Asian and Mixed women most likely to die in childbirth

They never ask why (mixed babies, unnatural). Surely, if you cared about reducing it, medically you’d need to know why? They already know why. Do you think they don’t collect this data? Why no stories from mixed or Asian women? You’d see the white guy cuck husband theme in the photos.

Scroll for the graphic.

“The findings show a slight drop in the maternal mortality rate for black women, but remained the same for mixed ethnicity women and Asian women, which was two times higher and almost twice as high, respectively.

The report published by MBRRACE-UK (Mothers and Babies: Reducing Risk through Audits and Confidential Enquiries across the UK) has deepened calls for action to tackle longstanding inequalities.”


Black women have wider hips but higher obesity rates. They’re also more likely to give birth as teens, when death rates are much higher since the body isn’t finished developing. It isn’t rocket science.

Heart disease, epilepsy and stroke were the leading cause of maternal death during or up to six weeks after the end of pregnancy. Sepsis and thrombosis and blood clots are the third and fourth most common causes

Most of those are obesity related. Are white women supposed to knock the snacks out your hands for you?

Sepsis is a hospital problem. Don’t blame us. I’ve nearly died from poor hospital cleaning procedures years ago, I hate them too. White women are susceptible to hospital germs too. Germs are not white supremacist, you fucking midwits.

“We remain deeply concerned that black and brown people’s basic human rights to safety, dignity and equality in pregnancy and childbirth are not being protected, respected or upheld.”

They’re all brown, Amy.
There’s no right to equality under MOTHER NATURE.
There’s no right to safe childbirth according to MOTHER NATURE.
Government cannot over-ride MOTHER NATURE, Amy. It’s EVOLUTION, Amy.
Mother Nature (or God’s design operating via this realm) is trying to kill off abominations, Amy.

Run a study and test it, Amy.

This is why the NHS is doomed, absolute zombie corp.

“There’s currently no way to quantify the issue. We can count the deaths but we don’t know how terrible things are.”


that’s counting? for black women, it went down
if this is about equality, you’d want deaths of ALL races to go down? Instead, it’s anti-white.

This is why we need synthetic wombs. So these activists can get a job at Starbucks, where they belong.

There continue to be racial disparities in maternity care, with Black, Asian, and mixed ethnicity women significantly more likely to die than their white counterparts.

Cry harder, we’re also better at IVF, like everything else.

Maternal suicide sadly remained the leading cause of direct deaths that occurred within a year of pregnancy.

How the fuck can you blame whites for that? If they need an asylum you’d complain if we put them in one!

I’ve also covered the mixed race mental problems in other posts, browse the tag.

The report states that 90% of the 566 women who died had multiple problems which included both physical and mental health problems. 

Again, not our problem.

119/556 dead were non-white. So most of the women who died were white but the Guardian covered it like a black issue? Get out.

281/556 obese. Put down the cheetos, fatty. This is mostly natural selection in action.

198/556 had mental health problems….. and decided to stay pregnant? Really? Is that our fault too?

216/556 were immigrants, no right to exploit our NHS, good riddance.

Outcomes for women from different racial groups are not equal.


There remains more than a four-fold difference in the mortality rates amongst women from black ethnic backgrounds, a three-fold difference for mixed ethnicity women and almost a two-fold difference in women from Asian ethnic backgrounds compared to white women.

Mixed was THREE FOLD over white women?

The Guardian lied and said double. I WONDER WHY. As such a small group, this is huge.

Regular Asian-only was DOUBLE the white rate despite being a splinter of the population. I’ve seen a trend of invading Asians calling themselves thin but “with a tummy”. A big gut means you’re obese. It’s a liver disease state. You’re obese, you’re just a short-arse too. Still obese. Still fatal. BMI is based on height.

The body fat percentage of Asians is also higher than white women, who have more muscle, meaning they’re obese at smaller dress sizes. This won’t get flagged up unless you accept racial differences. I have covered BMI obesity studies between the races. Maybe look at the bloody obvious differences like that?


What about miscegenating couples only? Oh, they don’t publish that data. You think they don’t collect it? If the result was better, it would be headline news. It’s worse or they’d publish it.

26% of the women who died (in the perinatal period, up to six weeks after the birth) between 2016-18 were born outside of the UK, 36% of whom were not UK citizens. People born in certain countries had a significantly higher risk of death compared to those born in the UK. Table 1 is taken directly from the MBRRACE report which shows the number of deaths from certain countries, those with the highest number of deaths. It is very clear here that the relative risk is higher for those women from specific countries.

Hey you climbed into the oven by coming over to trust the NHS. We wouldn’t. That’s like signing your own death warrant. Socialist systems have socialist results.

I’m guessing lower IQ countries, someone else check.

Bangladesh, China, India, Nigeria, Romania. Yep, retards. Shitting in the street countries and pimping out their kids to foreign pedos still. Watch this pro-Asia cope:

While there has been a decrease (although not statistically significant) in the number of Black and Asian women who have died, there was an increase in the number of deaths of Chinese/other and Mixed Race people as shown in figure 3. We are still a long way off from seeing an actual reduction in mortality rates. Changes in conversation are not enough, action needs to be taken.

There are no suggestions or comments in the report to work towards this change. It is only discussed that reports are being commissioned, meanwhile racial disparities in maternity care continue..

SOMEBODY NEEDS TO STOP THEM. Well, we want to. You won’t let us.

Almost like these changes are racial differences, eh? The Guardian didn’t mention Chinese/Other women nor mixed women, did they? What a cover-up. No changing Mother Nature.

Drink it in, boys. Drink it in.

It isn’t systemic racism, it’s natural selection.


systemic racism is code for natural selection

UK death data confirms genocidal motives

Did anyone warn you?

“The latest official figures from the UK Health Security Agency show that triple vaccinated people aged 30-70 have now lost at least 70% of their immune system capability compared to the natural immune system of unvaccinated people.

Their immune systems are deteriorating between 10 and 30% per week on average, with the detioration much larger and quicker among the younger age groups.

If this continues at the current rate then all triple vaccinated 18 to 39-year-olds will have 100% immune system degradation by the middle of April 2022, with all other triple vaccinated age-groups following suit not long after.

In other words, official UK Government data strongly suggests the triple vaccinated population are rapidly developing acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.”

I wonder if damaging their immunity will impact fertility?

“Immune Aspects of Female Infertility”

The long pentraxin PTX3 as a link among innate immunity, inflammation, and female fertility

Review on Autoimmune Reactions in Female Infertility: Antibodies to Follicle Stimulating Hormone

But tell yourself I’m pulling it out my ass.

England’s Covid-19 figures are produced by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), and the following table showing the number of cases by vaccination status between week 6 and week 9 of 2022, is taken from their Week 10 – 2022 – Vaccine Surveillance Report –

Source – Page 41

I’m just pasting from here:

As you can see from the above, the triple vaccinated population accounted for the majority of Covid-19 cases in each age group by a country mile, except for the under 18’s. The highest number of cases in those four weeks was recorded among triple jabbed 40-49-year olds, with 111,380 confirmed cases. This compares to just 10,400 cases among unvaccinated 40-49-year-olds.

The UKHSA also conveniently provide the case-rates per 100,000 individuals by vaccination status in their vaccine surveillance reports, and the following table has been stitched together from the case-rate tables found in the Week 3Week 6 and Week 10 Vaccine Surveillance Reports –


As you can see from the above the case-rates per 100k have been highest among the triple vaccinated population over these 3 months, except for in the under 18’s in all 3 months, and the 18-29-year-olds in the week 3 report only.

Now that we know these we can use Pfizer’s simple vaccine effectiveness formula to calculate the real-world Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness among the triple vaccinated.

Unvaccinated Case Rate – Vaccinated Case Rate / Unvaccinated Case Rate x 100

The following chart shows the Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness among the triple vaccinated population in England in 4 week periods between Week 51 of 2021 and Week 9 of 2022 –

As you can see the vaccine effectiveness has been falling month and month, with the lowest effectiveness recorded among 40-49-year-olds at minus-248.92%. But the sharpest decline in jab effectivness has been recorded among 18-29-year-olds, falling to minus-201.52% by Week 9 of 2022 from +10.19 in Week 51 to Week 2.

However, vaccine effectiveness isn’t really a measure of a vaccine, it is a measure of a vaccine recipients immune system performance compared to the immune system performance of an unvaccinated person.

