Mark of the Beast covid chip ‘unstoppable’

This is how genocides happen. You’re seeing it in real time.
How many times must I be proven right?

Do you think it’s a coincidence, I called all this shit, two years ago?

Well, more of this, more than two years ago. It’s not just blogged here, I left crumbs all over online.

“A Swedish start-up tech company has invented a scannable microchip that is implanted in people’s arms and can display your COVID-19 vaccination status. This digital implant is designed to be embedded into people’s arms so your vaccine passport pops up when scanned.”

Thank the transhumanists today!

Fucking rip-off merchants, I recognise this research. I know who did it. 10+ years ago.

Satanic Mark of the Beast Thou Shalt Be As Gods. The future of humanity dies, non-human rises.

“HA will become increasingly relevant in the future because it is the binding agent between the unique skills of humans and machines”
Binding spell. Voodoo curse.

Sort out national IQ first, dipshits. The base is degraded as is. Those of low fitness cheat.

“Furthermore, the analysis and findings do not represent the official policy or strategy of the countries contributing to the project….

It is based on combining current knowledge and wisdom from subject matter experts with assessments of potential progress in technologies 30 years out supporting deliberations and deductions for future humans and society.”

Er no, it’s based on ripping superior people off who told you not to do it. Several fucking times.
In writing. Then you refused them funding, remember shit-heads? For having a conscience?
Deductions are often incorrect, you fucktards, you mean inductions. INDUCTION is 100% correct.
TLDR: Future humans aren’t human.

And y’all wonder why I hate everything. Even the military has SJW hires phoning it in. This is why Russia is besting us technologically. They don’t even know the technical meaning of words they use.

Can China just nuke us already, and put us out our misery?

Revelation 13:17 – And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

The Mark is in the hand or forehead, so clearly a chip, inserted sub-dermally.
The Name is a corporate BRAND. Companies have registration numbers.

Paper quotes:

“The invention received a lot of attention when first announced with some describing it as “invasive”.”

The normies are still trying to rationalise this as a coincidence, fucking normalfags.

He said: “This technology exists and is used whether we like it or not.

Technology is banned all the time, have you even military? What dya think the black budget is? A fucking tea party?

The gaslighting from gammas should be a corporal punishment offence. They piss down all our backs and tell us it’s not oppression. I think the manosphere might be waking up to the fact men are doing this shit, women are just following along, like we usually do. Blaming a woman for being passively led is like slapping a seal for clapping.

I love the scary red font in their infographic. 57 dead, no shit? Compared to?

“That is what we are building at DSruptive and our goal is to transform healthcare on a global scale.”

God made nations. Satan wants One World Government.
First they want equality, then they want supremacy.

God actively separated the peoples of the world and still, some pretend not to know this.

While new in humans, this kind of technology is very common for household pets, where most of them are embedded with a microchip that reveals the animal’s medical history when scanned.

You live on a farm and they want your organs.

How feking obvious must they make it?

This is literally dehumanisation.

1. To deprive of human qualities such as individuality, compassion, or civility: slaves who had been dehumanized by their abysmal condition. 2. To render mechanical and routine.

Bodily integrity is a human right. This has been argued for centuries.

Loss of human characteristics; brutalization by either mental or physical means; stripping one of self-esteem.

“When scanned, a PDF will appear that shows all the details of the person’s EU Digital Covid Certificate, which indicates their vaccination status and may also show whether the person has recently been tested positive for Covid.”

We never left the EU.

Mr Sjoblad added: “This means it is always accessible for me or for anyone else, really, who wants to read me.

This is why gammas should never have power.

So police checkpoints can scan you without your consent. That’s the main difference between a phone and an inserted medical device raping your body. Multi-pass like Fifth Element.

“For example, if I go to the movies or go to a shopping centre, then people will be able to check my status even if I don’t have my phone.”

Which people? Tell us!
Isn’t ‘checking’, scanning and surveillance? Note the Marxist word play.

For the many people that would be sceptical of the device, Sjoblad assured that the implants are not tracking devices, and are only in use when they are scanned.

Nope, 5G. Implants are always there, it’s like saying a pacemaker only works when you check it.

Mr Sjoblad explained: “If you understand how these implants work, they don’t have a battery. They cannot transmit a signal by themselves. So they are basically passive. They sit there asleep.

Lie. Total liar. Your body is the battery because humans have a subtle electrical field. The device must be sub-dermal for that reason. Your skin has a measurable EMF, it’s called a Galvanic Skin Response. It measures skin conductance, with or without consent. They MUST transmit a signal by themselves or else there’d be NO signal FROM them to DETECT. Does a tuning fork need a battery? Midwits.

A ping is like throwing a tennis ball off a wall. You need a wall. The chip is that wall. Saying it isn’t the ball is a very deliberate deception. It doesn’t need to be, to trace you.

Metal doesn’t sleep.

I’m sure some 77th brigade troll will tell you I know all of this by sheer fluke.
Can’t be a real technical expert, can I? Nah, Course not.

Sorry I refuse to be evil, ask the beagles. Personally, I only wanna help disabled veterans whose leg got blown up for central bankers. The super soldier shit is stupid and inhumane. Patriots deserve better.
Experimentation of that sort on humans with all their limbs is evil.

Note the dissembling:

“They can never tell your location, they’re only activated when you touch them with your smartphone, so this means they cannot be used for tracking anyone’s location.”

This is corporate fraud.

The locations and their scanners pick up the chip. That is surveillance. Like an Oyster Card. It’s the same as a fucking Oyster Card. Even bloody Oyster Cards are known to track your locations.


You can’t patent a tomato. If you genetically modify it, you can. Or any other organism.

Correct, chipping is a sign of corporate OWNERSHIP. This is slavery. It’s a digital shackle.

You will own nothing is no longer a conspiracy theory.

Ownership starts with your body and organs and you let them re-write the law on that.

Why not have designer drugs that wipe out undesirables.

I know this was sarcasm but look at it.

Darpha had the nanotechnology a decade ago. It is not necessary to inject it. It can be in your food or inhale it. It is all about consent. Simply chipping everybody and controlling their emotions and some of their thoughts, would lead to chaos and violence. 


Perhaps there is more truth in The Matrix than we realised.

But surely a worse crime is forcing or coercing someone into having something put in their body that they do not want? The government are the criminals, as they have proven, and they will no doubt be very much for it.

That’s called rape.

OK, it don’t beep all day and night saying “I am here.” It does allow someone who reads the device to record you’ve entered somewhere and that action is tracking your progress. You go into this shop, that supermarket, this pub, that cinema…. it is creating a trailing record of where/when you’ve been scanned on someone’s network of computer records.

And in the hand, so digging it out is visible.

Yawn, isn’t going to happen except to a few nerds that volounteer. Otherwise it’s akin to tattooing numbers on arms, and we all know where that led.


You realise they have concentration camps in Australia now?..

They call them ‘quarantine camps’. Look up ‘Howard Springs’.

more comments

The article is totally downplaying the technology. These embedded chips will also totally control you and your movements. So for instance it allow you to travel 3 miles from your home. 100 metres further alarms and electric shock. Already tested on animals and they create a virtual field

Open prison, open air farm.

The big worry is can they alter the information without your consent? eg, can they say you are not vaxxed when in fact you have been? That would be like putting you under house arrest.

Sure, that’s the big worry! Europe is so retarded now we almost deserve to die out.

He doesn’t merely wish to lick the boot but snog it.

Yes they can, its nano technology which is computing on the particle level that means they can send and recieve messages that can do all sorts of things without ones consent.

The comment was deactivated. He/She/It probably wanted to call attention of nano chips, routers, transmitters photographed in the injections, also blue tooth connections were picked up.

Wrong. They’ve been tested for years. If you have a 1 mile by 1 mile field and decide the animals are only allowed into one patch 200 yards by 200 yards the animals stay within that area because of electric shocks no matter how green the grass is elsewhere. You’re a robot

Anyone can go online and track a mobiles location using software. You only need the phones number. Great for tracking your partners movements or so you know where your children are or that your employee is working from a site. EDITED

They want mandatory vaccinations to bring in some measure like this (or the Microsoft microdot quantum tattoos) as a universal vaccine passport, which will then be used to “save the world from the climate emergency” and monitor Carbon Credit, and with a complete surveillance state over your power and travel then that will be just as intrusive as the Social Credit they have in China, if you post “fake news” or have the wrong opinion you and your family will have some credit deducted and finally after the Great Reset it will be used for Financial Credit, and then you are a neo-feudal serf of 100 or so billionaires who say you will “own nothing and be happy”.

They push something crude like this so Gates of Hell’s shit looks nice by comparison.

If you have nothing to hide then tell me when you children are next leaving your house, your mother’s maiden name, your bank PIN and your wifes phone number. EDITED

Also tell us if you have herpes, if you ever went gay and if you were ever responsible for an abortion, personally or directly as a sperm donor?

We need to put sanctions on this company now.

No, crimes against humanity, including advocating genocide, is international and extremely serious.

See (c)

Sections b, c (false imprisonment and others), d (inability to socialise and so, reproduce), e when parents refuse. Section a if people cannot buy food, Holodomor style.

It’s literally genocide by the UN definition.

What’s stopping someone from cutting it out and putting in a fake one


Police checkpoints. For your own safety.

You like China, right?

You won’t be given the option to be half-in. When you surrender authority over your body to the state, this is what happens.

Cowards don’t deserve mercy. Shoot deserters. Man up.

Put this meme up in my tomb.

They used to send out free AOL internet CDs to get the Boomers hooked, before charging. This is the same thing. Foot in the door technique of persuasion. Carbon credit deductions for travel, buying too much, eating the wrong foods etc. RELATED CONTENT: ON THE GOV SITE, AGENDA 2030.


They’re afraid their state pets (as state parents, SNP term) will run away. From what? From the compounds.

Halving the remainder

Who warned you about the fertility impact, before a !vaxx was recognised to even exist?


Who talked about shortening lifespans and posited a halving of the remainder?

Little Old Me. It’s on the depopulation tag somewhere, recently (months ago).

Golly Gosh and Golly Gee.

Funny he slags off the old Comic Guy for copes and pretending to know All Along then you get this shit:

“The vaccines couldn’t inspire an immediate Ebola-like reaction, or no one would permit themselves to be injected. On the other hand, if the vaccines were as harmless as the common cold, they would not serve the depopulationist agenda. That’s why I suspected, from the start, that they would target human fertility in some manner, as it would take years before the adverse effects would be sufficiently recognized by the public.”

Would this be before I called it in the They want to sterilise you post?

Or the sperm damage study links, much later?

Still none of these men call that male fertility is easier to destroy than female.

He’ll be claiming to Know That All Along in about… six months.

I wouldn’t mind if he linked me, or God Forbid just said he read it somewhere else. A token hat tip wouldn’t kill him. This is why they ‘forget’ links, being ‘too busy’…. then you wouldn’t need them to regurgitate, wrongly.

“However, the evidence being presented by the Bhakdi/Burkhardt pathology results”

-or common sense? You can either murder the oldies or the nippers?
I never claimed all my predictions are that complex…. they don’t need to be?
Midwits assume all theories must be complicated and sciencey. Sometimes it’s a basic application of elementary logic. Set population, set endgame. Limited number of methods to play. Like chess.

“shows a plan that is very nearly as insidious as a fertility-targeted attack. Instead of triggering lethal results among a reasonably small percentage of the population, the !vaxx is designed to reverse the recent advances in life expectancy. This lifespan-reduction approach is also much less disruptive and more efficient than the fertility-targeting approach, because it specifically targets the removal of the least productive and most expensive segment of the population, the elderly.”

Not really, it euthanises the Boomers who served them for legalising abortion (while evading it themselves) and slow-killing the ww2 gen with opioids for the STAWK FIRE retirement options plan to spend their golden years raping 13yo thai boys. Pensions profit from early deaths, when you fund death, expect yours. The wages of sin is death and no generation prior to the Boomers celebrated the Satanic Do as Thou Wilt search for pleasure and orgiastic hedonism quite so brutally. Most won’t even leave their kids a cent to inherit, and many Boomers are being abandoned in boxes, unburied by kids who hate them. They even want rockstar funerals, it’s peak manchild. They cared more about their funeral MEMEME style than their children’s lives and whether the grandkids could play outside safely. But hey, the gardener is cheap and the illegal (read: slave) nanny gives good head, right? If it feels good, fuck society? Satan hates his own servants, remember? You cannot reverse medical advances, they become irrelevant. This is the Final Destination school of murder. They have sequentially attacked (Jap organ study) major ports of genetic weakness, as I covered in an autopsy study some time ago. It’s a genetic weapon. Black people have more heart issues only in America due to interbreeding with whites, they’re not actually pureblood African. That’s their genetic weakness. The needle doesn’t see melanin and descend! You cannot medicate out of it. The Bible calls them bastards and says they shall not enter into the Lord’s presence. Marriage was only a matter of paperwork in the past few centuries, historically it was blood and only a way of referring to blood (i.e. bad blood will out). Bastard refers to bloodline adulteration (Seventh Commandment) but Vox won’t admit that due to his own family mixing, alleged by himself.

