#illridewithyou story was made up by Green SJWs


…Thus it was that on Monday, while real people were suffering at the hands of an Islamic State-inspired terrorist in Martin Place, hashtag activists sprang to the defence of theoretical victims of an Islamophobia that wasn’t occurring….

It was a frivolous diversion from the real victims inside the Lindt cafe. The irony is the silly fad was started 1000km away, in Brisbane, by a Greens candidate who fantasised the whole thing. Rachael Jacobs was on a train in Brisbane on Monday reading about the unfolding siege on her phone when she noticed a woman fiddling with her headscarf at the other end of the carriage.

….She was too busy turning her imagined brush with ­Islamophobia into a narrative which soon was trending in tens of thousands of tweets around the world.

“She might not even be Muslim or she could have just been warm” Jacobs later admitted.

…The meaningless, narcissistic, one-sided nature of this “near silent encounter” perfectly symbolises the leftist ­approach to Islamist terrorism.

Denial, deflection, projection. They see themselves as morally superior to the rest of Australia, which they imagine as a sea of ignorant rednecks. In their eyes the threat is not terrorism but Islamophobia.

Latched onto by a SJW who brags about mental illness and hatred of white people on her blog.

Yes, I knew it was bullshit. There are fake hero complex stories like this on tumblr all the time.

“Islam is at war against the Jews”


The two boys, ages 8 and 9, verbally attacked the girl on December 4 in the school cafeteria, where they labeled her as being Jewish, according to the Bureau for National Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism, or BNVCA. She had declined to say what her religion was on instructions from her parents, due to the current anti-Semitic climate in the country.

The boys were of “North African origin,” the watchdog group reported.
Later on at the playground of the Joseph Sibuet elementary school in Mions, near Lyons, the boys taunted the girl, stirring up other students, and tried to hit her.

“Our parents told us that Islam is at war against the Jews,” the boys reportedly said.

Two other non-Jewish fellow students intervened and helped the girl and her sister, 6.

The girl’s father told BNVCA that his daughter refuses to return to school. He has filed a complaint with the head of the school and with police.

The girl sought the assistance of six adults at the school but to no avail, the JSSNews website reported.

BNVCA has called for the students to be punished as well as educated about Judaism, and for their parents, who reportedly have refused to take action, to be reprimanded.

On Sunday, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazaneuve called for a national fight against anti-Semitism, saying incidents had doubled over the last 10 months.

They don’t get it, do they? Jews aren’t the Left’s pet anymore. It’s Muslims. They’re the new golden child. I wonder if this will sink in on their opinion toward hostile parasitic mass immigration. For the safety of the children, let’s hope so.

“Stop Islam!” protests sweep Germany


A new type of anti-immigration protest is sweeping across Germany, as thousands take to the streets against what they say is the growing “Islamisation” of the country.

The new protests, which began in the city of Dresden in the former East Germany, feature no neo-Nazi slogans and have nothing to do with the traditional far right.

Instead the demonstrators have adopted the old rallying call of the protests against the East German communist regime that brought down the Berlin Wall 25 years ago, “Wir sind das Volk”, or “We are the people”. They say they want to preserve Germany’s Judeo-Christian Western culture.

The protests come as Bavaria’s ruling Christian Social Union (CSU) is seeking to distance itself from a draft proposal for its party conference which said that immigrants should speak German not only in public, but at home as well.

Germany is now the second most popular destination in the world for migrants, after the US, and the country is struggling to cope with an unprecedented influx of asylum-seekers.

While Angela Merkel’s government has made clear it will block any attempt by David Cameron to curtail freedom of movement within the EU, the German debate over immigration has focused on those coming from outside the bloc, and on Muslims in particular.

Thousands have defied sub-zero temperatures to join weekly marches each Monday in Dresden under the banner of Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of Europe, or Pegida.

The protests were started by a local man, Lutz Bachmann, with no background in politics. When he called his first demonstration in October, only a few hundred turned up, but the movement has snowballed, and last week 7,500 came.

Pegida has inspired similar movements across Germany. Though the numbers have not been as high as in Dresden so far, marches have been called in cities from Düsseldorf to Munich.

