NHS ruin


The purpose of Brexit was to hire more domestic workers.


Train more at home to solve the “problem”.


IQ average 71.

“The Department of Health has recorded the rate of repeat abortions for many years, and includes a section on repeat abortions in its annual report on abortion statistics.”

I hope they don’t expect a pension.

Are the ghosts of abortions past going to pay?


Robbing a bank of taxpayer money, it’s so funny.
Little peek a peek:

Click to access NHS_Resource_Accounts_2007-08_.pdf

“The NHS Pension Scheme is an unfunded occupational scheme backed by the Exchequer*, which is open to all NHS employees and employees of other approved organisations.”

We’ll cut them off and they’ll actually be surprised!

Nah fam. Nah*.

I’m sure this won’t end in disaster.

“Until the most recent revision of diagnostic standards, an IQ of 70 or below was a primary factor for intellectual disability diagnosis, and IQ scores were used to categorize degrees of intellectual disability.”


71. The person holding your life in the balance. 71.

Stay salty.

Missing babies


Not to be funny, but is she sure the child had actually passed or wasn’t simply “pronounced” dead so they could take it away and do whatever they wanted?

It’s a very big difference. The rush to take it away before she saw it suggests latter.

If it was only pronounced, it could’ve been sold.

You can give children drugs so the pulse becomes impossible to detect without machines.
This can convince relatives to be blackmailed into “organ donation” aka human butchery.

Children and especially young women go “missing” in morgues all the time.

Note the gaslighting as she asked questions – the State owns you all like cattle and your consent doesn’t really matter.

Low funding or low IQ workers?


I’d bet both.

Diversity hire, always backfire.

They have many cover-ups involving forged qualifications, abuse cases and simple laziness, so they turn up and don’t do their job and expect to get paid or cry Racism! But all the money’s going to useless admin who hired them (cheaper than training) or retired NHS pensions (including more self-congratulating admin). The system is already overburdened, it was designed for something like a tenth of this population. It cannot survive.

People frequently die in A&E from preventable causes. That’s assuming you don’t get ill from the hospital itself.

A random club slut with an STD gets seen quickly, the kid with cancer is told “we can’t afford your treatment.” One is likelier to vote. There are literal death panels that decide these things, it’s all PR spin. All of it!

In answer to “why don’t more Brits have kids?”

They don’t wanna DIE???

In many areas, it’s like giving birth in a Third World country. Preppers have no idea. It’s that bad NOW. And if you think white women get better treatment, especially if they hear you’re a Christian, you don’t know much about Third World healthcare.

Then there’s post-partum scarring (lifelong), injury (bye bye sex life) and death from “complications” (common with C-sections, and you can’t get just one).

They “run out” of basic supplies! Needles! Pain relief! Cleaning alcohol!

It’s already at around Victorian level in places, at least they had pain relief, on track to be Middle Ages.

And you wonder why the smart people are saving to go on private? No use conceiving if the hospital will kill or kidnap it (to be abused).

Americans need to mind their own business when they don’t understand foreign systems.

And they don’t give out IVF to young, normal people. You need a PC reason. You need to be single, or getting a “sex change”, or really, really old. There are plenty of young men who think supplements in a drink once a day will magically keep them fertile when they’ve already lost and continue to lose fertility (while “young”, so in medical terms under 30-35) from the modern world – bike riding, phone radiation, smoking, drinking, promiscuity and STDs. This is not theoretical and they don’t know until years later, when the damage is mostly done and they wrongly blame “age”. The external nature of the male system makes it incredibly vulnerable to environmental factors!

And men are told they shouldn’t care about their fertility (red flag) and just assume it’s fine.

Bachelor culture shames them for admitting they care about their health!

They’ll shame a man for being infertile too. You’re trapped.*

Don’t get me started on the ones who are stupid enough to supplement hormones (one, let’s be honest) for vanity without constant supervision from a doctor, those ones deserve it. Magic beans don’t work.

“Lifestyle choices” PCspeak for the wages of sin.

*Reminds me of how the manosphere shames everyone about suicide rates but never talks about suicide prevention (seriously), or they shame abortions like it’s a purely female cause with immaculate conception and not the cult of promiscuity that led to it. There’s a disconnect where even the people online who pretend to notice, only address the symptom (controlled op?) and ignore the cause like it’ll fix itself by magic or because it’s “judging” – what, and judging symptoms of moral decay isn’t?

