong.

Their work is futile. Let it fail. Let it be met with silence. When the audience leaves, the actors are nutters talking to themselves. Your power is the stream of your attention, they cannot control it for you. Expend your time on constructing the future, personally and socially, than scoffing as theirs collapses. Remember, you didn’t build that, it was doomed regardless.

Silence horrifies these people. They goad you into talking, to entrap you. To learn your tactics, your vision. To twist it and thwart it. I tell you, you can’t thwart something you don’t understand.
Silence is the best device to fight them, as Shy Tories always knew. Jesus didn’t insult the Pagans, did he? He didn’t spend all his time sitting around, trailing after them, trying to change them into what he refused to become. This is where atheistkult has failed, there is no lifestyle to practice. Sky fairy rhetoric or Xmas prezzies? Do not be hollow.

‘Listen, smile, agree, and then do whatever the fuck you were gonna do anyway.’

If you want my opinion on the economy as it stands:

As for shitcoin, bit rot aside, anything that can be nationalized, will be nationalized. It’s the European way.
America has the bigger problem of South American invasion. When the lights go off, what are they going to do? Twiddle their thumbs in the dark and wait to fuck off and die? I don’t think so. If only you had a wall or something… (yes, that’s why Wall). When poor, desperate neighbours outnumber you, better build a fortress.
The dwindling quality of resources is apparent in diamonds. Older diamonds are better quality. Why? [rhetorical] With newer stones, the cutting techniques discuss ‘bringing out’ parts of the stone. If a stone is good, you don’t need to ‘bring out’ shit! Brilliant cuts are a lie. How does this end? No more new iPhone models, first off.
Expect another Biblical disease to pop up, we’re overdue another threatened outbreak to distract from terrorism. Growth will never be 4% again with current demographics. IQ is practically synonymous with GDP, this ought to be well-known.

Back to annual matters of studied import.

This past year, I have been quietly setting up long, complex chains of dominoes. This way, whatever happens to me and my interest in these things, they are likelier to fall the nationalist way than the supranationalist, the People over the Elite, the poor workers before the arrogant bankers. We had to clear out some of the guttering that is Hollywood and the Lefty signal set. Precedent is important, see Roe v Wade if you don’t believe me.

First, you make the women demand equal pay (plot twist: they earn more per film, in shorter careers) and put the white actors out of a job (signal transmission dead). Suddenly, the middle class and their representatives in media are on the defensive, the issues of the Chattering Class rise to the top of public discourse.

Streisand effect comes in as efforts to suppress, exacerbate.

The critical domino was to expose the Left’s hypocrisy in 2017. The hypocrite preacher becomes an object of ridicule and scorn, aversion and finally, open rebellion. Personally, I won’t sit here and be lectured by filthy degenerates.

I believe this task is accomplished for the time being but until everyone cringes at Clooney the way they do Hillary today, I shan’t be satisfied. I’m greedy when it comes to these people.

What is 2018, you may ask? Have heart and rejoice. Today opens a nice year, for us.

2018 is the year of culture and civility. A slow grope back of what has been lost or forgotten.
I’m not alone in this opinion.

He gets it. Positive contribution to your people or GTFO and join a Communist group to sponge off.

Culture is paramount, if I had to choose one. Yet they go hand-in-hand.
Sitting round twiddling your thumbs hoping someone else will impose standards of a 21st century honour culture won’t do anymore. You must live the quality, and demonstrate the moral standards you expect of the world (because you are in it). Honour is something individuals must possess, and to lead with that moral authority, before society follows. It is largely what you do not do.

This is bigger than pride or money.

Do you think there aren’t facts I dislike? I can no more deny them than the fact I need air. Pointing out something nobody chose has nothing to do with advocating it, it’s like observing gravity. It isn’t a proposition, this is the system you are IN. You have always been in.

There are benefits to seeing what you don’t want to. Mainly empowerment.

I want to be on the right side of the fence (outside and free) and the right half of the history books – that’s the future half, in case you were still fending off a demonic hangover.

Listen, if I can restrain myself from meme-ing the chicken story… the Poundland ‘Princess’ doesn’t interest me. The wannabe POTUS Looney neither. If you can’t see the big picture, it’s safe to assume you’re damaging it for short gains. We know the laws of nature and must use them in our favour.

These are the foundations of future success, it is no guarantee. Quit celebrating prematurely.
Meanwhile, nerd ruins life.

We had comedy, now we need quality culture. This is exemplified by the humble library.