Demonstrations against Muslim immigration in Cologne earlier this year turned violent, but unlike the far-right groups and self-proclaimed “hooligans” behind those protests, Pegida insists its movement is peaceful.

It has run into opposition, though: last week a counter-demonstration by around 1,000 people succeeded in blocking Pegida’s way through Dresden, and in the city of Kassel, counter-demonstrators actually outnumbered those who marched against immigrants.

Critics contend that known neo-Nazis have infiltrated the protests, while Mr Bachmann, who has called for “zero tolerance for criminal immigrants”, was forced to acknowledge he “has a past”, after a local newspaper reported he has a lengthy criminal record of his own, including convictions for burglary and drug-dealing.

He has been at pains to stress that he is not opposed to genuine political refugees, only to economic migrants who “take advantage” of the German system, and has no problem with Islam but is worried about erosion of German culture.

Concerns for the German culture plunged Bavaria’s ruling CSU into its own controversy, after a draft proposal for the opening motion at the party conference called for immigrants to speak German at home.

“Whoever wants to live here permanently should be encouraged to speak German in public and within the family,” the draft said.

After a storm of criticism, including the Twitter hashtag YallaCSU, Arabic for “Let’s go, CSU”, and questions over how such a policy could possibly be enforced, Andreas Scheuer, the party’s general secretary, sought to limit the damage.

The proposal was only ever intended as “encouragement”, he said. “Obligation, nannying or control are out of the question.”

UK state pensions doomed, fuck Baby Boomers


One in six MPs believes the state pension will be extinct in 30 years time, a poll found.

30? Way, waaay too long. It’s already creaking.

Currently people who reach retirement age with a full national insurance record receive £113.10 a week.

But cost of the payments is rising as Britain’s population ages, with official figures showing the bill will quadruple to £420 billion over the next six decades.

Why. Tell us why.

An online survey asked 100 MPs from different parties whether they thought the state pension would still be available to retired people in 2044.

Fifteen said the payment would have been phased out or reduced considerably within three decades.

It will crash and the Baby Boomers who voted in all those goodies at the expense of literally everyone else (esp. GenY) will starve to death. Food banks are the beginning of the end.

Morten Nilsson, chief executive of savings firm NOW: Pensions, which commissioned the research, said: “In the corridors of power there is a worrying degree of scepticism that the state pension can be maintained over the long term.

They can use a calculator?

“With the future of State provision so uncertain, it’s never been more important for young savers to take control of their own pension saving and put aside as much as they can to help protect themselves against an uncertain future.”

It doesn’t work like that. Current money pays out to currently drawn pensions. There is no pension pot, no giant repository warehouse, it’s a Ponzi scheme, in one group (those pre-retirement) and out to another (actually retired).  You’re better off with an ISA, a private bank account, a personal investment portfolio and physical gold.

From April 2016, newly retired pensioners will receive around £155 a week. The “flat-rate” payment replaces today’s complex system of earnings-related top-ups to the basic amount. Over time, the new state pension will reduce the cost of the supporting the elderly.

It is top-heavy, the system upended. There are too many parasites. The young cannot pay in even if we wanted to, because that money is paying off higher student debt, credit debt, higher rent, etc. Compacted by lower wages, higher standard of living, etc. The retired did it too early, for too long and seldom contributed at all. Look at their abysmal personal savings record. They’re actually in debt, despite living through the best times in history.

However, MPs indicated a further curtailment of old age payouts would be necessary.

In the “representative” survey of 41 Conservative, 52 Labour, six Liberal Democrat and one anonymous MP from another party, more than half said the state pension age would have to rise to 70 by 2044. It is currently scheduled to reach 68 in 2046.

Tory MPs were “more pessimistic” than Labour MPs, NOW: Pensions said, twice the proportion of Labour counterparts believing that the State Pension would be non-existent in 30 years. Of those who believed the state pension would remain, 65 per cent said the state pension age would be 70 by 2044, compared to 52 per cent of Labour MPs.

oh really am I supposed to be scared angelina jolie wanted big man uhuh

We Millennials are more like Baby Boomers than Generation X. We’re selfish, and because times are hard (understatement) that will become self-preservation rapidly. They can’t make us care or pay in. Same with overvalued stocks.

