Link: Against ‘Against Autism Cures’

There are many fakes claiming mental illness then failing to need anything on the illness front. If you aren’t in need of medical attention, you aren’t ill and society should revoke your perks. Overdiagnosis aside, it’s becoming an absurdly common excuse to avoid anything they dislike. It’s like the conflation of irritation, annoyance and offence. Autism is one of those overly broad categories that shouldn’t be used anymore because it contains the entire spectrum (no not that one) of mild conditions, probably personality quirks or lack of skills, the proper illnesses that need a treatment plan but can get along and then the extreme cases, which cannot live or function in society and used to be killed on the quiet. Giving all those groups the same banner seems insane to me.

At least now we know the brain is part of the immune system, the true work can begin.

It’s an illness we cannot examine from the outside, because we have no idea what their inner world is like. All attempts have shown it up to be completely different to regular people, sometimes in a positive way (although you don’t have to be autistic to be a savant) but usually in the exact closed-off way that they cannot be reached. It would seem unfair to hold those people to arbitrary standards of psychiatric norm.

They’ve spent years trying to raise kids who were violent, self-injurious, locked in a sensory hell without the ability to explain their problems verbally, and maybe having seizures all the time to boot. Their decision to institutionalize is a reluctant concession to this reality.

It was one of the early arguments for abortion, that with certain conditions they would suffer too much in life. It’s kinda like a social locked-in syndrome. And the people who go on about ALL mental illness being faked/the psychiatry Scientology conspiracy, have never met them.

And maybe the best option is that somebody develops technology that can change your brain type during adulthood, so that everyone has the option of experiencing life as an autistic person and as a neurotypical person and seeing which is best for them. Invent something like that and the problem disappears.

Turning nerd for a moment that sounds to me like a mobile TMS unit.

And a lot depends on the genetic structure of autism. If autism is just the brain’s response to high mutational load, then trying to do most other good things will prevent autism as a side effect. On the other hand, if autism is the extreme version of a trait whose common version is “good at logical and scientific thinking”, then we have to ask ourselves whether that trait is worth messing with. As usual, everything about genetic engineering raises thorny scientific and ethical quandaries, and I can only hope we don’t drag our feet in creating the eight-foot-tall IQ 300 supermen who can solve them.

Good for individual vs. society. Could be the personality is just another layer on top of normality like high Mach sociopaths and the extreme cases only seem to mimic the personality since they’re restricted in other ways. Ironically, in a world cured of autism, nobody would be capable of answering such a conceptual question. Science would probably die.

The most disturbing part is that they don’t want the support of illness, but they want societal goodies and freebies for being ill. Seems like a con. Are you special? Are you normal? Which is it?

Sex differences in the structural connectome of the human brain

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The connectome is important. There are blood flow differences, electrical signalling differences and these are now proof of pathway differences. Literally, observable (spatial) differences in the neural network.

Under significance;

Sex differences are of high scientific and societal interest because of their prominence in behavior of humans and nonhuman species. [DS: worth reminding] This work is highly significant because it studies a very large population of 949 youths (8–22 y, 428 males and 521 females) using the diffusion-based structural connectome of the brain, identifying novel sex differences. The results establish that male brains are optimized for intrahemispheric and female brains for interhemispheric communication. The developmental trajectories of males and females separate at a young age, demonstrating wide differences during adolescence and adulthood. The observations suggest that male brains are structured to facilitate connectivity between perception and coordinated action, whereas female brains are designed to facilitate communication between analytical and intuitive processing modes.

This supports the ideas of the masculine and feminine brains as separate evolved developments a la Baron-Cohen. I doubt the people selling “we’re the same” would like these results, and it explains why they haven’t got better publicity because Narrative sells.
claudia boleyn baby impression crying
Biological proof of gender (psyche) differences too (the “gender binary” is based in biology!). And since the connectome informs function and behaviour, gender roles too!

Want to see the best proof in this study?

Tell a feminist today. Smugly.



Paper: Methods and Assumptions of Research in Behavioral Genetics

Mendelian is…. outdated. Dominant/recessive doesn’t work on the level of behavioural traits we observe, for the same reason there isn’t a “gene for X” as the papers declare, the interactions alone require a great deal of processing power and the outcomes will become clear over the coming decades.
But the gist in this is good.

