There is no cryptocurrency bubble

There’s a software bubble, but that has nothing to do with the CCs carried by software. Buy Bitcoin because you’re too stupid to understand why placing your life savings where you can’t grab it before the Government is a great idea!

Buy Enron!

Everyone says it’s a good idea!

I mean, would the Government lie to you?

Would they deliberately act like a direct challenge to their financial authority was safe, so you pile in all your suspicious investments, only to sweep in and nationalize it at the last second, leaving you with no legal recourse?

No, obviously not, you paranoid conspiracy theorist.

But also you’re a paranoid conspiracy theorist if you’re using Bitcoin, according to the MSM, which isn’t like reverse psychology or anything so don’t buy Bitcoin with your real(er) money.

“They can’t find my bitcoin wallet at the border!” They can shoot you with a low-level EMP though, can’t they?

You can’t out-think sociopaths with all the resources.

Shrinkflation can no longer be denied

Chocolate boxes have been shrinking for decades.

That’s what they’re calling it.

Because stagflation, the economic term, would be giving the game away.

Stagflation is impossible by Keynes.

Everything wrong with modern economics?


Your money is literally worth less.

Imagine a crumbling ruin.

At least the ruin has historical merit.


Ceres Return, the GB Pound and the Euro

I was curious about any celestial goings-on this year, since last year both Brexit and Trump were predicted despite the MSM screaming to the contrary and I don’t care much for the source as long as the info is good.

I found something, so…

For fun. Ceres is the planet of prosperity, FYI.


When Ceres moves across Taurus at 11, 18, 20, 23 degrees she will trigger the finance, economy, currency and tax zones of the old United Kingdom horoscope, set for 1st January 1801. Ceres will conjunct Panacea at 11 Taurus, conjunct Mars at 11 Taurus, oppose Neptune at 18 Scorpio, conjunct Psyche at 20 Taurus and conjunct Ceres at 23 Taurus. That is quite a pile-up.

As we’ve seen, the UK has her Ceres Return on April 13th and 14th, 2016 when she returns to 23 Taurus. This is very close to the position of Uranus at 24 Aries, over the same two-day period. Mars will be at 23 Taurus on April 12th. As if that wasn’t enough, we have Mercury Retrograde in Taurus.

Mercury is associated with markets and merchandise, as astrologers have known for the last 2000+ years.

Narrowing down the time frame for this crisis in the UK economy, the risk period begins on April Fool’s Day, April 1st 2017 with Mercury at 0 Taurus. He then moves to 4 degrees Taurus on 9th April, where he turns retrograde. The danger period begins with the Mercury Retrograde Shadow, though, from April 1st – so don’t be fooled. The shadow was there in the 1929 Wall Street crash as well.

>Oh no what a shame

>the charlatans who weren’t arrested in ’08 will simply go bankrupt

>how karmic

On 9th April, 2017, Mercury staggers on his winged sandals and starts moving backwards through 4, 3, 2, 1 and eventually 0 Taurus, where he ends up on Thursday 20th April. He then vanishes, only to resurface on May 17th, 2016, where he retraces his steps through 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 degrees of Taurus for the last time, returning to normal from May 22nd.

You can see Ceres (below) along with Mercury himself on the old French bank notes, before the EU and the Euro took over Europe. This prediction is about the United Kingdom, not France, but I could not resist showing you the old Roman gods on the French currency! As I have predicted before on this website, after 2018 the Euro will be a thing of the past.


Perhaps these beautiful old French notes will be revived, or maybe we will see a purely digital currency replace the old paper and metal.

former, more patriotic

that and barter, already ongoing in Greece and parts of Italy

In the meantime, what about that UK chart? This will be an unforgettable Easter across the British Isles.

should I buy extra chocolate y/n

[correct answer is always y]


correcting is coming…

naturally, since we’ll be 1st to correct, we’ll be 1st to recover
common sense

PREDICTION – Between April 1st and 20th, 2017 the United Kingdom will experience an historic crisis affecting the pound, the sharemarkets and the economy with further fall-out from May 17th to 22nd. There will be a deep change in the balance of power, involving the government, trading partners and the business world. A serious reality check is coming for anyone living in a credit or property bubble. The crisis will specifically affect house prices and mortgage interest rates.