Feminist Society renames itself Ugly Girls Club

I cannot mock this. Literally. There is no wiggle room.


When Royal Holloway’s feminist society put a stall up in their university union to campaign about consent, they heard one ignorant man snidely refer to them as “the ugly girls club”. Obviously bothered by the ridiculous label this ill-informed guy had given them, they managed not to dwell on the wholly uncalled for insult, and instead turned their frustration into something amazing.

This is the level of delusion we are dealing with.

Changing the name of their feminist group to ‘The Ugly Girls Club’ on Facebook, the society’s members began taking stereotypically ‘ugly’ pictures of themselves pulling hilariously unflattering faces, and hashtagging #uglygirlsclub.

That ugly picture trend only works if you’re attractive and provide both photos side-by-side.

Here’s the twitter page. https://twitter.com/RHuglygirlsclub
and the Society page http://www.su.rhul.ac.uk/activities/society/feminism/
I’m familiar with this group of feminists, they’re really left-wing. Like, really, notoriously. http://www.su.rhul.ac.uk/activities/society/leftforum/ They go to a lot of London stuff. I can’t state specifically of course, but you see a lot of the same less-than-alluring faces around.

Went through contacts and this post seems to be the infraction. Get over it? No no no, that would be grown-up and they even lied about when and where they heard it, typical.

We even know what they were wearing, because beauty standards are evil.

Nanny State Labour want to ban sugar, fat, all fun


Shadow Health Minister Andy Burnham has justified the plans by citing the need to tackle obesity to relieve pressure on the NHS.

And he added: “The time has come to look at the food industry. I’ve said many times, I cannot defend the amount of sugar that children are eating. We’ve seen more and more sugar built into our food over time. I’m looking there at a mandatory maximum limit on fat salt and sugar in children’s food. The status quo simply isn’t working. We need to consider more radical action.”

That part isn’t a bad idea if you’re improving food quality, but consumers have rights.

Mr Fry suggested that the food industry be given a grace period of a few years to reduce sugar levels voluntarily before a crack-down was enacted.

Yet the sugar content of sweet foods has been falling continuously since the 1980s, even as obesity is on the rise, suggesting that expanding waistlines are not solely a product of peoples’ diets.

“Do politicians really think it is their job to tell us what to eat? If so, why not cut to the chase and issue us with ration books?”

Meanwhile Conservative Members of Parliament lined up to criticise Burnham, accusing Labour of simply wanting to ban everything rather than looking for alternative solutions.

The NHS is doomed unless we suddenly think of a way to serve less people.

His colleague Philip Davis agreed, saying: “It’s completely ridiculous. It is absolutely nanny state and basically the Labour Party want to use anything as an excuse to interfere in everybody’s lives, and ban them from doing anything they don’t personally approve of.

“It’s a pretty good taste of what we could expect to see if we had the misfortune of a Labour government.”

Their prole voterbase won’t like this.
Excess fat is a sign of a low-class lifestyle, low-quality food and no gym.
Strangely, I was reading about carbs today and even with an ultra low-fat diet, a person might still be obese from overconsumption of carbs, which would be suspended as subcutaneous fat cells in the body, so this wouldn’t work. They’d need to ban bread and grains.
I find it deeply ironic most Labour MPs are overweight or obese.

Best comment on DM goes to;

How about we suspend every MP, without pay and without expenses, who is clinically obese? Pay & privileges reinstated on production of a satisfactory medical certificate. Not so health conscious after all then, eh?

Second. Close second;

Ah the nanny state – Stage 1 of communism.

£244 million: the British state school bill to teach immigrant children English

This is on top of pre-existing language needs of a student.

And as recent figures show that the number of school children using English as a second language has soared by a third over the last five years to 1.1million, some schools are investing in separate classes for non-English speakers, in which they concentrate on developing their spoken and written English to a standard which enables them to join lessons with fluent English speakers.

What to do when the "intellectuals" hit reality like a brick wall? Laugh, I guess

Despite the measures, there are fears that native English speakers are losing out. One London teacher told the Mail “It has become something of an unwritten rule in many classrooms that non English-speaking immigrant children are the teaching priority.

