Henry Ford, the First Civi-cuck


Graduates of Ford’s English School wearing their “native dress” descend into a large pot labeled “The American Melting Pot.” ….

The school focused on training immigrants in the English language and providing civics lessons necessary to become US citizens.

He didn’t hire natives.

Then there was the socialism of the Ford Sociological Department.

Maybe he should’ve spent that paternal effort on his own son, who turned out of to be an effete brat.
Reminds me of the Geldofs.


Let me tell you who you are


Other YouGov pages are interesting.

  1. no funding for faith schools
  2. yes, that includes Christian
  3. no taxpayer money on anything vaguely religious.

As for the inevitable line What did the Romans ever do for us?

Enslavement and rape.

The Indigenous People’s Front

Credit: Disdainus Maximus

Thank you, as an Indigenous Person in my native homeland.

It’s nice to see you dropped the racist falsehood of Magic Dirt.
And the lie of warmongering ethnicity, to embrace righteous nationalism.


The right-wing after all, has always striven to represent the voices of the the indigenous and native over the colonialist and oppressive.

One question remains

The Indigenous People’s Front


The Front of Indigenous Peoples.

This is important.