NUS, the CM’s Hitler Youth

Get ’em while they’re young (and not yet broke).

Get woke, go broke takes on a whole new meaning.

Best comment:

I swear I’m a nice liberal guy until these people start speaking. I have no energy for this shit any more. I just hear goose stepping.

Wait I’ve seen that meme

If they’re ‘refugees’, we were supposed to send them back this entire time, legally.

….well… easy come easy go, ya know

Funny how the Muslim whore covered in a thick layer of skank-up thinks she speaks for me and other white women.

Bitch, you can’t even speak without a hood or your dad’ll abort you.

Who is we, ask them. I won’t take advice from people who practice incest.

If white people should leave Africa, she must leave Europe.

Link: How the NUS wastes your money

Had to.

Notice Labour didn’t want to scrap tuition fees only for the poor…..

Here’s inflation tax too.

Does America have one of these?

If there’s inflation in the good times, imagine the hyperinflation during the bad?

This is the real student loan

The middle class Guardianista bubble is bursting

The parents, important paragraph, they’re called The Talking Class for a reason;

So the fault does not lie with the BBC, even if the corporation is undoubtedly biased. But neither is it a case that, as Birkett put it, one section of the audience simply likes to get ‘stuck in’. It is more fundamental. It would seem that the only people interested in these sorts of debates are the relentlessly involved, affluent, jabbering, middle-class liberals. Often working in the public or third sector. It is nigh on impossible to get them to shut up for a minute, so we can hear the views from the vast majority……………………..

It’s like when a Professor asked me about the low turnout at a protest and I quipped “everyone else was at work”.

This is the real turning point, however. The National Union of Students is Commie Central.

The spawn;

…Anyone who thinks universities should be sites of open and sometimes rowdy debate should welcome WSU’s climbdown as a strike for freedom and a blow against the stiff, prim, censorious misanthropes who govern 21st-century student life….

Temporary, they like money.
If we make them see they’ll lose money by alienating normal students it might get through.

Best comment;

If the students were smarter, most of them wouldn’t be burning all that cash at University.

Far-left Royal Holloway Student’s Union will refuse to serve alcohol to drunk students

You couldn’t invent a better satire story. Apply it to other London Universities, we dare you.

Sugar they're going down.Remember kids: Under Communism, alcohol is a luxury!