Tweet of the Year: r-types gonna r

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I could leave it there but for the slow people: they’re the same thing. Ask yourself: How many white women has he targeted, and on the basis of their race? Been through, thus far? Ruined for motherhood?

[h/t CH, read the poll on mudsharking with brown dick and weep]

Rs cannot perceive this deeper meaning. They think you’re just killing their buzz and making it personal. Nope, the rules exist for everyone or they don’t exist.

He’s literally trying to pull a No True Scotsman on traditional people, for being traditional. Practicing what they preach.

Say, how’s that traditional cult he wants to start going? The modern herbs aren’t going for it much, huh? It involves a lot of effort, and less blaming your problems on other people? Hmm. What a mystery, that one. Inferior men don’t want to step up, they want to complain about how someone is holding them down as an excuse to be lazy. Enabling them in this isn’t helping. Telling them to pull their socks up won’t make them real men, as he’ll discover by retention rates.

In case you think he’s being self-aware and ironic, he tweeted this immediately after about SJWs;

The dissociation game is a common subversion tactic used by the opposition to fracture movements, promote infighting.

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We’re winning. We’re totes winning. Cultural war. Moral war. Battle for a European future. He’s just pissed off Eastern Europe is growing a pair and protecting its women from being used like sex toys.

Since Roosh is now clearly dead-set against white nationalists, will the SJWs become nipsters ironically? Will they follow the path of the genius Hipster Racist? [check him out, the man is a God]

The problems facing the world have made themselves apparent.

All those ‘refugees’ aren’t going to Europe for the cash. There’s cash on every continent. They’re going for the white unchaperoned pussy. Roosh doesn’t like competition, despite writing books to make the cash to do it, encouraging others to imitate him. The dirty little secret of PUA? It’s mostly brown men who refuse to ‘settle’ for their own, ugly women. It’s brown men who feel entitled, racially obsessed with defiling white ‘whores’. Ruining us for the white men, subconsciously. It’s a rather racist practice, in many respects. That’s why I’m against it. r-types love to cause chaos in a gene pool and get a shot of dopamine at the same time. Theirs is the psychological damage of the male race mixer, forever feeling inferior and vengeful about it, as fat white women who mudshark, they are the flipside of the coin.

They like the idea of being followed but not the hard work of actually leading. r-types want to be first in line for everything, without strings, except a beatdown.

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Like fathers, brothers and uncles running him out of town, at best.

Welcome to Patriarchy, boys. We have men.

The Europe he returns to once this immigrant problem has resolved will be a Europe rediscovering its roots. I don’t think he’ll like what he finds. The question will be, who to target next: South America, or Asia? I think he’ll go America for the poverty angle, unless he believes the tighter pussy myth.

I’m surprised the SJWs haven’t doxxed his sister with the intention of sending a man to seduce her on hidden camera or something. Maybe I shouldn’t give them ideas. Shame seems to work on him very effectively, for someone so secure in their actions and moral righteousness (bravado, all puff). He bathes in attention, he chose to become a public figure. Why should merely pointing out his efforts to dilute a white woman’s legacy, that he targets us repeatedly, as a brown man, provoke a negative response? Isn’t he proud of himself?