This is big. In every single ‘birth’ chart we have for the United Kingdom, in all her many incarnations, she has a horoscope hotspot at 23 degrees. This is not just about a minor blip for the British economy; it is about her past, present and future.

interesting times
interesting agents
making history bitches
I thrive on chaos, but not in a bad way, it’s a sign that our lives matter and what we do counts
it really is a ladder
speaking of, the property bubble must finally burst as the new rich Chinese rush to cash out
but who will buy? obscene price mechanisms, debt is the new saving since the 80s
the Government will act, but how?
will certain debts be wiped? will there be a grace period? will trading be barred in sectors like the Greeks putting a withdrawal stopper in personal bank accounts?
I predict London might have civil disruptions again
just a feeling
woman’s intuition


Now. This is the real point of astrology. Before too much hand-wringing begins, the future after the initial crisis looks bright. Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio from May 2018 are going to change everything – for the better.

If you cannot put a price on freedom, then you will be celebrating what happens when 2018 comes around.

why, that’s after most of the elections!

If you believe that you cannot buy independence in a catalogue, then you will be very pleased at what happens to the British economy in 2018.

This is a revolution and it has been a long time coming.

It will peak when Uranus at 23 Taurus conjuncts Ceres at 23 Taurus in the national horoscope and that will happen in August and September 2023. But that’s another (astrology) story!


Tomorrrow belongs to the nationalists, it seems.

Update: we need a study like this, analyzing trends in internet news.

Link: Sharing economy? No. Locust economy

TLDR: Working class people can’t afford RRP, the canary in the economy coalmine.

Thinking about locusts and the behavior of customers around services like Groupon, I’ve become convinced that the phrase “sharing economy” is mostly a case of putting lipstick on a pig. What we have here is a locust economy. Let me explain what that means.

I, Locust

Why locusts? Because I just learned a fascinating fact about them: they are not a separate species.

Locusts are the swarming phase of certain polymorphic grasshoppers…

When I first learned about this bit of science trivia last week, my immediate reaction was “wow, locusts are basically zombie grasshoppers!”…..

Gives new meaning to the ant and the grasshopper, K-type and r-type fable, doesn’t it?

Bad coffee isn’t keeping Millennials in debt

It’s the economy, stupid.

Too late for  Thanks, Obama?

scoff skarsgard

I’m sure they’ll be happy to know most of their money is going to the people running them over.

They don’t know yet, but my, won’t it be fun when they find out?

Whaddaya mean I don’t get a pension but that inbred family of eleven is fine??? I paid for that, that’s my money!

Libertarian conversion complete.

Deus vult in under five minutes.

Real UK debt? At least £8.6 trillion.

  • “At the end of 2014-15, the real national debt stood at £8.6 trillion, over £320,000 for every single household in Britain
  • Since 2009-10, the debt has grown by £1 trillion, and now sits at around five times Britain’s GDP
  • The official national debt – the one quoted by the Chancellor in his budget – hugely understates taxpayer liabilities.
  • The real national debt is almost six times larger than the official national debt.”

Nothing to worry about then? My god, you couldn’t redpill Gen Y or Gen Z harder if you wanted, than what’s coming down the line. Boomers will avoid it, possibly the elder segment of Gen X.

facepalm leslie howardThe rest of us are doomed, my dear boy.

Meanwhile, the voices of reason (people who can use a calculator) are calling for tax cuts to stave off disaster. Literally. Chaos.
It would be equal, everyone would be treated exactly the same. It would be fair. No exceptions for rich people.

“It is time for Britain to make a vital choice. Our economy is stagnant, crippled by excessive public spending, a mismanaged and inefficient public sector, an extraordinarily complex and punitive tax system and a public mood that has become increasingly anti-capitalist.
There are two options. We can either decide to tweak the status quo – try and keep a lid on public spending, reform bits of the public sector and hope for the best. Or we can drastically change course: adopt an entirely new tax system fit for the 21st Century and establish the UK as a global trading hub, generating renewed prosperity for all those who live and work here.
We at the 2020 Tax Commission are firmly in this second camp: the old order is broken and needs radical reform. But we are also realists: our proposals, while far-reaching, are practical. They are within the realms of what a competent, ambitious and principled government could deliver over the next decade.”

In reality, a single income tax would collapse the welfare state (a single minor drop in amount has caused issues) and cause riots and terrorism. Why, you ask? The most recent census has proven that Muslims are disproportionately taking benefit checks and the money has only been flowing because the young stupid SJWs don’t realize they are the ‘rich’ being taxed, their future earnings, to be precise. We’ve already indebted ourselves to the future, there is nowhere else to go.

