Video: How to ruin a meme

This bears repeating.

I misuse memes as a joke for people who know and around people I don’t like because I know they can’t pull it off but clearly they will try to imitate me because they always do and that’s exactly why I can’t stand them. Not only is this super-petty and deliciously enjoyable but in scientific terms children that is known as a counter-signal.

Let’s call it what it really is, being a massive bitch.

I started me-me.

There, I can go to my grave pure.

I’m pretty sure this is why fashion is ridiculous. A hot person won’t lose in bad clothes. A normal person needs to dress well and benefits from sane fashions. Bland clothes are worse, they are more stupid because they make your genetics far more important than ridiculous clothes. It’s like an Amish version of Bat signal.

It’s also why the left can’t meme because the left can’t dream and the left can’t scheme and the left can’t breed and it’s really a very long, tortured in-joke at this point.

Ugh, China

You could say they’re pulling out….. Credit: God save our gracious meme

I hate posting about China this much too but it isn’t my fault they keep being in the news and now good memes.

To make up for it, over to the only acceptable form of multiculturalism. BBQ recipes. I’m not joking, these ribs are the shit. The Mr Robot recipe was seriously lacking but I got the reference.

Dark soy, though. Best for marinades. Lemongrass and chives are an option and always a good one. Balsamic vinegar is expensive and superior, like Taylor Swift’s videos to Nicki MinajĀ (do not look up her surgery pictures or the news about her brother).

I promise this won’t turn into a food blog, I’m being multi-sensory and weird with the comedy. Ribs are such an ‘American thing’ now, whatever happened to hot dogs? Too German?

I refuse to believe this isn’t true

I may be bored, back from hols, avoiding actual work and feeling guilty about using one of the dodgy Elon pictures. Thing is, his face either looks happy Scout leader or crazed serial killer.
That’s not my fault.

To lighten the mood a bit from

Original from Car memes.

I could make tons of Elon memes but that would be weird, wouldn’t it?

cup head template

Shitty example an ally sent based on comment sections.

If it made Israel happy, does anyone else really count? Does anything else matter?

The strangest part of this situation? They stole the rock. It isn’t even a Muslim rock.
What is it with them and stealing other people’s inventions?

I like these vintage memes, it has a nice mellow Fallout vibe.

All we need are some black and white photographs to really highlight the dichotomy.