Throw it on the pile: PC progressive social justice society as autism symptom

A feature of Asperger’s syndrome that can be advantageous to society is a concern with social justice and discrimination against minority groups. This can sometimes be strikingly developed in Asperger’s cases, often because of their characteristic impatience with conventional hypocrisy and publicly-accepted double standards (not to mention the fact that they sometimes feel the victims of discrimination themselves). Modern societies have canonized such concerns in law and public attitudes, and a number of famous campaigners for equal rights and social justice have been posthumously proposed as Asperger’s cases.

And thanks again to their mentalistic deficits, autistics tend to be loners, who are poor at participating in group activities of the kind that exploit social justice and anti-discrimination sentiment for self-serving political and social advantage.” source

“More specifically, modern Western societies are characterized by high incidence of single-parenthood and divorce; high rates of crime, anti-social behaviour, and delinquency; privatization of sex and its divorce from reproduction, with approval of masturbation (by far the most autistic of sexual practices [compulsive in low-function] and one that was anathematized to an astonishing extent up until quite recently); secularization and privatization of religion, fragmentation of politics, with a loss of normative consensus and a cult of individualism [special snowflake] and self-realization encouraged by cynicism about collective ideologies and institutional beliefs.

The causes are clear. Urbanization means that social groups are too large and anonymous to allow personal familiarity. Multi-culturalism means that society is too heterogeneous to sustain a common mental culture and that the host culture is disqualified from dominance. Rapid social change combined with increased life expectancy means that older individuals become alienated and disorientated as values change or reverse in their lifetimes, while the young reject them and their mental world as out-of-date and irrelevant.

Other important factors are an advanced division of labor, with social and mental specialization; bureaucracy, routinization, and regulation; the emergence of experts, consultants, and self-appointed authorities; single-issue pressure groups, parties, and politics; single-focus leisure activities, hobbies, and life-styles along with a cult of individualism with tolerance of eccentricity and outsiders. All of these illustrate DSM IV’s second set of criteria for autism: restricted repertoire of activities and interests: stereotyped/repetitive behaviour; abnormally restricted or intense interests; insistence on routines/rituals; preoccupation with parts/details.

In other words, modern, multi-cultural societies could be seen as essentially autistic in nature: something which describes both their strengths and their weaknesses. No wonder then, that there has been a Flynn Effect (see a previous post). Sociologically, this could be seen as the equivalent of the high but uneven IQ found in Asperger’s syndrome, with what you might call the Bowling Alone aspect reflecting the mentalistic deficits of high-functioning autism, and the scientific, technological, and engineering triumphs of modern society the corresponding mechanistic compensations.

Indeed, you could see modern Western culture as the epitome of autistic savantism in many respects. Although we rely on computers to perform the feats of rote memory, instant recall, and lightning calculation you would otherwise only find in autistic savants, you could regard our cultural and economic reliance on computing as a form of collective autistic savantism. Whether we like it or not, mechanistic cognition—not mentalism as hitherto—is increasingly the foundation of our civilization, and is incrementally institutionalized in technology, engineering, and science. All of us are to this extent autistic and find ourselves living increasingly in what you could justly call the age of Asperger. [removed from DSM5, no longer a thing]” source

Hence we may divide feminists by the autistic, who truly believe it. And sociopathic/high functioning, who use it as social strategy by preying on their less flexible brethren. How to find them? There must be an environmental cause (aside from vaccines) – xenoandrogens? mothers carrying with lower oestrogen levels? This isn’t the useful autism, mind you. It’s the shouting violent, shrill kind. Almost …. masculine.

Who wants to tell Matt Forney?

p.s. if vaccines did cause a rise in autistic thinking, and feminist masses displayed this, oh, the sweet irony! Can we check their records for vaccinations? heavy metals?

Science says the brain evolves, Microcephalin, ASPM and intelligence: the most excellent of correlations

full study here

h/t to the ever-brilliant hbdchick


“At the population-level IQ and Microcephalin correlate significantly (.790 and .847) [incredibly high]

Microcephalin significantly predicts population differences in IQ [duh, league tables for IQ]

Microcephalin significantly predicts infectious disease burden [survival of the fittest]

Vice versa in the case of Microcephalin

Microcephalin increased disease-resistance allowing access to new cognitive niches [European genius stereotypes]

Everytime I see genetics and brain studiesSocial construct that away, bitches.