Great idea!

What will these big brained wiggas think of next? [takes ’em years to adopt what I view as blatantly obvious]

A big America (and other nation, eventually) homeschooling MOOC.

At the moment it’s every family for themselves. That’s stupid.

Kids as illiterate as their parents. “The system fails! Let’s replicate it with inferior resources!”

We uniquely have social trust as a race, we should double down on it and co-operate.

[Also, out-group exogamous marriages are ridiculous from the perspective of expecting endogamous union results. You need two white people for a white marriage. Equalism is a farce. What is this, magic wedding band? That genetic collectivists become magical individualists?]

Vox is about half as smart as he thinks he is. I mean, he moved to Italy, first off. Smart but not… genius. Anyone who moves for the weather is bright at best.

Colleges/schools no longer teach skills unless you count cultural marxist courtier. You must seize back the information they try to hide like a thieving guild of bandits and liars. Firstly, no more paywalls on taxpayer funded studies. They have no right to secret that information.

Second, check for embezzlement with Keynesian buildings. Hard prison.

I’m waiting for people to eventually get to all the places I outlined and predicted, people are terribly slow.

Still waiting on people to get a lot of things…

“63Fire consumed His young men,

and their maidens were left without wedding songs.”

I’d rather be a woman in that scenario. Note that the women were spared because they weren’t sinning by setting the wrong tone of society as the moral authority. In Christianity, men are bound by the higher standards. It’s right there.

Fun fact: most engineers training now know less than Nikola Tesla, at college.

How is this possible?

Colleges decided to stop training in the old mechanical engineering (i.e. core, real, elementary engineering) that keeps society actually running because Silicon Valley wanted desk jockeys and Parveets to customer service the magical internet machines for Boomer routers.

God help us all.

It also stops anyone replacing outdated systems.

At the upper levels e.g. postgrad, it’s so theoretical so you can never challenge them or apply it, making them useless.

Clue 2: talk to the Townsends. A lot of old useful books are out of print.

Teachers’ unions HATE THEM!

Need a piece of paper? You sure?

Moneyball your education.

Delicious progress.

“You can’t put a price on a good education.”

You know, you were right….

Teachers will, by and large, go the way of horse-shoe makers and coachmen.

Protip: I know a lot of people who do these. Take 2 fun courses (they can be zany) for every 4 serious ones.

The real price of education

Love of learning.

“The fact that MOOCs were free sparked widespread interest in them. Students got excited because they were getting to learn from the best in the world for free (and that’s why I built Class Central to help me keep track of them.) The media got excited because they got to write clickbait titles about the death of universities.”

They are gone, at this point they’re pretty tax havens.
When you kick out the people who build/can run a place, its rep suffers. Who knew?

“But once the hype died down and MOOC providers tried to monetize, they found it difficult to do so without charging for content. Matt Walton, chief product officer at FutureLearn, said this about their recent pricing change: “Research we carried out showed that a certificate on its own doesn’t offer enough value for money and that some people don’t want or need a certificate.”

The good intentions disappeared once they realized how many people want to learn. So being liberal, they hid the data behind paywalls for rich kids. We need a pirate bay for MOOC data, kinda like the academic paper pirate bay.
Now doing a master’s online actually costs far more than an IRL one here.
This is bubble pricing. I oppose this.
It’s funny people knew they were getting ripped off once they saw the information though. So the response was to hide the information. Wikipedia flashbacks, ew.
Once this bubble pops, academia will be reviled. Lifelong debt! Ruin!

I’d still like to see PDF uploads from current students of all ongoing courses. Come on, rebel! Help a brother out with your powerpoints. They could make a new category on piratebay…. Call it “Fuck the system, end tuition?” DARE I DREAM.

If any of you shitlords actually do this, your videos should be .mkv format with .nfo attachments and photos in .png. Compress .exe files and .epub is openware for e-books.
For regular documents

Remember, it needs to be readable to people with computers 10+ years out of date (poor people). You should be able to fit most of the programs e.g. VLC player, on a thumb drive.

Yours lovingly, MrStark.

p.s. Certificates should only cost money for doggy daycare since they are adorable, aren’t they? p.p.s. Play the above at enhanced speed. I’m gifted at brutal takedowns and tunes.

Why isn’t there a red-pill MOOC*?

*Massive Open Online Course

I’m completely serious. Surely somebody could set it up?
They’re free to take. Post-Gamergate I doubt we’d have trouble getting numbers up.
I could look over some more scientific parts of it as free proof.

putting phone down what shock surprise omg chuck bass gossip girl wtf no

It could be a BS-free truth bomb. An antidote to SJW rhetoric.