Woman as Medusa

A good metaphor and one he keeps coming back to.

Except Lilith is the dominant, prevailing one in the Western culture.

He won’t mention her because it’s part of the Jewish pantheon.

And Orthodox Jews are bigger misogynists than any Muslim,

Consider that.

I’m linking to this because the “women are repulsed by the visual” post was oddly popular.

Women are attracted to masculine traits. Read: K-selected ones. An r-selected man is a coward, constantly flitting and fleeing. Other men don’t respect it, this isn’t a sexual thing you can blame on women but a defect of character. Commitment phobe is such an insult to men because it basically means deserter of your own life. They do “die” but they don’t have the stones to shoot themselves like their hero Hemingway (the male Virginia Woolf or Sylvia Plath). A man’s life is shaped by the promises he makes on his honour. They never grow up, they immediately ascertain to themselves, by themselves, their inferiority. Why would the world think otherwise?

Existing isn’t an accomplishment, the world owes these men nothing but they expect so much, impossible things. Since the world isn’t a nurturing caregiver (feminine), they take this out on the humans who embody this (women).

The immaturity of r-men is consistent across time periods and cultures. In the army, they shot them. Simply calling a spade, a spade is nothing unless you’re a narcissist with a brittle ego. Then it’s ego death and that’s why the rage, the wrath, the fronting until they’re physically confronted.

Nobody respects the schoolyard bully. Imagine he grew up but his mind and actions were the same. I suppose it’s a kind of emotional retardation. Pity is the opposite of sexy and it has its limits when dealing with adults. When they’re spiteful it goes from seeing them as a child and caring a little, to seeing them as the negative female, which, ironically, they come to embody. Nobody hates the negative feminine more than the positive feminine, the mature woman. And these guys wonder, why are all the women I attract terrible?

Like attracts like. Women won’t tolerate less than men and men won’t tolerate girlishness either. Other adults aren’t your parent but these guys always expect special treatment. Adult exchanges are based on mutuality. Sexist people are selfish around the opposite sex. They deserve to be lonely, that’s life kicking them in the teeth and trying to use the feedback to improve them.

Think of misogynists. They’re bitches, right? They manipulate women to hurt them and get their jollies. Oh, how impressive. You hurt someone who trusted you, wow. How great.

Cowardly women retreat from the game too. These are the stereotypical fish/bicycle people you can find on the social justice tag of tumblr.

Nobody talks about them. Women distance themselves from the immature of their own sex as well. How many female friends does Angelina Jolie have? ZERO.

She’s called Predator on gossip blogs!

This isn’t about men. One problem with modern men is thinking they’re special. Not everything is about men. Most things, in fact. When you think about it, this is a relief. Oh, but if they can’t get negative attention either, what would a toddler do, something with no emotional regulation ability?

That’s right, throw a tantrum.

Mantrum has become a phrase because it has been needed.

If they can’t harden themselves to a simple rejection, which women “suffer” too (it’s no big deal, really, brooding is unhealthy) then they might as well try to crawl back into their mother’s womb. Little kids are scared to talk to adults. Any time you do things in the world – apply for a job, try to make new friends, apply for a new loan, you will probably get rejected.

Maturity is knowing that’s a good thing. Nobody wastes their time.

Everybody has a right to say no and if they say yes, you know they want to be there. It’s a lovely thing.

The stories of Medusa don’t fit the misogynist’s claims very well.

Lilith fits them to a tee.

You can’t trust women.

You can’t live with women.

You can’t bond or connect with women.

Because women aren’t full human beings.

Women are scary.

Women are so scary they must be crazy.

There’s no use understanding them, the unknown is attractive but pure evil.

Definitely never have a child with a woman.

It’s a trick.

They’ll always hurt you, like your mother.

In fact, they’ll kill the babies.

ALL the babies.

They’ll do all sorts of weird sexual things with anyone. 

If they won’t fuck you, they must be fucking somebody else.

Because normal women actually fuck more than the average male porn star.

Women don’t have a nurturing instinct, ignore biology.*

They want to ruin you, they want to hurt you. 

^ see? Fits Lilith exactly.

It’s ludicrous, they make things up. Logically they contradict.

e.g. women are shallow, women date ugly. Women want money, women want not-money more than money.

Good women want a provider, a woman who thinks I need a stable job is a bitch.

I need a woman who looks a certain way, women aren’t allowed to prefer someone else.

