“Panic Attack”…. or Anger?

We need MRI studies. Amygdala and aggression arousal. Can they be differentiated from men with weakly controlled rage outbursts cycling with depression?

Otherwise it seems convenient panic attacks are the modern hysteria.


It would explain why they’re experiencing “anxiety” when it’s expected they’d feel anger.

Anyone deliberately mislabeling or lying about a diagnosis (malingering) is using a manipulation tactic.


“Panic attacks when feeling angry & frustrated.”

Common. They do under-diagnose female sociopathy and what they describe as panic would, in a man, be a tantrum or angry outburst. Anger attacks.

Sociopaths are not cool and calm like Dexter, they’re angry messes.


“A recent study examined anger and the role it plays in the maintenance of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). Researchers examined hostility, physical and verbal aggression, how anger is expressed, and how anger is controlled. More than 380 participants with GAD were tested on their responses to statements that were anger-related such as “I strike out at whatever infuriates me.” The study found that higher levels of anger were associated with worry and anxiety. In addition, hostility and internalized anger contributed to the severity of the participants’ GAD symptoms. Thus, internalized anger made generalized anxiety stronger. Anger fanned the flames of worry and anxiety. Researchers suggested that anger could be detrimental during the treatment of GAD, especially if it is not brought up and handled during the patient’s therapy.
Dr. Richards expresses it like this: You can never get better from any of the anxiety disorders by using another negative emotion. Any negative emotion (i.e.., anger) feeds and fuels other negative emotions (e.g.., anxiety). So, while it may be nice to think you can get better by being angry at anxiety, in fact all it does is make anxiety worse.”

Hold women accountable for their anger issues.


Could low IQ people be said to have panic attacks?

There’s also a definite tendency to let people with more money off on a lighter diagnosis.


“Relatively high anxiety in patients with GAD predicted high IQ”
“whereas relatively low anxiety in controls also predicted high IQ.”
Intelligent people aren’t neurotic messes. They’re confusing educated with intelligent again.

Contrary to the high IQ propaganda you can find on Google, a real study:

Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health have concluded that children born with lower IQs possess higher risk of psychiatric disorders, according to a decades-long study of 1000 people in New Zealand. Children with lower IQ levels were more vulnerable to having chronic psychiatric disorders after the age of 32, researchers said. 

The study was conducted on a cohort of children born between 1972 and 1973 in Dunedin, New Zealand and first tested at age three.

The participants were assessed for psychiatric disorders at ages 18 through 32 by doctors without any knowledge of the cohort members’ IQ levels or psychiatric history.

“Lower childhood IQ predicted increased risk of schizophrenia, depression, and generalized anxiety disorder,” said lead researcher Karestan Koenen, assistant professor of society, human development, and health at the School of Public Health. “Individuals with lower childhood IQ also had more persistent depression and anxiety and were more likely to be diagnosed with two or more disorders in adulthood.” 

Although the exact mechanism through which childhood IQ may be linked to higher risk of adult anxiety disorders is not known, the researchers were capable of suggesting several potential explanations.


In their report, they theorize that lower childhood IQ might suggest varied levels in brain health that make the subject more exposed to certain mental disorders.


The researchers further said that people with lower IQ levels find it more difficult to cope with complex modern daily life, possibly making them more vulnerable to developing psychiatric symptoms. 


If they can’t cope, they should be in an asylum.

Researchers argue that the findings can be helpful in treating individuals with psychiatric disorders.

“Lower childhood IQ was associated with greater severity of mental disorders including persistence over time and having two or more diagnoses at age 32,” said Koenen. “Since individuals with persistent and multiple mental disorders are more likely to seek services, cognitive ability may be an important factor for clinicians to consider in treatment planning.” 

The researchers added, however, that they could not find any correlation between lower childhood IQ and panic disorder, simple phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder or substance dependence disorders.

Study: Orexin, stress, anxiety and panic attacks


It’s an extreme form of fight or flight, as I have previously mentioned.

PDF here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3665356/pdf/nihms-446869.pdf

“- summarize the evidence that supports a hyperactive ORX system being linked to pathological panic and anxiety states.”

It alters the dopamine system too.

Brains are fun.

evil grin lol smile happy

Study: Anxiety distorts perceptions + hormone hell

I wanted to help a special someone out by handing them information they’re too proud to ask for.
You’re welcome.


It makes you perceive neutral stimuli as negative.

Explains a lot.

Speaking of physical causes of psychiatric matters, I bring you from the cutting edge…


There is also evidence to suggest that cholecystokinin may have a role in anxiety and panic disorders. This is an effect of cholecystokinin released in the brain, not an effect of secretion from other parts of the body.

The brain is a strange organ.
I proffer a starring role in treatment-resistant PTSD. Think about it, when the brain is cured, the gut link is still damaged, re-affecting the brain by proxy. I have a …. gut feeling…. (sorry).

Video: What Real PTSD looks like (formerly known as shell shock)

It is not a simple Fight/Flight reaction, as the feminists and other assorted liars claim. Everybody gets those from time to time and we learn to deal with them effectively. They call it other terms to make it sound better clinically; panic attacks, anxiety and other things to cover for their own controlling habits. PTSD has nothing to do with other people, or a desire to control them. It does not refer to the simple spike of chemicals that produce fear or agitation. Those are normal, they are nothing special. It is a simply the outcome of an oversensitive disposition which requires MORE stimulation (e.g. flooding or exposure therapy) for their self-created phobia or neurosis, NOT less.

As the adrenaline and fear response has a time limit, theoretically a person will eventually have to calm down and realize that their phobia is unwarranted. Flooding can be done through the use of virtual reality and is fairly effective.

Help a feminist today. Trigger and mock them.

It is a complex nervous condition.
Pills don’t do a fucking thing.
It isn’t a verbally expressive condition, unless you count crying, wailing or mewling like a newborn. Screaming for your mother is a distinct possibility, among other regressions such as forgetting how to speak.