UK/EU bank balance seizure law

I spoke too soon discussing American pensions the other day. At least that isn’t life savings-level of investment (or shouldn’t be).

11 countries face legal action if bail-in rules are not enacted within two months
– Bail-in legislation aims at removing state responsibility when banks collapse
– Rules place burden on creditors – among whom depositors are counted
– Austria abolished bank deposit guarantee in April
– “Bail-in regimes” coming globally

Technically when you deposit in a bank it’s legally classified as a loan.
This is why they pay you interest, however low the percentage.
This is also why they want to remove the cash option, because commodities are already regulated.

Savings are at a record low. Have fun taking 100% of sweet fuck-all.

Sudden influx of gold-digging whores back for a second go

Law firms report an increase in inquiries from people who divorced many years ago but who now hope they have further financial claims on their former spouse…

oh come on my god why NO kill me now

Simple: Don’t marry a feminist.

It will soon reach the point where any woman showing the merest hint of Leftist indoctrination will be black-balled for marriage by any sane man, including liberal men.

“renegotiate” – what?

…There are moves to protect ex-spouses from potentially unfair claims or “variations”. Baroness Deech, a renowned divorce law lobbyist, is raising a private member’s Bill on “spousal maintenance”, for instance. It seeks to limit payments to five years unless there are exceptional circumstances. …

you're awesome yes thank you finally dean supernatural