Women always want or need a man, regardless of life situation. Men need women like a fish needs a bike.

I have no time for women, I don’t like them, why aren’t I surrounded by them? [ah, MGTOW, Reverse Psychology doesn’t work, you’re still the same person.]

It’s typical liberal irrationality. They claim mutually exclusive opposites and this is why people laugh at them.

With the deeply sexist people (the more you score, congrats), they project their own flaws e.g. the user and abuser will project it on the women he abuses, to sustain his egocentrism of being a good person. Because naturally, humans deserve to be abused….? This is where psychopathy comes in.

Narcissists especially despise anyone with standards. They failed to meet their parents, in their own mind. The higher a person’s standards, the more they will be hated.

A story about two women, one vain about her hair, or a mortal woman being raped by a God … is too much of a victim narrative to squarely align with the misogynist’s claims.

Misandrists claim the same about men, with a few additions.

There are no good men.

They are all immature.

Sweeping statements are generally stupid (lol)

This is demonstrably false but in our times, it can appear true at times.
Like how, if you keep seeking out the worst quality women, it will put off the good ones so eventually the bad side is all you see. When you have a certain amount of life experience, you’ll see people get what they deserve.

This isn’t a maybe.

People get what they deserve.

e.g. you treat people you date like shit? You’ll attract more challenging partners who will treat you even worse.

You’ll see it happen.

People-watching those people is great. Nothing will make you believe in the Bible more than watching their cosmic comeuppance over time. Who do they blame? Never the common denominator.

If someone has a sucky childhood, okay. If the rest of your life is awful, that’s all on you.

*The r-women don’t have a maternal bone.





And she ended up breeding with another r.

She just wants a Nobel Peace Prize, same as Leonardo.

Louis CK and self-pity


What an abominable defense. Still playing victim but the type of ‘man’ to say it’s okay to hit someone if they make you feel insecure. A real tell is the revenge fantasy playing out in primal times. Misogynists like to make up BS about the good old days when men could go around raping women without being murdered by the tribe. Because they feel it happened, so it’s real. That’s called delusion.

Specifically, it’s historical projection. Like how women were lazy and never accomplished anything. Sweeping statements are the only (superficial*) level they can think at.

Ignore all the evidence, including forensic evidence, to the contrary. They’ve bought the marketing myth of male omnipotence and they’re whining, constantly whining that reality doesn’t match up and women in bikinis aren’t flocking to their bitchy remarks. We don’t fancy gay guys who do the same, though, and they do it better.

Someone is ‘mean’ therefore you can hit them?
These little worms always have moving goalposts on their mean (it’s just a joke) and other people (how dare you politely say no when I had the courage to ask you out).

~What is that, delta? Delta male?

Where breathing is a courageous accomplishment?

If women are so weak, how could they possibly make you feel – like a woman? Let alone inferior. Logic doesn’t come into it, they’re a butterball of rotten entitlement.
This little runt wouldn’t last five minutes in an honour culture and have you noticed many modern comedians are terrible? It’s like listening to a constant fuck-up of a girl-friend complain about her bad boyfriend for the millionth time. We didn’t care the first time, we just felt obligated. Count how often they complain, it’s silly at this point how this passes for comedy. They’re emotional vampires, other men find them draining cry-babies. I really hope no woman is attracted to a cry-baby.

*Their notion of depth is random straw-grabbing and making up connections to the various excuses of why their life sucks. It’s never them.

If we fully enforced the defamation laws, they’d have nothing to talk about. Toxic people. There is nothing to like about them, they are hollow people and it induces them to act out in really spiteful ways. They wouldn’t pass any rite of passage.
Plenty of men are fine but there’s a definite skew to such useless toxicity in men. I think it might be the competitiveness with the capable majority of men, they feel threatened knowing how low IQ/EQ/whatever they are, how maladapted to the modern world (which is easier than ever) so they project this sense of inferiority and weakness onto women because they imagine we’ll never spoil for a fight as a result. The majority are gossips. We dislike that in other women. And what kind of person gets their jollies by punching down?

The opening bit “have you heard” is the male “did you hear?”

Instead we ignore them because women need to resolve conflict passively (being physically the weaker party) and they confuse any negative attention (like correcting a spoiled/stupid child) to be sexual attention, which fuels their entitlement looping (I want, I want, I want, like a baby). They called this negging so I’m pretty sure. It’s purely a weak ego and a dominant id. That’s all narcissism is. They are egocentric but self-centred is the better term.

