Binaural beats for brainwashing

Wait, that shit actually works?


I see no reason this could be used for political reasons. No Siree.

Biohackers just want x-ray vision to see tits, let’s be honest.

4th wall break dean winking wahey

Notice biohackers never do anything with their dick? What’s gonna happen to it, do they think, when they switch over to their robot body, or pure information form? Chop chop.

And you don’t even have a clitoris, imagine.
Would you give up an evolutionary pleasure button? Aren’t many female biohackers, are there? A woman’s body is already perfect. You don’t mess with that.


You didn’t see the manwhore in AI with a massive real flesh dongle, did you? Big decisions to make. Will you nerd out so much you eunuch yourself a la Bruce Jenner? Well, I guess most of them are circumcised so they’ve technically already lost the joy of it. [Random but: The lawsuits from all that child abuse would be too much to handle. It’s unnatural to chop off something we evolved to have, and women develop a repulsion to it, which doesn’t make it sound better. Jewish mothers really dislike their sons, there’s nothing stopping them doing it to daughters too. At least Muslims are consistent. You can’t trust self-report studies, especially when it comes to the male genitals. Notorious for lying in sexology circles. You can trust the sexual partners, with no identification one way or another, with anonymity (no revenge). The “compensatory” behaviors of circumcised men and shorter endurance show something isn’t right. When you get a strong non-biased methodology, the results of losing most of your genital nerve endings is apparent. ]

Fun fact: UK knows dongle to mean penis.

Oxytocin promotes patriotism

It is the love hormone because love also means protection.

“Grounded in the idea that ethnocentrism also facilitates within-group trust, cooperation, and coordination, we conjecture that ethnocentrism may be modulated by brain oxytocin, a peptide shown to promote cooperation among in-group members.”

Have we found the hormone for the k-selected?

The higher oestrogen of women (general finding) depresses amygdala (stress) activity (this is written up on wikipedia if you want to link-follow) but oxytocin release increases amygdala stimulation over the top of the oestrogen signal, which is otherwise fine and generally neuroprotective (presumably so we don’t miscarry when a shadow looks like a guy).

So maybe the way to get women caring less about the ‘refugees’ and remember their personal safety is now their job, not a husband, is to pass out free oxytocin nasal sprays?

Or put it in the water supply?

I’m kinda serious. It’s crazy enough to work.
Compassion fatigue already set in years ago, ride the wave and reduce the maternal clucking of middle-age Boomers.

I wonder if military service induces oxytocin release for male-male bonding?

“Results show that oxytocin creates intergroup bias because oxytocin motivates in-group favoritism and, to a lesser extent, out-group derogation. These findings call into question the view of oxytocin as an indiscriminate “love drug” or “cuddle chemical” and suggest that oxytocin has a role in the emergence of intergroup conflict and violence.”


Dare I dream?

It doesn’t mention that when ANY ingroup meets ANY outgroup, the natural result is competition because Darwin.
It isn’t a choice or a value judgement. War happens constantly, it is the norm. When modern food supply runs low, it’ll come back, roaring back, bigger and badder than ever. We’re in the experiment.
Race to survive, anyone?

You might remember there was a BS flurry in the MSM about a chemical that reduces ‘racism’ – this was it.

It doesn’t – because ‘ingroup preference’ (the positive social term, along with the lesser known and more genetic genophilia) is totally natural. They stupidly assumed they could extend the ingroup to literally everyone in the whole world. The brain resists this, that’s why they haven’t drugged us all by now.


Since among other findings;

It increases patriotism for one’s culture and love of one’s family.

It changed freedom of association to genetic kin and love of the flag but not corporations.
It studies Asians which is a hiccup but hormones tend to have broad effects.

The men of society love strength in their social group of other men.

It also leads to monogamy and fidelity – in MEN.

Ding ding ding K-type central.

“Together, our results suggest that where OXT release is stimulated during a monogamous relationship, it may additionally promote its maintenance by making men avoid signaling romantic interest to other women through close-approach behavior during social encounters. In this way, OXT may help to promote fidelity within monogamous human relationships.”

I would bet that sluts, the promiscuous with higher and higher N counts, with damaged pair bonding, release less.

More studies on whites and women needed but otherwise, great work.
Nature is literally against these ‘social engineers’, too kind a term, for penpushers and petty meddlers.

New fave GIF, will get a lot of use.

BTW the primary source of oxytocin in humans would be ..the nuclear family. You’d have to knock that out to bring multiculturalism in.

Coffee, hormones and physical distress

superman drinking give up nope

Back to liquor then.

On some level, everyone knows coffee is bad for the body. That’s why they self-medicate later with alcohol to relax and sleep.

Perhaps this relates to mental illness in a modern population, perhaps not.

Caffeine has also been shown to increase serotonin levels in the limbic system, a relatively primitive part of our brain involved in regulating basic functions such as hormonal secretions, emotional responses, mood regulation and pain/pleasure sensations. This has a similar mode of action as some antidepressant medications.

That includes the amygdala, folks. A sense of appeasement and belonging.

Ever notice chronic coffee fiends are generally very sad, lonely people?

which can lead to sub-clinical mood problems such as mild depression (aka “the blues”), low motivation, irritability, and impaired cognition.

Starbucks Zombies.

It doesn’t even give them more energy after the first week or two, they just need it to feel normal, like any addict.

I’m not saying this is urban liberals and SJWs especially…. but they tend to have spare tires that lead to this.

You don’t see many skinny SJWs who don’t abuse some substances (sugar, caffeine, alcohol).