Double taxation is supposed to crush the People. Like the new tuition fee repayment model, which is actually a Graduate Tax (the people who wrote this into law got a Uni education for free).

The time to change the tax system isn’t when the economy has already collapsed. The production and potential would be long gone. It will be too late by the time the average voter pulls their head from their arse during another depression (we’ve already had recession) and sees how vital financial retention is to growth. Future growth, remember that?

Do the entitled mass of rabbits expect other-funded retirement? To own their own homes? To inherit?
When these people suffer from the policies they vote in, we need feel no guilt. We tried to warn them and they made
their bed.

Link: Charity encourages stupidity

By bailing them out.
And no element of mathematics, economics or psychology could dispute that. Really, try to find something. This is game theory (zero-sum, there are winners with resources and losers without) and that topic is a bastard that hangs you by your Golden Rule appeals. Point to one successful surviving nation that follows it. One. Contrary to Western marketing, Buddhists are vicious warriors. These people can set themselves on fire.

Cost/benefit assessments take into account the presence of safety nets, the fail-safes, the conditionals and Plan Bs. Bad people knowingly harm others to help themselves (drains, parasites, toxic scum). Churches didn’t just provide charity, alms, they provided selective charity by distinguishing between the deserving poor (they got into that mess by choice) and undeserving poor (victim of circumstance). It was “Go forth and sin no more”, a single chance, not “Go forth and try not to fuck up again, even though I’m such a doormat I’ll bail you out”. Turning the other cheek had sweet FA to do with cash. And this single option of salvation was coming from JESUS. If you think you’re more pious and a better Christian (signalling!) than Jesus of Nazareth himself, nobody can talk sense into you.

For the math/economics, here’s the ever-radiant;

“Understand that bar charities for cancer, disease, etc., the vast majority of charity is simply bailing out stupid, irresponsible people from their stupid, irresponsible decisions.”

This all stems from guilt.

Anyone trying to guilt you into believing you owe them for being born is psycho.

You can’t be a victim of your own choices. It’s impossible.

Charity should be a private choice. For classy people, we’ve always kept it anonymous (the Bible passage about trumpets springs to mind). I know I’m not the only person raised with this solid advice and I actually try to use proxies to help others, intermediaries in-person. This has the additional benefit of preventing the recipient from seeking you out if they screw up again. It’s funny how nobody on the Left ever mentions consent in those discussions on charity work, but they accept theft is illegal…

Kevin-Hart-Really-o rlly lies

UPDATE: There are opposing definitions of deserving poor vs. undeserving.
But logically the grammar of the definition I gave [person, poor, manner, deserving of] and read historically makes more sense.
We did have Elizabethan and Victorian laws that made the distinction.

Guardian starting to leak Gen Y betrayal data

Fence-sitting and refusing to blame Boomers though.
In full because it’s them.

They’re trying to use us to turn us onto their demos and other activism, but that activism is in the Boomer’s interests.

Exclusive new data shows how debt, unemployment and property prices have combined to stop millennials taking their share of western wealth

The full scale of the financial rout facing millennials is revealed today in exclusive new data that points to a perfect storm of factors besetting an entire generation of young adults around the world.

A combination of debt, joblessness, globalisation, demographics and rising house prices is depressing the incomes and prospects of millions of young people across the developed world, resulting in unprecedented inequality between generations.

They’re so close to calling it what it is, oppression.
Inter-generational apartheid.

A Guardian investigation into the prospects of millennials – those born between 1980 and the mid-90s, and often otherwise known as Generation Y – has found they are increasingly being cut out of the wealth generated in western societies.

Why the sudden change?
And who by, hmm?

Where 30 years ago young adults used to earn more than national averages, now in many countries they have slumped to earning as much as 20% below their average compatriot. Pensioners by comparison have seen income soar.

The jobs were taken by immigrants, weren’t they?

In seven major economies in North America and Europe, the growth in income of the average young couple and families in their 20s has lagged dramatically behind national averages over the past 30 years.

In two of these countries – the US and Italy – disposable incomes for millennials are scarcely higher in real terms than they were 30 years ago, while the rest of the population has experienced handsome gains.

It is likely to be the first time in industrialised history, save for periods of war or natural disaster, that the incomes of young adults have fallen so far when compared with the rest of society.

ugh why no please stop god kill me now rdj tony stark

Idiots. They think all their social engineering spending isn’t taking money from their own pockets.

Experts are warning that this unfair settlement will have grave implications for everything from social cohesion to family formation.

A lot of people are predicting…

Hugo Boss SS origins

go on moss popcorn

A two-week Guardian project, supported by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust, aims to explore this predicament in depth and ask what can be done.

They won’t really do anything, they wanna help the outgroup.

Using exclusive data from the largest database of international incomes in the world, at LIS (Luxembourg Income Study): Cross-National Data Center, the investigation into the situation in Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the US has also established that:

  • Prosperity has plummeted for young adults in the rich world.

  • In the US, under-30s are now poorer than retired people.

  • In the UK, pensioner disposable income has grown prodigiously – three times as fast as the income of young people.

Voting bloc.

  • Millennials have suffered real terms losses in wages in the US, Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Canada and in some countries this was underway even before the 2008 financial crisis.

“The situation is tough for young people,” said Angel Gurría, secretary general of the west’s leading thinktank, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). “They were hit hard by the Great Recession, and their labour market situation has improved only little since.

“This is a problem we must address now urgently. Kicking it down the road will hurt our children and society as a whole.”


Gurría said there had been a shift since the mid-80s in poverty rates, which started to rise among younger cohorts while falling among pensioners. However, the world of barren opportunities facing today’s young people should be of concern to all age groups, he added.

The way I’ve heard it from Boomers: who cares, I’ll be dead.

Aragorn for president

“Current working-age, middle-class groups are increasingly concerned with their and their children’s job prospects. An increasing number of people think children in their country will be worse off financially than their parents,” he said.

You brought in competition. Global competition.

Using LIS’s household survey data, the Guardian examined the disposable incomes and wages of young families in eight of the 15 largest developed economies in the world. Together these countries made up 43% of the world’s GDP in 2014.

These surveys, carried out over decades, are intended to pick up what is happening on the ground in people’s homes, and are the best way of distillingdomestic realities from governmental level data.

The data accessed by the Guardian found that in the US, France, Germany, Italy and Canada the average disposable income of people in their early 20s is more than 20% below national averages.

For the first time in France, recent pensioners generated more disposable income than families headed by a person under 50. In Italy the average under-35 became poorer than average pensioners under 80. Using the most recent US data, in the midst of the downturn in 2013, average under-30s had less income than those aged 65-79. This is the first time that has happened as far back as the data goes.

At least we’re writing the history books.

Millennials interviewed by the Guardian said they felt their generation was facing far greater hurdles to establish themselves as independent adults than previous generations did.

…Londoner Tanaka Mhishi, who works in a bookshop, adds: “I definitely think in a lot of ways my parents’ generation was luckier. They had a lot more freedom to do things younger: they were able to go straight from university and move to London and afford their own flat….

High time preference people need to go away and leave us in peace

No comment.

Several economists told the Guardian that policymakers should do more to even up the balance between young and old to avoid economic stagnation.

Civil unrest. At the moment we’re practically on strike (savings, pensions, family, welfare).

Paul Johnson, director of the Institute of Fiscal Studies, said he feared intergenerational inequality would fuel wider inequality in society because youngsters with rich parents would retain such an unfair advantage in the important years of early adulthood.

They’re still trying to blame rich people.

…For the next fortnight the Guardian will delve into the fortunes, feelings and finances of the developed world’s young adults, as well as looking at fallacies surrounding them.

They must be forced into releasing this, God knows I’ve tried to bring this to Guardinistas attention, maybe the message sank in after all?

In our series, we will reveal that today’s young people are not delaying adulthood because they are – as the New Yorker once put it – “the most indulged young people in the history of the world”. Instead, it appears they are not hitting the basic stages of adulthood at the same time as previous generations because such milestones are so much more costly and in some cases they are even being paid less than their parents were at the same age.

Our elders are criticizing us because we see past their BS.

See best post.

In Australia, millennials are being inched out of the housing market. In the UK, new figures will show the notion of a property-owning democracy has already been terminated. In the US, debt is the millennial millstone – young people are sitting on $1.3tn of student debt.

Across Europe, the issue centres more around jobs – and the lack of them. The numbers of thirtysomethings still living with their parents is stubbornly high in countries such as Italy and Spain, with grave implications for birthrates and family formation in places whose demographics are already badly skewed towards elderly people.

“We’ve never had, since the dawn of capitalism really, this situation of a population that is ageing so much and in some countries also shrinking, and we just don’t know whether we can continue growing the economy in the same way we once have,” said Prof Diane Coyle, an economist and former UK Treasury adviser.

None of these people would even pay lip service if they didn’t doubt the gravy train.

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