Social justice is a middle-class cope

They all got so offended over the buying college places scam because it interferes with their own scam, they weren’t pearl-clutching out of genuine opposition.
If you’re buying your kid extra time with a teacher (“tutor”) out of hours then you’ve cheated and bought their way into a better grade, it’s that simple. The entire purpose behind standardised i.e. state-regulated testing was to prevent rich kids from rigging it. Schools are capped at X hours per subject because otherwise the test is an INVALID marker of merit. If School A studies in session for 20 hours compared to poorer School B with only the resources for 10 hours then duh School A will get better grades in the league tables because it’s rigged. This is based on nurture theory too but all of Social Justice ignores this because they’re pretending they aren’t anti-merit and that buying extra lessons over the state limit is ethical. It isn’t ethical, it isn’t moral, it’s overt CHEATING. The input must be the SAME for it to count as a fair ‘test’ of innate ability. I’m sick of normalised classism.
It’s also far less common for white parents to cheat like this, out of a sense of ‘fair play’ (as they designed the system), causing strange results where low-IQ nationals like Indians get far higher grades – that’s why.
Also, how is lying on your transcript, forging higher grades or paying a service to write a ‘better’ college application not fraud? Why is this one form of fraud, that a lot of future earnings rely on and changes lives, not pursued in the courts? Why can the privileged kids (fresh adults) get away with corruption at the earliest level? The system is rigged against the honest, it isn’t about being smart, it’s become about what your parents buy you.

Besides, political correctness is thoroughly capitalistic. What is PC always enables companies to betray countries, to secure cheaper labour. If the companies weren’t traitors hiring foreign tokens, would multiculturalism exist? A Project Evil would involve securing ever-higher wages for non-whites until they became unemployable.
And SJWs claim to be against The System of capitalism?
SJWs are among nature’s clowns. Mother Nature dislikes delusion.
I’m anti-colonialism, the PC term for colonialism is multiculturalism.

Even the Beige People Cultural Marxist planned “citizens of the world” aren’t happy in this system.
p.s. Seen a raft of ‘concerned’ dudebro parents to mongrel kids wondering why little Noah is showing signs of Elliot Rodger dysfunction in white societies.
Marrying into a low IQ nation and then complaining your offspring is thick is like being tall, marrying a short-arse and then openly wondering why your child isn’t as tall as you. You picked the shit genetics, it’s so available because it’s low value. It makes even less sense for recessive-gened human beings. It’s peak SJW to assume all people, men OR women, are interchangeable cogs. They’re not. I think people can confuse copycat industrialisation with the native intelligence. Some nations are heavily industrialised e.g. China, Russia, America, with absolutely shit-tier national IQs ( mid-high 90s, sub-100 if you look around at the rural/normal population). Up until recently, Korea accomplished nothing and its people lived in squalor, yet you still find weebs glamorising their ‘culture’ of conspicuous (heavily American) consumerism and debt as if skyscrapers make for intelligence. Africa is now heavily industrialised, they have skyscrapers. Their countries and people are still usually thick as pig shit. Rice-cookers are learning the same lessons as mudsharks before them: thou shalt not adulterate. It would be better to move the mixes to the low-IQ nation or else they’ll never gain an advantage in life and always be a small fish in a bigger economic (high IQ economy) pond, like the fully foreign immigrants wondering why muh Magic Dirt didn’t work. I guess they’ll ‘have to’ hire him a tutor because little Noah needs ‘extra help’ even passing…. these people cannot run a society, they cannot even tolerate this, the easiest laziest societies of decadence ever, without freely expressing antisocial behaviour and mental health problems (i.e. there is no model minority). We have a new raft of credentialed buffoons and nobody knows what to do (other than deport, peacefully). This problem won’t go away, it’ll get worse as JB Peterson predicted, with economies demanding higher IQ and making more and more vibrants utterly useless eaters. The workers will not stand to pay useless breeders from the out-group, in-group was bad enough. I doubt the mongrel types would think they’re suited for manual labour based on the parents’ delusions of First World grandeur (you must be doctor/lawyer/broker) despite their regressed to the lower couple mean then swamped with genetic load DNA suggesting this as the only viable route in Western economies. Yet nobody is talking about this. The immigrants expect to hire white chefs and cleaners one day, when IQ indicates they’re only fit to be those things. Unrest will follow. Europe never had a paved with gold become anything narrative but they’re misapplying the American Edwardian rhetoric to us. Pathological altruism fails nations.

So don’t pity the class and national traitors slipping out of the middle-class, their jobs are being replaced because they voted and lobbied it so. Naive to think collectivists would allow whites to lead them forever, rather than amassing the numbers and swarming us. They laughed when factories closed, jobs went overseas or online and they preferentially hired their own ‘exotic’ replacements over domestic native workers. Do not pity the death of the enforcers of PC, the middle-class. They’d have been guards to your re-education camp. Nothing can change until they lose social power.

They placed a cheap nanny over the fate of the country, they deserve to fail and their social mobility ought to go down. The Lord is just.

Degeneracy advocates aren’t trad

Rise of the fake K politicians, as predicted.
He sounds like the typical Sexual Revolutionary. All we need is another hippy claiming to be a patriot.

  • Wants to turn a Christian marriage into a 50 shades bullshit fest. Christians aren’t supposed to have non-reproductive sex, including Mormons. Having sex for pleasure is Bacchanalian worship. The Mormon married into his religion, he knew what to expect in bed (not a whore).
  • Didn’t think pedophilia erotica was a good reason to break up with a guy? Blamed the woman for this, somehow?
  • ..What about the incest and rape stories, then?
    (Pedophilia and incest fetishes, like rape ones, ALWAYS escalate. Forensic data exists.)
  • Encouraged a virgin to hire a hooker instead of marry the way a traditional man would’ve done,
  • also shamed him for being a virgin implicitly. Better a virgin than a skank. Virgins should be proud, nowadays. Sex is easy to come by.
  • -sky? We sure he’s actually white? Smells of plant. Too neat they’d find so much on him.
  • He claimed to be a polymath but I see no evidence of more than middling intellect. He’s glib so that verbal fluidity tricks normies. If a person is bragging, in their mid-twenties no less, about being a polymath, they’re not. So, narcissist. A polymath has a track record of developments, usually post-mortem. He doesn’t even qualify as genius, from what I can tell he has added nothing to the world. Genius isn’t an IQ, or only one, it’s about contributions.
  • From what I can tell, he may have married to break into politics, but has no kids so should any man listen to his advice on women, family matters or demographics?
  • “Mr Sabisky said the benefits of modafinil for all ‘are probably worth a dead kid once a year.'” – psychopath?

It doesn’t even work like that, he sounds like either a manosphere twit who believes everything he reads without looking for opposing data OR he’s a plant intended to look like one, which is more likely. I find it more than a coincidence they can now dismiss the IQ data of decades out-of-hand based on his hatred of literal traditional marriage, monogamy and K-select sexual habits. Slut is not the norm and degeneracy must be shamed.

And strongly discouraged on all fronts. You know, as a vice? As sin?
“In the two years since he first emailed the ResearchEd conference organisers to ask for a speaking slot, he has undertaken postgraduate study in educational psychology and become a “forecaster”.” Education people are always low IQ in a lower-IQ pond.

Education majors are also among the lowest IQ in an American study I linked back ages ago.

Everyone knows those are cake courses. A mere genius would never do Education Anything by choice, let alone postgrad. The reality aversion is STRONG. Would flunk Cappy’s Worthless test HARD.

  • “When a cohort of first-year undergraduate students at the University of Austin, Texas, signed up they were, in Sabisky’s words, “dreadful!”” Slagging off white conservatives, and our ALLIES no less, I sense leftypol in him. And aren’t Texans home-schooled too?
  • “Yes! It’s disastrous! It shows itself in funding allocation. It is an absolute scandal that education, especially FE, has been cut while doctors get pay rises. This is democratic fraud! We live in a gerontocracy. And where do you turn to get that voice heard?” While technically true, no conservative thinks the lefty education complex should get MORE money for inferior results.
  • “His father is the finance director of Unite, the trade union.” Socialist plant.
  • “he was mostly home-educated by his mother (punctuated only by two spells at private schools)” home-educated can have patchy education and low IQ, depends on the mother, why not hire out since the Dad was loaded? No reason not to.
  • “Given his views, then, would he think it acceptable for children with a low IQ to be educated by low IQ parents? “The benefits and productivity of a class size of one or two means mean it’s still worth it,” he shrugs.” Solid middle-class idiot. Does not understand his prior copypasta about IQ heritability and the vital fact of ‘schooling’ having a teacher smarter than the child, to be actually teaching. Standard Education major parrot lefty wanker.
  • “From a societal perspective the benefits of giving everyone modafinil once a week” – moron, he just shilled for Big Pharma after complaining the health sector gets too much money. Hypocrite or idiot. Why not both?
  • “But you have to separate yourself from what you feel and from what are the facts of the matter,” he says.” LOL Catholic countries have lower IQ than Protestant though. Also, r-select breeding is degenerate. Too many kids necessitates lower investment, the West passed through demographic transition to become culturally superior, it wasn’t an accident. You can’t act like Italy and balk at like culture.
  • “I also want people to know that demography is not destiny. Social background is not even as important as people think it is.”