In the post I cba to find, I modelled based on years remaining, and time each demo would sniff the bullshit e.g. 50 with lifespan of 70 now only has ten years left approx. It isn’t that hard. It’s primary school maths. This is white genocide pushed at white countries but he doesn’t actually care about white people so he won’t mention that.

This is the problem with ripping off the suppositions of others, you miss large parts of the point. If I wrote absolutely everything about every vague whimsical fart of a prediction, nobody would have the time to read it. I’m not gonna sit there counting ripples my pebble makes, I presume you can infer with your supposedly big brain, man.

You could’ve just solicited information on the topic, but that would be humble. Midwits don’t do that.

You just cavort into the situation and assume you understand everything.

Like assuming the fertility angle is about the women, when it’s actually about the men and both HPV and herpes are responsible for dwindling American male fertility (not the women). Or how stillbirths and miscarriages are up because Boomers are still becoming dads thanks to the 70 is the new 20 bullshit. Statistics exist and it’s glaring, you cannot continue to blame the women and expect accurate predictions, especially while claiming at other times men are the doers in society. That includes wrongdoing, men are most evildoers too. The protection racket for evil men means you deserve to die out, America has never existed genetically as a homogeneous country. Why would we care about the race-mixing country? You don’t care about your future either or so many wouldn’t be buggering off to bugger transsexuals? God said to shun such men but when you defend them because they make funny tweets (like pedo-defender Milo) no wonder your political aspirations turn to shit. Women are sick of it. Women are naturally more conservative. It’s Bernie Bros not Bernie sisters. Stop doing the brainwashing FOR the Left, most Marxists are men. God forbid you do some actual research or your base of childless anime fappers might have some hurt feelings as they look in the mirror and see the degeneracy is themselves, they’re the monster, the Jews just encouraged it. Nobody forced them to log onto hardcore hentai porn the past 20 years. Nobody forces them to join Tinder and wonder why the Asian Tiger Mom divorces them once she gets her culturally mandated paler babies? The data is out there, dipshits. Even MGTOW forums are waking up to it, yet Vox is still playing the Left’s Model Minority card. It’s expired. If your waifu will only behave on the leash of being in the non-West, you married a subhuman and you know it. What kinda Elliot Rodger kids do you imagine are coming down the pipeline, and who is responsible for this? Certainly not white women, minding their own business and paying their own bills instead of living off you. Look down at your own mutilated dick and ponder why women don’t want ya. What are they missing out on, exactly?

[The quality of women is generally down too, but those incentives were enforced by men marrying whores. Women mostly want the wedding ring and will degrade themselves in any way to get one. Traditionally, your parents chose your bride, not you. To prevent the whore selection contaminating your bloodline. Ah, but they hate traditions really, don’t they? They laugh at Austen novels and their love matches while bragging they met their future bride getting drunk in a bar – and she dared wear white.]

The 50s are long gone but that generation raised the Boomers due to a shortage of children generally. Some GIs refused to marry and partook in the readily available pussy parade, prior to hippies. That was the start. If a culture has too few marriages and children, r follows.

Why would women want to invest in postmodern men? What is there to invest in? Women see the diseases and adultery and Boomer trade-up divorces and think, why bother? There’s logic in that.

Now Big Pharma is killing off the generation who wanted to be immortal, admitting they wasted their own life. Family men never want to undo that choice, it was more worthy than careerism and fornication – the bread and circuses of low IQ men. But guys looking forward to acting like a worthless whore in foreign countries? The Pleasure Island change to asses is almost complete. Did not expect gene therapy.

No wonder no self-respecting woman wants a used-up manwhore. Would he be desirable in the 50s? What did porn say versus reality?

Boomer Peterson made this error in his lectures, talking about who women would sleep with. 1. That selects only for the minority of r-women. 2. They’re mostly on contraception so you cannot apply findings to normal women. 3. If you ask them about reproducing with a man, the answer is totally different. They neglect to do this on purpose to peddle lies aka women like manwhores. No, they don’t. Would any woman marry James Bond? Seriously?

Especially since his STD-riddled body is probably sterile and hence useless to us. Women don’t want men, they want good genetic fitness. Most women don’t even like men, since modern men are manchildren.
Long live modRNA in the degenerate bloodline, I think they’re doing us all a favour. Evil, but ultimately a cleansing by fire. Those most on board with Marxist media are genetically ending themselves. This is great, cause for celebration!
Future generations will thank them for getting the whores of the sexual Left to self-sterilise.

Mark my words.

“Lifespan reduction is also less dangerous to the depopulationists, as it’s easier to explain away a general decline in life expectancy than a massive increase in stillbirths and sterility, and perhaps more importantly, avoids infuriating tens of millions of young men and women in their twenties and thirties who are in their physical prime.”

Both. They plan to blame the baby thing on global warming. You’ll see. Especially testes damage.

Physical prime means nada if they’re financially dead supporting Boomer pension funds that rely on student debt. Boomers are trying to take it all with them. Why should young people work so oldies can golf? If you can golf, you can work. No more welfare for fellow whites. I’ve heard entitled Boomers bitch about their pensions (since immigration causes inflation) and when I told them “You could always get a job” (literally what they told me as a kid, when I needed school supplies*) the gasping, flustered outrage! Didn’t America outlaw slavery? Based on age is still slavery. In Best Post I discussed the labour strike, young people are not having it anymore. No more free cruises, Boomer. Atlas has been shrugging slowly for years. What is there to work for, when people off the banana boat blowing up our kids get 5 star hotels?

This genomic murder is a feature, not a bug. You listening, VD?

I am not a nice person. I am not a milksop race traitor scumbag making a buck or stroking an ego. My personal feelings mean nothing and the future is everything. This is not theoretical, this is not fun. I do not enjoy this. I hate this situation made by prior generations. Alas, it falls to people like me to deal.

You don’t even see people like me. Our predictions just.. happen. Models become policies, like magic. People like you are most certainly NOT consulted, despite your little online diaries, since you don’t have nearly as much data as we do. Your throbbing ego interferes with upstairs brain and you care about being nice over right if it defends your internet friend. That is no man to me. People like me look at the results, look at the outcomes, and fuck everything else because nothing else is material. Do you want the thing or not? It’s very simple.

I laugh at this situation but mostly the fact I’ve wasted years of my life handling it. A better society would’ve had better uses for a brain like me. Currently, all genius withers on the vine. Naturally, others like me resent this idiocracy. Did you suspect no revenge plots were brewing among such people? I wouldn’t call myself a social Darwinist but … sometimes they’re right. Too many births in one direction merit a correction. Life is one gigantic equation. Know the tree by its fruit, BURN the tree with bad fruit – Bible.

Ah, but the fake Ks never mention that, do they? Do you really think it’s about fucking trees?

What do we need to do for white people to survive? This drives me. Nothing less. I don’t give a fuck about your kumbaya hug the faggot Boomerisms. That rape-enabler shit will die with you, I don’t want those cultural infections to spread to my people. When it’s self-defence, every option is on the table. This is war. Especially weaponising something aimed at your own people, back. A backfire effect. They gave us psyops to destroy our own genetics, after all, turnabout is fair play. A gun is not bad, a gun given to your enemy is bad. If your enemy has guns, you need guns. Basic logic, right? So if the enemy has genetic weapons, we have…? Wait, sit around and hope they have mercy? Does that match white history?

If I’d said this nearly two years ago, it would’ve sounded insane. Now it’s happening.

Vox makes a Satanic mistake. Death is not Satanic. Death is a servant of God. Satan tricks Man into killing himself. Death is an angel. Death is not responsible for your sins. Fearing Death is like fearing Life. Why? There’s no purpose to it. Death might suck, life is more likely to suck. Why bother? Like the emotionally repressed wankers who call it stoic, pissing themselves with histrionics every time they get ‘man flu’.

Being emotionally stunted isn’t stoicism, kvetching like a Jew over Hell isn’t Christian. The more people go to Hell, the better. They aren’t here hurting people and ruining that Christian society you claim to love. Do you think the American halcyon 1950s were a coincidence? Or a logical result of the eugenic culls of the 20-30s? You’re all too weak to admit it, read your own history. You bumped off your retards’ ability to reproduce before the Reich did it. You inspired them, not the other way around. You didn’t win that culture war with elbow grease and pinup girls. You killed the competition prior to their very conception, which is fully permitted and endorsed by the Holy Bible itself. Your civilization comes at a price. The wages of sin is death. You pay for your peace with the death of your degenerates, the tree of liberty is watered with the blood of the Satanic. Don’t lie to me. Don’t try to save them, that’s Satanic. Jesus died young. Are they better than Jesus? Love the sinner is Satanic rhetoric. Jesus never said to stop giving degenerates the death penalty, but the fake Ks heard it. Reprobate scum. Revenge is mine saith the LORD. Do not interrupt with God’s Will, that is a sin also. Stop bailing out the morally bankrupt for your feelgood simpering and tacky virtue signalling. When you remove the punishment and make excuses from male cowardice, there is no crime. You are vice signalling. That is Satanic pride. Adults have a choice over their personal decisions, they have agency and legal culpability. No more manchild “this thing ruined his life” – men ruin their own lives. Don’t do the crime if you won’t do the time. Justice is bloody. Most people don’t want justice, they want an exemption.


Am I fully clear, now? Was this wordy explanation sufficient for my ethical position? Can you model it in future posts like the Chicom corruption as something you’ll claim to know All Along?

How many men truly want their just deserts? How many men just want gibs from God?

What if your lot is to burn? As a Christian, I’d accept it. Some things are more important than individual people. The men who assume they’ll go to Heaven, are definitely going to Hell. God never forgives men who act like Satanists, whether or not they know it. History won’t remember someone like me, and it isn’t necessary. I want results and I don’t care who snuffs it from coof serum to get them. Poisoning an unwanted guest is morally valid, especially when you’ve asked them to leave politely. Poison, the woman’s weapon. None of you blokes really think, do you? Immigrant elderly are crushing our NHS and other systems. Good riddance. People actively voted to kick them out, but pedo MPs refused to listen. It’s war.

So no, it isn’t a terrible thing that people are dying. Death is good. Death is godly. Death is holy. Death was devised by God. God says Christians aren’t to fear death.
It’s terrible that good people are dying, due to the Lies and Deceit Brigade. This is critical.

However, every holy war has its casualties. This is a war of principalities, fought via bodies. Let the bodies hit the hospital floor, they are shells, mere vessels. Did you imagine re-taking the West spiritually would involve no deaths? Seriously? The Bible says about bathing our feet in blood, did you miss that bit?

Here it is.


“Verse 23. – That thy foot may be dipped in the blood of thine enemies; i.e. “I will bring them back for thee, my people, to dip your feet in their blood.” The same metaphor is used in Isaiah 63:1-3; but it is God himself who, in that passage, has his feet reddened in his enemies’ blood, And the tongue of thy dogs in the same. The Authorized Version has omitted one word of the original here. Translate, And that the tongue of thy dogs may have its portion from the same (comp. 2 Kings 9:35Jeremiah 15:3).”

Do you believe in God’s moral compass or your own? I put my faith in the Most High. He is vengeful. Therefore his vengeance is always good. He is goodness.

3 “I have trodden the winepress alone, and no one from the nations was with Me. I trampled them in My anger and trod them down in My fury; their blood spattered My garments, and all My clothes were stained. 4For the day of vengeance was in My heart, and the year of My redemption had come.…

This is why Trumpkin hasn’t openly opposed it yet. Does your model match reality, or mine?
Which is better for the future? How to make America great again, like Great Britain? That’s demographic, isn’t it?

Look on every proud man and humble him; trample the wicked where they stand. – Job 40:20

If Jesus can die, so can the mixed kids constituting an abomination. Look at the death rates by race, especially pay close attention to the mixed, where made available. Problem or solution? What does the modRNA do? Fitness test. It’s a fitness test in a vial, scythe in a vial. Who is most fucked by this? REJOICE BROTHERS. The people who traded for donuts and pizza, that’s who.

