Obama refuses to mention the Alt Right

You can almost see it in his eyes. All the mainstream journalists are now aware.

They close the doors of the echo chamber and wonder why people want to leave?

You could use this as a voice-over to the footage of Trump supporters being attacked.
“Do not take for granted our systems of Government” vaguely threatening cut of support
“and our way of life.” Literally the entire rationale of the war on terror.
“If we are not serious about facts…” oh dear here he goes, classic Obama gaffe
Decentralized news terrifies them doesn’t it? Well, the Left have been doing citizen journalism for years. It was considered noble, wasn’t it? Except they didn’t film things and the right wing does… for legal protection.
“If we can’t discriminate” you said that’s evil tho…
“between serious arguments and propaganda” serious according to whom? If you ridicule a serious argument from a fallacy of personal incredulity, no wonder people laugh at you. Propaganda must be backed by those in power, it cannot be the People doing it. Appeal to authority much?
“taking absolutist views” fallacy, appeal to the moderate, a half-lie is still a lie
“and demonizing opponents” who was called a dictator who, impossibly, also lacked power and the ability to be taken seriously?
This is politics, not a milquetoast tea party. Christ and they wonder why they lost…

Let’s play CSI. I paused this at an interesting moment getting a coffee. Let’s see.

And zoom in…


That, friends, is a microexpression.
The classic r-type hollowness. Fury, rage, fear, disdain.

Smart Republicans don’t want Obama impeached

“I vote to let him remain president. I’m going to stick him to you. Vote to let him remain in office knowing full well what a screw up he is. Knowing he’ll screw up again; sink your portfolios, bankrupt your industries, make such a mess of defending this country there’ll be blood in the streets and crowds are going to be looking for the guys who endorsed this man into office. He’s going to bring the whole thing down, and you with it.” source

Clarity of thought! I must be dreaming.