Meritocratic opportunities are hard to come by if your dad isn’t in finance, actually. Genetics be damned.

I see no delineation for polymath. Polymaths would also know the IQ strata issues in society e.g.


YOU have to live with this.

He has no idea how far ahead he started. That’s the trouble with these guys. They think everyone is in the same place when the starting gun is fired. When was the last time Downing St hired a smart working class bloke in his 20s? Or….ever? Let alone under-class. High IQ under-class do exist. Everyone ignores them.

He’s a silver spoon railing against classism, how ironic. Just a leftypol socialist larping as Christian trad. I sense equalism in him when he said about helping Da Children.

Nature or Nurture: pick ONE. No room for edgy leftypol here.

Typical brat propped up by his parents and told he was smarter than he really is on that basis (Middle Class fallacy), they never amount to much in the long-run. His delusions of superiority will smack into reality (I’ve seen it with that type) once he has to be his own man and actually do things without the parentals. Social mobility works down for this type, simple regression to the mean. He lacks basic ideological consistency of a K e.g. yay degeneracy on private posts versus the public virtue signalling about Go to Mass.

Verdict: disgust. This is not the representation we are looking for.

Nowhere to run

Excellent, I knew the Guardian would have to go over classism eventually.

Let’s see if you really want the diversity when your kid’s being punched in the gut.

Look no further than Diane Abbot’s kid. The Left MPs are the worst for this.

Admittance should be based on IQ, not sex, not age, not religion. IQ is the academic metric, that’s the purpose of teaching different levels of information – to adjust to their probable IQ, not their age.

Age is a weak proxy.

Allow MOOCs for most basic credits, including the political stuff (no presence required), allow summer credits for smart kids to get ahead, let the kids leave at 14 for work if they want. Let them leave as early as they qualify to.

Put cheating parents and transcript frauds up on criminal charges, it’s worse than lying on a CV because it deprives a more deserving child at a critical window of time and a meritocracy is meant to be about deserving. Also, fix child nutrition, no more omega 6 heavy brain fog diets then wondering why the state school kids are slow and shrunken.

The middle-class are oppressing their fellow whites by escaping the diverse enrichment with their own kids, it’s apartheid education, exactly. Whoever gave you that term deserves a medal, and a parade. And a lifetime supply of good chocolate. A+++ doubleplusgood meme magic.

For thee, but not for me. This isn’t cricket, bitches.

If they care so much, home school.

Unless they’re lazy, which we know they are. Both parents want to avoid their spawn to go to work. The middle class fallacy – they think if they throw money at a problem, they can fix it. If their child is stupid, because it’s the average of the parents, they throw money in ‘tutoring’ – that’s cheating, legally they’re meant to get exactly equal lessons to take the same bloody tests, that’s the only way it functions AS a test, so that’s next on my hit-list. Inaccuracies in testing validity caused by cribbing from prior exam papers.

You cannot undermine the entire purpose of the fair test by giving some test-takers the equivalent of performance-enhancing extra booster lessons.

Stop grading on a curve, it punishes the child for the actions of the other children, making it technically cruel (life-altering) and unusual punishment, it’s witch trial logic, they are NOT magically responsible for the whole class, it is used by teachers to hide their inadaquacies – individual test taker, individual grade.

As for ‘getting rid of selection’ that makes no sense except at a Uni level.

Where it counts. Not based on race or sex or anything but IQ.

We all know UCAS is rigged to whoever can get little Tarquin into the most extracurriculars.

Why are Unis allowed to accept based on class-privileged behaviours like foreign travel? That has nothing to do with the child’s intellectual ability, does it? The middle-class is anti-merit and pro-classism, so let’s tear down the barriers to their white majority enclaves and see how they like it.

My fellow white.

