Hey guys, maybe we should consider….

I think I might give up this year and let them all burn fully. That or a hiatus.

When I warned last year I wasn’t playing. It’s feeling time again.

Dealing with the new morons is stressful. I think maybe let them sink?

My family situation is changed, I moved for starters and work more hours than before. I don’t know if it’s possible to dedicate time to blogging for much longer.

Don’t they know Africa is online?

And surely white people wanting to look like black people is good?

And why doesn’t this apply any other way?

And is this national?

Like, can an African-American only use AA GIFs?

Can they use proper African ones or no?


The implications of this absurdity are hilarious.

Definite best timeline.

Can’t they think of anything better to complain about?

The mistake

Who’s to blame?

Inspired by

My money is on Queen Victoria.

Feel free to steal the photos by the way.

Multiculturalism has ‘utterly failed’ – Angela Merkel, 2010.

Update: I deliberated whether to include this but, you know there’s really no such thing as multiculturalism? It’s pure idea. It is referenced like a deity you must appease. Think about it. Multiculturalism forbids anyone their identity, since individual identities would congregate to a cultural standard en masse. We can’t have that. Diversity, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. It is forcing the foxes into the chicken coop. Everyone has their identity, it is stable and unchanging. There are many different ones. They conflict sometimes. All the evils of the world in one place, many peoples. Multiculturalism allows only one culture: materialist “addicted to distraction” pop culture. It blurs and prevents expression or personal liberty, authenticity. However, humans have a legal right to their identity (race, sex, cultural heritage) so multiculturalism is impossible. There is no way to make it practical. It isn’t even a theory because a theory needs consistency. Postmodernism has no concrete theories. This plus another thing is the best it can do, there is no foresight, hindsight or deeper agency or reasoning. There is certainly no critical thinking.

What multiculturalism? Where? All we see is compulsory diversity, totally different.

Suppressing the people’s identities for a Guardian reader’s vision of “polite society” is causing most of the social unrest. It makes them feelgood, cue another revolution…

The materialism mentioned can only be supported by wide debt enslavement. The good times are over, we’re running on the fumes of fumes. This is how Empires die. The socialism rewards those who socially conform (or people without jobs couldn’t afford the goodies and they’d riot out of envy). Equal in misery, equal in poverty.

The poverty of culture is the tragic loss. We had so much and let idiots throw it away.

The most rebellious thing you could do is express your heritage.

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” Camus

Video: How to ruin a meme

This bears repeating.

I misuse memes as a joke for people who know and around people I don’t like because I know they can’t pull it off but clearly they will try to imitate me because they always do and that’s exactly why I can’t stand them. Not only is this super-petty and deliciously enjoyable but in scientific terms children that is known as a counter-signal.

Let’s call it what it really is, being a massive bitch.

I started me-me.

There, I can go to my grave pure.

I’m pretty sure this is why fashion is ridiculous. A hot person won’t lose in bad clothes. A normal person needs to dress well and benefits from sane fashions. Bland clothes are worse, they are more stupid because they make your genetics far more important than ridiculous clothes. It’s like an Amish version of Bat signal.

It’s also why the left can’t meme because the left can’t dream and the left can’t scheme and the left can’t breed and it’s really a very long, tortured in-joke at this point.