“Mostly, they are great kids – they’re full of motivation and determination and they’re desperate to succeed in this country. Invariably, once they master the English language, they go on to do really well. [DS: because the teachers show PC favouritism] I have never really felt too concerned about them. Eventually they become a success story. [DS: because all of the funding goes on them.]

“My worry is over the native English-speaking kids who are getting left behind because we do not have much time for them. These days we have no choice but to dumb down the language we use in lessons to accommodate the needs of non-English speakers.

“For immigrant, non English-speaking children this must be the best country in the world to attend school. How sad it is that in many of those schools, pupils who are native English speakers have become a low priority group.”

In THEIR country.
Do you think these kids don’t notice? Do you think they like this?

Last year there were 240 schools at which 90 percent or more of the students did not have English as a first language.

…why is it receiving state funding?

In five schools, not a single pupil was a native English speaker. And there has been a huge influx of pupils from Eastern Europe over the last five years, nearly tripling from 44,000 in 2008 to more than 123,000 by 2013.

The Romanian language recorded the fastest growth, up 527 percent over five years. Latvian followed, up 414 percent. Polish increased by just 136 percent, but recorded the largest number of speakers at 62,275. In total, the number of non-English, Irish or Roma white children hit 313,000 this year, up from 72,000 in 2010.

Professor Alan Smithers, the director of the Centre for Education and Employment Research at Buckingham University, said: “The teaching of English to pupils from abroad is taking up a large chunk of money at a time when expenditure on education is severely constrained, placing extra stress on our schools.

Don’t those teachers notoriously vote Labour and read The Guardian. Goodie goodie gumdrops.

“This is of great concern to parents. I know of parents who are so concerned about the impact of large numbers of pupils from abroad on the education of their own children that they have taken steps to move them to schools where they can concentrate on their studies without the distraction of non-native speakers.”

aka Good Parenting.
Isn’t this a child’s right? Literal right.

The influx of non-English speaking pupils is also of concern to the teaching unions. A National Association of Head Teachers spokesman said: “Gaining a rapid understanding of English is vital to help those children integrate in the classroom so that they can learn along with their peers.

“Children who do have English as their first language are also well served by this approach because it means that their learning isn’t compromised by classmates who are struggling long-term with the language barrier.”

Bullshit. You’re diverting small finite funds. Away from the natives.

Schools are already struggling thanks to the rising birth rate, fuelled in part [ENTIRELY] by high birth rates within immigrant families. Romanian women living in the UK have on average 2.93 children, whereas their British counterparts have 1.84 children on average. Official estimates place the number of new school places required over the next decade at one million, and the government has pledged £5bn by 2015 to provide more school places.

Earlier this month, during a radio interview, the Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said that the character of schools was being altered by the influx. New arrivals in communities are “‘literally change the schooling because so many people arrive not speaking English,” he said.

For those PC pricks who say the native children never suffer from multiculturalism and mass third-world immigration, I want to drag out a pristine piano and play them a thrilling rendition of It Ain’t Necessarily So.

Britain’s most popular boy’s name is Muhammad

And what will you be, when you grow up?


In full;

Muhammad has become the most popular name for baby boys in the UK, the website BabyCentre has revealed. While Arabic names are on the rise, TV shows such as Game Of Thrones have also inspired names for the next generation.

The list of the top 100 baby names of 2014 showed Muhammad has risen 27 places from last year to claim the number one spot for boys.

There is a surge in Arabic names generally, with Nur a new entry in the girls’ top 100, jumping straight to number 29, and Maryam rising 59 places to number 35. Omar, Ali, and Ibrahim are new to the boys’ top 100.

Sophia was the top name for baby girls, mirroring its popularity in BabyCentre’s charts in the US, Brazil, Spain and Russia last year.

But the biggest riser within the girls’ top 100 was Maryam, while the highest new entries were Nur, Emilia and Gracie.

For baby boys, Teddy was the biggest climber within the top 100. The highest new entries were Kian and Jonathan.

Sarah Redshaw, managing editor for BabyCentre, said: “With the increase of Arabic names plus Aarav, an Indian boys’ name, the top 100 shows the ever-increasing diversity of the UK today.”

The royal relegation continued with George falling a further five places. The name slipped out of the top 10 to number 13 shortly after the future king’s birth last year. Other royal names, such as Harry and William, also fell in popularity this year.