  • A vaccine effectiveness of +50% would mean that the fully vaccinated are 50% more protected against Covid-19 than the unvaccinated. In other words the fully vaccinated have an immune system that is 50% better at tackling Covid-19.
  • A vaccine effectiveness of 0% would mean that the fully vaccinated are no more protected against Covid-19 than the unvaccinated, meaning the vaccines are ineffective. In other words the fully vaccinated have an immune system that is equal to that of the unvaccinated at tackling Covid-19.
  • But a vaccine effectiveness of -50% would mean that the unvaccinated were 50% more protected against Covid-19 than the fully vaccinated. In other words the immune system performance of the vaccinated is 50% worse than the natural immune system performance of the unvaccinated. Therefore, the Covid-19 vaccines have damaged the immune system.

Thankfully, using the case rates provided by UKHSA, we can also calculate the immune system performance. All we need to do is alter the vaccine effectiveness formula slightly for a negative immune system performance, and use the same formula for a positive immune system performance –

Positive Immune System Performance = Unvaccinated Case Rate – Vaccinated Case Rate / Unvaccinated Case Rate x 100
Negative Immune System Performance = Unvaccinated Case Rate – Vaccinated Case Rate / Vaccinated Case Rate x 100

The following chart shows the immune system performance of the triple vaccinated population in England by age group in four week periods, compared to the natural immune system of the unvaccinated population –

As you can see the lowest immune system performance is currently among 60-69-year-olds at minus-72.35%, but all triple vaccinated people aged 30 to 59 are not far begind, with an immune system performance ranging from minus-70.83% to minus-71.34%.

Even the 18 to 29-year-olds are within this region at minus-66.84%, falling from an immune system performance of +11.35% between week 51 and week 2, meaning they have suffered the fastest decline in immune system performance.

AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is the name used to describe a number of potentially life-threatening infections and illnesses that happen when your immune system has been severely damaged.

People with acquired immune deficiency syndrome are at an increased risk for developing certain cancers and for infections that usually occur only in individuals with a weak immune system.

If that immune system performance was to hit around the -95% mark then this would strongly suggest the triple vaccinated population have developed some new form of Covid-19 vaccine induced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, and unfortunately based on the current trend seen over the past 3 months, the youngest age groups do not have long to wait.

The following table shows the decline in immune system performance among each triple vaccinated age group each month as well as the average monthly decline. The average monthly decline has then been used to estimate when each age group will hit 100% immune system degradation, i.e. total immune system failure, based on the known immune system performance as of week 9, 2022.

Click to enlarge

All triple vaccinated adults will have lost 100% of their entire immune capability (for viruses and certain cancers) within 5 months, but 18 to 39-year-olds will have lost it by the middle of April 2022, followed by 40-49-year-olds who will have lost it by the middle of May. These people will then effectively have full blown acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

Pfizer originally claimed their mRNA injection had an effectiveness of up to 95%. These figures clearly show that this claim is false, but we don’t think anyone ever imagined the figures would show that the vaccines do not merely lose effectiveness over time down to zero effectiveness, but instead progressively damage the immune system until a negative efficiency is realised.

“anyone ever imagined”?

This was their design.

The latest data published by the UK Health Security Agency confirms the double and triple vaccinated population in England now account for a shocking 92% of all Covid-19 deaths, and 4 in every 5 of those deaths are among the triple jabbed.

But what’s more concerning is that deaths among the vaccinated population in the past 4 weeks are double the number of deaths recorded among the vaccinated population throughout December at the height of the Omicron wave. Whereas deaths among the unvaccinated population have halved.

Again, passive-aggressively pasting from here:

The consequences of wasting billions of pounds of British Taxpayer’s money on a furlough scheme, ‘Test & Trace’ system etc, whilst forcing whole sectors of the economy to stop functioning such as pubs and restaurants, are finally coming home to roost.

But the UK Government does not want you to blame their decisions since March 2020 for the cost of living crisis that has hit the country. Instead they want you to blame Russia.

So the mainstream narrative has changed from trying to manipulate the public into living a life of misery and compliance through fear of a virus with a 0.2% fatality rate, to trying to manipulate the public into living a life of misery and compliance through fear of World War III.

But whilst this Government has you solely focused on the conflict in Ukraine, they have been quietly publishing data that proves the experimental Covid-19 injection campaign has been an absolute disaster.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) publish a weekly Covid-19 Vaccine Surveillance Report, the most recent of which was published Thursday 17th March 22, and it can be viewed here.

Table 10, found on page 41 of the latest report shows the number of Covid-19 cases by vaccination status in England between 14th Feb and 13th March 22, and it confirms the vast majority were recorded among the triple vaccinated population.


In all, between 14th Feb and 13th March 22, there were a total of 947,555 Covid-19 cases recorded across England, and the triple vaccinated population accounted for 619,128 of them, whilst the not-vaccinated population accounted for just 172,564 of them but 112,192 of those cases were among children.

Overall the vaccinated population accounted for 774,991 cases, meaning they accounted for a shocking 82% of all Covid-19 cases between 14th Feb and 13th March.

Table 11, found on page 42 of the latest report shows the number of Covid-19 hospitalisations by vaccination status in England between 14th Feb and 13th March 22, and it confirms the vast majority were again recorded among the triple vaccinated population.


In all, there were 6,536 Covid-19 hospitalisations in England between 14th Feb and 13th March 22, and the triple vaccinated population accounted for 4,115 of them, whilst the not-vaccinated population accounted for 1,349 of them, 575 of which were allegedly children.

Overall the vaccinated population accounted for 5,187 hospitalisations, meaning they accounted for 79% of all Covid-19 hospitalisations between 14th Feb and 13th March.

But as we have known since day 1, children do not suffer serious disease if infected with Covid-19. And are we really to believe that 575 children are now hospitalised with the Omicron variant that is as severe as the common cold?

Of course not. What we’re seeing here is the NHS and UKHSA manipulate data by testing children who have been admitted to hospital because of other conditions, and then labelling them as Covid-19 hospitalisations if the questionable test comes back positive.

Therefore, if we remove children from the equation we actually find that the vaccinated population accounted for 87% of Covid-19 hospitalisations between 14th Feb and 13th March.


Table 12, found on page 43 of the latest report shows the number of Covid-19 deaths within 28 days of a positive test by vaccination status in England between 14th Feb and 13th March 22, and it confirms yet again that the vast majority were recorded among the triple vaccinated population.


In all, there were 2,410 Covid-19 deaths between 14th Feb and 13th March 22, and the triple vaccinated population accounted for a shocking 1,733 of them. Whilst the not-vaccinated population accounted for just 237.

Overall, the vaccinated population accounted for 90% of all Covid-19 deaths during these four weeks, with 2173 recorded deaths. This means the vaccinated population now account for 9 in every 10 deaths, and the triple vaccinated population account for 4 in every 5 of them.

However, the data on deaths within 60 days of a positive test is even worse for the vaccinated population.

Table 12b, found on page 44 of the latest report shows the number of Covid-19 deaths within 60 days of a positive test by vaccination status in England between 14th Feb and 13th March 22, and it confirms yet again that the vast majority were recorded among the triple vaccinated population.


In all, there were 5,084 Covid-19 deaths between 14th Feb and 13th March 22, and the triple vaccinated population accounted for 3,687 of them. Whilst the not-vaccinated population accounted for just 401.

Overall, the vaccinated population accounted for 92.2% of all Covid-19 deaths during these four weeks, with 4,683 recorded deaths.

There are many who will say that this is to be expected when so many people have been vaccinated. So why is it that the situation seems to be getting worse for the vaccinated population by the week whilst improving for the unvaccinated population?

The totals number of alleged Covid-19 deaths within 60 days of a positive test by vaccination status between 6th Dec 21 and 2nd Jan 22, as confirmed by table 12b of the UKHSA Week 1 2022 report were as follows –

  • Not-vaccinated population = 928 deaths
  • Partly vaccinated population = 130 deaths
  • Triple/Double-vaccinated population = 2,621 deaths

Therefore, back at the height of the Omicron wave, the vaccinated population accounted for 75% of Covid-19 deaths between whilst the not-vaccinated accounted for 25%.

Why is it now that we’re coming out of that wave that deaths among the vaccinated population have doubled, whilst deaths among the unvaccinated have halved?

These aren’t the kind of figures you would expect to see if the Covid-19 injections really are up to 95% effective at preventing hospitalisation and death, are they?

So there you have it. Whilst this Government has you solely focused on the conflict in Ukraine, and successfully ensures the mainstream media manipulate you into blaming Russia for a cost of living crisis caused by Government policy since March 2020, they are quietly publishing data that proves the experimental Covid-19 injection campaign has been an absolute disaster.


The latest figures published by the UK Health Security Agency show that despite the elderly and vulnerable receiving a booster shot in September and October, and the NHS turning into the National Booster Service ever since, the triple/double vaccinated population still accounted for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 deaths throughout December 2021.

The ‘Covid-19 Vaccine Surveillance Report – 2022 – Week 1’ was published by the UK Health Security Agency (formerly Public Health England) on Thursday 6th January 2022, and it shows that the vast majority of Covid-19 cases between 6th Dec 21 and 2nd Jan 22 were among the fully vaccinated population.

