But Milo wanted to be an e-celeb


And he infiltrated the Alt Right to go on and claim he was its spokesman.

He claimed to speak for it after initially claiming only to cover it.

Why? He could smell some coin to be made, obviously. Same with Peterson, but in his case it’s mostly harmless. That guy wants to profit off the scientism bro crowd who don’t understand his patronizing, facile explanations and retire.

The people fueling it weren’t actually Alt Right for the most part, otherwise they wouldn’t try and rebrand and pull it in a gazillion different directions, including the KKK wannabes. I knew he’d get ‘leaked’ accidentally on purpose at some point, you trusted him goys. Most of you aren’t even on your own side, you don’t even know what that is, you’re too busy trying to shout down the original people who got shit done and noped out a while ago.

You’ve accomplished diddly squat for over a year. Feel shame.

I predicted he was the tip (pun intended) of a longer, harder, colder iceberg. Berg. Berg.

Anyone who hates Mozart…. mustn’t think highly of white people who aren’t Mozarts.

Milo rebrands

This reminds me of a Rihanna video.

It thinks it’s sexier than it is.

I think this gave me AIDs.

If he wants to recruit 14 year-old boys, this poseur stance might impress them.

Why is this so funny to me?
Like, no, you’re not cool people.
This video doesn’t come with a free HIV test but it should.

The alt lite lost credibility with the degeneracy and smears of its members. The intellectual dishonesty couldn’t fly while pointing it out about others. I think the slimey branding route is a bad move, he’d have been better off doing a News Show in the style of Wonder Showzen. He’d be perfect for it, he loves attention.

Milo crashes and burns himself

I was away. Still sort of away but I have a few posts stored.

I come back to such an odd turn of events, every time, don’t I?
There I was, travelling parts of Europe only to return to… this.


I could revise earlier predictions I made along these lines but you know where the search box is.
Is it terrible that I vaguely respect the fact he managed to troll himself?


“But then a recording emerged of Yiannopoulos cheerfully defending relationships between older men and younger boys, and finally it turned out that free speech had limits.”

The internet will ask: a Jewish thing or a gay thing?
I have often noted the paedophilia of ‘twink’ culture and basically every Jewish man you meet is at least bisexual. Never met a single exception.
It’s bizarre but I actually feel sorry for him. I think it’s the topic and his own doubtless truthful history. He wouldn’t lie about something like that. Women can tell.
Quite a waste to the cause of free speech, it’s easy for the media to twist things, as he has done himself.
Podcasts are a stupid idea, you’re doing your enemies’ job of recording yourself at leisure, it’s like filming yourself when drunk. I’ve been invited onto my fair share of podcasts thanks to this blog and always refused, the cult of celebrity is basically a trap-door if you strike a false tone.

“Understanding Yiannopoulos requires a version of Occam’s Razor: the most obvious answer is the correct one. What does he actually believe in? Nothing except his own brand and the monetisable notoriety that fuels it. That’s Milo’s Razor. Understanding how he got this far is more unnerving.”

I think the Gamergate luck ran out, he’s better off avoiding PR until this dies down and planning a comeback on something a little different. While I do think he’s a gross opportunist, I don’t necessarily disapprove of him for that per se. I have a distaste for the way he’s brandished about certain private details and those of others. As you can tell I am fastidious about my own privacy and those of similar stripe.
I wonder who doxed him. Someone must have passed this along. There are many possible candidates. I’d bet someone like Cernovich, to get the stage all to himself and his gorilla impression. It wouldn’t shock me if Juice Bro was the saboteur of the saboteurs. He fits the profile, needing money and acclaim, to a tee. Such people will stab their closest allies in the back first, knowing the threat is greatest there. He has the same reputation as Milo (see below) but he’s managed to keep it hidden, making him the greater threat of the two.
He wouldn’t have got away with his glibness this long if he weren’t a race-mixing Jewish homo, they don’t mention that. I hope this suitably humbles Milo and he comes back stronger for it. A better journalist and brain, with stronger ethics he keep pumping down our throats about.