Autism, a nervous complaint

Say, that isn’t the same CNS they target with vaccine adjuvants, is it?

Ya don’t say?

shrug lol toldyaso fuck you bateman

Have they tested for inflammation markers?

We all know the brain is part of the immune system now, no reason not to.

“Hence, it is feasible that vaccinations may also contribute to the mosaic of autoimmunity. Evidence for the association of vaccinations and the development of these diseases is presented in this review.”
This immune link to the brain isn’t really new.

Need more data, apparently. Decades wasn’t enough.

“Data are very poor on the efficacy.”

A+ arse-covering.

They never ask about medications.

Plenty of women get vaccines during pregnancy. Flu and many, many others.

Wood for the trees with these people.
Gene mutations, huh? Well it can’t be the genes then or you’d have sequenced them, and it can’t naturally occur in plain lab mice.

Humans are meant to eat meat, deal with it


Shrinkage is literally a thing.

I’m tired of explaining basic biology to people with an overt thought disorder. Brain fog at least (common with liberals, confused at simple logic).

Nobody who knows anything about the evolution and function of the human brain would argue for an exclusion diet, they are actively bad for your health whatever you are actually eating, especially considering the nutrient-density of meat and dairy products. To exclude them is stupid.

Grains, I’m open-minded. Modern grains have higher gluten content than ancient grains from special breeding (not to be confused with GMO) over the centuries, for instance.
If you tried to live off the land in European winter without meat, you’d die. No fruit, no grains, no special pills. Darwin doesn’t give a shit. What these people really want is to weaken their social competition, and studies have shown many of the Special Diet crowd ‘cheat’ on it, especially when drunk. They lie. They lie about what they eat like they lie about their politics, disingenuous people don’t change with the topic. If everyone else went vegan, they’d be delighted, while secretly scoffing on steak and chips. They’d have the calories, the metabolic energy to outcompete their genetic superiors. In the case of women, we’d be too weak to resist a rape attempt. It’s dark Darwinism.

I’ll put it this way: ask them if they’d ban the rearing and sale of meat.
If they say No, they’re wolfing it on the quiet.

Whatever I keep reading either twists the science by claiming something the evidence doesn’t support or they try to morally guilt-trip and preach, despite how God made the animals in the Bible expressly for us to eat.

done with this shit downton

Need dat Vit B.

Link: The dualism of transgenderism

Dualism fails because it is, at present, unfalsifiable.
Then again, so too is consciousness. If you treat the ephemeral spirit of dualism as consciousness, the theories are practically indistinguishable.

Transsexualism (the surgery) treats the ephemeral impression as more valid than the anatomical reality, and judges one as ‘wrong’, to be immediately ‘fixed’ with genital butchering. There was a woman who wanted to be blind so badly her therapist, who should be struck off and imprisoned, helped her pour bleach into her eyes to manifest it.

I wish HBD covered more biology of virtue and the behavioural feedback loop.
Once a cheat, always a cheat has a firm basis in fact.

You may have seen the dramatic images of brains atrophied through substance abuse. A habit of lies, makes one, even neurobiologically, a liar. Aritotle writes that an act of infidelity may be overcome, but a habit of infidelity makes one a different person. So what does a habit of anger, or a habit of pornography do? These are profound insights into how our moral makeup depends on our own choices.

People must know that you can’t just say ‘Sorry’ and go back, your behaviours change your brain. Those who sin are not the same person, physically, and can never be blemish-free again.

I was reading de Balzac only yesterday and he said something to effect of “others will respect you for detesting people who have done detestable things.” This is aristocratic, part of noblesse oblige. It is a social requirement to shun and spurn and degrade the sinners as it is to praise and raise the saints. Noblefolk are only nice to the good.

There is no free try, contrary to the propaganda, experience is a bad thing. The sinners have no moral authority, let alone holding them above saints. The first time is a choice and the second time a habit.

Elsewhere Honore said Equality may perhaps be a right, but no power on earth can ever turn it into a fact.”

Back then, equality meant meritocracy. France was doing well off it.

Video: Sodium Fluoride, neurotoxin

This man is a neurosurgeon. He’s seen and felt the damage.

Ever notice rich people and politicians (but I repeat myself) always drink bottled water?

No matter who mocks them for it?

Ancient Rome was taken down by the lead lining the pipes and wine goblets.

Will the West be taken down by fluoride and aluminium (the former is used to process the later, used in food processing since the replacement of tin in tins)?

This substance is called Fluoroaluminum, the two bind together and pass through the blood-brain barrier.

Considering the inexplicable rise of autoimmune and inflammatory conditions that can ONLY be connected to environmental pollutants, and the newly coined bystander damage effect on brain cells when toxic metals accumulate, who’s to say?

This probably isn’t related but autism has been linked to limbic damage (this includes the amygdala).

As has other autoimmune damage to the amygdala.

The most fluoridated cities in America were NYC and LA.

Probably nothing, right?

correction ohuhno idiots

What are their politics again?

What’s the old joke, must be something in the water?

Aluminium has been found in ADHD toxicology profiles, autism, breast cancer and Alzheimer’s patients.
Fluoride lowers IQ and acts as a sedative, checking the fear response.

Page 197, Principles of Orthomolecularism.

Page 197, Principles of Orthomolecularism.

Page 146, Introduction to Clinical Nutrition, Third Edition.

Page 146, Introduction to Clinical Nutrition, Third Edition.

Developmental Fluoride Neurotoxicity: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis