Boomer bosses

I love how nobody could deny a spiteful Boomer did this, upon seeing it.

There need to be anti-Boomer signs like: Social Security has already run out.

This came close:

I’d remind those in the US&UK, especially the universities, that there’s no such thing as a legal right to retire.

Those professors might realise their pension is just a shiny IOU, can’t have that, they might question Big Brother….

Racism doesn’t exist

Unfalsifiable. Do we ever get a complete permanent list of what isn’t?

It’s real as a teapot around Mars.

I defy anyone to deny this.

It’s a kind of mass psychosis that nobody questions whether this exists and how to empirically test it.

Not to mention, if the concept of racism itself is racist, non-racism cannot exist (either).

Avenue Q was right… so there’s no response required. Literally nobody is exempt. Finally equal.

Almost like a natural state.

Race is real, it is biological and ‘racism’ means, effectively, human.

It is a false equivalence to compare the in-group preference of every race for their own (genophilia) with genocide, an incursion on others, invasion and destruction.

Meanwhile, in the “United” Kingdom

a meaningless kid without an HRH was trolled.

Congratulations, you’ve shown the trolls the exact combination to hit for the next 18 years.
If they didn’t react, nobody would’ve seen it. It’s like Markle’s banana doodle, the memes write themselves.
It’ll be interesting to see how it blacks up over the next few years, since non-white kids are always lightest as newborns.

Even if Charles is dumb enough to cave with an HRH and make the kid a royal, William will rescind it.


It’s ultimately ironic that black kid (it can’t win if it ‘identifies’ either way*) has stolen something before it can open its eyes (George’s nickname, future King). It’s already pissed off the future King.

I’d held off mocking it since it is a child and being sired of two fuck-ups will give us plenty of material to work with later. Could bring down the monarchy, actually. That kid belongs to this country, at least Harry. She can’t divorce and take it abroad.

*calls itself white? White privilege plus black people hate it. Calls itself mixed? Alienates blacks. Black? Alienates mixed. Calls itself white? Nobody will buy it, even if it’s ginger. They’re already claiming it’ll become a model. No pressure.