Most Guardian readers are in that category. That’s a nice petard you have there.

See, they rely on us being loyal mindless workers for them when they are openly disloyal and contemptuous to us.

If open borders are so great, let’s use the teachers to “open the borders” of education.

We iz raisin awareness, like. Racial awareness, right. As long as they can watch the mob crush us underfoot from their safe spaces, they’ll keep voting for our mutual destruction. We’re helping them.

They’re such snobs, though. They act like poor people can’t read.

“Low information voters” is a dog whistle, it is anti-white.

The TV is almost entirely middle-class, that’s why it’s patronizing bullshit. They value cheap nannies over your life, do not pity them.

You have to work up the pyramid of class to get political traction. The working class know who’s screwing them, now it’s the middle’s turn to learn who really owns the whip hand and has no fear of using it against them.

Stage 2: piss off the middle. Been planning this shit for years, tis good shit.

No country for goodwhites. No such thing as a good white person, to the people they call allies.

Your interests are not safe. I won’t let them be. The beauty of this plan is that it would happen anyway and once set up, you just let them naturally escalate based on the cracked facade of their cheerleader effect. Set it and forget it.

All we needed was to plant a meme. Sow a seed. Throw them an apple of discord. European history has all the answers we need. Let the genetic conflicts flow through you. Diversity + Proximity = PC

We have had to be Jews about this for quite some time, with fine results.

At this point, it’s hilarious to see who’s jewing who quite seriously. Their lack of homogeneity was always their fatal weakness. Divide and conquer, as it would always be applied eventually, force them to see it NOW.

Defund middle hobbies from (((theatre))) to abstract tat, go after their (((schools))) and ‘job opportunities’ with foreign visas. Expose the domestic slavery of paying illegals less than the socialist approved minimum wage. Go after IT for tax evasion, pay the Beast. It’s about time the working class fucked them back for a change, innit?

After all, Shakespeare is racist.

It works because it’s so trivial.

We must replace your cultural heritage of white supremacy privilege kek. I shall not rest until every white academic is replaced by a proud lesbian of colour. Let’s see if you care about anti-white crime when little Noah gets acid attacked at his new, re-educated state school of Benetton colours.

White culture must be defunded, deplatformed and your statues torn down. You’re not proud, are you?

…Are you?

If they won’t let Muslim taxi drivers take their children to school, they’re not very PC, are they? Who cares about your safety, Tarquin? Eat your halal meal and be quiet.

They are supremely cold people. You must understand them. They betray their people, they “identify” with white culture. This is why they laugh at Rotherham rapes but get offended if you try to cancel a play.

The Left has to move faster because we’re forcing their hand, while demographics are still mildly on our side.

The truth is, the vibrants have no loyalty. They are not your foot soldiers. We can easily move them but until recently, we assumed group loyalty. If you can blame our little girls for being raped, we can let the enrichment fuck all of you too.

Voila! More progress now in the past five than in the prior fifty years.

What a coincidence.

They’ve been telling (gaslighting) the working class for centuries that if an ((immigrant)) happens to be more capable than they are, they should be replaced.

It’s amazing how you all think I do nothing but stuff I want to happen magically does?

Keep hanging your useless faggy banners over motorways, arseholes.

Link: Assortative mating and class

Hardly any social mobility. No hypogamy. No hypergamy (the small-scale sociology theory seems to be wrong over many generations when you look at the genetics). I wasn’t expecting that. It shows psychology has its limits too, when they’re looking in the wrong place (teachers) and asking the wrong questions (how valuable is an education?).

What we see is clearly an argument for sexually selective Leagues. (Bear in mind, it would count MMV as well as SMV). It seems to be mostly genes.

The idea that this transmission of status over time has been as Clark found it squares well with another facet I discuss frequently on this blog: the fact that parenting doesn’t have much of a lasting effect on children’s outcomes.

Although parenting can let the team down if it’s atrocious (i.e. modern) and without instinct. But it seems later generations might have hope of regaining lost ground. Presumably there’s regression to mean in parenting quality, and since most people are totally forgotten by the 4th generation it’s no wonder we see no effect.

The interesting thing is that even the people who take me seriously on this point still believe that there’s something their efforts can do, beyond keeping their children fed, clothed, clean, and cognizant of the basic ways of the world. Steven Sailer frequently suggests that the outcome of poorer children, especially those of color (mostly Hispanics) would improve if they had fewer of them, and hence could afford to invest more in each, despite the fact that this doesn’t hold up in adoption studies.