The righteous shall rejoice when he seeth the vengeance: he shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked. – Psalm 58:10

I suppose some weak-willed wankers would consider me a monster, especially since I’ve suggested depopulation strategies to high-ranking people in the first place (including here). I’m no more a Nazi than a Tory MP. Immigration made problems, I present solutions. It’s like dealing with termites. I’ve linked to Gov white papers that discuss demographic unrest before, how u think I know dis?

Listen closely, I have never once complained about it killing people, per se. I complained they were forcing it onto people, including children, and that there was no informed consent. I want it to kill people. I want it to kill stupid Marxist adults, specifically. The vial will be a kinda genetic draft for a war that should have happened, if we weren’t brainwashed. You are not a long range planner, I am. Who would prevent the mass deportations required to keep the peace? That’s required for our very survival? There you have your answers why certain people, including me, never moved a toe to stop this.
To body bag the Marxist race traitors, first we must… tag them? Who will riot against MAGA? Who is saying Down with Western Civ? Who is happy to get the modRNA to preen on social media? Who hates God and Jesus? Could these be the same people? If only we used the lessons of Aktion T4 to trap them.

By making it look like every single ‘stupid’ Christian was going to die. The Poles trusted the science. Until they didn’t. How do you prevent genocide? Tricky question, isn’t it? Apply the rhetoric to the wrong side. Involve biomarkers so turncoating isn’t an option. It’s written in your very skin. They can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. There are no second chances, until they find the cure was a cure… for them.

Will they ever admit it? Compare to did they deserve it? Their own family now know who would’ve thrown them into concentration camps. This is… priceless. Will they be permitted to corrupt the children now? Will they cuck their own genes now? How do you make a grand psyop to out every spy in every family? Introduce an invisible enemy, which doesn’t exist. Fake starting gun strategy. Expose the mass psychosis.

therefore as surely as I live, declares the Lord GOD, I will give you over to bloodshed and it will pursue you. Since you did not hate bloodshed, it will pursue you. – Ez 35:6

We warned those who would listen. Christians are told to use discernment.

*they refused to provide for their kids and grandkids and now the shoe is on the other foot. No more ageist bailouts. Grow up, man up, bootstraps style. ‘Member? Get a job, freeloaders.

When debts can be discharged or returned as a mis-sold product, then pension funds collapse. Plan accordingly.

If you cannot move out, marry, and breed, that’s financially genocide, see sections c, d.

There’s a reason even the Guardian is scared to quote me.

The Time of Debauched Boomer is almost over. The time of Nationalist Christians has almost begun.

We can vote for deportations, or try to, nice and civil. The Boomers import more Trojan horses everyday, we’re done with them. They are guilty of treachery, carrying the death penalty in the Bible. They will go down as history’s greatest slavers, born to aborted blood, they enslaved immigrant workers, foreign workers, iphone makers and their own children. Vox will never dare drill down this point, I wish!

They even brag about owning shares of the fruit plantation.
Hammer them down on it.
If owning cotton plantation shares was evil, how moreso Apple? The unpatriotic US tax evaders?

Multicultural Brotherhood is Pleasure Island. Free needles. End of the line.
Reducing reproductive capacity to K levels is only a problem if you ain’t K.

COP26 is a Reset con

Blame the people for their own hyperinflation.Global warming “climate” floggings shall continue until morale improves. ‘Member the document I linked to, re emergency powers in UK? The 2004 contingency bill they referenced? Next lockdown will be for Muh Climate. If they can swing it, I guarantee it. It’s been hiding in plain sight for nearly twenty years with no legal challenge. There are no conservatives in government, if there ever were. This is the same Saturnian Death Cult as Extinction Rebellion. Eugenicist Marxists, like turtles of SAGE, go all the way down.

They don’t care if they die, as long as they can take you with them!

The soul is long gone, you see.

That’s moral panic and Marxist insanity. It’s a cult and a mass psychosis.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

One eye and Devil horns.

Representing the WEF:

Pretty sure Q rumours of a Trump peace treaty to K/O Cabal are true, given this:

Note the Nazi World Order (One World Government) wording, “global leaders“.

There ARE no global leaders. There are national leaders, properly elected and representing the People, not bossing them around.

I wonder if the Masons got Boris to fuck a pig or just himself.

Of course the ‘future’ is the ugly Asian girl. Of course it is. May as well have been presented by Meghan herself.

It is stunning yet not surprising that Vox cucks for the Asian proz bands like Black Pink.
The weebs will never, ever see it. Women with tons of plastic surgery to look white? Liars??!! But look at the length of their skirts! Argh, such Boomers. “Isn’t this normal?” As they weirdly proclaim power over the West’s future, the way every girl band has every right to?! Guess I’m just being racist and somehow jealous again, for noticing how absolutely batshit this is. The controlled ops will say nothing. Their CCP child brides won’t let them.

Tell me, which part of weakening the West’s ability to heat its houses is “based“?
Although, it would kill the Boomers off with the resultant sniffles.
You will all eventually agree with me on the Asian question, I swear, it’s a matter of time.

The clock almost strikes midnight.

“We must act urgently, to prevent much worse”

Literally nothing is happening. This is used car salesman tactics. ACT NOW OR REGRET LATER.

Er…. nah? You gyrating skanks continue to let rich Arabs shit on you like Lohan. We’re fine.

All this global warming (rebranded to Climate Change) doesn’t stop them yachting, does it?
Cancel Cannes. Forever. No? You’d lose so much hooking money, you fucking sluts.

“we hope you will make the decisions necessary to protect our planet now and forever”

Your planet?

This is a girl band.

Propaganda. Like Captain Planet.

Oh, but let’s permit Asian Ho-wood to make our decisions for us, because they’re so much better and special snowflake and different, right???

Tell me, random skank, what decision is ‘necessary’ that you can’t just tell us? What’s with the excess lube?

With those shoulders they literally all look like trannies and I would not be 1% surprised. Gaga is.

“sea ice would melt and devastate wildlife”

Mars has ice caps that melt all the time. The little green men aren’t driving 4x4s. It re-melts. It’s how planets WORK.

The polar bears are being raped by black bears. They’re otherwise fine.

This is a picture of a storm in a teacup.

“the important thing is that we all take responsibility”

if Charles Schwab said this, you know the weebs would go apeshit

but it claims to have tits

so it’s OK

weebs r the worst simps

how about you stop using your private jet and everyone else just continues to live?

“it won’t be achieved without collective action”

Marxist call to riot over the post-Christmas period before New Year.

And claim it’s the ‘people’ angry at certain politicians. Passes in December? Anything to stop Christians, huh?

How about, don’t tell us what to fucking do? Did we lose a war? Culture war.

If you allow your kids to watch this asiaphile shit you’re a bad parent, they’re obviously toxic.

my ambition is that pretentious celebrities all step into the gallows and only come out with a body bag attached

imagine all the pozzed ones
it’s easy if you try
no Leo DiCaprio gloating
above us only …lies
imagine all the People
waking to this Creep
you may say I’m a dreamer
but I’m not the only One
and soon one day, you’ll join us
and we’ll have just, hours of fun

imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
it’s called hyperinflation
just ask the central banks
imagine all the celebrities
dying of their own vaccine

you may say I’m a schemer
but I’m not the only one
where we go, all follow
to see the Masons panic and run
because they won’t get what they dreamed of
a slaughter of billions to appease the stones
and they won’t stand as modern Gods
…on a huge pile of worker’s bones

people are waking up to this evil
This is the Great Awakening
note all the speeding up of things
the panicked tone they’re taking
some will always stay asleep
I assure you, we don’t need them.

Speaking of, no major celebrity has had ‘side effects’? Statistical odds? Almost nil.

Conclusion? They didn’t really get it.

At the end, a logo pops up. Look for yourself.


aka the lovely white genocide people

It’s fake, you pigshit thick weebs. All of it is fake. None of the bands you like are real. None of the bands I like are real, either. However, Hollywood Vampires is a lot fucking better* than the trannies of ShitPink. It’s the same people pumping out anti-white propaganda re men. Bait for you to hate your race and ‘trust’ Asia. Good cop, bad cop and you fell for it. Anyone investing in Asia is gonna lose their shorts, nomad or not. They will pay for this.

Everything is fucking fake. Wake up. It’s all about control. They’re bringing out the big guns now and the little mangirl tits. They’ve had these cultural sleeper cells placed for years poised for this. It’s called a pincer maneuver.

“recently appointed as SDG advocates

“working to advance UN 2030”

it’s all the same club, and you ain’t in it!

remember this for the trials

Sunak, somebody who should have no power in the country of England, yet somehow married a billionaire’s daughter, is going to be trusted to fuck the entire country into extreme Third World poverty. Net zero = impossible, while maintaining civilization.

Note: it isn’t UBI if not everyone gets it. It’s bailed out the middle-class so far to stop them from resisting. The inflation has hit the poor. This is class warfare. They want you divided.

“an independent task force to determine what’s required

yes like a Marxist Gestapo saying you cannot do business because Global Warming

down with Western Civ, the plot advances

“Former Bank of England boss”

it’s a private company stealing from every worker in the country

nobody is demanding this


I’m so pleased these billionaires have our backs.

The Asian guy telling you not to invest in oil? Is totally investing in oil.

Green energy is mathematically impossible with basic calculus.

It’s too inefficient. They know this. Encourage every Guardian reader to go 100% into Green. It’ll be funny. Their green future is guaranteed, right?

The Asian tranny band is on the same team as this fucking faggot:

I am speechless anyone is buying any of this.

Gates, translated:

by reduce costs, he means banning things and placing limits on pricing shit that actually works (coal, oil, gas)

the cost of transition must be long enough, so that they can scramble to kill off the stragglers avoiding the coof experiment

“connect Gov resources with business expertise” fascism, that’s fascism aka corporatism

but Marxist Govs fund companies too

grants and equity to starve out competition by Marxistly supporting green shit that nobody wants to buy

guarantee customers, by making it illegal to buy from companies that have energy efficient products

the poor won’t be able to escape off-grid (poor areas are independent unlike green cities)

there are too many people in Developing Countries and it’s a problem, apparently

people choosing to live in a place are too stupid to do anything differently in their farming practices (like stop raising animals for meat, no conflict of interest there)

we will lose the global fight to continue poverty if we let these people succeed outside of our Global Society

we must force farmers to comply so everything is GMO shit

we’re giving special GMO seeds to enslave those farmers while pretending to help them (Project Magic Beans)

then when famine happens, we can shrug dramatically

and they’ll finally need us and drop their pesky traditions

we are the problem and sell the solution

this revolution is a changing of the guard

the path to progress is slowly killing off the useless idiots before enough notice

With me so far? Tell the hippies no more Starbucks. Coffee is bad for your carbon limit on your social credit. Who needs alcohol, Karen, we need green spaces instead of growing grain for your booze? Grain is also mostly Russian/EE, so no.


What a pathetic clown show.

“The whole world can afford it” then coughs…and coughs and …okay Billy Boy

Just a chance to implement a social credit system, a cashless society, a one world government, the end of all privately owned property, mandatory multiple 💉, universal basic income, the end of private transport, owning cars, the end of private farms and grazing livestock, the end of single family homes.

Yes they’re tricking regular people out of homes for immigrants by making up BS about electrics (to keep them out on ‘safety’ charges made up then keep them out), fake ‘surveys’ and spy using shit like boilers (for no reason) suddenly needing replacing (no, no they don’t). Ask how we know, little birdies told me. The government is against the people and always has been.

They want to make their enemies and their families homeless. For camps.


What’s all this about then? I have a feeling something crazy is gonna go down?

Doom-mongering? Where? That’s a crazy conspiracy theory.

“end human life as we know it” and that’s the OPENING

this is a very woke, very shit James Bond plot


I can’t imagine why Boris might be afraid of Judgement Day

It’s all about getting rid of cash, introducing an all encompassing digital currency, and pre-tax.


No they wanna tell you WHAT to buy. Your social credit score determines your access to bacon.


I’ll keep that in mind the next time I walk down my local seafront which was predicted 30 years ago would be below sealevel by now.

“locusts swarm” it’s going to be Biblical

Biblical Bullshit.

Wait, 4 degrees and no more Shanghai? Promise?

“lost beneath the waves” Miami is fucking Atlantis?

“we can get real on coal, cars, cash and trees”

slips it in, doesn’t he?

It’s literally a Doomsday Cult. When Beckies and Karens try to shame me about da planet I just laugh in their face. Stop going on holiday then, you bloody tarts. Finger-wagging eco Nazis must be mocked. Where’s the End is Nigh sandwich board?

No mention of Thorium, so it’s bullshit. They know turbines kill birds and other ‘green’ sources too DO NOT WORK.