“But what about me?” they ask, with the self-awareness of a turnip. You only think about yourself, that’s the problem! The selfish one who will screw everyone over, to make up some crap later about how he was defending himself behind your back and all the real men know it. You can smell it on them. It riles me up because they’re being made to represent all men in public by the (suspiciously) quiet majority of men letting them get away with it. The one waste of space who sees a guy happily married and makes a whip noise (passive-aggression) only to start bringing everyone down by complaining how lonely he is because no woman will put up with him. Shocker.

“He’s a really nice guy” his desperate friends say, to try and fob him off onto a sucker. If someone’s nice you don’t have to tell us. Women are the sociable sex, we know. We also know when a man pretends to be nice, which is most of the time. We do the same but with the purer intention of fulfilling our social obligations.

A worthless person mocks honour and decency and that type of pomo comedian is a large reason our standards are shot to hell. They tend not to mock certain groups – like deadbeat fathers. Constantly craving something to fill the void where your soul should be isn’t ambition. They always take on that faux superiority tone as well. It’s confusing to non-Americans and it’s so common to American ones. Americans don’t understanding how revolting that sneering is. They have the least reason to sneer, when they die everyone who knew them will be better off. By all accounts, they flunked on life. The compulsive lying tends to get them kicked out of male groups, the bullshit artists who tell you how some random woman who looked at them really got a good bang the night before. Nobody likes that guy.

Anyone who talks about the opposite sex like furniture is a jerk.

Claiming something is a joke when everybody reacts badly is the same childish feebleness of mind as trying to persuade them using ‘fun’. Grand Theft Auto looks fun, still not gonna do it because we’re adults and our decisions are legally binding.

Society used to send these dregs to die in wars. It’s the only thing they’re good at because it involves failure. It’s no coincidence they’re the ones that fear conscription the most. What does society intend to do with them now nukes have made war impossible? Since the responsibility falls to the good men, I’d put that question to them. You’re the boss? K. When are you cleaning house? Historical societies dealt with these people or they clog up the society with bad behaviour and asinine bullshitting.

The female ones simply didn’t breed, which has much the same effect.

Ever notice how many Satanists are misogynists?


Just sayin’.

Can’t unsee it once you look.

They don’t need to be homosexual of course, but that is over-represented. If you don’t need to sexually impress women… that would alter the mindset somewhat.

What do you expect from a group that refers to the nuclear family as ‘breeders’ and women as ‘fish’?

Satanism isn’t just voodoo body parts, black candles and invocations to Middle Age demonology texts.
Basically it’s anything immoral according to the Bible because the anti-Christ is a role, any one who opposes Christ.
The singular immorality in the Bible aside from the greatest sin pride (to be a god) is fornication.
A sex rite is very simply any fornication. An intention or choice to do it for a high or summoning/casting purpose doen’t alter the picture much. It’s the unification of energy bodies which is holy and sacred.

Little known fact of lore, when you fuck someone you take on some of their karma. The becoming one references in the Bible allude to this outcome. This blew me away, metaphorically. It also explains the HIV-virgin story and why so many deviants are determined to prey on the most innocent wherever they can. They’re trying to throw off responsibility. Look at what happens to abuse victims: depression, drugs, crime, suicide. To say they’re haunted would be an interesting metaphor.

The perversion of innocence and sanctity is the working definition of Satanism. It desecrates the temple of God (man) and opposes his Will on earth. There’s also the mortal sin aspect like denying the holy spirit, but that’s verbal. The act itself of corrupting what is a holy spirit (see Bible)…

You get the picture.

There isn’t corruption, there are corrupted and corrupting people and they are the same people.

It’s an addiction although regular sex isn’t. Other addictive fellow travelers show, like desensitization and the need to escalate. Eyes Wide Shut sort of things are like a tea party, they’re usually too rich and coked up to know what it is doing. They don’t believe in spirits, but spirits believe in them.

According to the Bible, sinners love darkness. They seek it out.
Well, not one of those literal rich fuckers would dare hold an orgy entirely sober at noon in broad daylight. So yeah, they know full well “what they do”.

Look up others like Manly P Hall and guess what their stance on abortion would be.
This isn’t hard. If they don’t respect life and their fellow human beings, this sort of mindset is a possibility.

What mindset is that?

e.g. back to the much-defended Crowley.


From Magick and Theory in Practice



The animal should therefore be killed within the Circle, or the Triangle, as the case may be, so that its energy cannot escape. An animal should be selected whose nature accords with that of the ceremony — thus, by sacrificing a female lamb one would not obtain any appreciate quantity of the fierce energy useful to a Magician who was invoking Mars. In such a case a ram would be more suitable. And this ram should be virgin — the whole potential of its original total energy should not have been diminished in any way. For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim. For evocations it would be more convenient to place the blood of the victim in the Triangle — the idea being that the spirit might obtain from the blood this subtle but physical substance which was the quintessence of its life in such a manner as to enable it to take on a visible and tangible shape.

Those magicians who object to the use of blood have endeavored to replace it with incense. For such a purpose the incense of Abramelin may be burnt in large quantities. Dittany of Crete is also a valuable medium. Both these incenses are very catholic in their nature, and suitable for almost any materialization. But the bloody sacrifice, though more dangerous, is more efficacious; and for nearly all purposes human sacrifice is the best.

Symbolic huh?

This also continues into modernity and children’s books.

Did you bother looking up the origins of the Deathly Hallow symbol in Harry Potter?

Deathly Hallow means Holy Death, which is such blatant blasphemy I won’t even.

She did a lot of research for those books, didn’t she?

Lotta research.

They borrow a lot of Egyptian symbols to pervert them.

What do kids do, when they heard a name or concept they don’t understand?

They look it up, don’t they? That’s what adults tell them to do.


Kids are walking around with a demonic summoning symbol on their chest.

Back to Crowley, I’m not going through everything dodgy because that’s almost all of it except some astrology he ripped off and a little ancient theory on goddess societies (both used for perverted ends, deceptive).

I invite you to check up on me for details like this and this information retains the page numbers.
I want to make it as easy for you as possible to see what these people are literally advocating.

You may use these screencaps, for educational purposes. Take your own too!

Bear in mind, he’s writing to his followers. No trickery, no lies. Precise instructions.

The only way to oppose this stuff is to know what it is, what it looks like and how to spot it.

pp.184 “Hail, Great Wild Beast!”

Page 1 = Hymn to Pan.

It’s amazing how many New Age self-help people pervert the Bible itself in misquotes. I don’t think many realise themselves and just copy one another, ignorant of the source material itself.

You can see celebrities do it too. While I’m throwing people casually under the Knight Bus.

A philosopher? …FU.

e.g. Anything is possible? rhetoric.
“with God; all things are possible with God” Matthew 19:26
Kinda alters the meaning, dunnit?

“do what thou wilt” being Crowley’s central tenet


“Pride is essentially self-worship.”

In one.

How illiterate must you be not to see any of these connections?

Any of them?

Instead, isn’t it likelier the people disseminating falsehoods (but never linking to the horse’s mouth so you can check up on them) may not be completely intellectually honest about the subject of their hero and icon of sexual revolution?

Page 7 he describes why “this book is for ALL”.

Remember the sex rite thing above?

Page 9: “Every intentional act is a magical act.”
I believe the legal term there is consensual.

It describes how the book should be used.

Page 13 in the copy above goes on: “Every man has a right, the right of self-preservation, to fulfill himself to the utmost. Men of “criminal nature” are simply at issue with their true Wills.” ….
“Do what thou wilt…” quote on page overleaf then “I trust that they will assert themselves as individually absolute.” It continues down the page “For magick is the verb.”
Check, check! By all means, check!

Whatever, you want an excuse to get your end away.

pp.63 “We may therefore admit quite cheerfully that Magick is as mysterious as mathematics, as empirical as poetry, as uncertain as golf, and as dependent on the personal equation as Love. That is no reason why we should not study, practice and enjoy it.”
You don’t need to know what something is or how it works to pledge your soul to it, right?
OMG don’t be such a bigot, it’s basically a science.

pp.69 discusses light bodies, which sounds nice until you realize it isn’t Christian or good by any theological interpretation I know.
“The emanations of the “Body of Desire” of the material being whom one visits are, if the visit be agreeable, so potent one spontaneously gains substance in the embrace.”
This is a demonic entity known as a Succubus or Incubus. He mentions these by name to research. They are demons who attempt to rape the faithful, including minors, by disturbing their sleep and possessing them, terrorizing them and generally what’s called psychic vampirism, stealing their energy for magical rituals.

I’ll finish by screencapping the section the forum quoted.

Since I know you assholes are lazy, the page is 71.

This is where it gets weird.

It’s difficult to tease apart what Crowley actually says from the edits rushing to say OH, he didn’t MEAN that! He said it, but he meant something else!

[citation needed]

Blood, huh? So, no sacrifice supposedly, but forcibly taken blood from a virgin child?

What is blood, in occult terms?


The life of every creature is in its blood. 

It’s very clear on this.


Like, super-clear.


Which is unusual. I have shown you what this ‘triangle’ is above.

I mentioned Manly P Hall. I’ve linked to his demonology texts before but the illustrations made that one undeniable.

From book eight of his Secret Teachings:

“…in the arcanum of magic it is declared that ‘he controls the soul who controls the blood of another.’ ” source

Peace out. We’re doomed. I got tired recently hiding my power level on this shit.
It only helps the liars to lie.



Read a few pages after the cap, if you dare.

“The practical details of the Bloody Sacrifice may be studied in various….” pp.75. he writes.
The guy renowned for testing everything before repeating it.
Edit note, pp.75: “A sworn testimony [DS: sworn to what? God?] by Crowley declares that he held actual human sacrifice to physical death to be the most efficacious, but that he never did such a thing.”
The original I didn’t do it: but if I did…

It isn’t real, cry liars!

Explain this: “One word of warning is perhaps necessary for the beginner. The victim must be in perfect health — or its energy may be as it were poisoned.” pp.75.

Was Stormer hacked? [y/n]


Why would the real Anonymous attack DS? Have you seen what they post on the chans?

On the other hand, I highly doubt Stormer care about sympathy?

I guess it’ll remain a mystery.

“The Daily Stormer post in question denigrated Heather Heyer, 32, who was fatally struck by a car allegedly driven by a man with white nationalist views, for her physical appearance and what it said were anti-white male views.”

Seriously, suck less.

Killing women because they don’t trust men proves them right.


Meanwhile, real Anony-chan hacked the Charlottesville website.

You know, something actually useful.

Now all I want for Christmas is more pre-released GOT episodes to piss off the producers.

Link: Inferiority: the opposite of genius


I don’t expect those who pretend to care about the IQ dearth to read around.
I post these things for the intellectually honest.

Hating women

It may seem strange to include this specific form of hatred with the list, but a fact is that many inferiors have a deep hatred of women, which makes it a characteristic of inferiority.

If we’re examining personality traits of inferiors, it is completely valid as a behavioural marker.

Just as with geniuses, most inferiors are men. The ultimate in this are feats like the burning of widows, or demanding women to spend their lives indoors or walk six metres behind their husband, covered from head to toe with their genitals cut up beyond all repair.

In addition, rape is standard behaviour of inferiors, typically resulting in the conception of multiple children with many different women. Relevant in this respect is that imprisoned males in Western countries conceive more children than do males on average, mirroring the phenomenon that in primitive hunter-gatherer societies the males with the most offspring – as confirmed by modern D.N.A. studies – are those who have made the greatest number of kills in tribal warfare.

Uncivilized breeders who can’t cooperate to literally save their lives, sound like any type of selection we know?

Don’t hate me cos you ain’t me.
“We feel more stress, but we cope better. This explains how we put up with stupid men.”

It’s useful to define a thing by NOT, in computing as in people.

It’s logical that if they didn’t hate, they couldn’t rape. It’s selected for, but let’s not go naturalistic fallacy and pretend a First World society can stand for it.

Intelligent people are capable of working with those they dislike without wanting to brain them and drag them back to the cave. Something about not being a monster.

The ‘trick’ to redpill is to accept things you don’t like because reality won’t change.

Channers don’t do satire anymore

My past came back to haunt me, a random posted this to many people, which happened to have included me.

I regret posting this.
Like, you can see my writing style ooze out of it and I feel dirty.
The longer I stare, the worse it gets.

I’m having an existential crisis over my own troll of trolls, I’m trolling myself and I can’t figure out a way to make it stop. There isn’t a term for this. Instead I’m posting it because it’s funny in 2017 for all the wrong reasons.

Normies is now a known term.
The ironic misogyny is no longer.
The 50s kitchen advert joke has totally lost context.
I haven’t seen a single person question the meaning of For Chan.
It’s a mess.
I fear this year may be the one I get bored of the internet.

Let it burn.

All of it.