Meme War 2016


Credit: GSOGM

…Started it.

Who’d believe me, right? Being female. I’m hardly the only one by far but… I mean, it’s an internet principle old as Anonymous to hide who or what you are to accomplish a task, to lose your identity for a cause, but its tricky to explain in this case because it relies on a happenstance interaction of parts of the internet which simply didn’t talk to each other, and rarely knew of each other’s existence or principles beyond propaganda.

Short v?

It was neoreaction, ripped off by the manosphere and empowered in tactics by Gamergate. This is the secret recipe to the Alt Right.

A spicy splinter of rhetorical shivs based on the past century’s failures of Leftism.

First there were bitchy but logical comments. That didn’t work. (Gen X)
Then there were poignant GIFs. That didn’t work. (Gen Y)
Then there was shitty MS Paint meme. How did that work? (????)

It still boggles me.

All this time, society needed smart people to shitpost?

Memes contain a message, the medium is the message. We simply based ours on reality and people cried out for it, hungry and eager for the truth after decades of media misinformation.

We were pointing out their stupidity and mocking their hypocrisy.

The false piety, social signalling pathological altruism set never have a sense of humour either.
There were layers. Like an onion.

Fun fact: the first widespread meme of ours was TFW.

Fun fact: the first widespread meme of ours to hit normies like a boulder was TFW, parodying the SJW Tumblrina notion of ‘feels’ with white, hetero male issues.

Similarly, Pepe was brought out of the shoe box. I like frogs* and Fight Club, so what?

Blame the 90s (90s kid memes, also us) and the Muppets. It’s no coincidence he’s sipping tea disapprovingly. They love reading into pop culture so we gave them shit to work with.

Remind you of anyone? Very English, si?

Literally me.

Drink of monarchy and colonies.

Everyone knows memes don’t have a source, like ancient ideas.
They arise magically and anonymously. Their purpose is sharing. It’s very Marx, really.
Cultural transmission…. of Marx.

Sippy sippy.

Why do this?
Why be alternative?


I remember when we’d put Impact on cats and consider the job done. Ah, 2009.

It’s a good, old-fashioned British wind-up, m8.

The response?

MSM pages of writing. That doesn’t work, even when it’s true. It’s old media.
The GIF offensive. That doesn’t work, it’s non-nonsensical. There’s no message to meme, it’s a VERB.

We’ve seen them fake craptacular memes and false flag them from us. One problem. There’s no truth. Incidentally, they’re not funny. It rings false. Reverse search, bitches. You might have trouble with technology and fumble with a kidd-i-phone but your target readers don’t. They can tell when fake news comes out of bought organisations. The authority of a name is only as trusted as the journalists working under it. Citizen journalism has come to politics.

Still, this explains the monarchy/tradition/democracy digs, from Neoreaction, frustrated at false conservatism of broken liberal 20th century values. Brexit is obviously a pro-monarchist stance of sovereignty. It explains the bitchiness of the manosphere and the splinter anti-feminists, a single cause solution to which Trump was the answer and begins the long arduous task of moving back the Overton window to the true, social middle. Gamergate roped in outraged libertarians who just wanted to game in peace and allowed a trial of never-before-seen Lefty tactics armed against them from technically their own, the classic liberal, like shooting them with their own cannon.
The Alt Right is really a variation of the Dark Enlightenment, just read. This explains the focus on what builds a good society, the computer metaphors (tech nerds) and HBD forbidden sciences, like hiding alchemy. The redpill with less blue balls caused by the Cathedral, now Swamp’s Cultural Marxism. I think that’s it, really. In summary.

If you want to be at least two years ahead, go to Gromar and co.

You will notice I am not there, but pretty much my ideas are cited everywhere.
I cross-post and cross-fertilize like a bisexual guy.
I’m not formal enough to fit in anywhere…

How also to avoid Entryism, post GG.
heehee me-me

The manosphere was cynically riding a trend wave and borrowing the way we used certain ideas to sell their personal brand and get internet celebrity or hedonism. We disliked that and spurned them from trying to claim to be one of us, since they aren’t in any way, shape or form. Their personal lives expose they’re anything but traditional, they’re SJWs with a little more Machiavellian logic, it’s a fairweather association on their side for shekels. They’re happy to try and slander the real people, including me. It’s rather funny because they haven’t the reputation for their accusations to be believed, if anything it improves their opponent’s profile.

