Fight Club isn’t serious, guys


The author said it was a joke, like American Psycho. I mean, just read around a little.

But Fight Club might be the most-quoted novel of the 20th Century. It rattles me to hear the constant references twenty years after publication. People should be quoting and making clever puns from lines in To Catch a Mockingbird or Portnoy’s Complaint. I’m just trying to put the genie back into the bottle.

He hates you. This isn’t my opinion.

Nevertheless, in Fight Club 3 he might be compelled to have sex with a sheep.

It’s a fucking fact.

But rest assured that even in my absence my estate will hire some hack to keep Tyler alive.

Normies killed it.

TLDR: Self-destruction isn’t a lifestyle choice. An ASOS for edgy betas would make a killing. Get your internet cool starter pack.

Real talk, for once. I pull no punches, for they deserve them.

Are you telling me they can’t read a single (rather shitty) novel and understand it, while shitposting on SJW IQ? Fuck, at least those degenerates are English majors.

Fight Club, summarized?

It’s a bunch of losers who are massive hypocrites (we hate capitalism, let’s start a soap company) and can only turn everything they touch to shit, but being too cowardly to kill themselves because death is scary, they slowly self-harm until overwhelmed by their own emo feels and stick their dick in crazy while high on some concoction of modern opiate supplements. They are worthless degenerate males who live for dopamine shots, in fact, somebody should just sell that shit pure because at least it’d be honest. Yes, it perfectly predicts the manosphere. They swear a lot and hate women (Fuck You Mom!) to get attention but in reality they probably work a shitty job and have delusions of grandeur as you’d expect from a gamma or delta male. The world will be a better place when they die, so they stubbornly cling to life because they never grew out of the hate the world Satanic Bible 8th grade phase.

The lament of a million coffee mules

It never occurs to them to look up Brad Pitt’s other work from the period (ALL emo).

Seriously, ask their opinion of La Vey.

Tryhard, IRL. They worship him, like a faggy Dawkins (outfits, edgy cosplay).

They aren’t nihilists, they’re masochists who won’t admit self-loathing so they blame anything else – their job, their sofa, their clothes, the girls, society. They’re searching for meaning but refute anything that makes them think about something other than themselves for five fucking minutes. Chuckie crapped out this self-indulgent pulp and these morons called it a masterpiece, he admitted the movie was better for this reason.

I love these MSM posts. It’s funny to watch the normies hustle and the useful idiots get things totally 180 degrees, completely arse-backwards wrong.

Like the people who don’t know ‘woke’ is Matrix slang.

correction ohuhno idiots

You cannot correct that level of dumb. It’s a major plot point of a classic movie.

Speaking of their level of desperate.

MRAs, huh?

Same type of guy who’ll say respect isn’t given, it’s earned.

When I say ‘male entitlement’, think of this guy.

Probable male borderline, on the subject.

To round this off, if Fight Club were serious (it’s anti-capitalist porn) then all men would be farmers.
Do you want to be a farmer, grunting and sweating in the dirt?

They started an internet movement when someone made a few polygons in their vidyah games in a shape they disapproved of. They cannot cope IRL.

Idiots. They want to roll back civilization but keep all the fluffy, fun stuff.
Fight Club is a book about male entitlement.

He was mocking these chucklefucks buying his BRANDED SOAP FOR STUPID VAIN FAT BINTS.

Read it with that in mind and everything makes sense.

exh A

We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won’t. And we’re slowly learning that.

Then you’re a fucking idiot for believing it, aren’t you? Do you believe in Santa too? Job fairy? Do you have a lucky red cum sock?
It’s the non-romantic economic 500 Days of Summer. Marla is an evil manic pixie.
Prove me wrong.

Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.

Throwing a weak punch does not make you a man.

It’s MGTOW but like IRL MGTOW, they refuse to leave. They never actually Go. They’re like that one girl who threatens to leave hoping to get praise. They could all move to a single town or small city, but no. Then they’d need to be self-reliant. Most couldn’t make mac n’ cheese from scratch. I could teach that to a chimpanzee. They utterly fail as men, they’re morally bankrupt males posturing principles. Patriarchy would kick their arse.

You want your happy safe space penguin?
Here it is.


UK race audit ordered

dis gonna be good anticipation pull up a chair listen watch

She included Whites as a racial group and the White Working Class specifically.

Prime Minister Theresa May has ordered a review into how ethnic minorities and white working class people are treated by public services such as the NHS, schools, police and the courts.

Equal treatment in practice.
If found lacking, the entire premise of that legal section is disputable.