Thorium does. Nobody mentions it. They don’t want it to work. They want the People desperate and hungry. Do you think smart people like me (or actually me) haven’t told him this? They want it to fail. To soften people’s resolve to resist them. Willing to sign up for anything out of envy and greed. Picture Great Depression x10.

He just admitted he wants to dial back the Industrial Revolution. The thing that made us First World. LISTEN.

“they will judge us”

sounds God-fearing, scared, Boris?

it isn’t like this man is known for (allegedly) raping his secretaries and other staff and forcing them to get abortions
hence his comments about ‘not knowing’ how many kids he has, because that’s possible if you’re normal

no, he cares about the “children” – like Epstein?

“a lifeboat for humanity”

we don’t fear our Maker, you fear God



Lets have a referendum on it and see how detached the world leaders are from their people

*My only Boomer quality is judging everybody by their musical taste. Long-time readers knew this about me.




in this house lady

if you do NOT rock, you are disowned from this family

[for real, if I listened to weeb bands, I would literally be disowned and rightly so

tfw my parent is more redpill than I am – I got called a cuck last week, it was great]

Spiritual despair from c19 !vax & viral possession study

Acedia or a disconnection from the spiritual font (God)?

h/t Vox Day

Viral possession study at end. He didn’t mention that. Probably skipped it. Most noteworthy link at end.

They don’t need to tell you about such things during the experimental period (no answers until 2024, at least).

Debrief happens AFTER the experiment, so any transhuman effects or GM human outcomes can legally be hidden but since it’s an experiment, they need consent.

The video appears to have been removed at least on my browser. At least we have the transcript. The internet providers here block a lot of truthful videos from getting here. YMMV.

“Upon entering the Altar I felt as if I was dead.”

Sounds like a numbing of the connection, to be severed with later ones.

Pfizer said 11 total, spiritualists are saying up to 8, the demon said 7.

7 is the magickal number for summoning.

“I would read the Salutations (Χαιρετισμούς) to the Virgin Mary and I would feel as if my blood was burning in my veins. I felt a foreign presence within me and it was judging me.

I felt a horror as if someone was saying: “You belong to me now.” “

Sounds like demonic possession alright, possession requires consent too.

In an exorcism, another priest heard:

“In turn, this proves another experience of another Priest-Monk who was doing exorcisms. And the demon being pressed told the truth while having a monologue: “Why am I telling you this? I don’t want to tell you this, but I am being pressed.”

The Priest-monk replied, “I am not pressing you.” The demon replied, “I am being forced to tell you.”

God forces them to foretell, yes.

I warned about the Masons and their hunting lodges.

So the demon told him thus: “We did a ceremony at a Lodge in America for the vaccines.” The satanists performed a ceremony for the vaccines. Furthermore the demon said: “Those who take this vaccine will be unable to repent.” Now this may seem too harsh.

The Priest-monk then asked, “Why won’t they be able to repent?”

The demon responded, “Because I will be inside of them.”

I am zero percent shook. It’s a death cult.

They are no longer God’s child but adopted by Satan. I have predicted this, Jesus said he’d claim he never knew ye. Essentially different from human beings. I wonder if a certain number is required. As a Christian, I don’t fear death, it doesn’t exist. Hell does and that is Satan’s Great Lie, it has nothing to do with God. People want to believe God exists. How many people want a Hell?

A disconnect is cruel, very fitting the male fides (bad faith) to trust Man over God. Our soul is nourished by God you see, so cutting that will cause them to wither without the vine and shortly die anyway, a million ways. You can hear it in their fear, that’s a soul level fear. It’s a gripping fear. It can spur evil. That’s the Mark function I’ve previously suggested, like adoption papers. It could operate as a spiritual gateway, think like the Beast person in Ghostbusters. Masons love their keys and key masters. Keeping everyone like a puppet via these keys is a fitting evil for them. There is a litany of black magic literature on gateways and portals to Hell. I would suggest reading material but that would encourage it, I’ve posted about Satanism resources enough before. In dark times, I won’t be seen to encourage it at all. You never know who’s faltering. I don’t want to cause my brother to stumble.

I do find it odd someone like Trump permitted this to be given to anyone, let alone children. Also, did you know he loaned his penthouse suite for the filming of The Devil’s Advocate? True story. Watch that film.

The Priest-monk performing the exorcism, was having a dialogue with the demon. The demon was speaking through the demon-possessed person.

The demon told him: “Those who took the vaccine cannot repent because I am inside of them.” The Priest-monk asked, “How are you inside of them?”

The demon answered, “With the blood of the aborted fetuses.”

The blood is the Life. That would constitute a blood curse, the worst kind. It’s also passed down to children, via the host blood. The sins of the father unto …and such.

I AM is typical demonic phrasing. Huh. This passes the sniff test and I’ve known exorcists. Things can get weird.

I wonder if the abortions were post-birth infanticide to Satan, and then intentionally used after a ritual? That would be one way of doing it. I’d refuse anything from an abortion anyway, no priest story needed for me. I refuse to submit to any evil.

I’ve posted before how organ donation is legal murder, years ago. This section is medically true. All human organs and cells cannot be used if the person is deceased upon ‘retrieval’.

“They also remove the organs from a living fetus. If the fetus is dead, the organs and cells are useless. Therefore, they were not taking the fetuses from the waste bin. Which even if they were, does not make it morally right, as an abortion had taken place. However, in this case, these fetuses were specifically prepared for an abortion.”

That would be infanticide, they’re supposed to be dead when they come out. They are not. Kermit Gosnell is on the phone and wants his MO back.

They are granted legal personhood once they breathe independent of their mother’s bodies (outside of her, whatever is going on with the cord).

So the devil confesses, “I am already inside those who took it via the blood of the fetuses.”

To infuse the living and guilty (consenting to it) with the dead and innocent. It’s a ritual.

Sounds typical Satanism. I’ve read things on that level or possibly worse. Possibly. But that was reanimation. Does this count as necromancy? I’m unsure. Technically, in some ways. A liquid form, like Matrix talking of liquefying the dead.

I wonder if an unbaptised Christian (hey, it’s expensive) would belong to Christ on this or not?

Probably would since they’d believe, and avoid/shun the Mark, people aren’t responsible for what their parents can afford. The Bible is unclear. I wonder if people can baptise themselves. Churches will be closed. Must be possible. I asked prompted by:

“I felt as if I was dead, I was constantly rushing through the service, felt great anxiety, not a speck of joy, I felt as if I was not a priest or even a baptized Christian!”

I know many people who were never baptised for financial reasons, still believe and they feel the same thrill. Very arrogant of him to claim it’s impossible, God doesn’t hate the poor. They, in pureblooded glory, are not in that boat or pit of despair or they’d have told me so. Prideful, in fact. Probable acedia case. The spiritual bypassing is unwarranted. Bloody Pharisees.

As far as living dead, those angry zombie films are no longer funny.

As mentioned on the autopsy study and car accident post, violent psychosis can be caused by brain damage.

Father Savvas: “After 40 days he began to feel that he was baptized again. He came back with repentance.”

I fail to see what baptism has to do with an experimental modified RNA. They’re missing the wider point.

Plenty of people never baptised, including playboy atheists and bloody Muslims are avoiding the toxshot. So is the priest less Christian than they? Clearly baptism means jack in terms of the discernment the Bible speaks of.

And we’re supposed to trust his shitty opinions now? Does he need another baptism, since it worked so well before?

A ceremony of man is a false idol. Priests have no power except via God. You either know or you don’t, that Jesus is The Christ. That guy trusted Man. The Bible says not to place your faith in Men. It literally says.

“In my humble opinion, this vaccine by Pfizer that I took is a mark (seal), but not the final mark. Most likely a forerunner for the final mark of the beast (Book of Revelations).”

tres humble, it shows

Yeah plenty of films have seven seals on Hell. We know.

Some of us knew before doing the dumb thing. God says if it’s your time, you go. A priest should have more faith. Even tomorrow is not guaranteed, it’s decreed.

Father Savvas: “This last statement correlates with another remark made by a demon during another exorcism. A close friend of mine, a respectable Priest-monk had told me. He had a dialogue with a demon during an exorcism.

The demon told him, “Yes, this vaccine is not the final mark (stamp), but it is still a mark, a forerunner… And those who are like you, when they take the vaccine they lose their light.” The demon continued, “A short man had burned us with these exorcisms!” This short priest (Elder) is well known and performs exorcisms… The demon continued, “Now that he (the short Priest) took the vaccine, he has lost his strength. Now I am able to approach him and kiss his hand!”

Demons are cocky. So far, so true. I’ve read many accounts. He has a demon now.

You can’t cast out demons if you accepted a portal for one. Used or not.

The Bible warns about hiding your light, but extinguishing it would be a mortal sin against the Holy Spirit. Outer darkness for it. Not even Hell. That light is a spark of life borrowed from the Most High. It isn’t yours to destroy, your body is your Temple – for it.

It’s obvious why all the ones who hear the song in Rev are virgins (including the men, linguistics previously covered). Temples, light. Read the literal words used again. Wasn’t it Greek?

As St. Chystostomos says, “The lukewarm Christians are living in comfort.” The lukewarm are those who want to combine everything; the world, Christ, hedonism (love of sexual pleasure), avarice (love of money), the external appearances (vanity)… to not be disenfranchised (segregated), go to Church, take Holy Communion, Holy Confession, etc. These lukewarm “Christians” cause the most damage to the church.

no participant in whoredom is a Christian, not one fornicator or the sexually immoral overall, the good book literally says there’s no place in God’s kingdom for them – there is no halfway, you’re on the path or not, the way is narrow because it’s rare

man/whores get rekt

getting a demonic sludge would be witchcraft, consenting to take in ritual blood of Molech baby sacrifice is becoming a servant of Molech yourself

IF we entertain this testimony despite its pride.

I believe the demon spake the truth, when forced. The priests are full of it – pride, that is.

“To a faithful person of God death does not exist, this is the reality. We have forgotten this and we presently fear death. Not only do we fear death, we also fear being fined, possible imprisonment, and prosecution. In NO case can a person call themselves a Christian if they fear death. When a person fears dying, they become an idolater or an atheist.”

fuqin duh

I wouldn’t trust any priest who got even one shot. Or advocated fornication, miscegenation etc. Any vice the Bible hates.
Did y’all even read the book? My Word. I don’t consider myself much a scholar (ironically) but it’s basic. Keep your soul and blood pure. Sixth Commandment? Right there, man. Right there.

The illusion of death is required to test our faith, seen in how we live. Sitting in a church is just a building with weak faith.

A well-respected Priest-monk who perform exorcisms, once told me what a demon said to him. The demon said to him, “How are you Christians fearful of death? I have seduced and deceived you into taking the vaccine with the fear of death!” A demon again confesses that the vaccines are his doing. In fact, he says, “We did a ceremony at a Lodge in America for the vaccines.”

See what the demon confesses! The demon continues: “What did you fear? For you (Christians), death does not exist.” For Christians, death does not exist. Do you understand, fellow brothers and sisters, where we’ve come to?

Which isn’t really a vaccine, but rather a gene therapy/technology, with the aim of oppressing humans. This is the aim, which is why there will be more dosages. In fact, there are many people who say there will be 7 dosages. The demons also state that there will be 7 dosages.

Hacking the Software of life – Moderna

I say hacking FOR? …

RNA is genomic therapy.

Didn’t Pfizer say 11?

Different software downloads. At least 7, the Satanist’s favourite number. Same used in the Harry Potter series for that reason. 7 parts of the soul, supposedly. Rowling used real occult sigils and a Satanic summoning circle for the Deathly Hallows symbol.

The devil wants to take as many souls as possible, this is his final goal. If all these things (vaccines) were good why would they make them mandatory? Something that is good is not forced. You see Christ, whenever He went to heal someone, He would ask, “Do you want to become well?”

Satan uses coercion, like most rapists. They weaken their prey first. He doesn’t fight fair.

But you do still need to consent, or they’d have skipped straight to force and holding everyone down in public.

These rulers nowadays are trying to force us to be well. That’s what they think. However, they don’t want to make us healthy, quite the opposite is occurring actually. Because we know these vaccines cause sterility and thousands of other adverse reactions. Over 2 million adverse reactions were recorded in Europe. And over 600,000 adverse reactions in America. Over 21,000 deaths in Europe, and 14,000 deaths in America. These are all mainstream statistics that you can find online.

Considering most of the people who got it in this country are the native whites, this doesn’t bode well. Demographically. Go long IVF, I guess? Thanks lefty Boomers, hope the extra five years was worth it.