Why not a ration book?


In some cases doing nothing for the patient might be the best thing for their health, the guidance says. Tests and treatments that have been routine for decades should either be stopped or used less often, it suggests.


 If implemented they could save the cash-strapped NHS billions of pounds a year by reducing the unnecessary medicalisation of some ailments, the academy estimates.

“The more we learn about medicine, the more we learn about the risks and potential harms too. We have long had a tendency to over-medicalise in this country and it’s a problem that really needs addressing now,” said Prof Dame Sue Bailey, who leads the academy’s work on Choosing Wisely, a worldwide campaign by medics to improve health by reducing unnecessary medical intervention.

So old people aren’t good enough for antibiotics but kids need hundreds of vaccines?


Babies who are in the breech position before they are born should be manually manipulated by doctors back into a normal position rather than being delivered by a caesarean section

That one is common sense. Prod someone’s tummy or surgery? I know what women would pick. Breech position is actually rarely a problem.

Meanwhile, they refuse to train us as an excuse for more people who lie about their qualifications.


Because foreigners are cheaper, it’s like H1-B.

“Our NHS”

Baby decapitated inside mother’s womb when ‘NHS doctor carried out bungled delivery’

This is what happens when you hire low IQ.

“It is claimed the mother was not even in established labour at the time.”

Wait, was the mother white, and especially pretty? Might have been deliberate.

To pull on a baby with enough force to tear it is murder. She literally ripped its head off while trying to cut its mother in a way that would likely make her infertile.

No use getting the birth rate up to encounter this chamber of horrors.

“The patient then looked away as Laxman’s QC apologised on her behalf.”

Smells intentional.

“told the hearing it was the first time she was due to give birth.”


“She added: ‘The only pain relief I was given was a spray on my tongue.”

That wouldn’t work on a headache.

“I was told it was meant to loosen my cervix but I was not given gas and air – I was in pain.”

Torture. This isn’t fucking India, use the meds.

‘I tried to get off the bed but they pulled me back three times and just said they had to get the baby out. They twice tried to cut my cervix and nobody told me they were going to do it. ‘There was no anaesthetic. I said to them “it doesn’t feel right, stop it, what’s going on, I don’t want to do it” but nobody responded to me in any way.

No consent, possibly digital rape.

Why do Boomers want an NHS?

The most common STIs include chlamydia, gonorrhoea, herpes, syphilis and genital warts.

Rates for the 50 to 70 age group are at their highest on record although this may partly be due to better detection methods.

Highest on record, including returning soldiers. When Universal Care had to be set up after WW1 because so many men caught STDs from prostitutes. Prior to this, STD care was excluded because medicine was church-funded and you deserve it.

Ironically, if they hadn’t flooded the First World with the rest of it, they’d have kept cheap/free healthcare, it wouldn’t have crashed (in their lifetime) and killed them.


Total cost is multiplied by people in the country, dummies.

Neurosyphilis would explain their voting patterns.

Click to access AQA-81452A-24667-LA.PDF


During the First World War, VD caused 416,891 hospital admissions among British and Dominion troops (Mitchell & Smith 1931: 74). Excluding readmissions for relapses, roughly 5 % of all the men who enlisted in Britain’s armies during the war became infected. In 1918, there were 60,099 hospital admissions for VD in France and Flanders alone (ibid.: 73). By contrast, only 74,711 cases of ‘Trench Foot’ were treated by hospitals in France and Flanders during the whole of the war – and this total also includes those suffering from Frost Bite (ibid.: 88). Although Trench Foot has come to symbolise the squalor of the conflict in the popular imagination, a man was more than five times as likely to end up in hospital suffering from Syphilis or Gonorrhoea.

The army should nip that in the bud and just shoot the leaders of degeneracy.
It’s a coward’s way to get posted back home.

Deliberate illness by ‘lifestyle choice’ is unacceptable.

Public money was going on these pricks. At least send them home, make it public knowledge of the reason for the disgrace.
The women were obviously spies and should also be shot.
You know most of the users would’ve bragged, getting their innocent comrades killed.

It’s a war, no fucking around.

I’ve read cases of men going loopy from STDs after the war and unlike the PTSD cases, nobody cared. Well, you brought it on yourself.