‘In a vicious email, Yiannopoulos threatened to ruin her career and called her “a common prostitute”.’

Somehow I doubt it.

‘Many profile-writers have noted that his critics won’t speak on the record for fear of vendettas. Iain Martin, the Telegraph’s former comment editor, remembered “talk of him being someone who should not be crossed” and was shocked by the cruelty of his mob-like followers, which included rape threats and doxing.’

joker DC smile smirk evil grin lol haha

Hmmm. Careful who you threaten. Eventually he’ll smack someone in the biker bar who’s actually bigger than he is, they just didn’t look it.

“Young, handsome, charismatic and eloquent – the writer Laurie Penny called him “a charming devil and one of the worst people I know”

no Elon tho

““I didn’t like me very much and so I created this comedy character. And now they’ve converged.” Whenever he gets into trouble, he blames the character. On Monday, he attributed his justification of child abuse to his “usual blend of British sarcasm, provocation and gallows humour”. Last year, he flippantly told Bloomberg Business Week: “I’m totally autistic or sociopathic. I guess I’m both.””

NPD, raging. Anonymous Conservative should do a profile.
Sociopaths don’t claim any of the traits and autistics are trying to be helpful, they don’t wield sarcasm like a straight razor (so no, I’m not one either).

“The Southern Poverty Law Center calls him “the person who propelled the alt-right movement into the mainstream”.”

Do not want.


“Most people who are no-platformed or shamed on Twitter didn’t set out to inspire outrage, but outrage is Yiannopoulos’s lifeblood; without it, he is nothing.”

The projection is exquisite. I was actually sent this by an actor friend. They act in interviews too. Many aren’t political at all.
I’ve changed my mind again (woman’s prerogative and all that), I think we can use this to recapture him under our terms.
Stringent limits, discuss this, this and this but not that.
Everyone would win, since he is willing and able to debate on MSM TV.

“Penny wrote that she wouldn’t debate him in public, “because I know I’ll lose, because I care and he doesn’t – and that means he has already won”. If he is indeed a supervillain, then he’s Ben Kingsley’s character in Iron Man 3: a shallow, amoral actor who plays the bad guy for money.”

“How was this smirking void ever taken seriously? He had enablers… and every TV producer who booked him to say something outrageous while batting his eyelashes like Princess Diana.”

They ignore the public’s purpose with Trump, Milo et al. Professional provocateurs.
I disagree with what you say, but I’ll defend your right to say it. Classic liberalism.
But you know it isn’t a proper leftie triggerfest until Owen Jones wades in, looking about twelve.
I had to cancel my theatrical plans to catch up on all of this. It was too juicy to wait. C’est la vie.

My mates had a good cackle about this inevitability. It’s like he was trying to be a Nazi cosplayer fag (a totally different but faggier fag in the tradition of South Park) but also fighting them too, so when playing both sides eventually came back to bitch-slap him it’s like, stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself.


your integrity isn’t high enough for this horsey ride
lurk moar, learn something

normie bitches with their South Park tier troll shit and ‘evil vagina’ Milo rags, meanwhile those of us with taste prefer a little xenosystems empire-building and Wonder Showzen






For those unfamiliar…

I want one smooth jazz solo about being fabulous and fashy.

The Guardian would need to run a 24hr helpline to deal with the triggering.

Video: Milo finally shanks Whitey in the back

Is he still your token fag, redditfags?


“give up goyim”
“winning is mean”

What we told you he’d do all along.

Don’t listen to science saying these people are different, listen to ‘reason’.
Appreciate that we’re all equal…. citation needed.
Don’t self-determine because that isn’t a human right.
Let the SJWs keep dictating social policy because I’m whore-positive.
Let us degenerate your culture because you shouldn’t care. You shouldn’t care!
Let me cuck for you, straight white man, and speak for you and control the narrative of identity politics for the right.
You can trust me, Christian White people.
Ignore all HBD and proof of social harm by antisocial behaviours. Nothing is wrong. Don’t get angry.