Read every old book you can get your grubby little hands on, if you want to use this year well. Start with Project Gutenberg if you’re poor and flea markets with loose change, I am completely serious. Especially look for lost, recent (past two centuries or three) treasures from your country. Don’t let them die. This goes for everything from novels to recipe books. Traditionalism is a thread in all of them. Wisen up, be a force for good. Do not think something because it’ll make you seem cool. Do not waste time signalling topical bullshit, or else all your labour would be useless in a week.

Rites of passage are prohibitively expensive? Duh?

I’m bored of excuses from grown-adults. They sound like hippies. You’re not Boomer enough to get away with this, you were born too late to feel that entitled. Look clearly at the world you inherited.
Describing the obvious is not knowledge, especially if you’re too dense to teach it. Children are earnest to describe reality. You need to stand for something, you must pick principles (and reject others) and have a real argument for those who already knew and still have nothing to do. Adults expand, cautiously. And so what?

What now?

Posting will be on-off, this is hardly my primary vehicle of influence.
The Government is shaky and chaos is a ladder.

A post about truth

Let’s see how much I can teach you without actually telling you.

The thing worse than rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion. Frederick Douglass
When the sword of rebellion is drawn, the sheath should be thrown away. English proverb

The damaging pomo myth of America is feelsbad=evil.

Magic Skirt theory. Wearing a skirt/looking like a woman, doesn’t make you a woman. Ask a Scot. You can’t buy citizenship to womanhood. Similarly, your friends, your passport and your politics don’t make you a man. Identity comes from something deeper and like a snake’s skin, you constantly grow a new one, a better one. Men are allowed to be stupid, but women are encouraged.
You are not wrong in your motives, but your methods are.

Good boy, sit. Listen.

Men call themselves philosophers because they truly believe stating the obvious to nobody is profound.
I don’t mind when people laugh at me. If you fact-check all I have predicted over the years, I neither need nor want to laugh.
I only seem quite stupid at times so people listen to me, and then they might take things in subliminally while they’re judging me. That is the female art of playing dumb. …Men go pro.
eg The best way to kill third-wave feminism’s power was to introduce an intersectional approach. The less pretty white women, the less attention; the less attention, the more acting up and the less cool. The public soon follow. So much for the years of Youtube videos and millions of scornfully worded screeds on blogs nobody reads… you could see the other pawns but missed the board entirely. 😉
Why don’t women use much logic, generally?
Men will never notice something that happens to women until it happens to them too.
Down with Western Civ? Which sex would you target first? ..Ah.
Stay with me, do not stop thinking.
…Logically, why?

Part 2 of Brass Balls: The Analysis coming whenever the fuck I feel like it.
I know you all want to feel important, but you’re already important, so could you just listen when people are trying to help you/r thede? Or is e-celebrity worth losing your future? You are the sons of the world’s greatest minds and conquerors. You invented open-mindedness. I figured I’d be a philosopher and yes, that’s why the blog title. Five years of hinting at my sex before I had to openly admit it in practically every post before anyone would believe me. Many of you don’t, two years, almost three later. Because science? Really?

There’s no argument for white power structures without white ingenuity, culture and creativity.
The same would hold true for any race. Learn.

Misogyny = rich men telling poor men it’s women’s fault. Men fucking other men (MSM).
Sexual orientation theory is a social construct.

I earned this holiday from planet Earth. Brexit can be re-written without me.

One week until Saturn hits Capricorn.

Link: Blog trolls

Yeah, they hate me.

The Achilles Heel of blogging, which trolls exploit; is the mushy-libertarian idea (to which I have never subscribed) that the blogger has a duty to publish and respond to comments: that a blog is, in essence, a public forum.

Mocking them is cathartic and instructive to viewers. Only ADD. If it doesn’t add, it goes in the trash. They’re scared to cite me because I have data.
Sharpens rhetoric to mock the worthy but choose carefully. Many just want attention especially if they have a card (man card is possibly the dumbest, according to the stack they gesture at, there’s no reason to listen).

There are levels to response;

1 the too-obvious get a ban

2 the insane get left up, as warning

3 the lordly get a medicinal reply (they do not appreciate the irony)

4 the ones with a few gold nuggets get a longer reply but to put off more BS along the same lines

5 the You Meanie ones are pathetic, leave them up

6 I’m offended – write your own blog, this isn’t for you. Some people will never be tall enough for this ride.

There’s nothing wrong with my writing style

Please, America.

Do your research before calling others illiterate?

And explains a meme.