IF there is a proof of biological connection to God (say, in our genome?) then hiding this spiritual signature from People for the Reveal afterward (experiment rules) would provoke ….. well, something. They’d need to establish a link and prove it to scientifically sever it. I’ve related how a Godly signature is mathematically possible using Zipf’s Law. Nobody else has made this connection to date. I checked before posting.

As they quote

“19 We know that we are of God, and the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one.”

OF God. To take something by choice that binds you to This World is the true death, to become OF the Other.

Think of it like clipping God-given wings. You wouldn’t be coerced to do it, unless they knew there was something to clip. Why would a lot of people imminently wish to repent? All at once? Omens. Scary ones.

“And despite the “demon” saying that those who have taken the vaccines will be unable to be forgiven or to gain back their spirituality, as we can see from the Priest-monk’s account, he was indeed able to reconnect with that light source and begin to heal from his guilt and torment. It was his sincere repentance and prayers that reached out to God that allowed him to come out from that darkness.”

I don’t trust that Priest. He’d have every reason to lie, especially since he admitted he was possessed and nothing was ever cast out, was it? The demon spoke the truth (by force majeure). It didn’t specify a number, but they were too dumb to ask. Or they’re hiding it. How would he know? He admitted he can never be as before. You can’t be half-connected to God. One foot in is not an option. Yuck.

They grow a brain:

UPDATED TO ADD: Please be aware that yes, demons DO lie. As well as tell some truths. While the demon in this testimony says that the vaccine is not the mark, but only a precursor to it, be aware that it could be lying and that the vaccine very well could be the mark. Please be aware of all types of deception. I cannot tell you what God has in store for those that take the mark who have been deceived into it or had it actually forced upon them (not as in “I was forced to do it to keep my job”) or forced onto innocent children, verses those who have taken it willingly. I do not know God’s master plan to address this.

Firmware is still A mark, just not the one written of. Seals on Hell metaphor again. Which one counts? ALL. First and last.

Being held down and raped with a needle is totally different from coercion, from greed or pride or wrath (you’ll be sorry! rhetoric). Don’t you dare equate them. Karen getting it to post on social media and shame others and the helpless kids being frog-marched with zero choice by Australian soldiers are not the same.

possibly related

“A mysterious disease condition known as “anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis” that exhibits symptoms similar to demonic possession is increasingly striking young women in the United States of America. Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis is described as a definitively neurological condition with an external cause.

DS: not just women

In a review on Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis, Teresa Conrick from explains how a 2010 study published in the Journal of Neurology identified a link between the condition and vaccines. Not surprisingly, symptoms of anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis were observed to appear not long after children received routine vaccinations and booster shots, suggesting a likely connection.”

[ ] 

“Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis and Vaccination”

Wow, that study is real.

Pubmed and everything.

Anti-N-methyl-d-aspartate (Anti-NMDA) receptor encephalitis is an acute autoimmune neurological disorder. The cause of this disease is often unknown, and previous studies revealed that it might be caused by a virus, vaccine or tumor. It occurs more often in females than in males. Several cases were reported to be related to vaccination such as the H1N1 vaccine and tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis and polio vaccines. In this study, we reported an anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis case that may be caused by Japanese encephalitis vaccination. To investigate the association between anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis and vaccination, we analyzed the phylogenetic relationship of the microRNAs, which significantly regulate these vaccine viruses or bacteria, and the phylogenetic relationship of these viruses and bacteria.

This reveals that anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis may be caused by Japanese encephalitis vaccination, as well as H1N1 vaccination or tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis and polio vaccinations, from the phylogenetic viewpoint.


“It’s OK to have an ego, to have basic desires, fears and emotions. There’s no need to dress it up in yoga pants, sprinkle it with glitter, and call it Moonbeam. Just be real.”

Stoics are not narcissistic psychopaths who don’t feel empathy and will screw over everyone else. The internet is playing edgelord.
Christians don’t deny the darkness in the Bible, including the order from God to hate what is evil and flee it, if needed.
Freud was wrong about most things but repression really doesn’t work. Even MGTOW avoiding most women IRL still miss them enough (feminine company or energy) to troll them and verbally abuse them online (separate things). Satan says indulging makes it go away, instead of feeding desire. Wood fuels the fire, so does giving in. Desire is not evil, God made lust after all, but it has a proper context. It’s more about why and when you don’t do the things. Saving a life with violence does not make violence evil. Most people are reprobates who miss these basic points. You cannot deny emotion, it’s being human. You must process them and act better, act above them. It’s called emotional intelligence and all masculine leaders like CEOs excel at this. Emotions are far from girly, FFS. The fool cannot process his feelings and so is foolish, led by repressed emotion. Blind leading the blind.
Emotions don’t make you evil nor stupid, using them as excuses for evil actions does. How many abusers say she made me hit her? He made me kill him? She made me rape her, didn’t you see the skirt? Excuses are Satanic.

“You can use Stoicism, in this instance, as a means to shut down your own difficult emotions, dismiss them as ‘not rational’, dismiss even your own physical sensations, and retreat to the citadel of your intellect. Good luck with that.”

So many would-be Dexter types who think their narcissism and monologging makes them superior. Men are not muh superior rational humans. No human is rational, Jesus never said that either. He spoke fluently and elegantly on emotion as a power, especially love. Stop embarrassing yourselves. Delusions of grandeur are not logic. It’s like the self-proclaimed alpha bullshit. Please stop. It’s like Season One of You.

“Or you may encounter ‘Stoic bullshitting’, when a person cloaks their own selfish desires in Stoic language, and don’t admit that they’re angry or horny or offended or vengeful or whatever. They pretend they’re a perfectly rational computer while their emotions seethe beneath the surface.”

Fake MGTOW: I don’t hate women, I just think we should hurt them.

Think? Bitter revenge on a largely innocent group is not a thought, it’s a very much strong feeling of wrath.

or the common favourite: I’m not a misogynist, I just don’t like or trust any woman.

(Literally the definition). Also: that is nobody’s problem but yours, chief. Go be petty alone, then. Plenty of people get bitten by dogs, they don’t wanna genocide all canines out of petty spite. The cheerleader at high school can’t have been that mean, shame is not a trauma and you’re not entitled to royal treatment, Harry. Also don’t be shocked by petulant brat behaviour when you seek out emotional children/teens as sexual conquests. It goes with the territory, like prison. If you want a woman, just date one. Who cares what the cooties club think? They’re all afraid of being alone or wouldn’t need a support group to rationalise going against the primary biological drive: paternity. Like SJW plant ladies.

“Be honest. Be honest that you have an ego, desires, fears, pride, genitals. Be honest that you are trying to make money, there’s nothing dirty about that. Be honest that sometimes you’re horny, nothing shameful about that either. Be honest that you’re sometimes angry, afraid, bitter, resentful, jealous, competitive, even petty. In other words, you’re a fallible human being, not a gold statue of the Buddha.”

A logical human being wouldn’t deny being human. The fool treats emotion as stupid. He’s too stupid to process it.

this ending oof

PS if you’re neither reading this and you’re neither spiritual, Christian or Stoic, don’t worry! There are plenty of other ways to bypass your emotions. Have you tried workaholism? Or gadgets and gaming? Or over-intellectualism? Junk food? Or porn? One of these is bound to work.

Over-intellectualism is clearly mine, no shame.

Emergency powers extension baseless

I still haven’t caught up on my appointments since the last lockdown.

Israel and Gibraltar had basically 100% modRNA uptake and their cases are higher than ever.
ADE hypothesis looking increasingly likely.
Note how frail the Queen is after hers. Coincidence? Needing a cane for the first time ever? Suggests neurological problem.
This was pushed through without a real debate.
Something about Labour dropping the ball.
This is terrible for the country, the economy and the people. Inflation will get worse and worse as they push punitive lockdowns and try to force the ‘Vaccine Passports’ in December.
If only somebody had been warning everybody. For years.

Under the state of emergency, they can LEGALLY hide behind it and LIE to the public “for their own good” so whether there’s even a virus knocking around, which it is, whether PCRs are effective, numbers with or of etc.
This is historic, even the Nazis didn’t dare this hard with propaganda.

The so-called Plan B is actually a ban on travel for the pureblooded.
Plan B for Mark of the Beast to buy or sell. They’re waiting until it’s cold so people don’t want to protest over Christmas.
They’ve (news) already warned people (read: Christians) from seeing family over the holidays. Curious how this never applies to other religions like Passover, Eid, etc. It’s an attack on Christianity but the so-called church will sit on their hands.

“”Nobody likes having their freedoms curtailed by measures but it’s prudent to be cautious in everyday interactions – certainly wearing masks helps that, it reminds people that we’re not completely out of the woods yet.”

Freedoms cannot be curtailed. This is despotism. This is tyrannical. This is not democracy, it’s a dictatorship.
Give us a referendum on emergency powers.
Oh, but they KNOW how we’d vote.
I hope the paranoid Boomer demographic is happy. While they can still afford to be smug. Eugenicists don’t smile too kindly on the elderly.

Let’s never go outside again in fear of a thing that has multiple early treatments and is 99.8% survivable!
Nobody trusts the media anymore and they’re desperate.

I think everyone can see exactly what is going on here There is now no Tory party . We are now led by a left wing globalist party which is based on the Chinese system of control .All of this was planned years ago , and when we were warned we screamed conspiracy , we should have listened .—–My last comment about this was deactivated , lets see if this one survives .

It’s all NWO One World Gov party. The death cult of green bullshit signalling.


the “government’s” own site

“certification regime”
New World Order
Nazi World Order, Q was right.

“The government set out its intention that vaccine certification could form part of a Plan B, however, final decisions on the policy have not been made. The government invites feedback on this proposal.”
Give them your feedback, internet.
“The government is particularly interested in views from businesses, event organisers and venue operators, including from those that have experience of requiring certification on a voluntary basis over the summer and on the proposals for the workforce.”
Trying to force an illegal surveillance society through private companies.
“The government invites submissions of evidence and is also engaging with stakeholder representative groups. This opportunity for engagement will enable the government to take into account relevant comments and views, making any warranted revisions.”
The time to move against this is now.

The EU is creaming itself because entering a domestic passport scheme with the commonwealth (and EU) would effectively let them re-gain the EU power again. But make it double.

“On Tuesday evening the NHS Confederation warned the government needed to take “preemptive action” amid “worrying increases in coronavirus cases in its hospital and the community”.”
Confederation? WTF sorta super-villain shit is that?

Sky News is boiling the frog and saying WHEN?
URL says how now.
Title said WHEN then they changed it. Search engine still reads When.

“• The government also has the option of making COVID vaccine certificates mandatory in certain scenarios”
wrong, that violates human rights on every level

SAGE is the Marxist organisation, full of admitted Marxists:
“The UK’s former chief scientific adviser and founding chair of Independent SAGE, Sir David King, told Sky News this peak in cases “could be as serious” as last autumn’s.”
and this known a-hole:
“Epidemiologist Professor Neil Ferguson said: “Coming into the winter, there may be a Plan B that needs to be implemented, which involves some rolling back of measures.”

Your fake fear doesn’t trample human rights.

Rights cannot be rolled back you sleazy Nazi little shit.

And it doesn’t even end the CCP home imprisonment policy!
“”But I doubt that we’ll ever get close to lockdown we were in January of this year.””
Because those people were murdered by the NHS with the lethal injection drug Midazolam plus opioids, which depresses breathing. Chemical suffocation.

Plan A is for abusive (gaslighting)
Plan B is for bullying Mark of the Beast (domestic pass push via businesses, BOYCOTT)
Plan C is concentration camps.

Why do the police, local council (in control of housing), coroner, NHS, and ARMY need to be involved?
Private sector is obvious due to domestic pass intermediary.

Red Cross, Coastguard and Ministry of Defence has NOTHING to do with this. Unless it’s like the trailer for the Gray State.

“Working with the media” section covers the propaganda narrative.
“the role of the News Co-ordination Centre
co-ordinating media liaison
media debriefs”
Ministry of Truth shit.