He isn’t a cuck really at this point, he’s a mole and a saboteur you allowed to burrow deep into your…. movement.

I said he’d turn on men eventually.
This sounds straight out of the social justice handbook.

let’s have a conversation, you need to listen (and obey), let me lovebomb you and flatter you into apathy, we are never a threat despite opposing everything you literally are

White people not hating one another is their biggest fear.
Because white people actually accomplish things when they aren’t punching their neighbours (male, female).

‘Give up Europe to my future boyfriends’.
We don’t need women, well, you do, but I won’t ever reproduce so I can afford to shun them.
I don’t care for the future of the West because I don’t even have the foresight to wear condoms and I’m neither fully Western nor will I live to see that shit.

“What do you want, a fucking parade?” taken too far, this is the homosexual event horizon.

Note the shame on you tone.
He has no moral authority to judge anyone. If they want a strong nation, a non-terrorist West they need strong men, which includes not fucking around like a dog and being worthy of respect.

It’s been taken too far, you need to stop – controlled opposition says what?
That’s literally what the SJWs have been saying. Appeal to moderation.

I’ll believe all people are equal when they behave like it.

That nurture I heard so much about.

A lot of times when SJWs say bigotry, they mean integrity. White people aren’t allowed a culture or any heritage, unlike everyone else, according to him. You can tell he really wants to use the B-word, when he’s full-on anti-white and revealed his true colours, finally.

Milo gets back to real journalism

and it’s good. It is really, really good.

“You’re history” say the losers.

angel cary grant harp playing happy

They’re human projectors. It’s extraordinary. That’s why the enemy happens to be everyone (who disagrees and causes them to stop and think) and no one they can point to (Patriarchy).

‘Hollywood McCarthyism’. I like that guy.

definition “It also means “the practice of making unfair allegations or using unfair investigative techniques, especially in order to restrict dissent or political criticism“.

It’s one rung up from Cultural Marxism.

Name the beast. Monster mobbing, SJWs Always Lie, thought-terminating cliches e.g. Literally Hitler.


I’m getting a lot of use of this GIF. Americans are waking up and they’re sick of false divisions, there are already enough real ones. The rabble-rousing is a distraction, as I pointed out beforehand.

“Political Correctness is a disease”

Yep, I officially approve. He’s woke AF dudes.
References black genocide.

The hamster spinning could power a large city

Speak of unity, they mean obedience.
I love how the weedy white male feminist tries to call the black guy racist.

More Trump supporters would all go to demos and make a public nuisance but they have work.

Meanwhile, transparency on crime triggers people who prefer the cover-up of rape culture.


A weekly list of crimes.

Formerly known as

The News.

Salon: There are Jews who want in the Alt Right



We know?

We’ve known this for a while?

what wtf blackadder

This is some crazy damage control, huh?

The Milo stuff we expect. It’s all personal branding. One clear star – keke

There was a Buzzfeed article by one ‘Bernstein’ that vaguely attacked Peter Thiel and was defending Cernovich, the mud dick guy from the New Yorker article. Yes, that guy’s anti-mainstream… I think they’re using Jews as a cover for generic Alt Light derailing. Like anyone important actually listens to them. Like any of this momentum can be stopped.

Trends are a big, throbbing ball of energy, man. It’s going.


The Deploraball is apparently an attempt at a sanitized, cuckolded, pro-Jew version of the NPI conference.

If you ban the influential people, it’s another manosphere party sausage fest.

The vanishing whisp of principles. I hope Feel moves his money soon. That ship’s a sinking. Never back a cuck.

“This is an ultimatum.” Hold up Cuckovich, who the fuck do you think you are?
I’m gonna check his documents. I have files on these people. This should be interesting.

STFU and pay attention to the truth you little bitches we are trying to help you!

They are being used and they will be disposed.



They wanna turn up to plug YT channels and e-books. It’s an advert, for Fake Journalist Internet Celebrity, Mike Cernovich is the right’s Owen Jones, they won’t discuss anything new because they simply aren’t a part of our conversations. New frightens them because it threatens their Patreon whore livelihood. It triggers them so they rage quit ban people like Baked Alaska. For opinions, words. Like SJWs.