Another hacker habit is a tendency to distinguish between ‘scare’ quotes and ‘speech’ quotes; that is, to use British-style single quotes for marking and reserve American-style double quotes for actual reports of speech or text included from elsewhere. Interestingly, some authorities describe this as correct general usage, but mainstream American English has gone to using double-quotes indiscriminately enough that hacker usage appears marked [and, in fact, I thought this was a personal quirk of mine until I checked with Usenet —ESR] One further permutation that is definitely not standard is a hackish tendency to do marking quotes by using apostrophes (single quotes) in pairs; that is, ’like this’. This is modelled on string and character literal syntax in some programming languages (reinforced by the fact that many character-only terminals display the apostrophe in typewriter style, as a vertical single quote).”

There seems to be a meta-rule behind these nonstandard hackerisms to the effect that precision of expression is more important than conformance to traditional rules; where the latter create ambiguity or lose information they can be discarded without a second thought. It is notable in this respect that other hackish inventions (for example, in vocabulary) also tend to carry very precise shades of meaning even when constructed to appear slangy and loose. In fact, to a hacker, the contrast between ‘loose’ form and ‘tight’ content in jargon is a substantial part of its humor!

One of these is that TEXT IN ALL CAPS IS INTERPRETED AS ‘LOUD’, and this becomes such an ingrained synesthetic reflex that a person who goes to caps-lock while in talk mode may be asked to “stop shouting, please, you’re hurting my ears!”.”

“There is a semantic difference between *emphasis like this* (which emphasizes the phrase as a whole), and *emphasis* *like* *this* (which suggests the writer speaking very slowly and distinctly, as if to a very young child or a mentally impaired person). Bracketing a word with the ‘*’ character may also indicate that the writer wishes readers to consider that an action is taking place or that a sound is being made. Examples: *bang*, *hic*, *ring*, *grin*, *kick*, *stomp*, *mumble*.”

“Hackers also mix letters and numbers more freely than in mainstream usage. In particular, it is good hackish style to write a digit sequence where you intend the reader to understand the text string that names that number in English. So, hackers prefer to write ‘1970s’ rather than ‘nineteen-seventies’ or ‘1970’s’ (the latter looks like a possessive).”

It should also be noted that hackers exhibit much less reluctance to use multiply-nested parentheses than is normal in English. Part of this is almost certainly due to influence from LISP (which uses deeply nested parentheses (like this (see?)) in its syntax a lot), but it has also been suggested that a more basic hacker trait of enjoying playing with complexity and pushing systems to their limits is in operation.”

“Perhaps in response to this, experienced netters often display a sort of conscious formal politesse in their writing that has passed out of fashion in other spoken and written media (for example, the phrase “Well said, sir!” is not uncommon).

Many introverted hackers who are next to inarticulate in person communicate with considerable fluency over the net, perhaps precisely because they can forget on an unconscious level that they are dealing with people and thus don’t feel stressed and anxious as they would face to face.”

Don’t be a Twitter bitch and correct others’ form when you don’t understand the jokes.
I’m not illiterate in my native tongue. I’m not stupid. You are.

Who was right?


I was right. I am the most right about the right things. Righteously.

“How about in light of the fact that China’s greatest enemy, the Japanese, are being antagonized by North Korea as China’s bitch?”





*From a particular angle, at dawn on Tuesdays.

Meanwhile, you can tell I’ve taken a surrealist approach to blogging. The meme factory will be pleased. I really do not care at this point and it’s either this or leave for a few years again. We’ve decided to take time off, those of us who actually do stuff (see Too Popular post for why) and I just got off a long time getting pissed on a boat in remote, still white Europe, so I can hardly sit here disapproving of the looser reins on the ideas that, LBH, are pretty much mainstream now whatever we do.

This is why I rarely bother to check up on my own predictions because they’re effectively 100%.
Nobody else around these parts can claim that.

Perhaps I should introduce ironic Aryan Abba posting about the prospect of political assassination? How every Real War starts. Where do they think we got the idea to the glowing eyes meme, actually? Have they never heard Voulez Vous? Most memes start because someone got too drunk and wailed lyrics. We all laugh. It goes in.

Every white person loves Abba, don’t lie.

Life hack: You don’t have to pay for the boat if your friend owns it. Same principle if your friend rents it to show off seafaring, signalling you always say YES to because boats are f-ing expensive.
I hate double-booking New Money though, I was invited to Prague suddenly and couldn’t go because I was already on hols. Still, it was banter. I think I’m still running off manic drunken fumes. Make the noobs walk the plank.

Whatever you think of me, you must admit my musical taste has RANGE.

I’m not a musician, but I know tunes.