“Part 2 of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 contains the government’s generic emergency powers legislation. Emergency powers are a last-resort option for responding to the most serious of emergencies where existing legislative provision is insufficient. They are a mechanism for making temporary legislation in order to prevent, control or mitigate an aspect or effect of the emergency.”
like income tax?
from 1b – “which threatens environment”
This has nothing to do with a virus. This is about Global Warming. (Climate Change is a political term, Global Warming is the faulty hypothesis).
The next lockdown will be a Climate Lockdown, pass it on.
3b – “disruption of plant or animal life”
No shit, go look.
22 (2) is creepy. Big long list of possible ‘interventions’.
j includes preventing or reducing disruption to plant life.
(3) (b) “enable confiscation of property” (with or WITHOUT compensation)
You’ll own nothing and be happy.
(c) “provide for or enable the destruction of property, animal life or plant life (with or without compensation);”
Reminder: legally humans are animals.
They also wanna genocide the pets. Even the good boys. Go tell the dog moms and cat ladies.
Concentration camps in d and e:
“prohibit, or enable the prohibition of, movement to or from a specified place;
require, or enable the requirement of, movement to or from a specified place;”
(i) create an offence of—
failing to comply, failing to comply with a direction or order given or made under the regulations;
obstructing a person in the performance of a function under or by virtue of the regulations;”
Killing things is a function now? Kidnapping is a function? Property theft is a function? Genocide chart rhetoric.
k exonerates the ‘following orders’ crowd, for now:
require a person or body to act in performance of a function (whether the function is conferred by the regulations or otherwise and whether or not the regulations also make provision for remuneration or compensation);”
so they won’t always be paid for ‘following orders’
l in light of:
“enable the Defence Council to authorise the deployment of Her Majesty’s armed forces;
Is it civil war if it’s the NWO gov attacking the helpless People? Or just mass murder?
make provision (which may include conferring powers in relation to property) for facilitating any deployment of Her Majesty’s armed forces;”
So the smug Boomers shouldn’t bank on the house being theirs for much longer.
4c – may NOT – “with imprisonment for a period exceeding three months, or”
5b may NOT amend “the Human Rights Act 1998 (c. 42).”

For those questioning whether those ‘mega prisons’ are concentration camps, why are they built next to an incinerator and why are they built and DESIGNED to have line of sight for guns?

(X-shape is best for death camps, nowhere to hide)

5-8 mentions machine gun fire types in prison security design
concentration camps don’t want people escaping and getting the word out

“b.   Traversing Fire. Traversing fire is fire distributed in width by successive changes in direction. The gunner selects successive aiming points throughout the width of the target. These aiming points must be close enough to ensure adequate coverage but not so close as to waste ammunition.”

and completely flat, like a gun range

Why does Parliament still have a gun range? To execute protesters as terrorists. Like how Biden calls normal sane American parents terrorists.

High security has guard towers, ARMED guard towers.

If there were no guns, you wouldn’t design in space for guns based on fire patterns that save ammo.

p.s. quarantine is for sick people, not healthy ones
so there’s no such thing as a quarantine camp
if they have no choice to go, it’s a concentration camp

re doggos and doge, very sus

They’re already trying to survey dog owners. Steer clear.

The left-wing Guardian readers won’t be pleased to give up doggo for the ‘environment’. It’s their replacement child for broody men and women. But dogs and cats are bad for The Planet, since they consume meat and produce carbon.

White cell wipe-out by !vax and Spartacus letter reprint
Would be great if we had some real studies with an actual control group, wouldn’t it?
Medical history is being made.

Spartacus letter, repost:

e.g. “Current treatment protocols (e.g. invasive ventilation) are actively harmful to patients, accelerating oxidative stress and causing severe VILI (ventilator-induced lung injuries). The continued use of ventilators in the absence of any proven medical benefit constitutes mass murder.”

Tom Felton was a lefty so who cares if he collapses? But a 34yo going for a stroll should not have heart troubles.
Hopefully they give the murderous Midazolam (previously covered) to the Marxists.

“COVID-19 is not a viral pneumonia. It is a viral vascular endotheliitis and attacks the lining of blood vessels, particularly the small pulmonary alveolar capillaries, leading to endothelial cell activation and sloughing, coagulopathy, sepsis, pulmonary edema, and ARDS-like symptoms. This is a disease of the blood and blood vessels. The circulatory system. Any pneumonia that it causes is secondary to that.
In severe cases, this leads to sepsis, blood clots, and multiple organ failure, including hypoxic and inflammatory damage to various vital organs, such as the brain, heart, liver, pancreas, kidneys, and intestines.”

Look for Cause of Deaths coming near you.
West Scotland apparently has suspicious heart attack deaths… nothing to see.

“In those who have critical COVID-19-induced sepsis, hypoxia, coagulopathy, and ARDS, the most common treatments are intubation, injected corticosteroids, and blood thinners. This is not the correct treatment for COVID-19. In severe hypoxia, cellular metabolic shifts cause ATP to break down into hypoxanthine, which, upon the reintroduction of oxygen, causes xanthine oxidase to produce tons of highly damaging radicals that attack tissue. This is called ischemiareperfusion injury, and it’s why the majority of people who go on a ventilator are dying. In the mitochondria, succinate buildup due to sepsis does the same exact thing; when oxygen is reintroduced, it makes superoxide radicals. Make no mistake, intubation will kill people who have COVID-19.”
Interesting letter.

“SARS-CoV-2 Spike binds to ACE2. Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2 is an enzyme that is part of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system, or RAAS. The RAAS is a hormone control system that moderates fluid volume in the body and in the bloodstream (i.e. osmolarity) by controlling salt retention and excretion. This protein, ACE2, is ubiquitous in every part of the body that interfaces with the circulatory system, particularly in vascular endothelial cells and pericytes, brain astrocytes, renal tubules and podocytes, pancreatic islet cells, bile duct and intestinal epithelial cells, and the seminiferous ducts of the testis, all of which SARS-CoV-2 can infect, not just the lungs.”

So spike damage does include brain, as predicted in papers.
It’s also in the testes and ovaries, yet no studies on !vax?

“In these trials, they give antivirals to severely ill patients who have no virus in their bodies, only a delayed hyperinflammatory response, and then absurdly claim that antivirals have no utility in treating or preventing COVID-19. These clinical trials do not recruit people who are pre-symptomatic. They do not test pre-exposure or post-exposure prophylaxis.”

The Karens will say how did they allow this to happen? YOU. YOU LET THEM DO IT.

“The 6-foot guidelines are absolutely useless. The minimum safe distance to protect oneself from an aerosolized virus is to be 15+ feet away from an infected person, no closer. Realistically, no public transit is safe.”

“The vaccines for COVID-19 are not sterilizing and do not prevent infection or transmission. They are “leaky” vaccines. This means they remove the evolutionary pressure on the virus to become less lethal.

It also means that the vaccinated are perfect carriers. In other words, those who are vaccinated are a threat to the unvaccinated, not the other way around.”


is this just a summary of my shitposting for years?

“SARS-CoV-2 Spike is a highly pathogenic protein on its own. It is impossible to overstate the danger presented by introducing this protein into the human body.”

A cull of people who believe Marxist Media may not be so bad?
My only fear is losing fertile natives and productive people. The rest can take it. And stay isolated and ‘safe’ from the pureblooded. See how long they last without us stocking their A&E departments and providing other care when the ‘side effects’ invariably rear, The other concern are reports of miscarriages from women around the mudblood breathing their exhalate. If lifelong-produced spiked exhalate becomes a consistent reproductive airborne toxin, leper colonies might be required. Yet, no studies at all. No whispers of them. Why not ‘debunk’ the notion? Meanwhile, Norway is over the hype and fine.

“Anti-Spike antibodies were found in one study to function as autoantibodies and attack the body’s own cells. Those who have been immunized with COVID-19 vaccines have developed blood clots, myocarditis, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Bell’s Palsy, and multiple sclerosis flares, indicating that the vaccine promotes autoimmune reactions against healthy tissue.

…SARS-CoV-2 Spike has a prionlike domain that enhances its infectiousness.

…The Spike S1 RBD may bind to heparin-binding proteins and promote amyloid aggregation. In humans, this could lead to Parkinson’s, Lewy Body Dementia, premature Alzheimer’s, or various other neurodegenerative diseases. This is very concerning because SARS-CoV-2 S1 is capable of injuring and penetrating the blood-brain barrier and entering the brain. It is also capable of increasing the permeability of the blood-brain barrier to other molecules.”

Like fluoride and graphene in the water supply.

You sound like me. Either you’re very, very, very smart or you’ve been reading me.

Is this one of the Biomed PhDs I befriended? If not you rhyme. You surely do rhyme. This is like a summary.

“If someone is vaccinated with mRNA based on the Spike from the initial Wuhan strain of SARS-CoV-2, and then they become infected with a future, mutated strain of the virus, they may become severely ill. In other words, it is possible for vaccines to sensitize someone to disease.”
Yes, you’ve been reading me.
As we see:
“We have been told that SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines cannot be integrated into the human genome, because messenger RNA cannot be turned back into DNA. This is false. There are elements in human cells called LINE-1 retrotransposons, which can indeed integrate mRNA into a human genome by endogenous reverse transcription. Because the mRNA used in the vaccines is stabilized, it hangs around in cells longer, increasing the chances for this to happen. If the gene for SARS-CoV-2 Spike is integrated into a portion of the genome that is not silent and actually expresses a protein, it is possible that people who take this vaccine may continuously express SARS-CoV-2 Spike from their somatic cells for the rest of their lives.

Absolutely nobody should be compelled to take this vaccine under any circumstances, and in actual fact, the vaccination campaign must be stopped immediately.”

This is worse than Aktion T4, that killed them quickly and relatively painlessly. This is a slow, painful kill, in many awful ways. This will literally go down in history (assuming it isn’t censored by China’s CCP) as worse than Nazi experimentations. And the propaganda to get people to beg for it, abusing relatives who refused to drug their own kids and berate other family. I don’t mind being called stupid by idiots. I prefer to be right and alive. I only worry how long it will take until they wake up to the reality.

“However, a device capable of writing to human neurons, not just reading from them, presents another, even more serious set of ethical concerns. A BCI that is capable of altering the contents of one’s mind for innocuous purposes, such as projecting a heads-up display onto their brain’s visual center or sending audio into one’s auditory cortex, would also theoretically be capable of altering mood and personality, or perhaps even subjugating someone’s very will, rendering them utterly obedient to authority. This technology would be a tyrant’s wet dream. Imagine soldiers who would shoot their own countrymen without hesitation, or helpless serfs who are satisfied to live in literal dog kennels.

..BCIs could be used to unscrupulously alter perceptions of basic things such as emotions and values, changing people’s thresholds of satiety, happiness, anger, disgust, and so forth. This is not inconsequential. Someone’s entire regime of behaviors could be altered by a BCI, including such things as suppressing their appetite or desire for virtually anything on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.”

Yes, you’ve seen my work. In sum, total mind control as a neuroprosthesis. You become their fuck puppet. Trans.? They can do anything they fucking want to you. They could perform vivisection on your paralysed body and make you crack jokes during the slow murder process. What is your definition of evil?

You have seen my work, I’m sure of it. WHO R U

You are definitely, intimately familiar with my work, both IRL and online. Say hai to senpai uwu

No bodily consent, like when they suggested drugging the water supply with oxytocin to ‘reduce racism’. Except that increases nationalism. The love hormone increases nationalism. Have you ever met a happy anti-nationalist? Speaking of cucking. Meanwhile Vox claims to be an emigrating nationalist, quite the cognitive dissonance. Magic Dirt doesn’t work when you move to Italy either but keep cucking for China as it ramps up the war machine and maybe they’ll only use their excess male numbers to Red Army rape your kids and not your wife when they invade through the Road Initiative. Absolutely disgusting. The simping for foreign states. Where is the pride of men? It’s begging before the threat arrives. No interface needed. No RC people, they enslave themselves.

“Anything is possible when you have direct access to someone’s brain and its contents. Someone who is obese could be made to feel disgust at the sight of food. Someone who is involuntarily celibate could have their libido disabled so they don’t even desire sex to begin with. Someone who is racist could be forced to feel delight over cohabiting with people of other races. Someone who is violent could be forced to be meek and submissive. These things might sound good to you if you are a tyrant, but to normal people, the idea of personal autonomy being overridden to such a degree is appalling.”

No disgust > r-type utopia.
Harrison Bergeron, equal in enslavement.
Media is the buzzing device smart people were forced to wear.

A message to the CCP and also Vox, their palest cheerleader – a dictatorship is enslavement, not a civilization. Civilizations have personal freedom and character. Wolves in sheep’s clothing applies. The CCP has still locked up Christians and stolen organs in camps. Wake up, cuck. They don’t have morals, it’s a farce. Marxists have no conscience. Socialists cheat in lab studies. A game with zero real world stakes.

“For the wealthy, neural laces would be an unequaled boon, giving them the opportunity to enhance their intelligence with neuroprosthetics (i.e. an “exocortex”), and to deliver irresistible commands directly into the minds of their BCI-augmented servants, even physically or sexually abusive commands that they would normally refuse.”