They wanna clap themselves like autistic seals and act like Alpha Male Bad Boys, when they’re all on Trump’s dick. What are you doing there? Fine, support the guy tactically, temporarily, but don’t be weeaboo. Nobody likes a weeb. Weebs took down Hillary with the humiliation of their support. However, this does clear the way for the next candidate, as I said, I like that guy.

They’re gonna pat themselves on the back like they did anything. They aren’t important. They sell sugar pills promising manliness ffs. They’re the right’s useful idiots. All the MSM piles onto them and we get to work unimpeded. We could crush these little cock-roaches under one of Pepe’s boots. They just wanna take all the credit for what faceless people online did, millions of anonymous people, like there’ll be no comeuppance. Like we’re just gonna let them.

R-types never learn.

Even better, give them a pitying look and smirk no matter what they say.

What the fuck did they think happened to Anonymous in the past few years?

The only possible reaction to Alt light


Credit: Edgy Memes and Fashy Dreams

JPW keeps swerving, I heard he pinched some stories from AR sources, passed it off as all his own work and I dunno what to feel about this. Avoids certain topics but slags off the Left’s censorious nature. Reporters don’t get to choose what the news is, you just report on it, that’s your job. Not psyops. It’s this new hybrid of Fake Journalist, Internet Celebrity. 

You know if Trump lost they’d still be insulting us, the same way Milo insulted gamers in ‘yellowing underpants’ before Gamergate. We’re being fobbed off by sections of the media to save the older, more entrenched form with a less problematic overton window.

Video: The Alt Light Strikes Back

This is exceedingly weird.

However, it’s worth it for Milo and Cernovich, spot on.

They’ll regret selling out, that kind of rep hasn’t the longevity for a career.

Do they really think the world is gonna stop here? Where they’re comfortable?

Everyone gives Milo shit for his taste in men but Juice Bro’s taste in women is much worse.

If science triggers you so much, become an SJW.

Banning certain subjects, you’ll fit right in.

If you wanna be soft and get nothing done, why are you here? It’s so low energy.
It’s all PR for dying media. They just want their face and name on TV to make money.
They want to be celebrities, no different than Lena Sister-Pedo Dunham.

They aren’t funny, they’re just bitchy. With no one to bitch about it gets pedantic pretty quickly.

Milo hates Princess Bride so he’s basically dead to me.

I say let them splinter off and encourage them to call it something else, let them cuck for old media and e-book shekels (maybe even that cancer Patreon) and they’ll ruin it just like they killed the manosphere.
Juice Bro and his posse of pussies turn everything they touch into shit, we can’t stop them and we shouldn’t, because they’d lead people to the truth eventually it’s the nature of the beast, but we can sit back, pour a drink and watch them fuck up, blame each other, bitch fight, get pissed and announce the thing was ruined but, like, buy their e-book.
Just buy all their shit and put it on PB, that’s the quickest way to kill them. Via the shekels.
None of their projects last, they all go up in smoke (kek) because they couldn’t run a Girl Scout sale.

Link: Milo Yiannopoulos isn’t conservative. Ever.

Called it.
“If Milo had remained on the periphery of our movement, pushing the Overton Window rightward, I’d be happy to ignore him. Unfortunately, both inside and outside of the Alt-Right there are people who are starting to consider him one of the principal leaders of the movement. The Daily Beast recently termed him the young face of the Alt-Right.

are you kidding me rn seriously wtf da vincis demons

Look at his life, look at his choices.