It’s an oxytocin-based instinct, but it only seems that the majority of the affectionate instinct actually needs to be applied to the spouse (in both directions) to maintain the stability for the children. Another reason divorced parents are awful. Also, I wonder whether this would change the minds of any cuckolds saying they ‘don’t mind’ if a child isn’t theirs, as long as they raise them? This applies to women raising the children of former wives too.

This study found that “cultural transmission” (i.e., from parents) couldn’t explain the pattern seen in children (indeed, the parent-child correlation was negative once you removed heredity). The non-parental environment explained the variance, suggesting that other influences, such as peers, likely explain the results.

Why else do you think mothers care so much about who their child has for friends?
It can predict crime, drug use and all sorts (peer pressure).

This issue squares the matter with Gregory Clark’s results. That is, when you consider other facets, education per se doesn’t seem to mean much in the end. Apparently, you can’t teach moxie. This is revealed by the fact that every trait “going in” that shapes a person (and should be relevant to educational attainment) reliably shows absolutely no shared environment impact.

The Middle Class fallacy. Grit and resilience come into it too (the upper class have it, the middle class despise it).
You could put little Tarquin in the best school to ever exist, it won’t make him a genius.

…including one’s work preferences and interests, the presence or absence of mental disorders, and including the features of a person we think of as “character.” Parents leave no lasting effect on any of it, aside from what they bequeath to their children genetically….

The upper class try to teach their children life skills like grit too.
The middle class assumes it will just happen. Guess who wins.
We’ve all heard comparisons of our character or habits to deceased family members, right?
I would like to see hobbies compared genetically because birth order and sibling rivalry supposedly make children opt into different ones despite genetic similarity.

Who you choose to have children with is the most important decision of your entire life. No pressure. 

Indeed, when we consider the effect of measurement error (adding it to the heritability estimate and to the somewhat nonsensical negative gene-environment correlation values), the heritability of political attitudes and social values skyrockets, being upwards of 85% (74%) for views towards pornography in women (men). The heritability of overall political orientation, when accounting for measurement error, teeters on 100%!

Liberals and conservatives will be battling for a long time to come.

Bodes well for r/K.
I think this is why K-types seem so betrayed when divorced. Total speculation. I’m sure a lot of spouses cheated on would like to stone the 3rd party responsible. Religion is a good excuse to kill the competition.

(Hence the “shared environment” ≠ “all environment.”)

That needs to be made clear for the all  would-be sociologists.

But that’s all OK, yes? The whole point of education is to “shape” the raw individual beyond his/her genetic predilection, right? Wrong.

Education cannot change potential, it can only improve performance up to the ceiling OF potential, how many times do I have to say this?

The problem is that everything that comes out, the adultout comes, shows a shared environment impact that is also zero.

If your parents were screw-ups and couldn’t hold a marriage together, you’ll probably be a screw-up too. It’s the circle of life.

OK, so you might be willing to accept that you can’t shape your child’s personality or values. You can’t control his major life outcomes. You can’t even control how much money he will go on to earn. But surely you can do something useful, like leave your children a lifetime of happiness, right? After all, I believe, and advise, that a parent’s key duty, after ensuring that their children grow up healthy and safe, is to ensure that each has a happy childhood. Surely that must count for something, too,? It does, in the form of fond memories of childhood.

This is so brutal. So redpill.
The lesson is choose your spouse wisely and once you’ve got them, stick with them. You can’t choose your own genetic profile, but you can damn well choose theirs! (This is why women are so selective).

One’s lifetime of happiness boils down to genes and to the fickleness of luck.

yes lestat dancing happy cheery morbid black comedy

I’m one of the lucky people who can be contented in a shed.
It’s like when I was told Follow your Dreams and the money will follow! I was always like ‘but if you are happy, why do you still need the money to justify your decision?’, that art teacher did not like me, not one bit. School really is a prison but that’s news to nobody, frankly. You’re there to do a thing (pass grades) and finally they grant your release. Might as well game the system and learn other, more useful things with their resources while you’re there.

He will be who he will be. It’s only my job to help him get there, and pass on the legacies of all those who came before him. I did all I could do: I married well. Beyond that it’s in the hands of “fate”.

That’s the healthy parental attitude, not the Trophy Child, as I call them, where they need something to brag about like it’s a prize-winning pet or the Dead Dreams Model where the child is pressured to do what the parent wishes they had (a whole career, not little stuff).