Child rape. Well, rape of anyone. The world as a prison complex. But you know they wanna inject kids for many reasons, including ‘consent’ arguments.

“If the vaccine is a method to surreptitiously introduce an injectable BCI into millions of people without their knowledge or consent, then what we are witnessing is the rise of a tyrannical regime unlike anything ever seen before on the face of this planet, one that fully intends to strip every man, woman, and child of our free will.”

If? Didn’t I link one of the pharma websites talking about hacking the software of life? IF?
They said consent to the experiment. They never said which one.
Debriefing happens AFTER and that’s legal.

Nobody is mentioning how such a thing could be removed. Depends if the nano binds to the sites.

“Why are they doing this? Simple. The Elites are Neo-Malthusians and believe that we are overpopulated and that resource depletion will collapse civilization in a matter of a few short decades. They are not necessarily incorrect in this belief. We are overpopulated, and we are consuming too many resources. However, orchestrating such a gruesome and murderous power grab in response to a looming crisis demonstrates that they have nothing but the utmost contempt for their fellow man.”

Did I write this in a fugue?

I have predicted some of this for about a decade. God’s honest truth.

But who is We? Europe’s native population is stable. Asia is fucked and however much Vox loves simping, they need us. Nobody needs them. Our farmers stop and they starve. I’ve posted data in the past.

Plandemic 2 – Marbug Boogaloo?

Yes the fiction Freemason BoJo’s dad penned and is suspiciously having republished. Anyone who doesn’t suspect Guidestone Mason involvement at this point is a fool and a coward.

Vox has yet to figure out that connection. Someone, be a dear and tell him.

A paper titled Asymptomatic Infection of Marburg Virus was published by the NIH in January 2021.

That’s why I’ve linked about the Guardian’s article on the novel before.

Asymptomatic and Infection are opposites.

By definition, infection provokes the immune response that shows as symptoms. No symptoms, no infection. Biology 101. They’ve used an oxymoron and are going to retract the paper quietly once it’s been pimped out, the grounds are in the very title. It’s mocking us. They are definitely fucking with us.

Marbug is a TROPICAL disease, find proof of this NOW before they scrub it.

Now they’ve had disgraceful levels of obedience from parents allowing nameless school ‘nurses’ to go injecting their kids, they feel emboldened to pull more bullshit. “One injection and this will all be over” delusions – please. The State does not play fair, it hates you and views you as a product, a resource to exploit until you are dispensable. How many modern people are disposable to them? Useless eaters? Although I guess if it proves lethal (not everyone would’ve been given the kill dose all at once) that’s technically true, the lockdowns would be over to a frosty corpse. Social credit imminent if you keep submitting to CCP policies, if you think lining up for the firing squad will make these genocidal psychopaths grow a mercy bone. “That’s a nice gazelle slowing down for me, I shouldn’t eat it” thought no lion ever. The golden rule was never real. It’s a fiction spread by predators so you don’t rally against them. Even the Hollywood underdog is alone, isolated, never the common opinion.

Combined with the info before about water supply contamination with graphene oxide on the filters and…. well… plenty of side effects to label as Marbug. That’s why they let everyone go on holiday. You can’t try to claim a tropical disease in Muggy England without at least some halfwits going on holiday.

Primerdesign developed a one-step Real-Time PCR test genesig® in 2018 for Marburg haemorrhagic fever. Why would they develop a test in 2018 for an illness which has not had a major outbreak since 2005?

More PCR bullshit.

One of the side effects of the modRNA therapy wouldn’t happen to be FEVER, would it?

Let us check the NHS website.

“If you have a high temperature that lasts longer than 2 days, a new, continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste, you may have COVID-19. Stay at home and get a test.”


So when all the lab rats line up for mutant boosters…… boom, fever country.

And clotting issues from this fever… wouldn’t happen to be a booster ‘side effect’?

Boris will say anything to extend his dad’s dictatorship via emergency powers because you didn’t vote for a manwhore (I told you to vote for Labour), he was selected. This country would’ve rebelled by now if Labour were enacting CCP policies. Think about it. Audit his election and prove he’s there legitimately, otherwise all his orders, including that emergency powers act, the lockdowns, the injection liability waiving, was all most ILLEGAL.

But hey, when have I ever been right about any of this?

I’m so misunderstood.

Soligenix, are currently rushing to trial a ricin-rich vaccine RiVax® for Marburg haemorrhagic fever. RiVax has Fast Track designation for the prevention of ricin intoxication by the US FDA. Approval of ricin toxin vaccine will utilize the FDA Animal Rule to eliminate the phase 1, 2 & 3 trials. Why such a rush now, to trial a vaccine for which there has only been a total of 376 deaths since 1967 and only 16 deaths since 2005? The main component of the Rivax vaccine is Ricin is a lectin and a highly potent toxin produced in the seeds of the castor oil plant.

Ricin is a lectin and a highly potent toxin produced in the seeds of the castor oil plant. Ricin is very toxic if inhaled, injected, or ingested. It acts as a toxin by inhibiting protein synthesis. It prevents cells from assembling various amino acids into proteins according to the messages it receives from messenger RNA in a process conducted by the cell’s ribosome (the protein-making machinery) – that is, the most basic level of cell metabolism, essential to all living cells and thus to life itself.

So I can’t sell cheap castor oil in a hippy shop but they can inject it?

Archive this:

No depopulation motive at all, no Sir.

Paper mentioned up top

Say no to lies about Bat Bugs.

(Actually Just Say No to anything they want you to take).

Marburg virus (MARV) is among the most virulent pathogens of primates, including humans. Contributors to severe MARV disease include immune response suppression and inflammatory gene dysregulation (“cytokine storm“), leading to systemic damage and often death. Conversely, MARV causes little to no clinical disease in its reservoir host, the Egyptian rousette bat (ERB). Previous genomic and in vitro data suggest that a tolerant ERB immune response may underlie MARV avirulence, but no significant examination of this response in vivo yet exists. Here, using colony-bred ERBs inoculated with a bat isolate of MARV, we use species-specific antibodies and an immune gene probe array (NanoString) to temporally characterize the transcriptional host response at sites of MARV replication relevant to primate pathogenesis and immunity, including CD14+ monocytes/macrophages, critical immune response mediators, primary MARV targets, and skin at the inoculation site, where highest viral loads and initial engagement of antiviral defenses are expected. Our analysis shows that ERBs upregulate canonical antiviral genes typical of mammalian systems, such as ISG15, IFIT1, and OAS3, yet demonstrate a remarkable lack of significant induction of proinflammatory genes classically implicated in primate filoviral pathogenesis, including CCL8, FAS, and IL6. Together, these findings offer the first in vivo functional evidence for disease tolerance as an immunological mechanism by which the bat reservoir asymptomatically hosts MARV. More broadly, these data highlight factors determining disparate outcomes between reservoir and spillover hosts and defensive strategies likely utilized by bat hosts of other emerging pathogens, knowledge that may guide development of effective antiviral therapies.

I’d guess anti-malaria drugs, not genomic therapies, would work best. But they don’t mean that.

If it suppresses immune function, a vaccine is functionally impossible. It also means a test cannot exist. They test for immune response.

They’ll blame the ADE/PIE deaths (cytokine storm) from the modRNA therapy on the Marbug.*

calling eeeet, first one too

*otherwise a ‘gene dysregulation’ might be accurately blamed on the genomic therapy billions of morons just took – this is why they fear the control group

modRNA worse than nothing + Albert Pike

Modified organisms are always weaker than the pureblood, it’s chapter 1 of Origin of the Species? Animal husbandry rules known for centuries?

In every age group from 20-79, the percentage of the confirmed Covid cases are “fully vaccinated” exceeds the percentage of the population that is “fully vaccinated”.

This means the fake vaccines are literally worse than nothing. And remember, the Antibody Dependent Enhancement that is created by the “vaccines” don’t merely enhance Covid-19, they will enhance all similar viruses, including the common cold virus.

Does this mean it’ll kill off the herpetic sluts? Yay or nay? I say yay. Please God yay.

This isn’t just logic applied to scientific data anymore. This isn’t just theory. This is now the published medical reality from a sample size of 18,678 confirmed Covid cases. The fake vaccines will not protect you, and contrary to the government and media propaganda, they will render you more susceptible to infection, hospitalization, and possibly, death, than simply doing nothing.

Possibly? Death rate is HIGHER in 2020 than 2021, the only difference being the “Jabs”.

Living IQ test.

Smart people: this thing will kill you. We have decades of animal data.

Stupid people: no it won’t! I’ll show you! It’ll kill you instead… somehow. Imma inject myself again and again and again! I’ll show you! IQ isn’t even real! I hope you die because I injected myself! You’ll be sorry!

Smart people: …..k?

Feature not a bug. I do not see the self-murder of stupid people as a problem (sorry? not), it’s the lemmings pulling everyone else off the cliff I have a problem with. Yuri’s useful idiots.

Onto the occult portion of this segment.

from The Inherent Evil of Inclusivity


At this point, it is necessary to clarify what is meant by the “New World Order,” or rather what its creators mean, regardless of what they say publicly.

It is one thing to impose the “Green Pass” with the excuse of the pandemic; but it is quite another to recognize that the purpose of the passport is to accustom us to being tracked; and still another to say that this total control is the “mark of the Beast” of which the Book of the Apocalypse speaks (Rev 13:16-18).

Why do I keep being right? I am astonished at the accuracy rate, at this point.

In order to understand the esoteric roots of the thought that lies at the foundation of the United Nations, once longed for by [19th-century Italian political activist] Giuseppe Mazzini, we cannot fail to consider characters such as Albert Pike, Eliphas Levi, Helena Blavatsky, Alice Ann Bailey, or other disciples of Luciferian sects.

Pike, Mason.


Albert Pike, a friend of Mazzini and a fellow Freemason, gave an address in 1889 in France to the highest levels of Freemasonry, which was then reprinted on 19 January 1935 by the English journal The Freemason. Pike declared:

Let’s see if this dovetails with my many posts going back years on Satanism, shall we?

    That which we must say to the crowd is, we worship a god, but it is the god one adores without superstition […]. The Masonic religion ought to be maintained in the purity of Luciferian doctrine by all of us who are initiates of the highest degrees. If Lucifer were not God, would Adonay [sic] [the God of the Christians] whose deeds prove his cruelty, perfidy and hatred of man, barbarism and repulsion of science, would Adonay and his priest calumniate him?

While there is technically more than one God most people aren’t supposed to know that. It’s mentioned in the Bible (I forget where) that there was a meeting of discussion where many god-tier beings were present. Satanists note Satan was one of these, correctly, but over-claim, falsely, because while present, technically, he was not OF these. He’s an order down, a mere Prince of this world, of this realm, NOT a god. It was like inviting the secretary. Instead, pre-Jesus we had Holy Spirit on Earth and in Heaven, Adonai, Elohim, and Yahweh, all technically different entities with distinct names blurred into English as LORD, the One true Lord (to counter Satan’s permitted false Lord). There’s also the Jewish Tetragrammaton, intended to refer to the highest of the Gods. The supreme God. The Kaballah types might interpret this as a name of Satan. Satan is not a god, but his princely status of this realm permits illusions, leading to his title Father of Lies. Lies are illusion. Hindu call this concept Rahu and refer to this whole world as illusion, admitting this Satanic realm is based on a lie (materialism, deviant and perverse sexualities and no soul consequences for actions).

Explaining this next passage:

    Yes, Lucifer is God, and unfortunately Adonay is also God. For the eternal law is that there is no light without shade, no beauty without ugliness, no white without black, for the absolute can only exist as two gods: darkness being necessary to light to serve as its foil as the pedestal is necessary to the statue, and the brake to the locomotive… the doctrine of Satanism is a heresy; and the true and pure philosophical religion is the belief in Lucifer, the equal of Adonay; but Lucifer, God of Light and God of Good, is struggling for humanity against Adonay, the God of Darkness and Evil.

