Quick Wisdom: Every man goes his own way

Men strike silently.

When a man has a problem, he acts.
If you want to know the solution to the marriage/fertility/settling decline, consider that until it sinks in that men ultimately cannot be controlled.

If men aren’t talking, they have already decided.

Article: Should France go back to being a monarchy?


Do you think a king could unite France?
A king would be a symbol of consensus and national unity. Monarchy wouldn’t guarantee political balance, as the Head of State wouldn’t have any real power and wouldn’t have been elected by the citizens. However, it appears to me that the European monarchies – except Spain, a particular case because of the Francoist era – are much stronger when they face political and institutional crises in comparison to the republics.”


What’s your opinion on that?
In times of “controlled” crisis, it seems highly unlikely that one of these regime will re-appear. But if one day we actually do come face to face with the collapse of our political and economic structure, who knows?”

They’re asking these questions. This is good.

Reading: Global Strategic Trends 2007-2036 document



Page 42;

“The US position as the world’s most indebted nation makes it vulnerable to stock market collapse, currency runs and economic crisis, as well as global currency manipulation.”

Page 43;

“A major pandemic may be the instrument that causes a reverse in the process of globalization as national responses to contain infection will involve significant restrictions on personal mobility and interaction over a lengthy period. Some states may even be destabilized by the effort and resources required to address the situation”

“The declining size of working populations and rising social, health and pension costs in developed countries, financed through taxation, will increase the financial burden on the younger elements of society. Further exacerbation by unaffordable house prices, student debt and unemployment, contrasted with the wealth locked up in older generations, may lead to protests on a wide scale, resulting in instability and social unrest.”

Page 44;

“A large city in a developing region (or a number of large cities in more than one region) may fail before 2035. The effects will be equivalent in character, if not in scale, to state failure, which city failure may, in turn, precipitate.”

Page 45;

“It is likely that unregulated urbanization will result in future adversaries who have highly-developed urban survival and combat skills. They may consequently choose to pursue their objectives and conduct operations in sprawling towns and cities which will already have experienced endemic lawlessness and high levels of violence.”

Page 50;

“Conflict and crises will continue to trigger the displacement of large numbers of people, mainly into proximate regions, which may themselves be at risk of instability. Recent conflicts have also demonstrated the potential for sudden movements of people over longer distances, with the potential for related shocks and knock-on effects. This instability is likely to fuel extremist politics in some societies, possibly based on a beleaguered middle class, which may result in resurgent nationalism and authoritarianism.”

Basically, almost everything I’ve been saying for years is in this paper, more or less.
There’s also a 2010 edition I haven’t read yet.
Have fun with it.

I'm smarter than anyone else you'll ever meetNB: Still cannot tell you how I know all of this, or who I am, I hope you understand.

Seeing The Future: On — Economy, Culture, Why ‘Enjoy the Decline’?

If you ever read one post of mine, let it be this.

I treat you as a sentient intelligent lifeform. Objections?

Consider the future. Your future.

Or pay for travel now with your future life plus interest

Is there a sense of –

Any sane person in this part of the century.

Like you kinda want out of the world you were born into?

We all have those days, months.... YEARS.

You are not alone.

You don't need to be, anyway.

You don’t need to be, anyway.

The world is pretty shitty. You aren’t imagining it. Standards are dropping across the board.

It's deliberate.

The young especially, we’re being fucked over. You might try and avoid the problem, the Hell that is other people, but this will make you feel worse, believe me.

If you can't trust an anonymous stranger on the internet, who can you trust?

If you can’t trust an anonymous stranger on the internet, who can you trust?

What do we get? Why sign up for the plans made before our birth?
We’re seeing this. Existentialism. Ennui.  The rise of hedonism. It’s an acceptable reaction.

It's like going through the stages of grief for a world that only existed in our dreams

Sadly, the current system is too far gone. Too much is broken for we enlightened few to fix.

Think of it like a gameshow where anyone too stupid to wise up to redpill will die a financial death and it becomes tolerable.

Think of it like a gameshow where anyone too stupid to wise up to redpill will die a financial death and it becomes tolerable.

Thankfully, our time-wasting is a virtue. We aren’t contributing to a bad system and insodoing, accelerate its decline.

Our elders are criticizing us because we see past their BS.

Our elders are criticizing us because we see past their BS.

Cultural excesses are dependent on money.

When the extravagances paid for by ‘Free Money’ have consequences, they are dismissed because Times are Good. Make mistakes, life is for living, carpe diem. While it’s on the table, with no losses down the line, I say go for it.