Cucks, when outed, will always project. Milo’s lite form is “they don’t really mean it.” Firstly, how dare you try to tell us what we believe (ding ding gaslighting patronizing BS). Second, then why are we all here, at personal risk and time cost? We have practically nothing to do with GG, that was a joke because most video games are thoroughly pozzed. Sure, if he asks his Twitter followers, they may not mean it, but he is not a leading figure for us and his aspie fan’s views aren’t representative. He doesn’t just want kebab here, he literally wants them inside him, like Roosh’s obsession with teen blonde EEs. You can’t get more multikulti than inviting them to share your body. He finds the prospect of female rape a joke, feminists are an outlet for his lack of empathy on the topic, it’s all words, simply another shiv to spin on TV, whataboutism. However, it is normal for gay men to be completely callous re women.
Like many gay men, he has been raped by a deviant as a minor. He has a hard shell on these topics. A bubble. Pozziting this as a positive thing for kids he’ll never have is unacceptable, he’s advocating a practical drop in the age of medical/physical consent. “Consent is complicated.” No, it isn’t. Children cannot consent. That’s pretty fucking
lucid unless his Dindu and Muslim exes brainwashed him into their culture.

How did I call this?

The personal life ALWAYS gives it away. Throughout human history, you can out the hypocrites by their sex life, he is an r-type and as an r, refuses to cover the topic of r/K theory because it outs them. Isn’t that kinda suspicious? No HBD either, all this one-sided cherrypicking (1 study! one!) BS on male superiority but nothing on Jewish genetics or the Gay Germ hypothesis?

Their dopamine-drive needs an outlet. There are no promiscuous conservatives, the body follows the mind. As my wise commentators have pointed out, the distinction between r/K is mating strategy (and parental investment). Short-term strategists think differently. They are biologically different in their brain, whatever weasel words they use to try and fence-sit and ingroup everyone. Appeasement is an r-instinct.
He’s trying to become the right’s Anita Sarkeesian. It’s all about fame and money. He’d never do anything anonymous or unpaid and if the Right were in cultural hegemonic power, he’d be on the other side as underdog. It’s easier to climb up that ladder and gays love taboo, some still wish buggery were illegal so they could get the thrill (DDR4s get a kick out of disloyalty) from breaking the law.
At best, he is liber-tarian. Yeah, still liberal. Open borders whores for shekels.
The internet is using him like a token. Uncle Milo, via him they desperately scrape for Left wing approval.
He has been treated terribly recently, granted, but if you poke the feminist Hive, don’t be surprised when they sting you. He deliberately feeds into their dramu, compares them to cancer (funny the first time, now in poor taste) and he’s hopping on the male supremacy bandwagon of MGTOW for clickbait. He’s become a professional troll, the counterpart of the professional victim.
Fine by me, but not one of us. You either put the nuclear family first, pro-civilization, or you’re a Leftist.

Stupidity is self-correcting. Reality wins.
For your interest.
As ingroup preference is for all intents and purposes, illegal, is it any wonder whites are going batshit over identity?
Everything from furry, to make-believe genders, to poverty pimps, the women taking photos of a football team of black kids to slake her maternal instinct. There should be a blog purely about these women.
I’m happy to let them go. Don’t let them back. There are new lows of WWC poverty, but that isn’t glam on Instagram. It’s like that guy who takes a photo of himself giving ten bucks to the homeless. They have an anti-white disgust regarding their own people, so they can go hang (metaphorically).
They wanna help the outgroup? Why should we support them and take them back? Isn’t that sedition, to help hostile Others?
Ironically, they say they’re spiritual but agnostic. Yet they are almsgiving and trying to be Jesus. There are no Christians but CHINOs, where social justice politics is held above anything in the Bible.
There’s no good without God. Moral relativity kills charity.
These women in saner times would’ve been the community pillars running bakesales for the Church.
Cowardice isn’t forgiveness.
Good people do not allow or forgive evil deeds.
As a comment says “There is no Forgiveness without Repentance.” and correction. In fact, the source of the problem is disbelieving in the Devil or evil. Where the murderers are morally equal to charity workers and nobody has moral authority because that’s a type of privilege. Suicidal people for suicidal times. CM kills white women to bring down white man.

If we’d withdrawn foreign AIDs the first time they failed the goals we set them, we wouldn’t be in this Camp of Saints-style mess in Europe.

Sure, white people are to blame for some of this, in the beginning. Mostly, we’re the useful idiots, signalling who is the greatest martyr for the Cause of CM.