This means the vaccinated population accounted for 75% of Covid-19 deaths between 6th Dec 21 and 2nd Jan 22, whilst the not-vaccinated accounted for just 25%.

With the vaccinated population accounting for 7 in every 10 Covid-19 cases, 6 in every 10 Covid-19 hospitalisations, and 8 in every 10 Covid-19 deaths, is there really any justification for turning the NHS into the National Booster Service and the introduction of vaccine passports in which an unvaccinated person must take a test to be permitted entry but a vaccinated person does not?

The Covid-19 injections do not prevent infection.

The Covid-19 injections do not prevent transmission.

According to the data it does not look like they prevent hospitalisation or death either.

The only thing that the Covid-19 injections currently prevent is the respect of the basic human rights afforded to every person prior to March 2020.

The fertility issues will cause the lynchings and torch-wielding mobs:

People work for family all their lives and nothing less. Even diehard bachelors say “family someday”. You take that dream away, they have nothing to live for anymore. And the men have nothing to stop them going postal on those who did it to them. Women can live vicariously through the children of other women, including cousins or strangers in a nursery. With men it’s a virility thing, you attack his balls and his genetic legacy and it’s personal. It doesn’t get more personal than chemical castration. Rich men building Empires would become extremely dangerous, probably the Mob leaders, arming them.

There’ll be a premium on pureblood eggs and sperm, especially if you have high IQ and passable looks.

h/t Vox Day


If men were smart, they’d enforce fraud laws in terms of medical claim e.g. a woman (or man) must disclose whether she took the modRNA if it’s shown (duh) to impair fertility, much like the UK law about pre-marital disclosure of STDs (because they impair fertility) or it’s grounds to void the union. It’s traditional and would enrage SJWs. Also disclose the entire medical file, including all infections, all medical procedures including cosmetic (must show photos before wedding) and that includes sex-‘change’ ops. This would be needed for informed consent anyway, just formalise it. They have a right to know if they’re marrying a barren wo/man.

From expose article:

“Today, we’re going to cover an even shadier application of vaccines.  That is the use of them to reduce fertility and even cause permanent sterilisation,” Dr. Bailey said.

The World Doctors Alliance, for example, posted a link on Telegram to a scientific paper published in May 2021 in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research (“IJVTPR”).  The paper described in detail the technology underlying Covid injections.  Its authors then reviewed several aspects including the spike protein toxicity and “shedding” – the transmission of the protein from a “vaccinated” to an “unvaccinated” person resulting in symptoms induced in the “unvaccinated” – offering a plausible mechanism of transmission via exosomes.  You can read the paper HERE….

It’s called live shedding. It’s been proven with flu vaccines.

I wonder how the fertility outcomes vary between the mutants and pureblooded but shed upon?
There’s no proven limit on spike shedding. None has been demonstrated.

If it’s lifelong, they’re walking biohazards.

HOWEVER, even sleeping with the mutants is the biggest shedding risk, especially men sleeping with women. Vaginal fluids would be full of the stuff but there are no studies, why not?

Depopulation. You know why.

Spike proteins might be re-classified as an STD. Calling it.

And the men would have grounds to sue the mutant as rape by fraud and fertility damages. Good.

Aged, post-Wall men when childless more likely to die young

and their r-select offspring, too, if they have them. Quantity over quality doesn’t work in the long run, see, so don’t worry about immigrants that much. Low fitness cannot win, long-term.
Mother Nature culls bachelors.

Slight repost for SEO. Nature, this year.

Impact of genetic risk score on the association between male childlessness and cardiovascular disease and mortality

Men need purpose of family or wither away. Believe no copes.

Childless men are reported to have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and mortality. Information on inherited genetic risk for CVD has improved the predictive models. Presuming that childlessness is a proxy of infertility we aimed to investigate if childless men inherit more often genetic traits for CVD and if combining genetic and parenthood information improves predictive models for CVD morbidity and mortality. Data was sourced from a large prospective population-based cohort where genetic risk score (GRS) was calculated using two sets of either 27 (GRS 27) or 50 (GRS 50) single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) previously found to be associated with CVD. Part of the participants (n = 2572 men) were randomly assigned to a sub-cohort with focus on CVD which served as an exploratory cohort. The obtained statistically significant results were tested in the remaining (confirmatory) part of the cohort (n = 9548 men). GRS distribution did not differ between childless men and fathers (p-values for interaction between 0.29 and 0.76). However, when using fathers with low GRS as reference high GRS was a strong predictor for CVD mortality, the HR (95% CI) increasing from 1.92 (1.10–3.36) for GRS 50 and 1.54 (0.87–2.75) for GRS 27 in fathers to 3.12 (1.39–7.04) for GRS50 and 3.73 (1.75–7.99) for GRS27 in childless men. The confirmatory analysis showed similar trend. Algorithms including paternal information and GRS were more predictive for CVD mortality at 5 and 10 years follow-ups when compared to algorithms including GRS only (AUC 0.88 (95% CI 0.84–0.92) and 0.86 (95% CI 0.84–0.90), and, AUC 0.81 (95% CI 0.75–0.87) and 0.78 (95% CI 0.73–0.82), respectively). Combining information on parental status and GRS for CVD may improve the predictive power of risk algorithms in middle-aged men. Childless men and those with severe infertility problem may be an important target group for prevention of CVD.

The Wall literally kills men. It’s undeniable. The MGTOW types are an anti-natal death cult as much as SJWs, except spinsters live longer, actually.
There is no accounting for this but genetics, as we see in the premature mortality of children if they do have them.

Risk of childhood mortality in family members of men with poor semen quality

Men who wait until postWall to have kids, tend to have dead kids. It isn’t just paternal age, it’s poor genetic quality or fitness.
Stop lying to men about this, they don’t have immortal sperm. No such thing. Don’t tell them to leave it too late while you hock them playa e-books.
So the kids they do manage to have will die early, this is also seen among the mixed with rare genetic conditions.

What is known already: Semen quality is an established predictor of men’s somatic health. We can gain a better understanding of possible genetic or environmental determinants of the infertility phenotype by exploring familial aggregation of childhood mortality in relatives of men with poor semen quality.


Get rekt, you’re already dead. So are your r-type kids.
This is why r-types evolved to have children as early as humanly possible, and as often. The high quality K strategy is genetically barred from them, no wonder they hate happy families, it’s like fat women hating thin ones. The kids don’t live long enough to act like a K, long-term. This is why fake Ks make me laugh and largely don’t concern me. You can’t cheat your own inferior genetic quality. Go ahead, have expensive medical bills for likely retarded or mentally ill kids, that will die before you get grandkids. See if I care.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Or maybe you aren’t listening to Him.
The sins of the father…..

You say, ‘God stores away a man’s iniquity for his sons.’
Let God repay him so that he may know it.

“Prepare for his sons a place of slaughter
Because of the iniquity of their fathers.
They must not arise and take possession of the earth
And fill the face of the world with cities.”

Sounds like early mortality to me!

There are many studies on weak sperm and premature mortality in men, I’m surprised really. Nature has the gold standard one because I know they’ll try to cherrypick around it.
They never discuss real redpills like this, do they?

If something cut a childless woman’s lifespan in HALF, you’d be sure they’d talk about it.

Men are, at best, dying of a broken heart in the mid-30s, early-40s because they have no family, and you hear crickets from the con artists who don’t really care about men, only wish to profiteer from them.

It directly contradicts their pure copium that ALL men have magical sexy singleton 30s (as K-type high fitness men might exclusively*), despite going outside, touching some grass and seeing how many let themselves go into grotesque swamp monsters. It isn’t just the women. Speaking to some Americans, I attributed a full decade or two onto their claimed age. I don’t think they were lying. The GMO carbs and booze age them like shit. The diabeetus fairy sprinkles them with powdered sugar.

*but Ks don’t sleep around, so it’s redundant to be hot. Rs want to be Ks so badly but slut genes lose.

CVD is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the US as well as in the European Union to a cost of hundreds of billion €, and responsible for 400,000 annual US deaths and 1.8 million EU deaths11,12,13. Therefore, improving CVD risk prediction and prevention is an important public health goal and is embedded in the Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases in the WHO European Region for the time period 2016 to 202514.

This risk was most pronounced in childless men with high genetic risk scores having up to more than three times increased risk of CVD mortality, as compared to fathers with low GRS. Furthermore, we showed that adding information on paternal status to the GRS-based risk algorithm increases the predictive power for CVD mortality during 5- and 10-years follow-up.

