Chicom coincidence

They need to depopulate because they can’t feed their population.

Mao with microbes.

Viruses take the elderly, how convenient for their pension schemes.

Could sure use some Christianity right about now. Tis a pity.

No mo white saviour. And all the biomed companies they need are based in…

I may be a bitch but I’m not a crazy bitch. Crazy like a fox.

General intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, leadership

Emphasizing the importance of cross-border effectiveness in the contemporary globalized world, we propose that cultural intelligence—the leadership capability to manage effectively in culturally diverse settings—is a critical leadership competency for those with cross-border responsibilities. We tested this hypothesis with multisource data, including multiple intelligences, in a sample of 126 Swiss military officers with both domestic and cross-border leadership responsibilities. Results supported our predictions:

(1) general intelligence predicted both domestic and cross-border leadership effectiveness;

(2) emotional intelligence was a stronger predictor of domestic leadership effectiveness, and

(3) cultural intelligence was a stronger predictor of cross-border leadership effectiveness. Overall, results show the value of cultural intelligence as a critical leadership competency in today’s globalized world.

EI and EQ, so girly, right? What bullshit.

Smarter people are still smart once they leave their magic dirt, really?

Be careful of worshipping “war heroes”

some of them are monsters

Informally I can tell you, a lot of veteran suicides… are rape victims.

They feel nobody would believe them (rank) or coming forward would dishonor the military.

Some are homeless because they don’t feel safe in a house. Outdoors they feel like they can run away. Usually restraints and “hazing” is involved.

Imagine being deathly afraid of chairs and brooms and never being able to explain why.

[Tipped-over chairs in particular.]

The MRAs will never talk about this. If they can’t blame women, they don’t care. They have no empathy for their fellow man, it’s selfish bitching about how society used to have standards and overlooking real ongoing evil that enables these atrocities to continue.

They mocked MeToo, even as men came forward.

Because men are just sex toys to be used, right? They should be grateful they weren’t respected? They must have been ‘asking for it’?

And you wonder why more men don’t come forward.

In the military, in particular, all their friends are part of that system.

Suddenly that gun looks pretty friendly.

Racking up

Debt and ammo. This is no mere coincidence.

I’ve been checking up on my old predictions. Today, military engagements!
I shocked a few sleepy people by mentioning the EU collapse war game by Germany.

Why does any army fight? It’s obvious what they’d want.
Their money back.
Please note the source is themselves, Sauce Police.

I think we can trust it?

Given the coming EU army, considering the Germans as a solo act is a rookie mistake.

Sweden is arming up.
“the security environment in Europe and in Sweden’s vicinity has deteriorated and the all-volunteer recruitment hasn’t provided the Armed Forces with enough trained personnel. The re-activating of the conscription is needed for military readiness”
I like to think it’s a social experiment in rape control. #Guns4Girls
I wonder why they can’t find enough people to fight for them willingly.

Meanwhile, we’re lemmings.
“As part of their Brexit discussions, London and Brussels have to decide whether to go ahead with that six-month rotation, which could see British troops deployed on the orders of EU leaders.”

We’re still a top military power alongside Russia, which is nice.
So we must be doing something right. This is the true reason the EU hates to see us go.

Deal with it.

After the US of A.

Not. Bad.

And boy, did this turn out to be prescient.
Even the stuff about Damon.

I told you this before Brexit, gimme a medal.

Obama got one.

I have an idea for the EU Army theme song!

Why isn’t the flag a rainbow, you bigots?

Military gay rape initiation/hazing

The Royal Commission will hear that most of the abuse was perpetrated by older recruits as part of an informal hierarchy in which older recruits physically and sexually abused more junior recruits as part of ritualised practices of ‘bastardization’ that were designed to ‘break in’ and humiliate new entrants to the navy,” an attorney on the inquiry, Angus Stewart, said in a statement, according to AFP.

“The survivors will give evidence that they were subjected to serious forms of sexual abuse, including fondling of the genitals, masturbation, oral sex, and anal penetration by a penis or other object.”

Rape is always sick and evil.

No exceptions.

Women, men, girls, boys.



Why women shouldn’t be drafted [Link]

You can’t have it both ways, and I address both parties who contend this.

To the feminists, if you believe the sexes are physically equal, you should be drafted. Not other women, which is cowardly dodging, just you personally. If you think it should be All Women On Principle excepting your Special Snowflake self: Your likely-subconscious attempt to get the social competition killed off doesn’t fool anyone.

To the male supremacists (new MGTOW mainly), who say that their precisely evolved differences make them generally superior in all features (does not happen in biology, as opposed to function-specialized and different), that’s exactly why women aren’t drafted. We didn’t evolve like you did, we evolved for childrearing. As new fathers experience a short-term testosterone drop, women have this comparative docility sustained and innate, to keep the children alive.

Both groups need to stick to their mouthed principles.

Either individual women are dense enough to think a lithe 5’5″ actress can beat up 5 Marines in unarmed combat, in which case they’d make great cannon fodder. You Go Girl!

OR the men, who may grow their physique into that Marine model (whereas women are fixed, they’re just lazy), will accept that their physical advantages come at the cost of a conditional duty. Don’t like it? Move to another country, Pajama Boy.

Footnote: Military support roles are fine in my book. There are fine women in the military but generally they operate best in these, otherwise you get the men watching her back instead of anything else and when they’re taken prisoner the torture takes the form of gang rape. More, more severe injuries, including war trauma, suggest the psychological response to stress differs too. Women are used to getting hormonal to deal with it.

Another link of interest.

“Women, you aren’t of equal value if you can’t do all the things that men do.” These words seem to be echoing in the ears of many American women. Some, including Amber Smith, have taken them to their logical conclusion—namely that, if equality frees women to do everything that men can do, it also obligates women to do everything that men must do. Therefore, women are not truly equal, Smith argues, until they are equally conscriptable into military service and equally at risk, should they meet the combat standards, of dying on the battlefield.”

Some women are so jealous of others, they’ll happily send you to die painfully on a battlefield so they can slut around with your husbands while you’re gone.

By that logic, we should urinate standing up. Because everything men do is innately superior.