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Let’s get the 3 anti-Trump ones out of the way because these are the rare times they make a valid point.

The child has always been the man’s legal responsibility and property until very recently. Blaming one half exclusively made him look retarded and it certainly wasn’t based on any conservatism I know, which holds men responsible for their own immorality.


In the context of the above one, it’s fair. Of course, Trump would never criticize slutty men, being one himself.


Very rich, still looking for the class.
I’ve posted enough pro-Trump stuff that I hope there won’t be some idiot in the comment section who can’t see the difference between baseless hatred and valid criticism.


Yep, because all those posts of other guy’s abs aren’t homoerotic at all.
Keep telling yourself women like bodybuilders more than the lightly muscled, against all the science into preferences.

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If a woman is raped after choosing to be alone with the man, she is less likely to be believed. We know this.
Actually, those whiners who say women never used to be frightened of men (and something about over-reaction) are dead wrong – why else do you think we had chaperones? Why do you need to be left all alone with us so badly? In fact, women are more trusting of men in a solitary situation than any other time in history; if anything, we should bring back chaperones – but you (whiners) were planning on forcing yourself on her without someone present to prize you off or let her go easily, so we know you’ll oppose actual Patriarchal measures like that. You know, that protect women from unwanted advances.
Too many young men raised on a steady diet of porn fail to realize, being quite stupid, that simply being alone with a man is not a sexual invite. Ever. Their desperation clouds their judgment.


How would they even treat their own wounds? Have you seen what real katanas do to bamboo?


They sit and talk in front of a camera for a living and mistake that for anyone caring about them as a person. Or their opinion.


Anti-capitalists are hilarious. I’ve actually seen the second argument from people who want to murder the living for their organs. How am I responsible for the bodies of other people? Isn’t it their body, their choices or something? Odd lot.

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It was going so well.
I keep seeing manosphere posts to the effect of ‘Perfect Woman Will Come Into Your Life – Here’s How to Get Her! Whether she’s willing or not!’
And I just-

what wtf wut confused shocked are you seeing this omfg how

The male equivalent of the “I Deserve” girls.

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Didn’t he get threatened to stop realtalking?


Video: Most offensive video ever by Nicole Arbour

This lady got a new viewer.

Repzion is turning SJW White Knight and bitching about her, so you know she must be onto something.
h/t BassFZz for introducing me to her.

SJWs cannot stand two things: beautiful women and intelligence.
This woman appears to have both, and a sense of humour.
I hope she keeps it up.

toasting raising glass cheers leonardo da vinci congrats well done demons

The Human Right to Offend

Self-censorship in the face of intimidation has another name: cowardice.

rdj claps applause mhmm

No human right is more important than free speech. Without it no other rights can be asserted and defended. Free speech—the right of anyone to criticize and evaluate the claims of anyone else—is the best environment for discovering political, social, economic, and scientific truths. Political, religious, and ideological absolutists cannot tolerate criticism that punctures and wounds their delusions and dogmas. They look for ways to shut the offensive speakers up, including murder….

It’s anti-science. It’s Papacy over Galileo. You are The Man.

The truth is rarely popular and seldom denied ere long it is spoken.

Logical rudeness in debates

When your opponent isn’t using logic? Or reality? Or objectivity?

(Logical rudeness)…Unlike a petitio, it does not purport to justify a conclusion or belief; it purports to justify believers in disregarding criticism of their beliefs as if such criticism were inapplicable, irrelevant, or symptomatic of error. This is not self-justification in the manner of a petitio, in which assumed premises can validly imply the disputed conclusion.

Sum: If somebody isn’t playing by the rules of formal debate, they bring the whole thing down and might be excluded.

…”Philosophers have no equivalent of default except the presumption that the silent or rude theorist has no answer on the merits to offer, and (qua individual proponent) may be presumed ignorant or incorrect and dismissed. This presumption, however, is very legalistic, and in many cases will be false.”…

Practice of Law =/= ” ” Science

It may seem that the imputation of a foible or fault to a critic simply qua critic is always optional, never necessary to preserve the consistency of the theory or the good faith of the proponent. But this is not true. First, there is the case of the brazen theory which includes as a tenet the forthright equation of disagreement and error. This tenet is not as rare, nor probably as naive, as one might at first suspect. It may be called (using legal jargon) the “exclusivity clause” of the theory. Any theory may have an exclusivity clause, and most theories may have them without contradicting their own content. The “clause” merely states that the set of tenets comprising the theory is the truth and the only truth on its precise subject. It does not imply completeness; but it does imply that propositions inconsistent with the theory are false. It may be tacit and understood, and indeed it does seem to follow from the mere claim of truth according to the principle of excluded middle (tacit in many theories) and most classical notions of truth. If a theory contains an exclusivity clause, even a tacit one, it impels the good faith proponent to equate disagreement and error. Critics may courteously be indulged in the realm of debate, and cajoled into seeing the light, if possible, but that would be supererogatory under the canons of logic and good faith. One premise of “civilized” debate —that any contender might be speaking the truth and debate is one way to tell who— is not shared by all the contenders. For this reason it is disturbing to note that almost any claim to truth may bear a tacit exclusivity clause.