Previously, by using data from a prospective cohort of 22,000 men with long follow-up from the same urban population, we were able to show that childlessness can be regarded as an independent risk marker for CVD along with other well-known risk factors2, an association previously reported by other authors4,26,27,28. In the current study we used a similar cohort from the same region of southern Sweden which provided genetic data and was specifically designed to study CVD risk. We were able to show the same effect of paternal status on CVD mortality estimates as previously published2. To the best of our knowledge this is the first study which evaluates the impact of established genetic risk scores for CVD on the association between parental status and the risk of CAD and CVD mortality.

Family size can be directly linked to the male fertility status29 and therefore male infertility is most likely overrepresented among childless men. Similarly, increased mortality and morbidity risk have been associated with impaired semen quality2 suggesting biological factors related to fertility to also play an important role for the risk of adverse health events in those men—association already established for women30.

The hypothesis of shared genetic traits for CVD and male infertility is based on the model proposed by Skakkebaek et al.18. It suggests a common mechanism, involving a combination of prenatal life exposures and adverse genetic factors to affect the future health of male fetuses making them more prone to develop subfertility as well as various diseases in adult life and to have shorter life span16,17,18,19. The mechanism suggests a primary testicular dysfunction including low testosterone—hypogonadism—as a possible mediator for the aforementioned risks31,32. Since up to 15% of the genome is directly involved in the physiology of reproduction16, disruption of non-reproductive, including metabolic, pathways likely impacts reproductive function and vice versa. However, the lack of interaction between parental status and inherited genetic risk for CVD reported by us suggests independent mechanisms when using childlessness as proxy for infertility.

Our study has several strengths but also some limitations. Comprehensive information from Swedish national registries allows for precise information on date and cause of death, emigration, disease diagnosis and represents men from all socioeconomic backgrounds. The meticulous data collection at baseline provides an opportunity to adjust for a large number of well-known risk factors for CVD. Furthermore, the genetic scores used in the analysis were previously verified as a risk factor using data from more than 55,000 individuals15, thus making it a reliable factor in risk estimation.

The robustness of our findings is underlined by confirmation of the findings based on MDC-CVC sub-cohort in the analysis of data from the remaining MDC subjects. In the latter analysis some additional GRS 27 subgroups showed statistically significantly increased CAD HRs, probably due to larger sample size.

therefore the risk of our cohort to reflect voluntary childlessness is low.

TLDR: Genetic r.

Solution? Simple. Compel hot people to breed like military service and ban the ugly.

The slow creep of tyranny frog marches briskly

The next stage in this dystopian mass psychosis is a mad, open rushed power grab to totalitarian control, since the grasp of the reins of power have substantially slipped. There’s no panic like power-mad panic.
The excess mortality among children is proving difficult to suppress. Then come the details of house arrests (imprisonment without trial, against our law), the surprise-not-surprise ‘announcement’ of retooling mega prisons as ‘camps’ and roving bands of ‘enforcers’ happy and Marxistly strident to ‘do their part’. The Nazis said the same. Technically if you’re killing them, the stay is temporary. War crimes and treason against the peoples of every nation. Nuremberg was written to prevent this.

Following the government’s vaccine rollout, the UK’s Office of National Statistics shows that the number of deaths between week 38 and week 41 of 2021 among children aged 10-14 were 62% higher than the five-year average for the number of deaths in this age group during the same period. Furthermore, the increase in deaths began when children started receiving the experimental “vaccine.”

The trend of increasing deaths among children is continuing. More children in the age group 5-14 years died in week 43 of 2021 than usual. Data from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) recently revealed that so many children died at the end of October that there was excess mortality.


The CMO admits they do not know the adverse effects the injection will have on children stating, we “acknowledge that there is considerable uncertainty regarding the magnitude of the potential harms.”

If it does that to kids, what’s it doing to adults?

Aside from permitting our own invasion under the guise of ‘immigration’ and ‘multiculturalism’ (the cult of being nice, dying whites) then this is the greatest psyop of our time.
Literally two years and their centuries of plotting are for naught.
Gotta laugh, haven’t you?
Even if they locked me up, we’re free spiritually. You cannot make me believe your lies. Faith belongs to God, not MPs and priests in medical robes. Not today, Satan!
Whether they own your mind is the past two years, this coming year will be whether they own your body or the natural law (plus Nuremberg related to Aktion T4) on whether you do.
Starve the Beast.
Do not enable nor embolden them with your wallet.

The same churches that have encouraged race-mixing, shunning the local poor for ‘missions’ (brothel) trips abroad, ‘holy’ sterility (despite go forth and multiply) and overall degeneracy, want you to take something into your body that is known to be ‘experimental’. Are churches psychic? Where’s the crystal ball?
Satanic baptism isn’t what people think it is. You don’t howl in animal blood under a full moon, naked.
It’s a lot more respectable looking, nowadays.
Some would say, polite.
Their high priestesses wear blue and white now, colours of trust and purity in studies. This is deliberate.

“We knew prior to release of these vaccines for general use and their “mandates” that the majority of the antibodies produced were not neutralizing; they were binding. A binding antibody can enhance infection. Given that we had decades of history with the non-durability of neutralizing antibodies with attempts to vaccinate against coronaviruses what is the reasonable expectation for what will happen if that occurs this time but binding antibodies are still present? Proof? No; there was no proof. But what evidence existed that this approach was safe? NONE! Indeed, the evidence, such as it was, all ran the other way although it certainly was not conclusive. We did it anyway.”

“As regards children there is not now and never has been an argument for giving them a Covid-19 vaccine. They do not require or benefit from any protection that it might afford on a statistical basis and since we know there are dangers, many of which we have no way to quantify and will not be able to do so for ten or more years [DS: fertility studies] it is a rank violation of logic and the Hippocratic Oath, never mind gross negligence and malpractice, to administer or permit to be administered same to kids.”


The Bible says no man knows the hour.

It is prideful to presume you cannot live in the Mark times. It’s a denial of Christ’s predictions.

I must admit, darkly, despite licking the fascist boot just a little:

There is something beautiful about the idiots sterilising themselves.

Terrible, but beautiful.

Would you want to live in that future? The mixing pot, Satanic, Marxist utopia? Which presumes it’ll survive minus the salt of the earth? Eggs with no goose style? Uncabob did blog posts on the magic white man being expected to magically heal the Third World. What if we did disappear? (And further, deserved it for mixing out like a cuck and the nation’s men failing to defend the nation). Would you think it’s a nice place to live? Would you think it has clean water, friendly people, good food, fine clothes and art, sage intellectuals, capable medicine and strong houses?

Me neither.

I’d take holy imprisonment over “living” on the Marxist farm in Brown World, thanks. I elect not to live in the Third World for a reason. It’s shit. Because of the people who populate it.

If you want a First World living standard, stop fucking your family like the Third World. It isn’t that hard. I passed a school of retards today and guess what the default race was? If you guessed Asian, you win. Model minority my arse. Model proles more like. High in obedience as a race. Not good for any men, any nation nor any high IQ society. Agreeable to the point of killing off their geniuses, and it shows.

So oddly, I do endorse letting the Marxist signalling set sterilise their own children. It saves the taxpayer having to tie their tubes or give them the snip at 18. Tell the parents this, thank them for their ‘sacrifice’, the reaction is priceless. They’re making their own kids experimental guinea pigs. It’s a fact. They were gonna die out anyway with that lemming quality, it’s hardly priceless genetic stock. The issue is replacement, in light of billions of Asians (more populous than Africans) especially considering hostile genocidal replacement on our own lands. You plug the boat before bailing out water. Adding in clean water just muddies it.

I only grieve for the fact this isn’t stronger enforced in non-European countries.

Think of it, all our external problems would be resolved in a matter of a few short years.
Evil is usually efficient.


What’s the problem with micro-clots?

thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura

Yes, time for another original.
I needn’t glance beyond wikipedia to prove this. It’s so simple.

There is a reliable way to kill people only by causing microclots. This is due to the physics of the vasculature causing shear stress resulting in micro-tearing. You heard it here first.
When this arises organically, this is what it’s called. Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. Symptoms include bleeding from the teeth. It’s very random and could easily fly under the radar if you’re not looking for it. Nobody is looking for it. I’m just out here saving lives and nobody is crediting me. It’s fine. Sniff.
I await reddit and 4chan ripping me off momentarily. Meh. At least get the information out there.

If a depopulationist wanted to silent kill people, all they’d need to do is cause TTP.

It’s a very precise turn of events, almost impossible to stop once begun.
It’s a slow biomechanical death, turning the vessel structure itself into a targeted weapon against all the vital organs. Most of them are fairly vital. A ‘vaccination’ injection would be the ideal vehicle for the causative agent, spaced over several instances to avoid legal suspicion and ensure the widest demographic coverage radius, if you were pure evil. Sepsis and other clot or blood issues happen in old people all the time, so start with them. By the time they discover it, if they know what it is, they’re probably half-dead. I saw in person an NHS ad about mask wearing using the NPC meme. They know.