Redshaw said: “Parents have also been influenced by celebrity name choices. The Beckhams and Simon Cowell have been big influences this year. Eric, the name Simon Cowell chose for his son, increased by 314%.”

The names of David and Victoria Beckham’s offspring have also prompted a trend among parents. Harper is a new entry in the top 100 this year, while Romeo is up 67% and Cruz is up 400%.

Ariana entered the top 100 girls’ names for the first time, with singer Ariana Grande topping the charts this year.

From Game Of Thrones, the name Emilia was a new entry at number 53, with parents also registering the names Daenerys and Tyrion this year. The name Piper was up 267%, thanks to popular TV series Orange Is The New Black.

Breaking Bad also continued to influence, as Skyler, Jesse and Walter all increased in popularity.

But Ms Redshaw added: “Parents are wary of names associated with celebrities who exhibit bad behaviour, the pop singer Miley Cyrus being a prime example.”

The name Miley has fallen, as have Amy and Nick, following the release of the mystery thriller book and movie Gone Girl.

Popular names from the 1970s seem to be making a comeback, with the Emma, Sarah and Maria up 10, 32 and 12 places respectively. Angela, Joanne, Claire and Karen have also all increased in popularity and John has made it into the top 100.

Choosing an unusual baby name is also on the rise. This year’s more creative baby names for girls included Wren, London, Phoenix, Logan, Indigo, Genisis and Blue – inspired by Beyoncé’s daughter, Blue Ivy.

Among the more inventive names for boys were Prince, King, Junior, Hendrix, Braxton and Apollo – the name of Gwen Stefani’s son.

The baby names chart ranks the names chosen by 56,157 BabyCentre.co.uk members who gave birth in 2014.

The top 10 girls’ names:

1 Sophia

2 Emily

3 Lily

4 Olivia

5 Amelia

6 Isla

7 Isabella

8 Ava

9 Sophie

10 Chloe

The top 10 boys’ names:

1 Muhammad

2 Oliver

3 Jack

4 Noah

5 Jacob

6 Charlie

7 Harry

8 Joshua

9 James

10 Ethan

As for deportation, no time like the present, but might I make a second punt for before they rape or kill anyone?

EU reintroduces Captain Euro!


Meet Captain Euro, the superhero of the European Union. Really.

His aim is to respond to the rise of euroscepticism and keep Europe united (really!).

Real-name Adam Andros, Captain Euro doesn’t have any super powers per se, apart from of course his “near superhuman powers of persuasion and ability with languages”.

According to his official website, he uses “the power of the intellect, strategy and common sense to solve humanity’s problems and defeat Europe’s adversaries”.


Why is he white?
There are some comics with Cameron and Obama. Then –

Oh and of course all superheroes need a supervillain to battle, and Captain Euro’s is Dr Dexter Viderus (Dr D Vider), who wants to divide and destroy Europe for his own personal gain.

laughing rdj crack up
Seriously, it’s propaganda against children.
Tell Internet Aristocrat and other #gamergate proponents. I don’t use Twitter.

What is the EU’s agenda here? Well, a few years ago, I stumbled across an internal Commission report that concluded as follows: “Children can perform a messenger function in conveying the message to the home environment. Young people will often in practice act as go-betweens with the older generations, helping them embrace the euro.”

Was it worth it? Was it worth mocking Putin?


Just two weeks ago Putin took to the podium at the Valdai conference in Sochi, Russia, to declare “Russia will no longer play games with the United States and engage in back-room negotiations… Russia is prepared for serious agreements, but only if these agreements are conducive to collective security.

“Russia will not attempt to reformat the world in her own image, but neither will she allow anyone to reformat her in their image. Russia will not close herself off from the world, but anyone who tries to close her off from the world will be sure to reap a whirlwind.

“Russia does not wish for the chaos to spread, does not want war, and has no intention of starting one. However, today Russia sees the outbreak of global war as almost inevitable, is prepared for it, and is continuing to prepare for it. Russia does not war, nor does she fear it.”

First the gay make-up thing and then the photo and lunch snub.
Will the people who took the piss go out and fight Russian soldiers? Never in a million years, the snivelling layabouts. It pains me to say we have leaders with the pettiness of children.