Santa = Odin

You’d think the sleigh and the punishing people would give it away.

Why show him aged?

Well, there are plenty of stories about fear turning people’s hair white.
Odin returned from the dead with hidden wisdom, missing an eye.
His hair is a symbol of the knowledge from suffering.

He was the male form of the Crone archetype.

alternate name, The Allfather. Which fits Santa better.

Quick post but we really should establish this fact.
If only to piss off the re-writers of history.

Misogyny stereotypes (myths) – a case of projection

I love it when they’re logical for once.

Women are sluts – men have higher partner counts.
Women can’t be trusted – most sociopaths/psychopaths are men.
Women are emotional – anger issues are typically male.
Women are violent – not by any known definition of the word and most murders of men and women are done by… men. It’s rational to be wary of men, the same way other men are. If a random man follows you on a dark road, male or female, you’ll panic a little.
Women are crazy – most suicides are men.
Women are unstable – women can live together peacefully, men literally fight. All the time.
Women are useless – women raise men, ergo… men are only as useful as the women who raise them. In Iceland in 1975, the women went on strike – chaos ensued and the men were useless. Do not push us. If men down tools for a day, the economy suffers, maybe. Nobody really cares except factory owners and that’s why strikes keep happening. If women strike, the species stops.
If women stopped working, nobody would notice/Women are lazy – mothers work hours that breach human rights law.
Women cheat – Ashley Madison was a sausage fest.
Women are desperate – have you seen what men will fuck? Toasters, sofas, cars, postboxes, fruit.
Women can’t control themselves – look at all the above facts.
Women can’t keep a marriage together – the biggest causes of divorce are money issues (the male should attempt to be the financial provider) and cheating (look at the Ashley Madison hack stats). Do not confuse the person who filed for divorce for the person who ruined the marriage.
Women drink too much – true, largely cultural – but men drink more. And do more drugs, and OD more.
Women are sex crazy – women can go without just fine. But look to India, where millions of unsexed men are ruining an entire country.
Women need men – sorry, is that supposed to be an insult? You can sniff the attachment issues. Commitment phobes, usually men. They will literally never, ever keep a woman happy. A single woman, they are incapable of it (spot them by daydreaming about a harem, who in reality, would gang up on their weak ass).
Women care about computers too much/attention whore – men brag in their own way and recently post ab selfies. Which sex is the typical porn addict? Which sex relies on hook-up apps because they are poorly socialized? aka scared to talk to people.
Women are dumb – there are more male retards than female.
Women are soft – women are polite, men are rude but confuse this with something to be admired.
Women flake – men are socially dense and spin rejection into a fault of the other party.
Women are terrible with their finances – well, do you want her to earn the family bacon or not? Which sex tends to balance the family chequebook? Single women, yes, but single men rack up more debt on stupid things like car leases and bottle service, so STFU.
Women love shoes – it’s status signalling, idiots. Men love cars, guess which is more expensive?
Women don’t ‘get’ guy stuff – we do, we think most of it is stupid. See recently Pokemon Go and the guy who was tapping away on his phone while his wife gave birth. A+ manliness there.
Women aren’t feminine – feminine doesn’t mean pushover willing to serve some random stranger’s whim. It never has.
Women are frigid – Madonna/Whore in narcissists again.
Women aren’t good at sex – yes, I’m sure out of all your partners it happened to be 100% of the women at fault.
Women don’t like me – similar point.
Women cuckold men – I haven’t seen any hard data to support this, it’s a myth to make the bachelors less depressed.
Women need men more than men need women – single women don’t kill themselves, usually.
Women are incompetent – better school grades, more positions at University, better pay before the age of 30 when they leave the market for the true incompetents to clean up.
Women are lazy – women tend to balance home/work, men cannot. They usually choose work and fear being a stay-at-home father because they know it’s harder work than faffing around in a cubicle for 3 hours of paperwork and looking busy the rest of the time. Most working men can’t even keep their house tidy when it’s just them living there, they still need women in the form of maids, to say nothing of hookers.
Women are weak – higher pain tolerance, bitches.
Women gossip more – about the same, in studies. Men gossip about different things, especially sex, which they gossip far more about (SATC lied).
Women’s genitals are inferior to sacred phallus – two words: multiple orgasms.
And the ultimate one, women are illogical – women put up with men, men can’t understand women. Men confuse rationalization with rationality and are boorish enough to assume their opinion is not only wanted, interesting, but also correct. Is that logical to you?

*mic drop*

eyebrow waggle

When you hear such men, they’re bitter at their own faults.

Video: Sluts and Cheaters

In both cases, it’s an over-represented minority of whores being pushed for drama in media.

Men learn to cheat from porn. And the absence of fathers.

Women learn to cheat from TV and films. And the absence of fathers.

Both sexes are subject to cultural brainwashing. It encourages us to sin, in other words. Do whatever is worst for us.

About 25% of each sex sounds about right, and those people are cheating within the group, with each other. The norm is for everyone else with a conscience.

Both sexes can be broken when it comes to pair bonding aka monogamy.