Many have pointed to GG in the MSM but that wasn’t really it. GG was a consumer rally cum conspiracy theory. The ideological basis is firmed grounded in NRx, vast and lengthy treatise written by fine people and I’m still listed around the place and cited as one of those sites. We’ve expanded to approach the common man as audience, instead of staying in our academic dry bubbles and finally, the conservatives are fighting to reinstate and preserve things.

The SJWs cannot leave their bubble. Reality is hostile to thee.

The victories of 2016 were laid into the fertile soil at least two years ago with the crystallization of NRx.

A couple of years ago around late 2013/early 2014 when NRx became a Thing, we were discussing the need to reach a wider, more normal and probably less autistic audience. NRx has a barrier to entry by IQ, certain conceptual ideas are out of reach for common people (academia background of many of us, I admit it) although we did pilfer some rationalists from LW before it went under with entryism. There are thousands of pages of NRx, it’s more commitment than a religion and very self-referenced, so while applicable to society’s needs and good per se, we agreed it would be better to use more real names and identities without falling for the siren lure of MSM-appeasing celebrity like the manosphere/PUA manwhores. [1] More indexing sites by specific subject and academia-neutral or journalistic places were set up during this time. I came back in to do this and help with this, including spreading the word in person, in secret (STEM, mostly). This reached influential people, eventually. It was a social experiment, we had no idea what would be.

I’m not the only one to know this or notice the curious correlations between ideas of supposedly distinct internet tribal peoples. (Though I am one of the half dozen who moves easily between these parties).


Merry Christmas.

2016, year of the cultural crusade.

It doesn’t end there.

sarcasm scott I'm fine okay good great lol happy

You think I didn’t have advanced plans? Really?

Christmas came twice for me, I got everything I wanted this year.
The globalists can’t target the faceless, they can’t attack the abstract.
Ideas are bulletproof but people are not. Ideas can be forgotten… or remembered.


The time has come.

[1] For the time being the ‘manosphere’ (truthfully dead for a long time thanks to dead weight) cheer-lead some of our muted, watered-down ideas, signalling their ‘neomasculinity’ (what a rip, I wonder what they reference there) but generally they censor aspects of reality they don’t like, worse than SJWs because they’re doing this knowingly, like border laws for their sex tourism, ignoring human rights in Europe because they apply to feminazis too. They want to be edgy and they want money. They will never do this for free like NRx, GG or the real AR. They are whores of Patreon plugged into the system we despise, they’re false opposition that will defend it when the time comes. Just look at the way they treat women, when Patriarchy would string them up. They’re mostly either in the shady world of supplement sales or con artists promising The Secret, with more dicks. The manosphere will claim anything for attention so generally we ignore them and side-eye the fact a pro-white society movement (50s America) is happily led by kebab.

*Yes, that was the reason.
They’re forced to cover our memes, the pure raw idea, to deny it. A meme is a trojan horse of ideology.

2016 for the Right


We’re called The Right for a reason.

2016: The year we finally responded to the culture war, and won.

I predicted last year that this one, would be the Big One.

Word is the finance thing is happening on a loop of ten, from 2008, meaning that next year, the incoming year, we’ll have the tremors before the avalanche. I hope it isn’t true, I’ve also seen predictions up to 2030, who knows?

I would say it’s the year normal people stopped trusting the MSM, thought for themselves and the year the Left lost its cool along with its social relevance (sticking up for ever-more niche minorities will lose you the common man). Now it’s pretty much a bunch of old guys grumpy round a table because they don’t get why the old words aren’t working anymore at shutting up anyone with data. It was a mirage, social power was all they had. Now, it’s barren rhetoric and empty emotional appeals.