Teachers’ unions HATE THEM!

Need a piece of paper? You sure?

Moneyball your education.


Delicious progress.

“You can’t put a price on a good education.”

You know, you were right….

Teachers will, by and large, go the way of horse-shoe makers and coachmen.

Protip: I know a lot of people who do these. Take 2 fun courses (they can be zany) for every 4 serious ones.

Why Street Smarts beat Book Smarts


“Some information, while useless under most circumstances, can be found to hold immense value under other conditions. Having knowledge of hunting, skinning and butchering is useless for most people – until, of course, they find themselves in a situation in which they need that knowledge in order to survive.

That’s where information holds its value – when it is necessary for survival. Since surviving is becoming less and less of an issue for people every year, the only other true use of information – arguably an even more important use – is to give people the opportunity to thrive.”


The goal of book learning is to provide information. The good reader applies that information. If the book is false or misleading (see: the $200k Modern College ‘Experience’) they are doomed to fail in the real world. By design. The system doesn’t care once you’re pumped for cash and gone.


Buy the  expensive textbooks (HBS etc) secondhand and go to the cheapest possible college to get your credits. Read free online resources. There are alternatives to college. You can hack the college system to graduate early and painlessly (they won’t tell you about, obviously).

Take the Pirate approach to life and learning and I swear it gets better