Winter to Spring playlist

December to …. approximately April. Note the tags.

Nobody has figured out what the dial tone means. It’s a name.
Like when Neo’s on the phone at the end of the Matrix?

Once you figure out the most probable cryptographic double letter, it becomes obvious.

Two doubles, one pair together. Apart is a vowel.

The feel of the current year

If we’re living in a dystopia, might as well feel like it.

Plus tbh I’m still coasting on 2077 hype.

Me, every time I see the word cyberpunk:

Yes, yes, I detect notes of 80s cocaine promises and eternal disappointment.

That’s the stuff.

I have a pet theory all Millennials secretly want to be Yuppies. It’s the Ikea.

Gen Z – punk. Like an urban ninja. Fucking NORMCORE?! How about just being too poor for branded items?

I know I’m right, dammit!

Plenty of leaks

Yeah, it’s still the same, can’t you feel the pain?
When the needle hits the vein, ain’t nothin’ like the real thing
I’ve seen it once before and oh it’s something else, good god

Cool breeze come on in, sunshine come on down
These are the teardrops of a clown, the circus coming to town
All I’m saying is sometimes I’m more scared of myself

You better move!
I said move!

Run away! Run away!
Run children! Run for your life!
Run away! Run away!
Run children! Oh!
Here it comes, said run!


Yeah, I’m on the run, see where I’m coming from
When you see me comin’ – run
Before you see what I’m running from
No time for question asking, time is passing by

You can’t win child, we’ve all tried to
You’ve been lied to, it’s already inside you
Either ya run right now or you best get ready to die

You better move!
I said move!

Run away! Run away!
Run children! Run for your life!
Run away! Run away!
Run children! Oh!

Here it comes, said run!

Hurry little children, run this way
I have got a beast at bay!

Promise me when the chance comes
You’ll run as fast as you can
Don’t you dare look backwards
Run as fast as you can

Run away! Run away!
Run children! Run for your life!
Run away! Run away!
Run children! Oh!
Here it comes, said run!

If anyone asks if you like butter on your popcorn, say no?

Butter is valued because it is fresh.

2:15 after Beast at bay?

What are thooooooose?

Endless triangles, great. /s


lol when I first heard this I thought was saying, “Run away, run away, White children, run for your life.”

Yeah… that would be weird.

Official video upload source:

No captions are available. That’s new.

If you pause carefully at the same, something new pops up.

Those weren’t separate triangles.

Zoom in.

Pictured for the simple

Visible only for a split second, if you owned an HD version back in 2008 and already knew it was there. The Devil’s paperclip. I’ve been sitting on this one for ten whole years.

If I’m seeing things, so are you, bitch!

Rock stars going to out pedophiles?

They were good guys and I didn’t hear a single fucking thing about mental health issues.

Trust me, I’d know.

The best fact we have in common is that our residences have the same number of cats.

I trust him.

Word is, he’d recently turned to Christianity and was doing great.

People who know him think this makes no sense. Have you ever seen a pissed-off rocker?

Was Chester Bennington Really Murdered?

“Both singers had apparently been combating child pornography and pedophilia, and therefore crossed in the path of a vicious group. That explains the extremely similar circumstances in which both killed themselves: hanging, in a bathroom, by themselves. Especially since both were close friends, and likely to be coordinating on a justice project.”

This is why you go anon and don’t go cry on Jezebel.
Apparently a drug history is enough to publicly justify ‘suicide’ now so most of LA is screwed.

There was no prep, no purchase, no method or reason in it.
You don’t randomly find a rope to hang yourself with, without leaving the house, on the spur of the moment, and know exactly how to do it, first time.

“Separately, watchdog Politifact has labeled the entire site as a fake news outlet.”

If you had to send a tip-off anywhere…

“And fueling the fire? Bennington killed himself on Chris Cornell’s birthday.”