Link: They always attack as a group

2 years ago, but a good story.

….“A few weeks ago,” he says, “I was entering the schoolyard. They were attacking Lars. There’s a whole heap of them. They always attack as a group. They are dogs, they hunt in packs. They are beating him up. I run in between them and I punch one of them. Then someone comes rushing to and separates us, and yet again I’m being hauled off to the principal’s office, and yet again I am being told that even if they punch us we are not supposed to retaliate. Do you know how insanely provocative such a statement is?”….

r-types attack opportunistically.
They will never act alone without a weapon.

Quota system failing to bridge Norway’s corporate gender gap

It’s almost like men and women are different.
Choice trumps coercion everytime, especially when the women doing the nagging fail to do the very thing they prescribe for others. No one likes a hypocrite.

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Financial Post

While Norway’s election handed power to a coalition led by women, Scandinavia’s richest economy is reserving its top corporate jobs and biggest pay checks for men.

Norway is set to get its first female prime minister in 17 years as Conservative Party leader Erna Solberg, 52, takes over on Oct 18. Her coalition partner, the Progress Party, is led by 44-year-old Siv Jensen. Women also head Norway’s largest labor union and its biggest employers group.

Yet the corporate sphere remains a man’s world. Norway’s historic quota system for supervisory boards — a model that is now being copied elsewhere in Europe — is doing little to push women into executive roles. None of the 25 biggest companies on the Oslo bourse has a female chief executive, and only one has a woman as chief financial officer.

You can’t just say that if you have more women in politics, things are getting better

“You can’t just say that if you have…

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Norway is allowing legal sex change without castration


“As the law stands in Norway, men and women who wish to change their nominal gender identity must have had medical procedures such as castration and sterilisation in order to qualify. In other words, a man who retains the physiological characteristics of a man in terms of his reproductive organs is currently designated as a man in official documents.

Rights groups say that this is discriminatory since people should be allowed to self-identify as they please.

The Local quoted John Jeanette Solstad Remø, a 65-year-old transgender woman, as saying that s/he felt humiliated by the current legal situation and that sex change operations were problematic:

“It’s not good for my body, I’m quite sure, because I’ve seen many people who’ve had problems.. And I’d like to keep my sexuality the way it is.”
You have to be mentally ill to have that operation, and I would also have to be castrated, because otherwise the government would not give me this possibility.””
I just.... I don't even know what to....what??
I don’t think they’re trolling.