Non-scientist feminist tries to lecture Milo on women in STEM

She isn’t a scientist. She’s a teacher. She isn’t in the industry. She has no qualification to say this. Her opinion is null and void. Couldn’t they find a female programmer or engineer to argue this case? Why not? Because it’s bullshit. Notice how they can only find women to criticise STEM, who aren’t any good at it?

Feminists go on about confidence because projection.
She is referencing Imposter Syndrome (not a real thing, pop psych)  because that’s all feminism is, bluster and pomp.

If a girl in a science class doesn’t want to compete AT SCHOOL, a feminine coddled environment, she isn’t good enough for the sciences. Science is the hardest subject for good reason. It needs to be, lives depend on it, it demands you be tough, it is a fickle mistress.

It’s like the Night’s Watch of careers. This is why most scientific genius never married or had children. Science was their wife. Good luck expecting that level of dedication, intellectual curiosity and constancy from modern woman. (I say with heavy heart as one).

Why should we pretend we can dish out confidence like gold stars? What of excellence, arete? Encouraging merit? Confidence is hollow, it means nothing. It’s a pretence everyone has from time to time. She’s confusing it with self-esteem deliberately. Girls have chronic low esteem because of the feminist harpies pressuring them and blaming all their problems with an external locus – men, The Man, Patriarchy.

BOOM Milo brought the fact stats. I don’t need to post them again.

I love how she namedrops Cambridge. Like we care. “Look at my credential and tell me I’m clever!” Passionate people don’t cry, I bet her parents are nice. Passionate people work with their nose to the grindstone. The nature of sacrifice. Death itself couldn’t stop them. Sex-based Watsoning. Listen to her use the word “perpetuate” like a clever girl. How? How does it do this? If women are easily led, why is that?
She cites a priming study.

sherlock bbc cracking up lol laughing so hard

Without the priming based on stereotype the test results are fine. That isn’t how exams work. You just go in and do the test. Nobody primes you beforehand.

As soon as her real-world expertise comes in (teaching) suddenly she shuts up like a clam. She mustn’t insult the Hive! “I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the stereotypes.”

I’d have fun mocking this woman in a bar, for real. It’s a shame she’s thick because otherwise she’d be relatively attractive. I would ask her why she didn’t become a scientist herself, why she took the easy way out with teaching.

Except social psychology shows time and time again, most stereotypes are true?

What people call “stereotypes” are what scientists call “empirical generalizations,” and they are the foundation of scientific theory. That’s what scientists do; they make generalizations. Many stereotypes are empirical generalizations with a statistical basis and thus on average tend to be true. If they are not true, they wouldn’t be stereotypes.

Parity is impossible unless you remove freedom of choice. You must assign them their occupation. Hello, Brave New World!

Disclaimer: this shit annoys me because I’m in science.

Race changes Mediterranean diet responsiveness


“While the Mediterranean diet may have broad health benefits, its impact on cognitive decline differs among race-specific populations, according to a new study published in the Journal of Gerontology.

The Mediterranean-style diet (MedDiet) has fewer meat products and more plant-based foods and monounsaturated fatty acids from olive and canola oil (good) than a typical American diet.

“In a population of initially well-functioning older adults, we found a significant correlation between strong adherence to the Mediterranean diet and a slower rate of cognitive decline among African American, but not white, older adults. Our study is the first to show a possible race-specific association between the Mediterranean diet and cognitive decline.”

The researchers note that further studies in diverse populations are necessary to confirm association between the MedDiet and cognitive decline, and to pinpoint factors that may explain these results.”