Orbitofrontal Cortex size and optimism/anxiety

Likely caused by plasticity. Hello processing networks, Mummy has missed you.
Hebbian densities and all.

Optimism, unlike realism, has more in common with delusion biologically. For the record, pessimism has more in common with depression (over-flagging) but studies have shown assessments by the depressed are in fact more realistic. Maybe realism = pessimism.

What sticks out to me in this study? Left. The left OFC only. 
Considering mood studies have drawn a strong distinction between frontal lobes, this could be indicative of something much bigger.
Now, the frontal lobe is often coding for suppression. People tend to think of it as the ‘good’ lobe but that’s not the case. If you’re being brainwashed, your frontal lobe is working overtime.
So, considering the role for optimism is in suppressing anxiety (hence the link) regardless of real or imagined cause, might this relate to r/K amygdala theories?
As in, might they have grown denser lOFC in response to repeated suppression of anxiety-causing stimuli?

These fearful patterns can only come from the temporal lobe, the amygdala in particular.

These are the questions.

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