Let me quote arrogantly:

“The underlying mechanism typically involves autoantibody-mediated inhibition of the enzyme ADAMTS13, a metalloprotease responsible for cleaving large multimers of von Willebrand factor (vWF) into smaller units.

The increase in circulating multimers of vWF increases platelet adhesion to areas of endothelial injury, particularly where arterioles and capillaries meet, which in turn results in the formation of small platelet clots called thrombi. As platelets are used up in the formation of thrombi, this then leads to a decrease in the number of overall circulating platelets, which may then cause life-threatening bleeds. Red blood cells passing the microscopic clots are subjected to shear stress, which damages their membranes, leading to rupture of red blood cells within blood vessels, which in turn leads to anemia and schistocyte formation. The presence of these blood clots in the small blood vessels reduces blood flow to organs resulting in cellular injury and end organ damage.”

– and death

It’s a subtle point, isn’t it?

How to test this, begs the peanut gallery?

The adhesion shows up as a dodgy d-dimer test. Check mate.

But that’s early presentation, not a formal diagnosis and certainly no treatment option.
Hence my research. I knew, with my super high IQ, it isn’t the clots, it’s what they’re doing.
I just needed to prove it.

Feeling smug because you forswore the modRNA? Don’t.

Taking quinine can also cause this, which is why I haven’t recommended it. Like, ever.
Look on the page, it’s listed! That’s why refuseniks are also randomly dropping dead. From what diagnostically appears like the same thing. But it’s not. The same condition with differential CAUSE.

I am like the Batman of medicine.

Gives pureblood a whole new meaning, dunnit?

We’d expect more women to die from this. Women and trannies. Why? Well, taking the Pill or any oestrogen chemically is a possible, known cause. So add in a clot shot and it’s basically a death sentence.
I said you go after depopulating in two different ways. Long term sperm damage to men and simply killing off the women, since a population is nothing reproductively without its women.



“The mortality rate is around 95% for untreated cases, but the prognosis is reasonably favorable (80–90% survival) for people with idiopathic TTP diagnosed and treated early with plasmapheresis.[38]”

This is not idiopathic, it is accumulative and medicated (repeatedly) and people are being denied basic hospital care, including blood tests. Coincidence?

I’m not always scary, just usually.

Ask the guinea pigs if they’re getting strange bruising, or red or purple dots on their skin that don’t blanch when pressure is applied. Their life may literally depend on it.

They want you to cut off communication from them. This keeps them ignorant until all treatment is too late to be applied.

With enough schistocytes building up artificially, it could present much like sepsis, so it could lead to a different possible Cause of actual Death, called Disseminated intravascular coagulation or DIC.
Check schistocyte values too! nb. This explains the mysterious, pre-existing dissection findings of tons of coagulation in the clot shotted and deceased. It has a name. I found it. Check schistocytes in the living.

It’s just a blood test, it’s so cheap!

Disseminated intravascular coagulation or DIC is caused by a systemic response to a specific condition including sepsis and severe infection, malignancy, obstetric complications, massive tissue injury, or systemic diseases. Disseminated intravascular coagulation is an activation of the coagulation cascade which is usually a result of an increased exposure to tissue factor. The activation of the cascade leads to thrombi formation which causes an accumulation of excess fibrin formation in the intravascular circulation. The excess fibrin strands cause mechanical damage to the red blood cells resulting in schistocyte formation and also thrombocytopenia and consumption of clotting factors. Schistocyte values between .5% and 1% are usually suggestive of DIC.[7]

I told you the tests now do them.

Even if the mutant women survive, this fatal condition can be aggravated by pregnancy, so I guess it no longer becomes ‘safe’ for them to have kids, even if they technically can. All hail saving Da Planet!
Now that’s what I call a blood sacrifice, no bull required. Well, a little bull. Mostly in the form of appeasing bullshit to keep the lemmings questioning long enough that their own organs slowly starve to death.

Go forth and multiply – some guy.

p.s. look for blood issues in the excess mortality and anemic organs upon dissection, now sod off.

‘Vaccine’ mortality data, 4-5x risk

America is screwed to the tune of at least one in four.

“According to the report – which was released by the US Food and Drug Administration to provide background information on its questionable decision to grant full approval for the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 mRNA injection, after initially offering limited emergency use authorisation just six months after the vaccine’s clinical trial began – the total number of deaths reported in the vaccinated group was nearly one-quarter higher than the number of deaths in the placebo group.”

“While Pfizer released partial data on the outcomes from the six-month assessment ending March 13th, the new FDA report includes more comprehensive data, and shows a significantly higher number of all-cause fatalities among the vaccinated cohort.”

“The FDA report, however, revealed a larger number of deaths by all causes in both groups, with 17 deaths among the control group and 21 in the vaccinated cohort….

The relative difference in all-cause deaths between the two cohorts equates to 23.5%, with the vaccinated population having a higher all-cause mortality rate.”

Give them the traffic for the rest. Now onto the UK in detail:

Because the data shows that the fully vaccinated are up to five times more likely to die if infected with Covid-19.

Public Health Scotland publish a weekly report containing statistics on Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations and deaths by vaccination status, and their latest report was published on Wednesday 22nd November.

The report contains data on the number of Covid-19 cases and hospitalisations from October 23rd 2021 to November 19th 2021, and the number of Covid-19 deaths from 16th October 2021 to 12th November 2021.

Here’s what the latest report revealed in terms of whether this is a ‘Pandemic of the Unvaccinated or Fully Vaccinated’…

Table 18 of the latest ‘Covid-19 Statistical Report’ shows the number of Covid-19 cases per week by vaccination status between October 23rd and November 19th. We’ve created the following chart on the published data.

source page 41

This data proves that the majority of Covid-19 cases in the past four weeks have been among the fully vaccinated population.

The above chart shows the cumulative number of cases per week by vaccination status as well as the projected number of cases per week up to December 17th 2021 based on the current trend.


But there are far more cases among the vaccinated population, with 50,222 cases being recorded between Oct 23rd and Nov 19th, and projections show cases could rise to a cumulative total of approximately 105,000 by Dec 17th.

Table 19 of the latest ‘Covid-19 Statistical Report’ shows the number of Covid-19 hospitalisations per week by vaccination status between October 23rd and November 19th. We’ve created the following chart on the published data.

page 47:

……But things are looking much worse for the fully vaccinated. There were 1,564 Covid-19 hospitalisations among the vaccinated population between Oct 23rd and Nov 19th. But projections show this could rise to a cumulative total of approximately 3,300 by Dec 17th.

Table 20 of the latest ‘Covid-19 Statistical Report’ shows the number of Covid-19 deathsper week by vaccination status between October 16th and November 12th. We’ve created the following chart on the published data.


This data proves that the majority of Covid-19 deaths in the past four weeks have been among the fully vaccinated population……

As things stand there were just 54 Covid-19 deaths among the unvaccinated population between Oct 16th and Nov 12th, with projections showing deaths could increase to a cumulative total of approximately 95 by Dec 10th among the unvaccinated.

But if you are fully vaccinated then your chances of dying if infected with Covid-19 look far worse. Because there were 447 deaths among the vaccinated population between Oct 16th and Nov 12th, and projections show deaths could rise to a cumulative total of approximately 930 by Dec 10th.”

~5x more likely? Maybe more?

You give them the traffic for the chart mentioned:

“The chart shows that the vaccinated population accounted for 64% of cases and 74% of hospitalisations between Oct 23rd and Nov 19th, whilst the unvaccinated population accounted for 36% of cases and 26% of hospitalisations.”

Meanwhile between Oct 16th and Nov 12th, the vaccinated population accounted for a frightening 89% of Covid-19 deaths, whilst the unvaccinated population accounted for just 11%.

I hate being right.

“These are the figures we should be looking at to determine the effectiveness of the vaccines because it is impossible to be hospitalised with Covid-19 or die with Covid-19 if you have not first been infected with Covid-19.”

“The above chart shows the case-hospitalisation rate (No. Cases / No. Hosp.), case-fatality rate (No. Cases / No. Deaths), and hospitalisation fatality rate (No. Hosp / No. Deaths) by vaccination status.”

“Therefore, the rates per 100,000 of the general population used by the likes of BBC News are used to deceive you.”

I skipped the long-winded data explanation bit.

“Now that we’ve cleared that up – It’s quite concerning to find that all three rates are much higher among the vaccinated population, we should surely be seeing the opposite if the Covid-19 vaccines reduce the risk of hospitalisation and death?”

You assume their purpose was to prevent it.