The audit is aimed at highlighting racial and socio-economic disparities and showing how outcomes differ due to background, class, gender and income.

I hope they control for sample factors e.g. size.

The prime minister said the findings would “shine a light on injustices”.

The information, which will be published within a year and updated annually after that, will cover health, education, employment, welfare, skills and criminal justice.

The SJWs won’t be able to lie anymore and pine for data, there’ll be official statistics, and they’ll include the downtrod white people and poor people as a potential victim group of the system.

‘Difficult truths’

The evaluation will also look into the disadvantages experienced by white working class boys in the school and university system as well as inequalities linked to geographical location, such as inner cities and coastal towns.

No MRA lies!

chaplin joy confetti happy lol

Men are being examined for inequality as much as women and any issues also addressed.
She’s bringing down the system by putting equal treatment into full, equal practice – which in the long run, is effectively impossible.

“The government I lead will stand up for you and your family against injustice and inequality,” Mrs May said. “This audit will reveal difficult truths but we should not be apologetic about shining a light on injustices as never before. It is only by doing so we can make this country work for everyone not just a privileged few.”

Including the currently protected groups over the rest of us.

When the preferential treatment comes out, an answer will be demanded. No more hiding.

Briefly on domestic abuse and self-defense

Domestic abuse is never acceptable.

I repeat for the slow among you-

Domestic abuse is never acceptable.

There is no excuse for it.

Here comes the reasonable objection What about self-defense?

Well, actually fighting back should be the last resort.
I keep seeing repressed rage MRAs salivate over the prospect of hitting a woman because ‘she started it’, or ‘she deserves it’ and they seriously think that’s how the law works and that the law is somehow unjust, while out the other side of their mouth they claim women are inherently weaker as a sex, physically. …Errr, yes, these two facts may be connected, shocker! Women are not physical equals! Which means different legal standards are not sexist, but in fact, based on biological reality. And totally fair. And the MRAs wonder why Paul Elam was exposed as a domestic abuser and deadbeat? Those who virtue signal the loudest on domestic violence often have a history of it. This is a common pattern with men who claim victim. What do you think abusers do, in the legal system? They always gaslight, they always try tu quoque, they always pretend they’re the ‘Real Victim Here’. The sob story is always Mummy Was Mean To Me so All Women Are Evil. Few variations, as if anything justifies abusive behaviour as an adult (and they always go after women because we are the physically weaker sex, a man might actually fight back!). Good parents aren’t supposed to be your friends. They sound like typical entitled narcissists and fall for Just World Fallacy, even applying it to other people’s abuse e.g. “Elam told her she had asked to be raped, and that she had slept with his friend because she was bored with her marriage.” So don’t give them a second of sympathy.

Back to the topic.

Men can inflict disproportionately more force in a fight per blow, they were evolved to kill other men, that’s why they need to hold back in all but life-threatening situations (the same rule does apply to women equally but rarely applies in practice as women rarely have that potential for overpowering). The law on self-defense hinges on disproportionate force for this reason, it’s never necessary. If it were necessary, that would be easily proven as a life-threatening situation and therefore it would have become necessary.

Restrain if you cannot physically leave but in all other situations leave, leave the first time they pull this and preferably report it. This advice on leaving applies to women too. Don’t stick around and reward them with your company or they will keep doing it. This is a standard enshrined in law but based in unchanging biology and case exceptions prove the rule e.g. A female MMA must hold back her physical force too, and those who abuse their boyfriends are also evil as the males, e.g. Ronda Rousey. If men were really the cool-headed and rational sex as they claim to be, they wouldn’t have such dismal control of their ‘temper’ that characterizes small children. There’s no such thing as ‘temper’, in fact. You aren’t being possessed and suddenly lack legal responsibility for your own fists (even psychotics are responsible for answering to their crimes). Neurological studies have shown giving in to violence is a choice when risk is flagged by the limbic system, fight or FLIGHT is engaged, and choosing to be violent once makes the person more violent in the long term by reinforcement looping. People will weak impulse control will often falsely claim their desire to harm or kill others was ‘too strong’ and overpowered them, with no thought to how that applies to their literally overpowering their literal victim. “I’m the Real Victim (TM) Here” bullshit again.

Either women are physically weak and need male protection by evolution


they’re equals in a fight and OK to attack, you don’t get to claim both.

Sports alone prove which is truth. We can’t need men and simultaneously not need them for the most basic provision (physical security) and that’s why deadbeats like Elam are such scum – r-types revoke the provisions they owe their offspring, such as physical and financial security, the most masculine and selfless provisions possible. It’s no coincidence they’re necessary for the healthiest children. To address a common myth: The problem with the children of single mothers isn’t the single mother herself – it’s the absence of the securities of a father. In this way, deadbeat fathers are always worse than single mothers, because women are always left holding the baby and the ‘man’ gets to leave physically or financially under specious pretense. I hate to say it, but to prove it, see how well children fare if one parent dies. That’s right – they need the father more.

TLDR: Standing against domestic abuse doesn’t make you a feminist, they don’t even care, it’s another funding exercise for them. It makes you someone who hates those that exploit perceived weakness to treat human beings as a rag doll for their personal failings. It just so happens most domestic abusers are men, and in fact, the figures in this one crime are skewed because the abuser’s best legal defense strategy is to file a counter-claim, this is almost always done. However, looking by injury, it is mostly men. However, such people exploiting others are always scum, as exceptionally strong women are also held to the same standard based on physical merit, making it not technically sexist legally or in theory, but totally fair. You should be against abuse on principle, whatever the sex of the people involved.

The sexes don’t have to be the same physically to get the same legal protections. They just need to be the same species: human.

And if you ever wanted a typical case study of the life and history of a psychopath, Paul Elam fits the bill better than any other American I’ve seen. Multiple divorcee, always blaming others, never learning lessons, accused of abuse by multiple partners, children by many partners, refusing to support said children, drug use, alcoholism, fantasies about violence, trying to provoke people verbally as an excuse for violence, middle-aged white male, persecution complex, entitlement complex, superiority complex, jail time served, anti-justice, will commit perjury in court out of hatred, low-class occupations their entire life, inability to commit to a job employed by others, nomadic and so on. It’s alarming how perfectly he fits the profile.

Consider this;

“the fact that there are a lot of women who get pummeled and pumped because they are stupid (and often arrogant) enough to walk [through] life with the equivalent of a I’M A STUPID, CONNIVING BITCH – PLEASE RAPE ME neon sign”


Behold, the blatant misogynist in MRA clothing, using SJW victim-signalling with the sexes reversed. #GiveYourMoneyToMRAs They’re all parasites using others’ victimhood as a sanctimonious platform for their own ego and grifting. If they couldn’t make money, they wouldn’t be there.
Actual white trash like this usually has a heart attack from all the clogged hate at his age. The world will be a better place. At least there’ll be plenty of historical evidence why he was trash. You can’t say he’s misquoting himself.

Was de-criminalizing suicide a bad idea?

I’m thinking aloud on this one but the numbers don’t add up.

This also pertains to cultural decline theory.

Suicide Act 1961
Ruling self-murder somehow legal, one of the most liberal policies in history and all passed with pathos. Self-murder became legal before the death penalty was abolished in 1964. What slippery slope?

suspicious eye narrowing

Ethically, why should killing a body you don’t own be illegal, yet killing the one you’re responsible for be absolutely fine? Where’s the deterrent? Why is hanging illegal for the Government to do anymore but a-OK in one’s own home? If there’s no link between murder and suicide, how is murder-suicide a thing? When the act (actus reus) and the mindset (mens rea) of murder are exactly the same, but the target is different, how is this not murder? Why is killing a person suddenly meant to be acceptable?

They can argue with nothing but emotional appeals.
However, this is no excuse. You can’t kill your boss because you hate him.

Well, we have the data now, where’s the evidence it succeeded? I cannot find any. Nobody wants to collect the data, it reminds me of climate ‘science’. If anyone has time trend data for total numbers, please direct me. It seems like the people responsible for gathering it are hiding it. I found a grand total of 1 (one) study, and it wasn’t even on total numbers because it’s the Question Which Must Not Be Named.


Red line I added for 1961, when legalization passed.


You would expect to see rates drop in the late 19th and 20th century with psychiatry. Considering these tools, there should be less suicides altogether because the people who would have done it are being treated. However, not only does the rate remain constant, but considering the availability of various medications and treatments for free, combined with the ability of doctors to bring back more people every passing year, the number of potential/willing suicides must be higher to sustain the previous levels of completion.


Note: 19th century data didn’t have the psychiatry tools to treat mental illness, the largest cause of suicide by far. Why did more women want to kill themselves during the heyday of feminism?