The sperm competition thing is a vestige of our monkey cousins, same as rape conception rates. Naturalistic fallacy.

Sperm actually competes with itself. You don’t need samples from two or more men for this to occur.

Women aren’t biologically programmed to be sluts, that’s a misread on a gross level, an excuse to absolve them of responsibility, just like men aren’t biologically programmed to be promiscuous either. Humans have agency and choice. It is a CHOICE. There is a dual mating strategy in humans, but the monogamous people greatly outnumber them (3:1 at most), so if we’re programmed to be anything, it’s monogamous, and the rest of our biology (long gestation time, one fetus at a time, large brains, long growth period) supports this. If anything, the promiscuous people are evolutionary throwbacks, as low-IQ people are to high-IQ in a modern society because they’ve yet to all die off, when in the state of nature, they’d have died come the first winter.

Sluts don’t have many friends. Male or female. Naturally, they’re exposed to predation or starvation. They’re less successful elsewhere in life due to the high time preference and unpopularity.

This may be natural, to them, but it’s not adaptive. Quite the opposite.

50 shades is the mommy porn of middle aged women, it’s like saying men who watch porn don’t fancy real women. It’s a supernormal stimuli, it has no bearing on this question. It’s like asking Dickens what his favourite app was.

He’s dangerously close to the retarded muh fitness test alpha male genes BS. The words are correct but in that order they are illogical. That isn’t what they mean. The manosphere concept is a deliberate misread to sound smart (but it’s science) and feel better about themselves, like the charisma equivalent of fat acceptance.

Oh dear, he’s dumb. Women have far, FAR lower libido than men. It’s this thing called testosterone. The feminists are faking, as studies have been flagging up. They can’t fuck like a man.

The arousal patterns are physical protection. They have nothing to do with attraction, as brains scan show. They’re rape protection because, little known fact, rape can make a woman infertile. The internal damage can cause scarring and it’s genetic death, THAT’s why women lubricate in response to practically anything, it’s in the same realm as evolved protection by blinking in front of a light, the knee hammer test and your fingertips wrinkling in water. It doesn’t mean anything, people read into it because it involves sexual parts.

Or to put it in a male context, if you get a random boner while you happen to be looking at a man, are you gay?
No. No you are not.

Most young people don’t want casual sex, they want pair bonding and use sex as a socially acceptable means of securing it. Men too. This is why journalists shouldn’t cover science. Interview an expert.

Women desire physically stronger men when fertile because they are fertile AKA in danger and in need of protection. From rape. It doesn’t need to be sexual but if they want to reproduce of course it would be. They can seek out the protection of male family members too. It’s an instinct of self-preservation, to hide behind the biggest male, the sexual aspect is reflected in the overall stronger frame of men, not some BS about strong sperm.

Lying about evobio results buys into the feminist frame. They use the excuse “but sex is natural” while they steal your husband. Those bitches. They say marriage is about love, as a convenient excuse to divorce by saying “I fell out of love”. They lie.

Cheating is a dealbreaker because it betrays an inability to pair bond, the whole thing was one way from the loyal participant’s end. They were cheated in this way more, and that’s worse.

Why is he talking about tribes like that? Sure, in Africa. The ones that remained 3rd World shit holes until some explorers came along recently. Africa is a Matriarchy. In African tribes they still behaved like slutty monkeys. In Europe though, around the Ice Age? Monogamy. People even buried together. So hold the fucking phone right there.

Thankfully, most of the world isn’t Africa. But most of the global population is. Because they’re sluts.

Most tribes were advanced, they evolved into us. They buried their dead and cooked food. The few tribes we base our idea of a tribe on? Those are the low-IQ subgroup, not the iconic examplar. Best way to describe;

He’s arguing for a return to standards. Marriage is that standard, it keeps both parties happy with an exchange that fulfills their needs. The way to argue it, isn’t to lie for a cheap laugh.

p.s. Tbf, if men had no choice over their dicks as the ‘we’re supposed to sleep around’ crowd say, every woman would pass the boner test no matter how ugly (no disgust response) and ED wouldn’t exist.

Dogs can control who they jump, birds request permission. Human man has no excuse. Rapists are the lowest quality men because so inferior are they to the competition, they must force it to have any chance of passing on their genes. The brain can suppress the lusts that fog the mind, this is a sign of a healthy mind that doesn’t binge eat or sit around all day, habituated in childhood this self-control parenting leads to delay of gratification, an ability that predicts life success. Frontal lobe – evolution. Makes us human. When under-developed, the compulsions function like addictions, and the patient is, for all intents and purposes, subhuman:

e.g. effect on ADHD/ADD

“By adulthood, most of the symptoms have lessened or the individual has managed to control for the symptoms through other means.”

Because the frontal lobe has fully matured by this stage (and it no longer functions as an excuse in adults btw).

Link: The 10 Common Myths about Emotions

I was reading about SJWs and the Victorian Cult of Sensibility that kicked off their ostentatious, lachrymose over-sensitivity and it occurred to me that most people don’t understand emotion altogether.

  1. . I can’t help how I feel

    Emotions are forms of judgment……

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