“But unfortunately the above figures do not just suggest that the vaccines are ineffective, they actually suggest that they make the recipient worse.

A vaccine effectiveness of 0% would mean that the vaccines are ineffective and the vaccinated and unvaccinated have the same chance of dying if infected with Covid-19.

But a vaccine effectiveness of -95% would mean that the vaccines actually make the recipient worse, by for example decimating the recipients immune system, or invoking a response such as antibody-dependent-enhancement. Which makes the following figures extremely concerning.

“The above chart shows the increased risk of hospitalisation if infected with Covid-19, the increased risk of death if infected with Covid-19, and the increased risk of death if hospitalised with Covid-19, among the vaccinated population. The percentages have been calculated based on the ‘Rates by Vaccination Status’ calculated in the previous chart.

The chart shows that the vaccinated are 63% more likely to be hospitalised with Covid-19 if infected, therefore this shows that the Covid-19 vaccines have an average vaccine effectiveness of -63% against hospitalisation.

But the most concerning figure demonstrated on the above chart shows that the vaccinated are 394% more likely to die with Covid-19 if infected. This shows that the Covid-19 vaccines have an average vaccine effectiveness of –394% against death suggesting the injections are completely decimating the recipients immune systems.”

Nearly 400%

“But not only that, the data also proves that the Covid-19 injections not only do not work, they also make the recipient worse, with a case-fatality rate five times higher among the vaccinated population than the unvaccinated population.”

h/t VD
In happier news!

Frankensteins are being killed by their own monster. Frankenstein was the doctor.

I think I speak for everyone when I say:


UK deaths ‘shot’ up

It’s very simple.
Of the dead, how many were modRNA’d versus the non-mutant population?
It’s a delta.

A primary schooler could get this.

Data from the UK Health Security Agency show there have been thousands more deaths than the five-year average in heart failure, heart disease, circulatory conditions and diabetes since the summer.

The sudden surge in mortality is not a meaningless blip on the radar. It’s a red flag indicating a significant break in the five-year trend. Something has gone terribly wrong. Mass vaccination was supposed to reduce the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths. Instead, the fatalities continue to rise.

ADE. If only somebody had called this. Wait until the reproductive side effects come in, for men as well as women.

Also, supposed? Is that science? Fickle hope? Callow assumption?

The answer to that question can be found in the data itself. As the author admits, there has been a sharp uptick in heart failure, heart disease, circulatory conditions and strokes. (Diabetes is the outlier) These are precisely the ailments one would expect to see if one had just injected millions of people with a clot-generating biologic that triggers a violent immune response that attacks the inner lining of the blood vessels inflicting severe damage to the body’s critical infrastructure. So, yes, all-cause mortality is up, and it is certain to climb even higher as more people are vaccinated and gradually succumb to the (frequently) delayed effects of a hybrid concoction that is the cornerstone of a malign plan to dramatically reduce global population. Check out this chart followed by a brief comment by diagnostic pathologist, Dr Claire Craig:

Wait until they hear the damage is progressive. You can’t heal a damaged heart. You cannot replace the vascular scaffolding. Postmodern medicine is not Jesus.
I’ve been unsuccessful in telling my MSM-viewing relatives how dangerous boosters are. They sound hypnotised or mentally checked out, which could be a side effect. Some people would rather die than fear God/death. Hoping I don’t need to attend any funerals in the next 12 months. One also tried fearmongering like what if you died? (If? Does it make one immortal now?) I’m young, I’m more likely to be hit by a bus. They sound like demons possessed. WHY NOT? WHY NOT? WHY NOT? The burden of proof is on the positive claim and they have none at this point. My continued vibrant health pisses them off. It’ll be funny to watch them beg for an organ transplant, since I already told them, since it’s experimental, on their head be it. I have washed my hands like Pilot on this. I think they sense what it’s doing to them and want to take down others out of spite for outsmarting them/propaganda. Others are decidedly less smug compared to one or two months ago.

So, not only are more people dying, but the demographic has shifted downwards as younger and younger people are drawn into the vaccine vortex. Simply put, the number of young people dying from vaccine-inflicted cardiac arrest and myocarditis continues to increase with no end in sight.

I called it that the Boomers and few Silent Gens holding on would rather kill their own grandkids (generally) than miss out on five more years of watching daytime television, gambling, adultery and gardening. I hope they don’t complain they aren’t getting a genetic legacy and all their parental investment was for naught, since they probably sterilised it by verbal abuse.

Not surprisingly, all-cause mortality is higher among the vaccinated than the unvaccinated which, again, makes it easier to trace the problem back to its root, a cytotoxic “poison-death shot” that suppresses the innate immune system, damages vital organs and shaves years off the lives of normal, healthy people.

But they got to feel real morally superior. Before burning in Hell.

White people are especially naive to believe genocide could never happen to us, when the governments are justifying Second World living standards ‘for da planet’.

Modern white people are not as salt of the earth in sum as we once were. Read: we are not as important to the functioning of their system as we once were. We have largely become disposable. The bodies of the West are already inflamed with carbs and pollution, let alone bloated with the diseases of sexual immorality (at least that’s usually a choice) and other vices. This present society would never exist in history because we need antibiotics to even keep the most useless moron alive, to fuck another day. Boomers aren’t living longer because they’re so great, they’re just the first generation to entirely exist during the era of antibiotics, which have been less useful thanks to their over-use of them. We’re not allowed to be offended, because they’ll defend their orgy cruises until the day they die (soon).

For starters; the Covid-19 vaccine is not a medication. It is the essential component in the elitist plan for industrial-scale extermination. It is designed to inflict severe physical injury on the people who take it. It’s shocking that people are so deep in denial that can’t see what’s going on right before their eyes. (Please, watch the video clips of the athletes. These are the fittest people on the planet and, yet, they are being struck down by the mystery substance in the vaccine.) Here’s how South African doctor Shankara Chetty summed it up in a recent video posted on Bitchute:

“The pathogen that is causing all the deaths from the illness is the spike protein. And the spike protein is what the vaccine is supposed to make in your body. …Spike protein is one of the most contrived poisons that man has ever made. And, the aim of this toxin, is to kill billions of people without anyone noticing it. So it is a poison with an agenda.” (“South African Physician Dr. Shankara Chetty Talks about “The Bigger Plan”, Bitchute)

People are literally keeling over immediately and we’re supposed to assume it’s not toxic.

“We are in the midst of the biggest depopulation program the world has ever seen, where most of humanity are acting as useful idiots to it and to their own demise.”

Honestly, I’ve said before but if I were a eugenicist (I’m not or I wouldn’t have warned you lot about the reproductive effects) the most poetic justice I could imagine would be to only kill the foghorn narcissists who would believe any Satanic lie about eluding death and God’s will. The evil is proven in how they went for the disabled kids first. They have contraindications. Or anyone’s kids, for that matter.

…it appears that the viral spike protein… is also one of the key agents causing the damage to distant organs that may include the brain, heart, lung, and kidney. Before any of these vaccines are approved for widespread use in humans, it is important to assess in vaccinated subjects the effects of vaccination on the heart…. As important as it is to quickly arrest the spread of the virus by immunizing the population, it would be vastly worse if hundreds of millions of people were to suffer long-lasting or even permanent damage to their brain or heart microvasculature as a result of failing to appreciate in the short-term an unintended effect of full-length spike protein-based vaccines on these other organs. (“FDA shrugs off dire warning about lethal spike protein“, Truth in the Age of Covid)

I understand but the adults who elected to get this shit were already zombies. Pfizer just made it official. Millions is a low ball.

The drug companies chose the two most important organs to give the slow kill shot to, and the hardest to test because of their vital nature. Bold to claim this is unintended despite several cover-ups. The CCP are forcibly injecting people – videos on twitter keep being deleted, which nobody here wishes to discuss, including Vox. If it were harmless, they could allow a few stragglers. Mass murderers don’t want witnesses.

Once that happens, the spike protein can combine with receptors on blood platelets and with cells that line our blood vessels. This is why, paradoxically, it can cause both blood clotting and bleeding. ‘And of course the heart is involved, as part of the cardiovascular system… That’s why we’re seeing heart problems. The protein can also cross the blood-brain barrier and cause neurological damage.…

If only somebody had linked the studies.

“What I’ve seen way too much of is people who had cancers that were in remission, or that were being well controlled; their cancers have gone completely out of control after getting this vaccine. And we know the vaccine causes a drop in T-cell numbers, and those T-cells are part of our immune system and they are part of the critical weapons our immune system has to fight off cancer cells; so there’s a potential mechanism there. All I can say, is I’ve had way too many people contact me with these reports for me to feel comfortable. I would say that is my newest major safety concern, and it’s also the one that’s going to be the most under-reported in the adverse data base, because if someone has had cancer before the vaccine, there’s no way public health officials will ever link it to the vaccine.” (“Dr Byram Bridle speaks”, Bitchute, :55 second-mark)

Cancer is pathogenic usually and highly inflammatory.

