Divorce stats for interracial, mixed race and miscegenation marriages

My traffic stats are tingling after I triggered both sides of politics with the latest post about Yellow Fever.
Okay, let’s assume you want a marriage that’s lifelong.

Have a single one of you looked at the stats?

Did you just assume miscegenation with some Thai bride leads to traditional-length marriages, because she irons or something else domestic, like cooking?

You would be wrong.



Clearly some SMP hatefacts in there somewhere.

It’s so easy to prove you should feel bad.

Divorce rates among interracial couples are slightly higher than divorce rates among same-race couples,

Louder for the cucks at the back.

Divorce rates among interracial couples are slightly higher than divorce rates among same-race couples,

That’s the average, blending many factors.

showed interracial marriages were more likely to end in divorce than same-ethnic marriages — 41 percent versus 31 percent

aka if longevity is your chief concern, you should be the last people to mix

if you don’t want to marry  your own race (assuming it’s white) you won’t be better off outside either

Moreover, members of interracial pairings are more likely to have traits correlated with a higher probability of divorce.

aka when you get divorced, it is also your fault

However, these studies failed to account for gender in connection with the race of each individual in interracial marriages.

They didn’t collect the data, it still exists. They don’t wanna get fired.

Let’s go for the White Fever Asian woman version, where she wants semi-white children.

A white husband and Asian wife were 4 percent more likely to end in divorce than marriages involving a white husband and white wife.

If you don’t have the facts, please shut up.
You’re not better than the mudsharks, statistically, you’re still losing. You still fail. Science.


This isn’t a pro-white thing, statistically Asians are less likely to divorce – from cultural pressure, but only when they marry each other.

Whites are more likely to divorce in the first (easiest) decade, so they shouldn’t want you either.
Unless she’s just taking the socially acceptable route to use you for your sperm.
Like those white women you keep bitching about.


That’s an SJW post. Bet you didn’t notice. Go ahead and support their agenda.
You were warned, there is data.


This isn’t the shitpost you want today, but it’s the shitpost you deserve.