If you are being purely logical and the other person comes up with a personal story, you can, in most instances, rightfully call them an idiot for using that as a parry to your point. It’s like bringing a spoon to a knife fight.

Even more disturbing is the case of philosophical systems. The paradigm of good philosophy for several western traditions —the complete, consistent system— is impelled to be rude….

If the system is supposed to be complete as well as true, then the good faith proponent must believe the critic in error, and therefore must apply the system’s explanation of error to her. Note that mere belief in the completeness and truth of the system suffices here to justify the conclusion that disagreement is error. The good faith proponent need not immediately act on this belief in the critic’s error, but neither can he escape concluding it, any more than he could willingly suspend judgment on the truth of his beliefs. Proponents of what are supposed to be true, complete, consistent systems must choose between apostasy and rudeness. [DS: rude people tell the truth] They must defend their beliefs either by appeal to premises and principles from outside the system, which they believe are false, or by appeal to premises and principles from withing the system, which is question-begging and liable to be very rude. [demonstration of depth of explanation] This may be called the dilemma of systematic self-defense. To ask such a believer to be logically polite “just for the sake of argument” is equivalent to asking him to give up some tenets of the faith he wishes to defend just to enter a realm of debate to defend it. This is why systems with pretensions to completeness have traditionally seemed rude, have traditionally authorized rude defenses in their proponents, or have gone undefended at fundamental levels….

…Logical rudeness may be considered a complex form of ad hominem argument. It tells critics and dissenters that they are defective human beings whose ignorance or error is well explained as frailty, fault, foible, or the absence of a boon. Moreover, this form of ad hominem is justified by the theory under attack. When our questions are answered by ad hominem assaults, we are angered. Our anger cannot be reduced to hurt feelings because we were not merely wounded in our dignity; we were put off in our inquiries for truth by a refusal to cooperate. A rude response can therefore trigger three levels of indignation: personal affront, thwarted cooperation, and crippled inquiry. The first is personal, the second social and political, and the third epistemic.

..Some form of rudeness seems inevitable. Either the equality principle will be violated by the rude theory that critics are unequally entitled to know the truth, [as if equally capable of understanding, psychometrics be damned] or the freedom principle will be violated by the rude theory that critics are making impermissible moves in a game. These two fundamental types of rudeness can be barred only by one another. To secure some courtesies, then, we must impose other rude principles. There is something Gödelian about this result. No system of logical etiquette can be both complete and consistent. For every such system there will be a permissible but rude theory. ….

…..The automatic inference of falsehood from rudeness or undebatability may be called the fallacy of petulance —in which we peevishly allow our hurt feelings to supersede our better judgement. The fallacy of petulance is to use the criteria of courtesy as criteria (or as a subset of the criteria) of truth. Sociability in debate may be important for many reasons, even for the fundamental epistemic reason of keeping debate a fruitful avenue of inquiry and for basic ethical duties to other inquirers; but its norms do not thereby become criteria of truth. ……

….The danger of legislating a style of thinking in order to secure a form of cooperation is real.  ….

Trigger warnings, anyone?

What is the Russian’s psychology?

Intriguing read. Example;

1. Taking offense

Western nations have emerged in an environment of limited resources and relentless population pressure, and this has to a large degree determined the way in which they respond when they are offended. For quite a long time, while centralized authority was weak, conflicts were settled through bloody conflict, and even a minor affront could cause former friends to become instant adversaries and draw their swords. This is because it was an environment in which standing your ground was key to survival.

In contrast, Russia emerged as a nation in an environment of almost infinite, although mostly quite diffuse, resources. It also drew from the bounty of the trade route that led from the Vikings to the Greeks, which was so active that Arab geographers believed that there was a salt-water strait linking the Black Sea with the Baltic, whereas the route consisted of rivers with a considerable amount of portage. In this environment, it was important to avoid conflict, and people who would draw their swords at a single misspoken word were unlikely to do well in it……

I love comparisons of cross-cultural difference, it’s like a God’s eye view.

Bonus link, “The Sixteen Reasons Why Russia Should NEVER Trust the West”:

Quick Wisdom: Compliments and Insults

Compliments corrupt a person better than insults.

If you want to destroy someone, give them an inflated opinion of themselves and watch as they fail to live up to their own expectations. If you want to create something beautiful, you must begin with a foundation of realism because once you strip everything else away that is all that is left.

A beautiful outcome of these acceptance movements is that they will devour themselves from the inside.

Possible theories for the harmful effect of compliments: Spotlight Effect is increased, Self-efficacy is decreased, Ego grows and shift from growth strategy to maintaining social status e.g. as smart, instead of improvement strategy.