“… the British government…. admitted today, in its newest vaccine surveillance report, that:

“N antibody levels appear to be lower in people who acquire infection following two doses of vaccination.” (Page 23)

What the British are saying is they are now finding the vaccine interferes with your body’s innate ability after infection to produce antibodies against not just the spike protein but other pieces of the virus….

I know, it’s by design.

Stop attributing stupidity. If this were pre-planned, it wouldn’t look one iota different. This is the mistakes were made phase before the malice becomes more apparent.

It’s genetic programming, but not as we know it.

Immunity is genetic.

Berenson’s observations square with research that was compiled earlier in the year by scientists in The Netherlands and Germany who:

….warned that the … (COVID-19) vaccine induces complex reprogramming of innate immune responses that should be considered in the development and use of mRNA-based vaccines… the research team from Radboud University Medical Center and Erasmus MC in the Netherlands… showed that the vaccine altered the production of inflammatory cytokines by innate immune cells following stimulation with both specific (SARS-CoV-2) and non-specific stimuli.

Following vaccination, innate immune cells had a reduced response to toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4), TLR7 and TLR8 – all ligands that play an important role in the immune response to viral infection…. an unexplored area is whether BNT162b2 vaccination has long-term effects on innate immune responses 

This could be very relevant in COVID-19, in which dysregulated inflammation plays an important role in the pathogenesis and severity of the disease,” writes the team. “Multiple studies have shown that long-term innate immune responses can be either increased (trained immunity) or down-regulated (innate immune tolerance) after certain vaccines or infections.” (Research suggests Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine reprograms innate immune responses, new-medical-net)

The walking dead.

Berenson’s finding also align with with cutting-edge research showing that the spike protein greatly “impedes adaptive immunity” by preventing DNA from repairing damaged cells. The paper suggests that the spike protein does in fact “impact on the nucleus of the cell, where we store our DNA, our core genetic material.” Here’s more from Berenson’s breakdown of the paper:

But – at least in the experiments these two scientists ran – the spike protein appeared to interfere with our own DNA repair proteins: “Mechanistically, we found that the spike protein localizes in the nucleus and inhibits DNA damage repair by impeding key DNA repair protein BRCA1 and 53BP1 recruitment to the damage site.”

Was this not a bioweapon? Study the sperm, that should be funny.

“Our findings reveal a potential molecular mechanism by which the spike protein might impede adaptive immunity and underscore the potential side effects of full-length spike-based vaccines.” (“URGENT: Worrisome paper about the spike protein’s impact on DNA and DNA repair”, Alex Berenson, Substack)

“… once you block off a significant number of blood vessels to your lungs, your heart must pump at a much greater resistance to get the blood through your lungs. That causes a condition called pulmonary artery hypertension, which is high blood pressure in your lungs because so many of the blood vessels in your lungs are blocked. And the terrifying thing about this is that people with pulmonary artery hypertension usually die of right-sided heart failure in three years… And not only is the long-term outlook very grim, but with each successive shot, the damage will add and add and add. It’s going to be cumulative because you are getting more and more damaged capillaries.” (“Shock: Doctor Warns That Majority Of Vaccinated Patients Could HavePermanent Heart Damage, Some May Die Within Three Years”Permanent Heart Damage, Some May Die Within Three Years”, Infowars; Minute 6:10)

If I were one of them, I’d get the prideful first.

One study said, never ignore extremely elevated D-dimer levels. They are specific for serious illness, including venous thrombosis, sepsis, and/or cancer. Even if sharply elevated D-dimer are a seemingly solitary finding, clinical suspicion of severe underlying disease should be maintained.

Most cases of DIC are diagnosed rapidly and suddenly which is the acute presentation. But there are cases where it develops gradually, occurring over a longer period of time. This is known as a chronic form of DIC and I would go as far to say a subacute form of DIC that is very easy to miss. Simultaneous clotting and bleeding can occur with chronic DIC. The bleeding part comes in blood in the urine, headaches and other symptoms associated with brain bleeds, bruising, inflammation of red, small dots on the limbs, bleeding at sites of wounds and mucosal bleeding. which means bleeding out of the gums and nose. I definitely saw an increase in nose bleeds and bleeding from previous wound sites. ulcers, as well as rashes that couldn’t be explained. Blood clotting symptoms and signs were symptoms like chest pains, heart attacks, strokes, TIAs, and headaches either related to bleeding or not. As well as symptoms related to kidney failure, because of the clotting of those smaller blood vessels that go to the kidneys. Antiphosphlipid syndrome is a very similar type of condition. But the basis of the antiphosphlipid syndrome is an autoimmune disorder meaning that the body’s immune system makes proteins–known as antibodies–that mistakenly attacks its own body or tissues. That gives the skin the cascading effect of clotting disorder but it is linked to an autoimmune trigger. Basically, it presented in exactly the same way; high blood pressure which I was seeing alot of; first diagnosis of high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, TIAs, heart valve problems, repeated headaches or migraines, vision loss, balance and mobility problems, difficulty concentrating or thinking clearly,

A nutty relative told me her headache is how she knew her ‘vaccination’ was ‘working’.

I did suspect brain bleeds.

I started asking the question, if we are able to detect certain connections between vascular abnormalities and Covid-19, and we based our proposed treatment on the spike protein, which includes the Pfizer and Moderna injections, shouldn’t we be looking for similar side effects or complications from that same injection?

Logic? In this century?

Kilian’s statement should be read over and over again. It is the most detailed description we have of the mysterious and deeply sinister machinations of a laboratory-engineered bioweapon that, in effect, turns the vascular and immune systems against the person who was vaccinated. Disseminated intravascular coagulation and antiphosphlipid syndrome are names that are entirely unknown to the American people, and yet, these freakish conditions are now responsible for a growing number of patients that are experiencing bleeding, clotting, headaches, rashes, bruising, high blood pressure, and inflammation . And– in more extreme cases– chest pains, heart attacks, strokes, heart-valve problems, and brain bleeds. One can only guess how the media will try to cover-up these extraordinarily-rare and potentially life-threatening conditions??


Yes, they should. And if the symptoms are the same, then there’s a good chance that vaccine-induced injuries are being misdiagnosed as Covid-19.

Tell me this isn’t designed. Like Aktion T4 before it.

2.88x chance of death compared to the control group.

UPDATE: To be more precise, this 2x death rate applies to ages 10-59. In the most recently reported week of September 21, 2021, the ratio has hit 2.88x.

I’m not too keen to celebrate prematurely. Various countries are holding people down.

I don’t even own a television and I’m proud to say porn disgusts me.

UK funeral director parroting me + excess mortality data

URL backup:

and Vox listened to him about Midazolam even though I commented it to his original site many months ago.
Type it in the search bar here, go on.
Am I just a lamp?
I’ve covered death data as well. May as well be pissing in the wind, with figures.
Why do I even bother?
I swear pretty soon I might retire this blog because so many males in this space just don’t seem to care about the truth if an origin point is female.
What’s the point of screaming to the void?
(sigh) For now, I inform.
But I hope for reform.

“But after the vaccine was introduced to his area in January, O’Looney said that the calls made to his funeral home soared, going up “300 percent”. “I’ve never seen a death rate like it in 15 years,” he said. “Initially, [the deaths were] all exclusively care homes,” O’Looney said. But after the roll out of the mRNA injection, the deaths were no longer exclusively from nursing homes, and the ages of the dead varied significantly.”
People need actual numbers, man. Freedom of Information request different counties, you have the ability!

I mentioned in a post some months ago it’s probably a halving of remainder lifespan, explaining why the really old die faster and the younger take a little while first. That would qualify it as a designed bioweapon for mass murder. Deliberate proof of depopulation and rather easy to mathematically check, if you obtain the raw data. It likely kills you the way you would have died anyway, decades later, like the lady with liver failure. That’s quite rare in women. There are reports of cancer survivors re-experiencing yet more cancer after the modRNA (near end of this post explains probable reason why). It likely weakens overall immunity (fighting off fatal brain clots) just enough to permit re-infection, and most cancers are PATHOGENIC in cause.

European demographers are also starting to get it, h/t Vox Day.

If only I’d covered the EU study data literally like, most of the year ago?

“You can see for yourself the excess mortality for much of the EU here. Few people realize that in 2021 we have had as much excess mortality, as we did in 2020. The difference is that the age profile has shifted: Whereas most of the excess mortality was in elderly people in 2020, in 2021 it’s increasingly showing up among younger people. The excess mortality has a peculiar characteristic, in that it starts showing up later in younger age groups, with the exception of children, in whom no excess mortality is observed.”