Source study:

It does also dismiss a common manosphere myth: men have always been a higher suicide (self-murder) risk as long as records have been taken i.e. you cannot blame modern society, it is a feature of male nature as a trend stable over time and the violence (all counts higher in men too, I’m sure that’s a coincidence) happens to be self-directed. The study concludes the changing risk profile of men is due to mental health,
dismissing another manosphere myth i.e. men are in fact the more mentally ill sex. Here’s the definitive proof, because you can’t get more crazy than offing yourself. Why do men feel useless? Well, suicide dropped sharply during times of war. Read into that what you will about innate male purpose versus the MRA bitching about disposability.

What seems to have reduced the male suicide rate? The Sexual Revolution.

“The male rate was consistently higher than the female rate over the entire time period, although the male-to-female (sex) ratio rose from 3.3 in 1861 to 4.0 in 1886 and 1906 and subsequently declined steadily to its lowest level (1.5) in 1966 before increasing again to around 3.9 in the mid-1990s.”

I’d love to see a breakdown of suicide by SES. I’ll bet it’s the gamma, delta, omega etc. The failures. The losers.

Don’t see many successful people doing it, do you?

OT: Look at this American chart of suicides.

It seems people want to check out before the system collapses.

Living American men have never had it so good, the MRAs are being intellectually dishonest again in their bitching. They avoid the question: bad compared to when? They’re expecting equal outcomes as much as the feminists, except they want to blame feminists for the actions of a third party. Well if third parties are responsible for the actions of an agent, I guess all men are responsible for allowing the rapists in their midst to continue raping? See the faulty logic yet? I mean, you’re allowing it to happen, which is, apparently, exactly the same as causing it.

Kevin-Hart-Really-o rlly lies

Back to the economic bailout, checking out before the economy kills you anyway (this would explain male failure in his provider gender role i.e. you cannot think the provider role is good and then complain about failures or in metaphor, make an omelette and complain of broken eggs). For every standard, there will be losers.

From wikipedia (sorry, data is oddly hard to find);
“Researchers and sociologists have identified several causes for the high rate of suicide in the country; these include recent recessions, unemployment, austerity measures and loneliness. Research undertaken by The Samaritans suggested that mental-health issues of middle-aged men and loss of masculine pride and identity are also
major factors behind the high rate of suicide.”
And the manosphere, while bemoaning the suicide rate, blames women….
Rather than address the known issue, proven by data: their pride (code for narcissism).

Maybe their ego is causing that loneliness issue?

Fashtastic Google Trends

I’m kidding to be edgy, of course. Some of these surprised me.


Gee, I wonder why the people who said The Manosphere is Dead (because they killed it) want in on the AR?
A sweet new internet sugar daddy to milk for Patreon shekels, like their idol Anita. Joke’s on you, the AR has no money.

If you wonder why the old manosphere ship-jumpers (self-aware r-types) are suddenly signalling so hard for their Youtube shill pleasure, this is why.


I don’t know what to remark on this one. They’d be better of, as fake Ks, doubling down on the manosphere stuff.


I’m sure that’s a coincidence.


Also, probably, a stonking coincidence.






They’ve self-replaced themselves and their oppression story. Is that sad or hilarious?


No comment.


Uncannily close for the past two years.


redpill vs fascist


So much for MGTOW relevance. The PUAs and MRAs are best off doubling down and sticking to what they know than signalling to such a small, quiet group.

Onto the Emma Watson ones for lolz, since she’s topical.


Yes, she has definitely raised some awareness.


Raised something.


I hope she’s sex-positive.


This was the last one. Hermione’s Patronus clocked more searches.

Don’t quit your day job, Emma. Oh wait, she did. 

this is awkward



And yet, this mixed race guy is saying the meme doesn’t work and hasn’t spread….

I’ve seen regular people fail to blink at the term, same with invaders.
It seems obvious, given recent headlines.
Note: I’m not saying he’s wrong per se, and we shouldn’t look for other memes too, but it’s a non-sequitur to say it’s been unsuccessful and should, he incorrectly deduces, be abandoned. It connotes death, and that’s what demographic decline is doing

What else do you want, an extinct species poster from 2025 with a white man, for offensive whiteness? A series of adverts you think is about pandas but then there’s some guy on a couch drinking a beer? A series of adverts from an SJW’s perspective along the immigrant rhetoric lines of We Want Them Out, with clips of insults – and it turns out to be about straight people?
(Go ahead if you want).

One more, let’s end on a hopeful note, shall we?

whitegenocide-not so cucked after all

Not so cucked, after all?

Once you take out the US skew, the uptick in the UK and Germany is astonishing.
But sure, trust the guy who keeps reminding us he’s mixed but white that the meme isn’t getting through because rhetoric never works on the average voter, right?