The vagaries of the circumstances no doubt imbued good fortune on some and dashed the success of many others.

Whether your society (born into) was just and meritocratic, I’d wager.

But through it all, the thing that is at the root of continuity – DNA – remained the active ingredient to propagate lineages in their respective places through out the ages.
It is as it was said in the Richard Donner Superman films: “The son becomes the father, and father becomes the son.

Superman quotes now? Epic.

Math standards fall to new low in the West

There’s a ruckus in the UK as the most recent school-finishing exam (GCSE) in Maths had a question idiotic teens are petitioning about for being too difficult. I am not joking. Outrage.

oh come on my god why NO kill me now

Here’s the PETITION:

The C2 exam was just hard for no reason. You can’t just set questions so hard and still expect people to pass with good grades or don’t Edexcel know we want to make it into Uni.

I just want to ask the people who set the quetions for this exam, if this is how hard exam questions were when they were in College then i dont think they will be where they are right now.

You need to pity us students who have been revising all year just for Edexcel to set some bullshit exam. The fact that people are signing my petition just proves how difficult it was.

don draper crying baby wah wah wah

When I was at school, this was the material we studied at 11-12 years old, and we were average to bright level, and the GCSE is intended for 16 year olds to sit. They shouldn’t be allowed to sit the tests in the first place, can we please bring in IQ now to qualify??? Reminds me of –


Can’t do quadratics or fill in n in the example to test it? [good practice] Thank a teacher.
This is quantifiable evidence of the decline.

crying weeping sobbing belle disney

Worst of all? This was apparently near the end (harder) of the Higher Tier (hardest) paper.

Lestat laughter lol lmao haha IWTV film

And n=10.

toasting raising glass cheers leonardo da vinci congrats well done demons

p.s. I am reliably informed the next section of the question asked to solve for n, so my brain just skipped over the first section of the question when I initially solved it in about two minutes, triple-checked in my head. That easy. I am not even good at maths.
I’ll just leave this here without comment:

When liberals speak of ‘privilege’, they are trying to obscure issues of class

– because they themselves, are often middle class and part of the problem.

A poor white male in a trailer park isn’t better off than a middle class Chinese girl.

ugh why no please stop god kill me now rdj tony stark

Slapping on a different label is like trying to put an Apple sticker on your Microsoft laptop.

This relates somewhat to what I dubbed the Middle Class Fallacy, namely that money (educayshun!) can overcome genetic differences. How much funding did they plough into Head Start and ghetto schools? And how many smart (but poor and often white) kids have gone unfunded for being the wrong class/race?

middle class privilege

Middle classes get a taste of their medicine on schools

“Parents in traditionally well-paid careers such as accountancy, law, finance and academia are now less likely to afford an independent education than plumbers were in the early 90s, it emerged.

In a report, it was claimed that the rise in school fees had outstripped wages by such an extent that private schools were increasingly becoming the preserve of super-rich foreigners.”

picture it: “Those foreigners! Coming over here! Stealing our school places!”

These same people voted in Labour.
They don’t deserve our sympathy.

“The action is needed to help schools shake off their image as “bastions of privilege”, it was claimed.”

RACIST! ~ what they called me years ago when I pointed out immmigration hurts poor white children the worst. So nice of you to have joined us Champagne Socialists!

“They also pointed to figures showing that the UK’s private schools were among the best in the world.”

Not for long.

““The average doctor, accountant or professional is not the typical private-school parent – at least, not any longer.”

Congratulations, you’ve been successfully race-replaced.
Please line your brat up for the state school where they’ll receive a free beating and optional gang stabbing.

“The study suggested that spending on teachers’ pay combined with investment in expensive buildings and equipment may have driven some of the rise.”

Unions. Why base salary on performance? That doesn’t make any sense!

Silver lining: If I may be so bold as to quote myself;

The Middle Class fallacy: extraordinary people come from ordinary circumstances.
If only Jr. went to the right school, and studied the right degree, he’d be a genius!

Money doesn’t buy creativity or genius.

Science says: Intelligent people contribute more to the economy

No shit, study here.

It doesn't take a genius to notice

The Middle Class fallacy: extraordinary people come from ordinary circumstances.
If only Jr. went to the right school, and studied the right degree, he’d be a genius!

Money doesn’t buy creativity or genius.