Link here:

“For the 29 participating countries as a whole, we have 4000 excess deaths among people aged 15-44. These deaths are hard to explain, because young people normally don’t die from COVID-19. Just 0.9% of COVID-19 deaths in the Netherlands are people under the age of fifty. The curve of excess mortality in this age category also doesn’t fit COVID-19. This is a seasonal virus that disappear in the summer, but the excess deaths among young people mainly show up during the summer.”

Wait until they begin mass bio-raping children with the modRNA shit, then the fireworks will fly as parents realise what was done to their children and also by extension them – and their grandkids, if they’re capable of having any! If only someone warned you about the French geneticist who won a prize and warned about the germline in December!

“Excess mortality, once you subtract the COVID deaths that are still occuring (despite almost every Western European nation having vaccinated 90% of its at-risk demographic) is running at about 10% above normal throughout Europe. But, the important thing to notice is that the trend is getting worse, as you could see in the graph I showed above.”

I’m not linking, go look.

Are low-uptake countries experiencing excess mortality?
They fear the control group. It proves intent.

The British have the habit of publishing unusually detailed mortality statistics, so let’s look at those. Here‘s the excess mortality for England:

Link here:

“You can see that people are dying in excess and it’s not improving. This is the general trend across the EU. Here is the Euromomo graph for deaths in all ages:

Click the page link for their blog post way above to see the link, you can predict it.

“The trend is clear however: An accelerating increase in deaths.”

Cumulative slow killer.

“So here’s the question to be asking ourselves: What’s causing the excess deaths? For this we can again turn to England. The excess deaths are found in the following categories: Ischemic heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, heart failure, other circulatory disorders and a small number of chronic respiratory disease cases. In other words, we’re seeing mainly cardiovascular problems. Almost all of the excess deaths can be attributed to this.”

If only I had literally posted papers about this and the risk of cerebral thrombosis from the so-called covid-19 ‘vaccine’. Strokes count as clot shot deaths too so he is under-reporting, matey.

Nobody cites me – BECAUSE I AM RIGHT.

“So what could be the cause? Well, the canary in the coalmine are unfortunately our own teenage boys. In the period when the COVID-19 vaccines began to be administered to teenage boys in England, deaths among teenage boys were up by 63%, compared to 16% in teenage girls.
And that gives us a clue. Teenage boys have a strong immune response to the vaccines, but they also have a low body fat percentage, much lower than girls of their age. The effect this has is that almost all of the myocarditis cases among teenagers who receive the vaccines are seen among the boys. And so, when we start giving these vaccines to teenagers and we see a sudden jump in mortality among boys, that should be reason for concern. In fact, it should have been enough to halt the whole vaccination program at once. That’s how they responded in Scandinavia, where they decided to stop giving the Moderna vaccine to teenagers.

In England, the general trend we see is that mortality is more strongly elevated among younger age categories. The most recent week saw 25% increased mortality in people aged 25-49, compared to just 6% in those above 85. The other trend we see is that when we subtract the COVID-19 deaths, which we can assume occur in the hospital or in nursing homes, almost all the excess death is at home.”

The lefty Boomers are literally killing off their own grandkids, like a second abortion.

literally any excuse to use this meme

The girls’ endometrium is taking most of the damage (that and the brain) so they’re probably genetically dead or dying. If only someone made the obvious comparison to endometriosis, which damages the lining and causes it to act like a cancer in cell type. Speculated to be related to inflammation and autoimmunity.

“So, the general pattern we see is as following: People are dying in excess. The trend is most clearly visible among younger age groups. The trend is also generally getting worse. Most of these people are dying at home, so the deaths are generally unexpected. The deaths are mainly from cardiovascular conditions.”

At this rate, parents will literally hunt down anyone who ‘volunteered’ to administer this poison or called it safe on TV.

If only somebody compared this to Aktion T4, before it began? “Following orders” won’t wash.

“However, I wish to present to you what I consider to be the most likely issue we are currently dealing with. I fear that the excess mortality is entirely caused by the vaccine and is going to grow worse in the months ahead. Specifically, the main problem we deal with is that almost the entire spike protein displays strong similarity to proteins that our own body produces.”

If only I had predicted this and drawn the obvious conclusions about fertility.
Say, beginning last year?
Sterilisation shots. You’ll see when the data is available. Years of bitter tears and data.

The guy’s link here:

“It’s this strong reaction that has me worried. Almost every antibody your body can produce against the spike protein, is an antibody that can also react against your own proteins. We now believe for example, that the body produces an antibody that also reacts against thrombopoietin, the protein your body uses to regulate the production of platalets, which serve to stop bleeding.”
If only SOMEONE had warned you all.
SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE. Criticising the modified RNA vehicle.

Is that spelling quite right? That’s how it’s written.

“…That’s a very colorful metaphor, to illustrate the not so colorful reality that healthy young people are dropping dead from massive strokes. We’ve had numerous reports, of women reporting menstrual changes after receiving these vaccines. If you have sudden increase in menstrual bleeding after receiving this vaccine, a very good candidate for what’s going on would be Thrombocytopenia. You should not ignore these problems, because it’s not normal and not something that will just “go away”. For men, it’s much harder to recognize the symptoms.”


no comment

Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) or Paradoxical Immune Enhancement (PIE) is described:

“But that’s the worrisome part: Whenever you encounter this virus again and have a breakthrough infection, your immune system is going to start producing large amounts of antibodies against the spike protein, some of which also happen to bind some of your own proteins. All the evidence we have right now, suggests that vaccinated people are actually more likely to get infected with this virus, than unvaccinated people. The reason for that is simple: Your body was taught a poor and ineffective immune response.”


“So, what should you do, if you were unlucky enough to get vaccinated? Well, the jump in antibodies should only happen if you genuinely have a breakthrough infection. We know that vitamin D strengthens the innate immune response and reduces serum antibody levels in a number of autoimmune conditions. It seems like a smart decision to maintain high levels of vitamin D this winter.”

Garlic to thin the blood might help. Or ward off Dracula.

“The autoimmune problems we’re witnessing are unlikely to be the only problem we’ll face with this vaccine. We’ve never before had a vaccine against corona viruses, because the vaccines generally made a subsequent exposure worse, due to antibody dependent enhancement. Similarly, by triggering such a strong adaptive immune response, evidence suggests that the innate immune response to many pathogens is weakened. Your body has limited immunological capacity, because it simply can’t fill your blood stream with endless numbers of white blood cells. An expansion in one type of white blood cell will tend to come at the cost of other types.”

-nods, bitterly-

I’ve posted the coronavirus and sterility link studies before, how long until some asshat takes credit for that?
I posted it to Vox’s blog months ago, too. Before anyone asks. He knows.

New jabbed data, most of dead AGAIN

page 14

117 dead within 28 days, 44 normal. 50 double dosed.

117-44 = 73

165% risk of death if you had the stab compared to normal people. 73 over 44

62.39% of dead are jabbed. 73 of 117

More of them died, the more modRNA they had.

20 dead after one dose, 50 are double.

page 31 for reinfections, how ODD

38 for severity “explore the link” huh

delta exploding among recently jabbed age groups on page 43, REALLY

52-53 mentions it “early June for all age groups, with most rapid growth in the 25 to 34 year age group”

British report lifts lid on why Germany pulled its citizens out of Portugal

A British government report has potentially lifted the lid on why Germany is pulling its citizens out of Portugal.

It is a report that answers the question yesterday by Portugal’s minister of foreign affairs Augusto Santos Silva: “Why are German authorities ignoring the Covid Digital Certificate?”

“People over the age of 50 who have been fully vaccinated are three times more likely to die from the Delta variant than those who haven’t received any vaccines” (this is a headline taken from Swiss online ‘uncut news’ yesterday).

The jabs can precipitate a ‘rare’ but deadly condition known as ADE (antibody dependent enhancement) which basically means that someone who might have naturally developed only a mild illness as a result of contracting Covid-19 could experience severe disease, lasting morbidity and even death as a result of having been vaccinated.

The British government report “SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation” dated June 25 may explain it (click here)

Pages 13 and 14 explain that of the over-50s attending A&E as a result of contracting the Delta variant between February and June this year, 3,546 were fully-vaccinated (having received both jabs); 976 were unvaccinated.

But the vaccination drives continue, apace, instead of doing the one thing many doctors have been appealing for months: ‘slow down, this could be time for a re-think’ (click here), or in more medical language: “Given the high rate of occurrence of adverse effects that have been reported to date, as well as the potential for vaccinedriven disease enhancement, Th2-immunopathology, autoimmunity, and immune evasion, there is a need for a better understanding of the benefits and risks of mass vaccination, particularly in groups excluded from clinical trials”.