Is Satan trying to escape?

Behold the r-type, realizing they pissed off everyone they need.

This is like all the times a lefty has come out of the woodwork, after cutting me off for political reasons (smugly), to suddenly be friendly.

Guess who needs my help. Give them nothing. They can ask the boat people for help.

Isolate your enemy – people who want to destroy you. Play dumb and act useless. Their own MO confuses.

Guess what it isn’t:

And that can last a decade, prion disease 1-2 years. I said she wouldn’t retire.

Hillary’s manic spontaneous kuru laugh is a huge sign.


Merkel says we must surrender sovereignty

because it’s so unimportant.

I would remind you, the EU has no citizens. The EU has no nations and therefore no native populations from which to draw a citizenry (or army). This despotic demand is tantamount to an act of war and asking you be enslaved just because.

It isn’t getting enough play.

Like when she said years ago that multiculturalism has “utterly failed”.

Reminder: Europe is not the EU.

Europe is a piece of homeland.

The EU is a piece of paper.

Know the difference.

All this talk of the EU’s immortality is like a thousand year Reich.

We know how that worked out.

You can put an occult symbol of the Biblical whore plus a crown of stars as your “flag”, it won’t protect you from becoming a Christmas ornament. This is why you don’t shelter socialists, it’s putting out the bait for the sharks. Paying for other people’s children at the exclusion of having any yourself is genocidal.

Refer to c) and d);

See national and racial and religious there?

England, France, Germany, Italy, Christian, White. Legally protected. In their homelands.

When do we see arrests for these?

This plus Army talk and drafting in many countries…

Nobody’s calling us “stupid” for voting Leave now, are they?

The double standards are hilarious.

It all reminds me how Charlize Theron literally purchased a black baby and nobody is calling it slavery. Buying a black person to tote around like a handbag.

Present your temporary visitors with the full bill of their visit and they will leave.

None of them will pay into the system. Medical, school fees, things they took!

Merkel tries to reject democracy from a foreign country

She’s just emphasizing how foreign she is by operation.

We fought two wars with Germany, bitch. The whole world was on our side.

Do not fuck with us.

Denying a democracy the right to self-govern is literally an act of war. We never even joined the EU but the EEC.
That fact was the basis for the referendum, living citizens never had a say. Brexit was a shock because they lost all claims to legal legitimacy, right to rule, the Emperor lost his clothes with a laugh. This voids past membership too, since we never joined the European Union and outright voted not to in this century, not that they’ll admit it. We’re not allowed to call ourselves a country or a kingdom but a ‘member state’ (vassal state).

They get us to vote again, the margins will be bigger for Leave. British people come alive when we’re pissed. We had a civil war and a Reformation. We are not milquetoast liberals sitting around sipping fancy cocktails. Have you seen our weather? No sane person lives in this.

It’s a mistake of milksops to assume war is never an option. War is primarily about defending sovereignty.

I covered why they need our military aka they couldn’t fight our military, plus we’d have America on our side since it’d be a ‘war of independence’ and they wanna test out their fighter planes and piss off Putin in one fell swoop of lead.

I saw “Angela Merkel rejects-” and everyone’s first thought is OH, NOW SHE CAN.
It’s difficult to assert authority when you have none left.
They’re the same conversation, PM May is correct. They’re two halves of the same coin, Merkel just wants to promise us good stuff in future talks to screw us on them later by arguing circumstances changed. That is what the EU and Cultural Marxists in general always do – promise free resources, pig out on them at the trough then later say woops, sorry, all gone! Still friends, right?

You can’t negotiate an exit until you know what’s next. It’ll be set into the precedent for following countries. They expected us to beg them for assistance by this point. They tried to trigger panic selling and ruin our currency/economy. We’re doing better than the Euro, backed by thin air and promises of liars. They see the writing on the wall and it’s in their blood.

Merkel cannot answer certain questions about the position and aspiration of the EU without looking very bad just before an election.

Like any of us should give a shit. They keep pushing and pushing and pushing.

And after a war with Germans, come the hangings. I don’t think most Krauts would stop us,¬†funnily enough. Wouldn’t be shocked if they beat us to it. Popular politicians aren’t booed in public.

Her gold-plated pension won’t matter if she never retires. Back in the real-world, if she gets back in, it must be rigged. Supposedly Brexit was an attempt (Scottish referendum succeeded) but they miscalculated the size of Leave and didn’t put enough Remains in.

Comic: Abandon Ship!

abandon ship

According to the Guardian, this comic is somehow Nazi, anti-Semitic and racist. Somehow. They seem to be taking after their Muslim pets and wanting to kill people over a poxy cartoon.

I’m used to propaganda and I see none of that. Apparently acknowledging that different nationalities exist is now racist? And are they implying that the European Union is run by Jews, hence wishing to leave their yoke must be Nazi?

Literally the only way this makes any sense as critique.

It’s a more complex version of this one.


With immigration, we tried the Easy Way, the good times are gone

We expected the rest of the world would be as responsible with intercontinental travel as we are.

That was stupid.

Winter is a time of famine and fasting. I don’t think the fattened piggies of every colour making their way to the EU trough are going to like it much. The EU has no money, except for what its members give it.

One chain of thought suggests that Germany needs younger immigrants; the German population is growing older and the replacement babies are not there. This argument hangs on the assumption that Mohammad will be willing to work his ass off to keep Fritz in the retirement home, a very dangerous assumption. Why should he? And even if Mohammad is willing to work, can he? The vast majority of migrants have very little in the way of useful skills.

Average IQ for their country of origin.
Average crime rate.
Number of hours worked in their homeland.
No, they expect you not only to pay for them (ban them from welfare like Denmark) but also their entire families (reunification and remittance bleed out any advantage to taking them). It’s quite the opposite to what Merkel is selling the German people. Day by day she reminds me increasingly of a fat deceptive toad croaking about its poison skin and when the people want her to answer for her lies, she’ll have no family to protect her. That’s the real reason politicians are married with children.

Considering we’ve seen the link between high IQ and economic contribution, undercutting the already poor (and angry) with more unskilled labour and outright parasites isn’t going to help the State, it’s going to burden it with picking up their shortfall too.

The Hard Left encourages this opening of the floodgates, it’s the infamous Cloward-Piven strategy, they think this chaos will end with Communism. Just like Weimar Germany, right guys?¬†