Not to mention, makes us look bad abroad and the families, including wives, were naively sending gifts.

In British military law, only the concealment of VD, not the contraction of a disease itself, was punishable as a crime (Manual of Military Law 1907: 278, 285). Nevertheless, soldiers who were hospitalised with VD found themselves penalised by an antiquated system of ‘hospital stoppages’. In the days before a National Health Service, any man admitted to hospital for reasons not connected with his military service was liable to have money stopped from his pay to help cover the cost of his treatment. Although ‘hospital stoppages’ were finally abolished in October 1917, a levy was retained in cases where a man was deemed to have been admitted ‘through his own fault’, VD patients and alcoholics being the principle targets (Hogge & Garside 1918: 325). ‘Hospital stoppages’ became, in effect, a fine.

You know what we do when a dog won’t stop fucking?

We castrate it.

Nobody else is allowed to fuck on the job.
You’d never catch the Spartans doing that. Family honour, national pride.

Treatment was invasive and painful, and VD hospitals, set up in 1915 to concentrate expertise and keep VD patients away from their ‘honourably’ wounded comrades, often had a poor reputation for quality of care (Harrison 1995: 140).

We should have those again.
Wages of sin.

You wanna know why so many modern men are infertile? Look at the sins of the father down a few generations.
There are times it’s a good thing someone can’t breed.

England’s hospitals on rations


This is statist insanity.

Every study going says chocolate is good for you!
Show me an NHS admin who isn’t fat and alcoholic.

How about ban alcohol from the premises?

Say it’s for legal reasons.

That would make more sense. There’s more empty calories in liquid form than any foodstuff. These grubby little Hitlers need a clout but you’d hear the echo from Israel.

Victorian children used to eat huge quantities of chocolate. They never got fat, they were working.

Maybe the bloated swine at the NHS could do the same.
At least stop going after the one healthy children’s treat and other prole food.

You’d never see this about kale, despite the iron being unhealthy in large quantities.
Agave nectar is basically pure sugar and made with human rights abuses.



Public sector workers expected to pay fair share, throw tantrum

I love it when virtue signallers get exactly what they “demand”.

evil smirk cheeky cavill

It gives me joy.


“The government says it has introduced these changes because it estimates that 90% of these agency workers are not paying enough tax, leading to a loss of £400m a year to the Treasury.
…An HM Treasury spokesman said: “It’s fair that two people doing the same job should pay the same taxes and these reforms will help ensure that contractors pay the correct tax.”

You wanted tax reform.
You wanted equality.
You wanted the rich to pay. Well, poor people are tax-exempt.

They never should’ve been ‘exempt’ in the first place.
Same people who’ll rally against religious exemptions.

They wail like dying banshees. It’s beautiful.


The EU will kill the NHS

It doesn’t like competition monopolies.


A lot of Lefties are looking at that and say it can’t be true. Total denial.

Well, if you look at the facts, the EU has the legal power above all our courts to disband the NHS, especially if we vote for ‘ever closer union’ aka the innocuous sounding Remain. They’ll claim they have a mandate to do anything they want. They’ve had years to create NHSs in other countries and they didn’t. Insurance (a form of usery) makes a lot more money.

The Left wing have the most reason to vote Leave.
If they don’t, when the NHS falls they have only themselves to blame.


Well it isn’t equal if we get shoddy operations for free and French people don’t, is it?



TLDR: Yes. Yes it does.



I’m sure this has nothing to do with the EU Agenda 21 and ‘sustainability’ genocides.

The EU ‘regions’ plan they’ve tried before to enact against public will.

Click to access regionmap.pdf


Again, you can have welfare state or open borders – you cannot have both.

And what’s Merkel’s response?


Threats and fist-shaking.

Even nuSJW publications see the looming threat of TTIP


Rapefugees’ health or your own?



Too many people.
We have low fertility in Europe, the NHS should be making money. Instead, it’s a black hole.

Whose fertility is racking up the debts?


He’s right.

But mathematically, it’s already unsustainable.

Imagine a see-saw with taxpayers and users.

There are too many parasites already within the country, even Emma Saint Watson is going Galt with her finances. They’re already charging for things that are necessities e.g. topical creams, antibiotics, to accommodate the ‘new arrivals’.

The NHS will fail unless we deport the drains of massive families looking for gibs.
Anyone who says differently cannot do maths.