Let them glory in their vices, we'll have the last laugh at the hags

Getting to the heart of the matter will quell it.

The greatest action nowadays is inaction. We are collectively refusing to support the situation we never created. That Baby Boomers and co. did. They hate us because they know the clusterfuck situation they made and expected us to respectfully tidy up their mess. And pay for everything. And throw away our youth slaving for pittance because they wasted theirs.
Our rebellion is to say ‘no’.

Action by inactionWait it out. We have time. Our elders hear a big tick tock, or is that their blood pressure?

When the globalised economy corrects, which will happen very soon thanks to dumbfuck management (<20y vs <200y culture-only decline), excuses stop. Survival mode is engaged.
We call those Revolutions. They are the norm throughout history. French, Russian…. Will this be a Global Revolution? I don’t know. We run headlong into TMV = Too many variables.

This aims to be a neat summary. Neat explanations are frequently superior.

This aims to be a neat summary. Neat explanations are frequently superior.

Let’s look to outcomes.
I have hope.
You see, such a fall would scorch us from the lies infesting us from birth. Little ticks would quickly be brushed from acceptable society and vulgar insanities mocked. The stable society which must arise if humanity is to continue would likely be a type of Neo-Renaissance.

A fiver says he's a feminist.

Watch our hubristic enemies burn in a fire of their own building and a phoenix of great beauty arise from the ashes.

This is considered cool for a reason, it's the reaction of a person who can handle their shit

Enjoy the decline. This isn’t arrogant, it is retribution, a karmic correction. Were we wrong, we would still benefit from knowing the system well enough to easily come out on top. We have the jump.

It's encouraged to mock them as long as you're a living example of the practices you espouse.

It’s encouraged to mock them as long as you’re a living example of the practices you espouse. Lead by becoming and the right people will follow.

I know this collapse is inevitable because the current system is built on lies. Those cultures (safety net of the hivemind) collapse when the wolves are at the door. If the fittest (those in touch with reality, who know the score) are in charge, things get better quicker. Can’t be worse than the morons we have now.

Preppers have a very good point, the shit will hit the fan, take a brolly
We have nothing to worry about.
Our simple, sole duty is in telling the truth.
Can’t say we didn’t warn them.

Do not forget. Do not forgive.

Do not forget. Do not forgive.

Quick Wisdom: Why aren’t young men marrying young women?

Men marry for logical reasons, they believe they need to secure a woman to keep the benefits of a relationship going (or she will leave). Women tend to marry for emotional reasons, excepting gold-diggers.

Given this, why are more men choosing to marry less?

It is illogical to do so.

Surprise! The Sisterhood lied to you to try and steal your prospects for themselves.

Surprise! The Sisterhood lied to you to try and steal your prospects for themselves.

Why? Ant and grasshopper.
If a man wanders off and makes a success of himself (attractive prospect in the marriage market) in the same time that a woman is wasting her youth (and yeah, that’s important for fertility reasons), there is no logical reason to buy in, especially when they can get a woman younger than themselves and less entitled (age does that).

What is the solution?
Women aren’t going to like it….

Become better wives.

Like a job, you need to demonstrate the skills before you get that promotion. It requires effort. Hey, just like a marriage!

Neoreactionaries, take note of Toynbee

“Here then is one possible projection of the future of mankind’s life on earth. The histories of past universal states allow us to make some general postulates about our own future, and can even offer us some positive lessons, but perhaps the single greatest lesson that we can learn from them is a negative one. Mankind longs today for a world united in peace and freedom, but in the past only the bitter experience of prolonged disunity and war, culminating in intolerable anarchy and distress, has moved men to attempt the salvation of their hard-pressed societies by the forcible unification of rival parochial polities. Even if this has not invariably resulted in the imposition of a tyranny, it has always presaged the eventual downfall of a society. Today we cannot afford the luxury of waiting to learn this lesson by a repetition, at first hand, of our predecessors’ experience; for, if we do wait, the choices open to us will be reduced to alternatives of a world tyranny or the end of life itself. Our knowledge of the past histories of other societies than our own must move us to forestall disaster by taking the future into our hands. If we sit back, we shall find ourselves overtaken by events that have passed beyond our control.” ~ Toynbee, A Study of History, Part VI Universal States. Published 1972.

The Left Wing are beginning to see academia is a con

I almost fell off my office chair. I agree with Laurie Penny.

Reality is turning up the heat...