Santa = Odin

You’d think the sleigh and the punishing people would give it away.

Why show him aged?

Well, there are plenty of stories about fear turning people’s hair white.
Odin returned from the dead with hidden wisdom, missing an eye.
His hair is a symbol of the knowledge from suffering.

He was the male form of the Crone archetype.

alternate name, The Allfather. Which fits Santa better.

Quick post but we really should establish this fact.
If only to piss off the re-writers of history.

Why did skin colour evolve? Water retention.

evolution study here

“In their new study, the researchers identified a strikingly higher prevalence of inborn mutations in the filaggrin gene among Northern European populations. Up to 10 percent of normal individuals carried mutations in the filaggrin gene in these northern nations, in contrast to much lower mutation rates in southern European, Asian and African populations.

Moreover, higher filaggrin mutation rates, which result in a loss of urocanic acid, correlated with higher vitamin D levels in the blood. Latitude-dependent variations in melanin genes are not similarly associated with vitamin D levels, according to Elias. This evidence suggests that changes in the skin barrier played a role in Northern European’s evolutionary adaptation to Northern latitudes, the study concluded.

Yet, there was an evolutionary tradeoff for these barrier-weakening filaggrin mutations, Elias said. Mutation bearers have a tendency for very dry skin, and are vulnerable to atopic dermatitis, asthma and food allergies. But these diseases have appeared only recently, and did not become a problem until humans began to live in densely populated urban environments, Elias said.”

They still back OOA though, against all reason, because they want to keep their jobs. Multi-regional explains this, OOA cannot. Science should befit the evidence.
They don’t look into brain evolution, do they? Cranial capacity? Hardiness aside from the face? How diet informs…? No. Don’t bother.

Next they should look to skin layer thickness, white skin is thinner.

When is Cultural Appropriation encouraged?

When is Cultural Appropriation encouraged?

When it erodes white European pride in our heritage: our arts, science and history. You cannot buy membership into one of the best cultures the world has ever known, especially with fakery.

Click through gif to explanation of what appropriation is, from feminists.

Pictured: Beyoncé, at the beginning of her crash into The Wall.