Video: Dear feminists

Behold, a female troll.

We have no idea whose side she is on.

Watch the refugees video if you don’t believe me.

Equal opportunity is common sense. Welcome to the 21st century.
You can compete professionally without letting it interfere with your personal life.

Equal outcomes is ….social justice.

“Shut the fuck up and go and start your own business.”

Okay I like her.

“You hate Barbie because she’s pretty.”

Barbie has been an astronaut, wtf have they done?

“You’re jealous of a doll.”


“Barbie is my soulmate.”

Okay, I have a crush.

“And Ken is her accessory.”

…She might be a genius on the DL.

Video: Most offensive video ever by Nicole Arbour

This lady got a new viewer.

Repzion is turning SJW White Knight and bitching about her, so you know she must be onto something.
h/t BassFZz for introducing me to her.

SJWs cannot stand two things: beautiful women and intelligence.
This woman appears to have both, and a sense of humour.
I hope she keeps it up.

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