The Romans didn’t need mobile phones

This won’t end well.

They’ve built a house on sand.

“Even as countries tackle these issues, population growth could toss the biggest wrench into the spokes of continued progress. Though Sub-Saharan Africa’s poverty rate declined by 13 percent between 1990 and 2013, the absolute number of people living in poverty actually rose by 113 million.”

but Malthus is redundant, the good times last forever, right, 1928?

OT Plenty of people in the West don’t have mobile phones so why don’t they get free ones?

So you know SHTF in Africa when the cell towers go down.

Population, r-selection, food supply and famine

I wanted to throw you some further data that doesn’t quite fit in the UK-specific economic post I’ve planned. It does, however, affect our economy, especially our local (European) food supply and costs. It squeezes our own development by virtue of a see-saw, either they command these resources (our landmass and its fruits) or we do.


Premise: R-selection, to breed beyond the resources of your land, is suicidal in the long-run but also reduces standard of living in the short.

“Those states with the highest rates of population growth suffered the largest reduction in standard of living”, said Dr John Coulter, Vice President of Sustainable Population Australia commenting on the latest ABS population data released yesterday.”

This could easily be predicted because, as resources are constant and finite, by increasing the demand, there will be less per head, or a lower standard of living. We can also see this in food prices, with extra-European over-population, beyond locally sustainable levels, basic costs go up, primarily the most fundamental cost being foodstuffs themselves.

If you complain about data volume, here is some going back to 1264.

Why would food be important in discussions of population? /sarc
You’re sustainable or you’re dead. The system, ecosystem, is efficient and supportive of its lifeforms, or else it fails. There is no wiggle room for error or data concealment.

“As both climate change and population growth continue to increase, there is reason to believe that food commodity prices will be both higher and more volatile in the decades to come.”
We in Britain currently eat from food banks so some Chinese parvenu can eat a roast chicken and feel successful and vote Hammer & Sickle. Where is the social justice outrage? [proof at end]
Petrol has gone down in the same time so no, you can’t blame oil.
To go from this century’s statistics.

In a report from 2012: “Food prices have risen 12% in real terms over the last five years taking us back to 1997 in terms of cost of food relative to other goods.” “In May 2012 the main food issue of concern to respondents was food prices at 63%, an increase from 60% in November 2011.”
Sounds vaguely like hyperinflation. I’m sure that has no political consequences whatsoever.

Caring is not a choice. We’re producing more food than before, but it’s going out, away to greedy nations like China. [see end]

Yes, it affects me.
It affects my people.
“The survey found that 28% of adults skimped on their own food in the last year so that others in their households could eat”
Back to the rest of the world:

“Between 2000 and 2012, the World Bank global food price index increased 104.5 percent, at an average annual rate of 6.5 percent.”

“Food prices will also likely be driven up by population growth, increasing global affluence, stronger linkages between agriculture and energy markets, and natural resource constraints. According to the FAO, although high food prices tend to aggravate poverty, food insecurity, and malnutrition, they also represent an opportunity to catalyze long-term investment in agriculture, which could boost resilience to climate change and augment global food security.”

That is one loud canary, isn’t it?

That growth is not possible, the planet is not infinite, infinite growth is impossible. Soil erosion, for instance, is making it so there is LESS arable land in the world over time and this change appears permanent, caused by over-farming….
Britain figured out its business with an Agricultural Revolution, places like China try to outsource their inability to feed their population (Commies) instead of farming responsibly and denying its population the luxuries they purchase on credit and continue to demand.

Here’s a good article that goes into erosion.

The technology they need won’t exist, it’s magical what they’d expect of it.

Consider that China is actually land-poor, this fits like a glove.

A country’s ability to feed itself very much depends on three factors: availability of arable land, accessible water and population pressures. The more people there are, especially in poor countries with limited amounts of land and water, the fewer resources there are to meet basic needs. If basic needs cannot be met, development stalls and economies begin to unravel. In some poor countries, attempts to increase food production and consumption are undermined by rapid population growth; migration from rural to urban areas; unequal land distribution; shrinking landholdings; deepening rural poverty; and widespread land degradation. Lower birth rates, along with better management of land and water resources, are necessary to avert chronic food shortages.”

Famine. This dude.
All these natural disasters are written up as Acts of God.

This is what happens when men run everything, it fails from bureaucracy. You need a blend of influences in society to thrive. They’re too busy competing with one another to provide for the future, nurturing is the female ability.

“By formally recognizing women’s pivotal role, governments will be taking a big step toward safeguarding food production”

They won’t do that, they’re dumb enough to think women are only baby machines and the brain is a coincidence.

At current levels, to support these parasites, the world must somehow pull an additional 70% out of its backside.,8599,2083276,00.html
“Population Growth Has Driven Up the Food Price to Alarming Levels”
It opens with Malthus. They know.

I’m not picking on China, they are genuinely that thick. It’s a case study in What Never To Do.

I am by no stretch the first person to note these facts. It’s glaring.

Recently. That’s just recently.


China is literally taking British food out of the hands of British people.

I’m not making this up. It’s on the official websites. e.g.
China is in the top 10 markets for our food and drink.
“growth ensured by Chinese monetary policy” lol
Yes, Communists can be trusted with your money.
How many do you NEED?

“China will become the world’s largest market for imported foods by 2018, predicts the country’s National Bureau of Statistics of China. China is already the largest grocery market in the world with an estimated value of £1 trillion, according to grocery industry researchers IGD. In 2016 UK food and drink exports to China increased by 49% with particularly strong growth in pork, beer and seafood. As a result China entered the UK’s top 10 food and drink export markets for the first time.”

Let’s grow by preferentially selling the food our own people need to foreigners with more cash!

Great plan!

Not more valuable cash, more pieces of paper.

Why didn’t this happen to Japan? It’s an island.

Selling to outsiders only from the surplus would be anti-libertarian, anti-globalist.
Wanting to feed our children is racist.


Just let the white babies starve in the name of Marx. /s

Here’s what is actually going on:

Britain wants to strengthen its industry but needs foreign buyers in the mean time.

The Russians are simply using China to take down America, then pull a Littlefinger and doublecross them. Go to war against them. What are they gonna do? They have no food and no oil to import it with, it would be the easiest victory in military history. Why do you think the EU is helping China? To lessen their dependence on Russia. Russia is post-Communist and sees all the stupid shit China does, yet encourages it? Please. Communist countries like China always need to be rescued by the capitalist ones… who would rescue them? The people who would be calling in debts nobody could afford to pay? And they have well above a billion people, rescue yourself with your superior IQ.

Relevant fact: Soldiers would need even more food. China is doomed.

Update to population point in Automation

So you all see it.

Update: I would like to point out humans shifted in the West to a more K model as soon as infant mortality dropped. This is a fact, it is so overt in nature it proves itself if you only look. It demonstrates itself. The rest of the world (e.g. India) has failed to make this shift to reflect medical changes and that is why the Malthusian trap will hurt them more and others like them (presently by things like a drop in standard of living from overcrowding), since they choose to ignore this selection pressure change. That isn’t our fault, they could copy us, they seem to think they can have their cake and eat it, have too many kids and just cash in on the prosperity from the finite resources as before, a billion mouths and counting. No. For the same reason I can’t buy a cup of coffee then wonder where my money went. If your culture doesn’t adapt, it is culled by the inevitable courses of events. You can’t keep outsourcing your problems, including by blame games. System is broke, fix it.
The shift the Victorians called civilizing or civilization was well-known at the time, they wanted imperialism to expand these benefits.
Common sense is about survival so no, I don’t give a shit what IQ China claims to have, they are stupid by dictionary definition.

They are pursuing a pre-Industrial sexual strategy, producing a billion economic drains like resources are infinite and ignore the mathematical impossibility of it turning out in their favour.

China is the most heavily r-population in the world, they are leeching off the global food supply now to avoid famine. As in, one of the horsemen of the Apocalypse. This includes Europe’s dwindling local production too.
Section 3 China.

“China bumped into the natural limits….” Definition of peak-r.

Screencap for the trust issues

China’s food demand and supply is often cited as one of the driving factors for the increase in world agricultural prices.” Stop blaming Brexit.

Demonstrable fact and the first page of sodding Google, people.
China food crisis, China food shortage, China food supply, China food demand, China food security.

Like I said before, they’ll eat each other.

“Despite its vast size, China is land poor — with only 20 acres of arable land per 100 people — according to the World Bank.” – CNBC

I tried a cheeky search to see how easy this information is to find. I’ll include it on the economic post but
they were right, there is a known connection between the variables.
China undoing its one-child policy will revert its prosperity, it’s inevitable.
The Relationship Between Fertility and National Income
Recent paper 2016
The Relationship between Fertility Rate and Economic Growth in Developing Countries by an Asian.
“On the one hand, total fertility rate has a negative effect on economic growth in the current period”
The most populous continent/race isn’t Africa/n. It’s Asian.
You must be pretty stupid to be worse off than Africa, after all the shit we put them through. China is trying to put them through more though, classic r-respawn pattern.

The EU know this.,_parity,_education_and_migration
“Changes in fertility partially follow changes in the economy, with an average lag of less than two years”

They actually want to expand their pensions in China, that’s how slow they are to adapt.

china is fucked, capital F, a shortlist
“China will begin a pilot program this year to transfer shares in state-owned firms to social security funds in an effort to make up for shortfalls in the nation’s pension scheme, according to a notice published by the cabinet on Saturday.”
“The whole retirement system must be overhauled” it opens.
They refuse to stop being collectivistic, with huge population density numbers, they will starve themselves to feed old people who refuse to work. The culture is backward, sputtering to a halt as it deserves and also refuses to account for their tortoise-like genetics.
“pension gap is widening” Really?
Raising the age tiny increments changes nothing and you know it. Some of them expect to retire at fifty. Working for less than half of their life. Fifty.
This type of slothful society doesn’t deserve to survive.
It isn’t pathological altruism, it’s entitlement from the ingroup. Those implode, when resources contract back (what goes up…) to the previous norms, pre-boom.
“True, at the surface, China is beginning to grapple with one of the most severe demographic challenges in living memory.” Historically unprecedented demands on the land, emigration/immvasion is required.
Japan has a better balance of consumers (drains) to producers, and their economy is more honest about its debt.
China will be worse off than Japan, it must be.
Problem caused by too many of us? Let’s breed more of us!
A solution only a politician, a sociopathic one, might consider sound.
“But there are two reasons why China’s alleged demographic time bomb will fail to detonate the way pessimists allege.”
No, between your ego and math, you lose.
“And they are increasingly globally minded: nearly 300,000 Chinese now study in the US.”
Globalism has been great for every country that adopted it, of course.
I bet they wanna stay there too, only to vote in more Communism, those BASED Asians too snowflake to hear the mere name of Taiwan.
“But, by itself, the demographic shift will not be the undoing of China’s economic miracle.”
Yeah, getting bitten by a snake isn’t the problem, it’s the venom.
Writer for HSBC lies, no vested interest in there.
So successful they hide data. Con artists need chumps to sell their shtick to.
“The bureau gave no reason why it stopped publishing the data and did not reply to questions from the South China Morning Post.”
“The decline in fertility rates may be more due to the impact of China’s rapidly growing economy, as a similar trend has been observed in places such as Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.”
Yes, you want to be compared with Japan…
“they may require significant encouragement to have any children at all,” the report said.”
Yeah, their real growth is dead/dying. The Asian Princess culture or Little Emperor Syndrome did them in.

It’s the worst of all possible worlds.

New Money, ugh.

Video: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Automation replaces the only labour about 3/5 of the world can do.
Russia only cuddles up to China for its industry. Which has the superior culture?
In thousands of years, what have they created? Manufacturing is something a monkey could do better than a human if it weren’t for animal rights groups. When the industries aren’t demanded, what about the insane 20th Century population boom of the farmer regions, able to do nothing else?

They can all vote but less than half can produce net, more than they consume, than the lotus-eaters.

What happens to those people?

When their governments will be unable to provide charitable donation food?

The problem with AI has many layers.

Surveillance yes, another Master yes, hacking and bugs, humanity.

What about the economies it totally destabilizes?

It would be like an alien announcing themselves, overnight change.

There won’t be any leisure robots. Do we have robot butlers?  The idiots are being sold on their own enslavement using their most predictable head-nodder, the Muh Dick method. We’ll have VR, like a WOW sub, most of the world won’t afford it.

AI that advanced WILL steal your job.

The military will keep the best, always does.

You’ll become a cyborg whether you want to or not.
Biometric ID cards were the first attempt.

Any deaths, like computerized cars, go down as a malfunction.

If someone’s paying to pimp your life, they want to own YOU.

China won’t ever eclipse America’s post-war success. America didn’t even deserve it because it was spared most bombing. China is too corrupt, too culturally dishonest, to be the standard currency.

Look at the attempts to repair the reputation

China already spends lavishly on research and development, and publishes reams of scientific papers. Spending on R&D has more than doubled as a share of the economy since 2000, reaching 2.1% of GDP in 2014, just below the rich-world average, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), an inter-governmental think-tank. Meanwhile, GDP itself has trebled. The OECD thus says China will be the world’s largest R&D spender by 2019. In terms of scientific papers published in English, the country is second only to the United States, and its output is rising by 20% a year.

If you’re wondering why so much medicine kills you.

But much of the published work is insubstantial, and a worrying amount is fraudulent. 

Commies. Can’t trust a collectivist.
Just do the studies and see.

Marxism was more toxic to the East than West, it plugs into racial differences.
This can never be changed.
Allows the corrupt to float fake money.

But as President Xi admitted to the assembled academicians this week, science and technology remains “a bottleneck” for economic growth in China. The biggest problems are fraud and the academies of science and engineering themselves.

In 2014 China’s anti-corruption watchdog said it had “uncovered fraud in research grants managed by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology”. In April the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology retracted an article by scientists from Dalian University, in Liaoning province, because it suspected the peer-review process had been subverted. In 2015 BioMed Central retracted more than 40 papers submitted by Chinese researchers.

The prevalence of fraud reflects poor oversight and a dodgy research culture.

But sure, I’m imagining it.
Why do we need honest science?

Meds that aren’t poison?

Gold that contains gold?

More commonly counterfeited gold coins are Chinese gold pandas, $20 Liberty Head gold coins and St. Gaudens gold coins.


The prospect of UK famine in our time

Colleagues in the Climate Change team in the UK Foreign Office asked me to pop in and discuss the way that food, food prices and climate could interact to affect life in countries around the world. This is a topic of crucial interest given the plethora of analyses that have linked food price rises to civil unrest in unstable economies.


wtf omg shaking shock surprise dean ah

At the moment you only hear about global food security, but as I’ve covered before, the UK is too screwed to fix itself without essentially killing the whole population of London, let alone pay for lazy African farmers.

We’ve got about 80 million total (legal and illegal) by food consumption. I’d roughly estimate enough food for no more than 20 million comfortably and most of those in rural areas.

Our plausible worst case scenario was built around both these events happening together.

Not enough. The human immune system is brittle when starving, especially when unhealthy before (99% of people easily) so you have to factor in disease with the prospect of famine (they refuse to name the fear) and where the global populations are likeliest to die off.

That is Africa because they’d have died off to sustainable Malthusian levels centuries ago were it not for the White Man’s saviour complex stupidity. Second, China. Surprising until you see how they’re agitating for war, they may get a civil one. Thirdly, India because these people drink water from a river as you can see corpses bobbing by, mid-decay.

None of those people were meant to survive into this century.

These people are not supposed to survive and they are doomed regardless. They broke an evolutionary rule – they overbred.
Africa won’t stop fucking because they get Western welfare for the spawn.
China won’t stop fucking because they want soldiers so they can Take Over the World.
India won’t stop fucking because they want a booming technology sector as they imagine China to possess, meanwhile most of their citizens are so intelligent they refuse to use toilets and toilet paper.

People forget the plagues were historical events attributed to God. They were effects of bad manmade decisions. These people refuse outright to fix down to a sustainable population from hubris. The sin all Gods hate the most?

Look at the places worst hit recently – California, after all the gay shit, Venezuela after Communism (wrath, greed, envy and largely sloth), and the Middle East…. I guess Allah isn’t quite as much on their side as they expected. This drought phase comes after they’re back to murdering children, raping nuns and crucifying Christians.

What happened to the Ancient Romans who did that, again?

Of course, I can’t say it’s divine will but…. damn, that’s the only connection I can see between these disparate places.

Note in that report they never factor in war because if the shipping routes are closed, that’s it – most of the world will starve. It takes a few weeks at most. All three of the places I named thrived in the post-War grace period stabilized by Western cowardice. They were allowed to over-breed from the abundance paid for by white male blood. Say, does Merkel still want that EU Army? I hope she gets it, I hope she does. Go ahead, arm the citizens. See what happens when you ask them to farm for the Africans who already killed white farmers. Aid missions will be the start.

Slightly off-topic: if you were these corrupt governments thinking you can defy the laws of nature, what would you do to temporarily assuage this problem for the next politician?

They ‘maximize availability’, not supply. That’s called stealing.

I can’t wait for the Malthusian trap to eat these people and their stupid, stupid interference.
Stealing oil is bad, stealing water is an act of war and possibly genocide. Rather than deal with their unsustainable populations (read: stop fucking, you aren’t a dog) and the food security (shortage almost dead-cert at this point), they steal the stuff of life itself from their neighbours. In already parched areas, this will kill people and the chemicals in the rain might kill their crop ANYWAY. Arrogant, stupid people.

The people in these densely populated areas (mostly Asia) are dead men walking already. But they insist on taking the rest of us down with them.

Evolution is very clear. Have as many children as you can support. If you have just one more, you lose them all. These people are gambling with the future of humanity to make a quick buck and it disgusts me.

They’ll expect NW European to kill itself to save their ungrateful, low IQ arses (SE Asia math grades don’t count, most Asians are thick as pig shit). If Europe caves to this BS, we deserve to go. A century ago we were about a third of the world population because survival was tied to being personally responsible.

Data Drive: Food shortages, famine, starvation coming to the UK, Europe

It’s that time of year again when I dust off my cheeky beret and pull up some information you probably didn’t know but I have (been operating on) for some time. Use this information responsibly.

cool mocking shades yes peace

I heard Stefan say something quite genius. Diversity + Proximity + Welfare State = Civil War.
When you reward people for lacking local adaptations (think bears feeding themselves), things go bad, quickly.

Today’s topic: FOOD. We all love it, we all need it to love. What an ironic solution to the obesity crisis a sudden shortage would be, whether from GMO crop failure (supposedly impossible) or overpopulation (the sustainability you must never discuss).

Who is the canary in this particular coalmine? The elderly.

Wouldn’t you know it? They’re starving.

Warning, 2006:
Happening, 2015:
They starve at home and then the hospitals, the socialists in the NHS medical system, help them along. People who paid into it since its inception.
Gotta keep those costs down somehow right? It isn’t as if they’re producing anything anymore and the Government has all those unfunded pension schemes. Elderly abuse by the very people with the power to criminalize such things as trivial failures of their rigged tests (warming a teapot is a sign of senility, you lose your legal agency and financial assets) and claim abuse by any private citizen, without right of reply or seeing one’s accuser, even when the victim is a foreign citizen, they abuse their human rights and get paid by the baby they immediately deliver to the State you see. Real-life child snatchers. Do you trust these people?

“Critics – including family solicitors, MPs and midwives as well as the wronged families – report cases where young children are selected, even before birth, by social workers in order to win the bonuses.

More chillingly, parents have been told by social workers they must lose their children because, at some time in the future, they might abuse them.”

Secret courts in a First World country. ‘Adoptions’ ‘cannot’ be overturned, humane right of appeal is lost. It is the same with the Care Pathway aka letting sick people starve to death in a hospital. At least the Nazis made it quick.

Let’s look for a better resource, say, the Government? Yes? We agree this one is valid?

“But although the UK has a thriving farming sector – it exported £12Bn of food and drink in 2007 (ref 2) – Britain is not self-sufficient in food production; it imports 40% of the total food consumed and the proportion is rising (ref 1). Therefore, as a food-trading nation, Britain relies on both imports and thriving export markets to feed itself and drive economic growth.”

“Behind the always full-looking supermarket shelves lies a supply chain that is sensitive to economic and environmental events.”

Pressures on the UK’s ‘food security’ are here to stay. Increasing global population and changing consumption patterns are increasing demand for foodstuffs and contributing to upwards price trends. However, the threat to UK food security could be more serious should increased global demand combine with other potential problems.”

Bluetongue virus is a possible vector discussed for future famine.

“If bluetongue struck along with another disease, one that struck wheat for example, the combined effects – bad but manageable individually – could be disastrous.”

Thank God that hasn’t happened, eh chums?

“Unfortunately, such a species has emerged. The Ug99 strain of the ‘stem’ or ‘wheat rust’ fungus was first found in Uganda in 1999 (from where the Ug denomination originates) and has since spread to Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, and across the Red Sea to Yemen and Iran (ref 8).”

Why do these places always pass it on to us?

“Another problem we share with other food-producing nations is a worrying decline in the populations of insect pollinators, such as bees, moths and butterflies. In the UK, bee populations have fallen by 10-15% over the last 2 years. Declines have also been seen in Europe and North America.”

“Therefore, the UK’s food security issues affect the world, just as the world’s issues affect the UK.”

2014 paper on food security.

2008 Soil report presented.

” Although UK self sufficiency levels are declining from highs in the 1980s, by recent historical standards they are not unusual: the UK has depended on food imports to meet the needs of its population for more than a century. Although the UK is more dependent on food imports than some comparable EU countries, 68% of its food imports come from other EU states. The EU as a whole has a high level of food self-sufficiency, though soya products, for feed and food ingredients, are a notable exception. The EU both governs the degree and forms of government supports available to food producers and regulates the standards of food produced and consumed within the member states. The EU provides an important context for any rethinking of national food supply and policy action.”

Posted without comment.

“Recent debate has explored the ‘resilience’ of the food supply — its ability to prevent, withstand and recover from serious shocks. This report suggests that contingency planning is inadequate to the challenges now facing the food system, presented here as the New Fundamentals.”

Nothing to see here.

Well, you might reasonably ask, how long have they known about this issue?

1940. NineteenFourty.

oh shit omg what is this

Yes, this is deliberate.

Global food shortage, Putin warns.

“Recent studies have suggested that the world will need to produce twice as much food by 2150 as it does now, as its growing population is expected to reach nine billion by that time.”

Global food shortage could be behind the influx of migrants from Africa and the Middle East into Europe, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera ahead of his visit to Milan’s exposition “Expo Milano 2015 — Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.”

Search for the term ‘food crisis’ and have a good laugh.


“The International Development Committee warned that the UK is “never more than a few days away” from a significant food shortage and called on ministers to act to improve food security.”

“It also warned that the rising world population, expected to increase from 7.1 billion today to 9.3 billion by 2050, will continue to heap pressure on food security. Wider schemes by DfID have made significant efforts to improve women’s reproductive rights but there is still a “great unmet need for contraception”, the report said.”

There it is.


“The Food Standards Agency stressed demand for food supplies would rise as the world’s population spirals from seven billion now to nine billion by 2050.

It certainly isn’t overpopulation of Europe. We’re the only dropping continent.

This increase could weaken resilience in the food supply chain with the potential to entrench a global food security crisis,” the FSA told a Commons inquiry.

Nothing to worry about then.

As the UK is not self-sufficient in terms of food production, global food supply issues have the potential to impact on UK consumers, for instance increasing the incidence of food  poverty within the UK.””

“The CLA organisation, which represents 33,000 farmers and landowners in the UK, stressed that nearly 70 per cent of our food imports currently comes from other EU countries.

Of course, the EU will never collapse suddenly under the weight of its own ego.

They warned that if severe food shortages developed European countries could take “protectionist” action, so contingency plans might be needed for dealing with a breakdown of the EU single market.”

The Result?

The Two Rs.

Rations and later, Riots.