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It used to be half-decent, I’m old enough to remember. Now it’s trying to out-Guardian the Guardian.

At least there wouldn’t be any more cringe corporate Gay Pride stories or Hollywood Jews to do the rape.
We could get some lovely Asians to do the jobs they don’t want to do because they’re too busy pulling a Superman.
Sharia doesn’t allow female testimony, which solves the issue of scandal nicely.

Everyone gets raped under Islam, even little boys. How equal.

Why don’t we have Muzzi version of echoes?


The <<<Independent>>>

Video: Who reads the papers?

Before fake news, there was Yes, Prime Minister. Often shortened to Yes, Minister.

While you’re rebooting House of Cards, try this on for size.

Mmm. Snug.

When the BBC had a better sense of humour.

Read Top comment.

According to the Guardian, jet lag is xenophobia.

Meanwhile, America is still catching up. But we humour them.

First fifteen seconds of this one too.

And maybe this.

It’s very manosphere topical. The gaslighters playing Freud.

Why does the Government need to know where you get news?

What if someone spoofs your IP?
What if you use a VPN?
(No, Tor does not work).
Why is all data collected for flagging than certain sites?

Where is the list of flag sites?

Would simply visiting a site count as illegal? There are certainly enough computer laws.

What’s the bet the tamest alt right sites are on it?

What about networks?
Messaging services?
URL shifts?
Cloud photo storage (clue: your sexts and revenge porn)?

This is all pinging to me as Off.

snort lol laugh haha hmph derision yeah duh really uhuh mhmm princess bride

There’s a lot here they aren’t telling. Could it be due to the stupidly high terror alert level post-Calais?

But of course nobody cares about little old me so whatever.

Muslims beheading Christian nuns and selling their blood

I’m not going to make a joke about this.
Nuns are gentle, lovely people. The rapes are bad enough.

The Christians, she said, are beheaded in ceremonies in which they are forced to kneel, with their hands and feet bound, as the Muslim radicals read a death sentence imposed because the victim refuses to renounce Christianity and embrace Islam.

She detailed how the head of the victim is brutally severed with knives. The blood spurting from their necks is captured in basins and then bottled.

“The Muslims sever the necks and collect the blood in vessels to sell the blood. The Muslims believe that if they kill a Christian and wash their hands in the blood of the Christian, they will go to heaven,” she explained.

She said the sale of the Christian blood “is a big business.”

“With this money, the Muslim terrorists can buy more weapons,” she explained.

There is no guarantee with your pension

Savers in their forties and fifties are being “misled” over the safety of their final salary pensions and could suffer a 10 per cent cut to their retirement incomes, a senior official has warned.

In a stark warning, the head of the government’s pensions lifeboat said five in six final salary schemes had fallen into the red and faced a struggle to pay savers a full pension.

Alan Rubenstein, chief executive of the Pensions Protection Fund (PPF), said that many of the 11 million people with a supposedly guaranteed, inflation-linked pension were being led to believe their pension was safe, when “for many that isn’t the case”.

Savers who tried to cash in their final salary pots early, by using the new pension freedoms due in April, face losing up to 40 per cent of the value of the pension they’ve built up, he said.

The comments, in an interview with The Telegraph, represented the most overt warning from a government-backed organsiation since the crisis in the early 2000s when thousands of workers faced the loss of their pensions as companies collapsed with deficits in their schemes….

In addition, Labour is trying to make itself universally unpopular;

More money could be saved by lowering the £40,000 ceiling on the amount savers can put aside each year tax-free or cutting the lifetime tax-free limit of £1.25million per pension, The Times reported last night.

Now The Sun has bowed to feminazi censorship, they’re starting on The Star (paper)

The Page 3 in The Sun has moved online, for free. It’s a trial to raise subs and it won’t work because the rest of the internet exists. The Daily Star is already stealing their custom and good for them. The Sun campaign gained traction because the crazy Greens’ MP (they have social justice in their manifesto) broke Commons rules in wearing a t-shirt and talking ranting about it.


Only relevant bit;

Campaign group Object have already launched an online petition calling for The Daily Star‘s Page 3 to be axed, “asking Richard Desmond to get rid of the Page 3 in The Daily Star.”

Encourage the stupid it will make less of them

FI on the Greens

We’ve always been a party of social justice, and believe that equity has to be at the heart of a sustainable society. We’ve also always made the case that the best way to protect the environment is to transform the goals and direction of the economy to make it genuinely sustainable.”

Green activist Peter Tatchell says that for more than two decades, the Greens have had a very progressive social agenda.

“Unfortunately, the media tend to cover us only when we campaign on environmental issues,” Tatchell told me.

Sugar they're going down.