Running home already

It’s been two months.

Two. Months.

She did this to a husband before. She disappeared and sent him back the ring.

Can she actually last until she’s popped out some meal tickets?

Will her new husband (prefix needed) ever meet her father?

Can this shitshow get more entertaining?

Never marry avoidant attachment style, guys.

Run rabbit, run, rabbit, run run run!

It’s like a horse race.

“And, she’s OFF-!”

No honeymoon is cursed

Nobody respects a whore, even if you’re still blue pill enough to think her sexual choke-hold on Harry is based on attention whoring experience. The global viewing figure thing was nothing to the real William wedding (2 billion plus). They included people who clicked on for seconds to see if he was fool enough to go ahead with it.
I don’t know about the car thing, Emma Watson was caught in public actually fucking someone in a car in Oxford.

Anyone else notice the future Queen’s hooked eyebrow in the official photo?

“This bitch won’t last long.” Do it, Queen Kate. Off with her republican head.
Please note, that was a joke. There are people dumb enough or troll enough to think or claim it wasn’t, when I remember, I sometimes make this clear. Ugh.

Nobody’s calling Kate the cheap option for William now, are they?

The Queen didn’t lend her a tiara. That is indicative. Not our class, dear.

The stress might actually kill her.

The first Duke of Sussex married against the will of the King. The second Duke of Sussex married against the will of the King. Then the title Sussex died out. The queen resurrected this title one century later for Harry.

He can keep his pet but he can’t get rid of her. Pass the popcorn?
My favourite little fact about the famous wedding was how high the bride was. They know if you vape, nobody can smell it.
Why do I mention this now?
If she becomes a Problem in the manner of Diana (or worse, let’s be honest) then a wedding is ruled legally invalid when the vows are taken under the influence of psychoactive substances.
No children would be legitimate and hold a royal claim (of the other spouse) either.
Just a little fact to keep in your pocket.
Now, how do I know all this?
People in the wedding party loudly bragged why they wanted the weed as they attempted to purchase it all over London. For days, all over London.
All the Royal Family would need to do is find the drug dealer to testify.
Technically, they are the law here so they can just ignore her.
It’s hysterical.

Because when has pot ever ruined a black person’s life?

Monarchies exist on public support. They’ve lost their core support, all down the drain. Because Harry is kinky.
92% drop would sound about right. Charles we could tolerate, a Simpson?
18 million viewers is less than the average Christmas re-run of Die Hard and mind, that’s “peak” so more like 12 million. Prior, every piece of propaganda released predicted more views than William’s 2+ BILLION and higher interest. People were very English about it and gave the skanky Yank the cold shoulder, strike, strike, strike.
You may be interested in the title. The ceremony of a wedding is really just a local legal prelude to the honeymoon. To undergo the promises and then bail on the first, biggest one is the mark of death.

They’re marked.

It won’t last.

Where would you look for proof of public disdain?

Actually, The Guardian.

“The global audience, while difficult to estimate,

wait for it

is likely to be in the hundreds of millions.”

I think I’ve made my point.


16 million.

best comment goes to

Omg someone called us a waycist! Well we have to just open our borders up and breed ourselves out of existence now.

I will also take my front door off and give all my children’s toys and dinners away in case someone calls me a familyist.

That was my salt intake for the year sorted.

Will there be a song about race mixing?

You laugh, there might.

The hard switch between a Hindu and a Muslim.
A stripper-like choreography involving seatbelt safety?
A jazzy dance number about caring for random African children more than your own, working title “HIV and me”.

A song about Andrew’s love of loli, named “Epstein’s plane”.

A tap dance number about how the Queen Mother was a cold-hearted cow?

What about the final scene?

I can see it now: Madness in Paris.

And it ends up with a Muslim on the throne. Stunning and brave.