Scientism as ugliness

Empty, soulless man-made crap.

Where is the elegance?

The sophistication?

The form that isn’t functional!!!

Globalist culture is no culture.

If you want a scientist on the matter:

“If this does not appeal to you sufficiently to recognize in me a discoverer of principles, do me, at least, the justice of calling me an “inventor of some beautiful pieces of electrical apparatus.” – Nikola Tesla, 1907

Tesla to JP Morgan

“We are in the clutches of a political party which caters openly and brazenly to the mob and believes that by pouring out billions of public money, still unequalled, it can remain in power indefinitely. The democratic principles are forsaken and individual liberty and incentives are made a joke. The “New Deal” is a perpetual motion scheme which can never work but is given a semblance of operativeness by unceasing supply of the peoples capital. Most of the measures adopted are a bid for votes and some are destructive to established industries and decidedly socialistic. The next step might be the distribution of wealth by excessive taxing if not conscription.”

Nikola Tesla > JP Morgan Jr. Letter, Hotel New Yorker. November 29, 1934.

Warmed-over FBI files

Always look at the label.

FOI filed 2011.

I’ve had at least half this material in my possession the best part of a decade.

Would they release anything China and Korea could use?

The real good stuff is always kept back, like a bar.

You’re all a little too easily impressed.

Look up hollow earth theory and Hitler’s polar bases.

Imagine if Tesla had moved to Germany or Austria, instead of America.
We’d all be speaking Kraut now.

Held back patents?

New newspaper articles?

Anything on zero point energy?


Effectively useless.

Tesla’s family origins

This appears to check out, based on historical migration patterns and naming convention.

Why do Americans try to do European history?

We can scarcely cope. We have to check which war we mean, there are that many.

Any improvement on this theory, link me, bitches.

Update: would it be so hard to mass-test a bunch of relatives?

Tesla: Hollywood versus The People

Maybe don’t shut down all the companies just yet internet wunderkind.


Where’s the joker guy? Aw, shucks, Cumbersnatch as another tortured genius?

Edison was only tortured by the fact he couldn’t ruin Tesla twice!

28:30 “No one can look upon him without feeling his force. His cheekbones are high and prominent, the mark of the Slav.” [Italian, actually, but at least European.] “His eyes are blue, deeply set and they burn like balls of fire.”

More befits Benedict, you’d think. Fun fact: Tesla’s eyes weren’t always dark grey-blue. They used to be dark brown or swarthy, as it was called then.

This actor was almost fucking perfection. The craft in this man.

Pity the story kept getting it wrong to make Americans feel better.

So that’s Hollywood and TV, which manages to do a decent job of the look and demeanor.


You can’t trust people.

Is Donald Trump a time traveler?

Obviously yes.

yup damon ian somerhalder vampire diaries hot duh yes uhuh

This theory is old as October at least though, infowars.
I know cos I helped with the Tesla bit.

Stop ripping people off without credit.

He also gets his predictions from people like me. Not expressly and only me, but people like me. Learned on these topics. I link to enough of you, the whole blog is basically one big linkage fest.

This video is useless but you guys like vidyah.

REAL story here. Yes, English people, Murdoch’s, sorry not sorry.

“Legend has it that Donald Trump’s uncle, John Trump, was asked by the government to investigate notes made by “mad scientist” Nikola Tesla.”

The Sun is the white working man’s paper here.

I saw this and thought aw, let’s get the John Connor Titanic thing going again.
John Tit-or. Geddit? My sense of pun is atrocious but delicious. There were many predictions of the Titanic sinking, it’s infamous for the prophecies as much as the tragedy and it means Big.
This was published before he was elected when they called it impossible.

Around the time people like me cranked the time-me machine.

sing it with me now

the future’s not ours to see…. what will be, will be……

8 years of ‘liberal’ tears and their stupid pizza parties.

The whole point of protest is suffering, babies.

For the next round of WTFery

What about the Rothschild and the Nazi spy assistant who was actually a Bush?

Back to the fags of reddit

I think they murdered Tesla for trying to sell his work to the Axis, he was friends with a prominent Nazi.

‘He interviewed the evil nephew Kosanovich, Sava, who didn’t talk about a “greeting card book” but a black notebook containing several hundred pages of Tesla’s final notes. He also said that there were blueprints marked “Government” in his hotel room, and that Tesla told Kosanovich that he had “valuable information.”

thumbs up yes batman approval

Bonus surprise resources for y’all since I ❤ you.

prediction: Why doesn’t he just sterilize Islamic State with their own daffy radiation plans and pretend it’s some accident by Iran or whoever?

Technically Don’s a prophet.
Oh noes clutch pearls
HBD feelzz
going way back
whew boy
way back
author: Anonymous
The tin foil hats make it easier to pick up your thoughts.
I did warn about that. He was announcing he’s a soft target.
“If and when the Vatican is attacked by ISIS, which as everyone knows is ISIS’s ultimate trophy, I can promise you that the Pope would have only wished and prayed that Donald Trump would have been President because this would not have happened. ISIS would have been eradicated unlike what is happening now with our all talk, no action politicians.”

meanwhile, MSM offended by a competent worker