Shadow does not exist. Darkness is not real. It is an illusion, banished by light. Evil is an illusion of the mortal realm permitted to test the souls of men. Beauty certainly exists without ugliness, if you live in the nice parts of Europe. Nature kills what is ugly, if you don’t interfere. Satanists are social engineers and meddlesome in God’s order. Because their ‘god’ did not create this world, merely rules it for a time. Black does not actually exist, in physics. Perceiving an absence is not a presence. Darkness is not necessary, it is tolerated by the Most High and permitted – for a time. No True Satanist fallacy also makes more sense now, I’d wager. They think “Lucifer” (actually name for Venus, the planet, a feminine concept) is trying to save us, like Prometheus. It’s the Father of Lies. He hates you and wishes to destroy you. Look what he does to his subjects. He brings only destruction and chaos. Adonai/Elohim/Yahweh God/s (original Trinity) brings peace of the soul and life. Know them by their fruits. Satanists love to blame women for all evil because women are tempting (see Middle East abuses, against Bible) and Satanists know women are the weakness of men, and being very material in terms of fertility, in addition to vulnerability and weakness as the fairer sex, it’s an easy scapegoat. Scapegoats are by definition innocent. God shaped women, it is not evil. It increases chaos by turning the protectors against the weak, so fits well into their aims. This is why, as I noted, so many Satanists are men. Men cannot create, like Satan. It’s been called womb envy. The male speciality is to destroy, so Satan prefers male agents because he can turn the cannon intended for him back on its wholesome vulnerable scapegoats (the in-group, women, Christians). You’ll notice Satanic, psychopathic, sadistic cultures, tend to hate those three things – their own race, their own women and Christians. That is why. Any holy, orderly thing is of God. Satan promises them illusions of spoils, by destroying the Golden Goose producing them (especially women, in Darwinian terms). By the time they realise, it’s too late. They were tricked. This is why Judas was a traitor, instead of some random Roman general. This is why the women checked on Jesus. This is why a woman anointed his feet with perfume. This is undeniable.

This profession of faith in the divinity of Satan is not only an admission of who the real Great Architect that Freemasonry adores is, but also a blasphemous political project that passed through the ecumenism of Vatican II, whose first theorist was Freemasonry:

They worship Baphomet, actually, also Mammon and there are other names. Father of Lies, remember? Like a hall of mirrors.

    The Christian, the Jew, the Moslem, the Buddhist, the follower of Confucius and Zoroaster can unite as brothers and join together in prayer to the only god who is above all the other gods (cf. Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma, ed. Bastogi, Foggia 1984, vol. VI, p. 153).

^ Note: they must acknowledge the True God in all they do, despite claiming he is powerless compared to theirs. Occult science has rules. Brotherhood is multicultural and hence Satanic. It betrays your own people (blood traitors) especially abandoning the protective duty of men to their women. You had ONE job. Note: a multicultural Sisterhood has never existed, despite attempts to claim so from Jewess Marxists, because women of all other races have more blood loyalty due to birthing process.

Technically, they’re right. As in, Satan is above all others, but ONLY, only in this realm. Which is illusion. His position is thusly, illusory. Once you escape your body like an egg yolk cracking out of the shell, you see the mirage by passing through the veil. That is what the veil is. Death is permanent because who wants to return to an illusion?

    We will unleash the nihilists and atheists and provoke a formidable social cataclysm that will clearly demonstrate to the nations, in all its horror, the effect of absolute atheism, the origin of barbarism and bloody subversion. Then citizens everywhere, forced to defend themselves against a world minority of revolutionaries, […] will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, finally revealed to the public’s view; a manifestation that will be followed by the destruction of Christianity and also of atheism, which will be conquered and crushed at the same time! (cf. Letter of 15 August 1871 to Giuseppe Mazzini, Library of the British Museum, London).

New Age often, but not always, celebrates false light.

The light of Satan’s illusion.

note: you needn’t crush something you already conquered but lies require more lies

It will not escape notice that the “great heresy of separativeness” sounds curiously in agreement with the ecumenism condemned by Pius XI in his Encyclical Mortalium Animos, an ecumenism that was adopted by the Declaration Dignitatis Humanae and recently merged into the doctrine of “inclusivity” formulated by those who allowed idolatrous worship to the pachamama to be offered in Saint Peter’s Basilica.

God made the races and cultures separately. That was his Will. It is a commandment not to adulterate your bloodline and mongrelise, if you look to the Sixth Commandment etymology. He split the languages too. It is undeniable. Mixing is Satanic aka anti-Christ. Do we see destruction in their offspring? I’ve included studies of the reprobate mind i.e. mental illness in them. The curse passed onto the son of the father unto the third generation is the seed of this abomination. Abominations are often of the blood. Impurities therein. This is not my opinion, nor a choice, it is proven Biblical command. You cannot be a Christian and deny God’s Law. You may break the law but the law will break you. This is justice. The ‘god of destruction and death’ they refer to, is just and RIGHTEOUS. Satan’s anger is false like his light.

The Bible says something on this to the effect of, what common ground does light have with darkness? i.e. THEY DO NOT MIX.

We see this in many parts of the natural world including oil and water. Multiculturalism killed noble Rome.

So we know it is evil. What is the appropriate response?

“Hate what is evil, cling to what is good”. So, spurn them. Reject all mongrel notions. It isn’t that hard. Any who quibble this, transpire to be mongrel themselves. It is no coincidence. It’s a crab pulling you into its bucket.

Inclusivity” opposes this distinction, allowing oneself to be deliberately contaminated by evil to adulterate the good, equating the true and the false in order to corrupt the former and give legitimacy to the latter.

Possession is a corruption of the soul and must be consented to, however coercively. You are under God’s yoke until you step under Satan’s umbrella. Satan cannot take you unless you consent like a vampire entering a home. They could’ve ordered in the military and held everyone down by now. They need your obedience. Not to the State. The demons in possession of these people (by their own choice) follow rules. They don’t want your body, they want your soul. Closing churches was unnecessary. If the possessed obtains enough souls, they may be relieved of their contract. Obviously, they never are. It’s just what they’re sold.


It was written in Biblical stone, that’s why the opposite faction are stone-masons. Straight outta Georgia. Fake stone.

Fucking around is already covered in coveting prohibitions. Earlier in chain of causation to fornication and adultery (the bad sex outside of one’s own marriage).

To dissemble. To wrap lies in a truth. What they do. They all have Daddy Issues. Men role model to fathers, not women. Role modelling is always proven to be gendered. But Satan is a propagandist for himself so this psychological fact goes unmentioned. Satanic fuckers have ultimate FUCK YOU MOM daddy issue projection problems. Because, obviously, their Father (who art in Heaven) didn’t go out for a pack of smokes to abandon THEM, it MUST have been Mother (copium).

Daddy’s actions become Mother’s fault. And they speak of hypoagency. They DARE.
a free red pill:

Dear MGTOW: your father walked out on you, not your mother. He stayed with your mother until you showed up – fact. Truth hurts. Place the blame where it belongs. You became a deadbeat, just like your feckless father. Statistics show! Rationalising your bitter emotions doesn’t change the statistical inevitability. p.s. Fight Club was satire, you fecking numbnuts. Blaming women/mother figures for your temper tantrums is what toddlers do. If your life sucks, it’s your fault. If you punch anyone in the face, don’t let it be women or strangers, let it be your father. He deserves it.
Cold apathy,
The World.

Spangler: No one will be part of the New World Order unless he carries out an act of worship to Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he receives Luciferian initiation.

Medical symbol – two snakes (human genome) around a dead tree (Eden serpent form*) called a magic wand. Magic wand for Satan. It’s on the side of buildings in America, I was shocked. It was built to face the Sun (Helios worship**). A Temple of Death (Egyptian: Set). Set was reptilian in form, like a crocodile or huge snake. Every culture has this.

I wonder if UK people with the injections have scanned themselves for QR codes. Do it live on TV, go on, debunk it!

*snakes are not bad, Satan just shapeshifted into that form, that one time

** that pedo French bloke calling himself Sun King? Yeah.

reconcile “HEAL the world” aka tikkun olam

ModRNA lethal injection by fivefold (5x)

Recently a lot of info channels I used are censored or experiencing plant disinfo hoping someone like me will pick it up, so I’m filtering and using more secondhand linkage for a while. Big Brother doesn’t like the truth. The TVs are running 24/7 fear porn about the human non-modRNA apostates. Lots of dehumanisation and patronising twaddle. Rs think everyone is as rabbity and fear-prone as they. I don’t fear death, I fear the government tyranny. I now know exactly which of my relatives and friends are thick as pig shit. Around 80% of those who got the stab thought the government would actually leave them alone as payment for the guinea pig obedience… they’re slowly realising that is never going to happen and they’re going to medically rape kids with the STILL EXPERIMENTAL modRNA shit as young as 12 in schools if they go back in September. Very few parents are resisting this so considering the sequester in autopsy studies in ovaries/testes, it wouldn’t be a tragedy if their fertility were affected, let’s say that. Bear in mind, most of these kids in schools presently are non-white. This will go down in history as a mass ethics breach but muh following orders, right? There are laws where your kids have to be in some schooling, probably for this Agenda and few parents have the spine to home school. The rising death rate compared to last year must be due to the eugenics stick, as per Scottish FOI death data. I’m disgusted with my country and Australia. It is proof they fear the control group. They fear what it can prove. They’re still lying about the uptake or the street harassment wouldn’t be so desperate – in some city centres I know a girl who was cornered five separate times in one day, “offering” it to her and asking about it. How long until they’re ‘accompanied’ by military? Don’t talk to these people, unless you’re calling them Nazis. At least Aktion T4 required an appointment and they weren’t pimping it on street corners. The Nazis literally had more dignity and you had to willingly send the kid. They weren’t harassing people in public with their toxic needles in tow. So needless to say, I and my shrewder relatives are lying low, especially given the shedding risk. They’ll learn eventually and I’ve washed my hands of caring for people who volunteered for pain. Let them have it. They can have mine.
Note: supposedly there was a video of Indian soldiers being held down and RNA-raped with this shit, and many of them died. You could see them on the ground being resuscitated. This was on twitter until it was pulled or I’d link. None of the needles is safe. Wait until the full crest of the ADE/PIE wave this flu season when flu also magically re-appears as PCRs are dropped in America. That’s man behind the curtain time.
“The UK government just reported the following data, tucked away in their report on variants of concern:

Let me say that another way – two-thirds of Delta deaths in the UK are in the jabbed.”

Oh look, the thing I spoke about months ago.

“Do the math. An unvaccinated individual in the UK who contracts COVID has a 1 in 597 chance of dying. A fully-vaccinated individual has a 1 in 117 chance of dying, which is 5.1 times greater.”

About right.
Graphene or worse?

“The ministry reported that the doses came from a factory in Spain and have already been sent to 863 vaccination sites across Japan. Officials will alert each site, and also revealed three production lot numbers – 3004667, 3004734, and 3004956 – so people can check if they received a potentially contaminated dose.”

Arguably anything RNA/genomic is contaminated.

“Since the beginning of July, all-cause deaths have risen 12% over 2020 and 9% over the 2015-2019 average:”

and the gap is widening

My guess would be strokes and heart attacks and random accidents? Based on autopsy spike findings.

“Educated in the sciences, chemistry, pathology and board certified. There is something very wrong with the vaccines and what is going on with the vaccinated folks. Vaccines are usually designed to show the immune system the threat without the disease. Lymphocytes are the work horses of the immune system and they have life-time memory. Passing that memory and immunity on to each successive next generation of lymphocytes. While some lymphocytes only live weeks most live months and some live years. The loss of immunity to Covid in what appears to be six months is extremely troubling and raises the questions about exactly what is in these vaccines. Remember, these pharm had to get the Covid virus from the government to culture and make the vaccines. Very troubling.”

It isn’t about helping your body, it’s about destroying it. You will own nothing – immunity would protect you on the run from a tyrannical government. They’ve thought of everything. You can’t bug out if a cold kills you from ADE, which we are seeing in the death difference, another reason to push and coerce everyone to hide the difference.
This won’t work.

Proprietary ingredients are still not released. This suggests people will be furious when that can of worms is opened.

At this point, you can’t uninject the mutants but you can persuade them to avoid bioaccumulation damage with ‘boosters’ (proving it doesn’t work, and never did – for what was claimed) by your own autonomy. You can’t fix stupid. God didn’t make us responsible for other people’s willing submission to evil. Wash your hands of their fate. God gave them choice.


Many of the lemmings hopping off the cliff think the NHS (taxpayers like me) will pay for their treatment if/when they have any damage….. this has never been confirmed. People who checked with private health like Bupa also said they wouldn’t cover it (this might have changed, doubtful) due to the experimental nature of the damage. Private health models experimental damage from ‘vaccines’ in the past and it can last decades, obviating any possible profit.

Also, waiting on audits. Wondering if a news blackout would occur here. If so, won’t be around for a little while but likely fine. I don’t owe jack to anybody. Been working on anti-fragile for years. The only way I’m getting the poison is if they fucking kidnap me and I’ll go down fighting. We’ve all seen the studies I’ve covered. I’ve been blocked by most newspapers, so I know I’m over-target. Future stats prove my past inferences too, like here. I remain unbothered. We only need fear God, focus it there and you’ll be fine.