Patreon un-personing

Lol monkey dick is being useful.

The Valley plutocracy may turn less profit than the average lemonade stand but their honking capabilities have advanced by 72%, yoy. That’s priceless.

Gorilla Dick must push the bolded points below to really K/O them.

“Patreon, by banning a Creator, disrupts the economic relationship between Creator and Backer. In legal terms this is called tortious interference with a business relationship.”

Called it

“Social media FANG-type stock would collapse tomorrow if they couldn’t illegally handle your data and get away with it. PM/DMs/Email are privileged communications. If you’re speaking about medical issues over DM or to your lawyer by email, it is breaking privacy law (the human right) to scan or read it. They’re opening your letters.”

Their business model relies on spying and selling confidential data (international identity theft). And no, no data is anonymous. That’s a myth.

I do worry this expectation of political piety might be blurring the limits of our democracy, companies shouldn’t be given power as a moral arbiter, CLEARLY.

re “Pateron might owe money for past payments before they closed those people patrons because of TOS Violation”

Money retained in their names (de facto saving accounts) with none of the legal protections.
Sue to retrieve the funds PLUS interest.

re “That said, its a moot point for the reasons they started out with because as patreon should be well aware, its illegal in california to deny services to someone based on their ideological views. California is one of two current states where political ideology is an explicit protected class, which makes doing so a violation of the customers civil rights. and realistically, such a protection applies to all 50 states whether explicitly codified in law or not. Allowing a company to essentially force you to adhere to a certain political viewpoint or be denied services is grossly unconstitutional anyway and amounts to trying to intimidate a person into voting a certain way, which is explicitly illegal”
Blasphemy law, since most political beliefs are religious, which is internationally protected.

Is it an income tax (violating democracy) or is Patreon an agency?

What services do they provide, as an agency, that people cannot accomplish themselves? What is their USP? Are they a monopoly?

Web hosting? Payment processing? It’s just futile usury, they provide no unique service and on the scale from tax to agency fees, need to publicly declare what they are.

They are a private company, they are OBLIGATED to define themselves legally to the Government.

I did warn the Patreon whores

I gave them years of warning. It was like watching a slow car crash.

Eventually, they had to learn the hard way.

Do not rely on Lefty platforms to pay your food bill.

This is why I take no money from anyone. I can tell literally any single one of you to FO.

Opinions aren’t worth much anyway. I only get annoyed when I answer a common complaint with research only to be ignored by people who like complaining.

e.g. Q: Where did PC come from? What is it?

A: Read Thought Prison.

Q: Why are lefties immune to reason?

A: Read The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics.

Q: Where are the smart people? How does dysgenic social policy affect extreme intelligence?

A: Read Genius Famine.

Look at neurogenetics and behavioural genetics, as well as for cross-cultural genes studies. Different races, different norms (Keyword: individualism/collectivism).

Q: Why did the Nuclear Family make the West strong?

A: Compared to? Compared to extended family it’s weaker. Compared to fuck-all, it’s stronger. Reputation of individuals and family honour in small, strong social groups is important. If somebody rich and eccentric could upload a torrent of The Explanation of Ideology: Family Structure and Social Systems, the world would thank you. I can’t fit every answer into a tweet.

Q: Explain some principles of this “white genocide”.

A: Read Whiteness: The Original Sin. I’ve been suggesting the titular concept for yonks.

Q: Why are the intellectual, artistic outcomes of white people different from other races?

A: A Troublesome Inheritance suggests a combination of intelligence, grit and creativity from surviving the Ice Age. There’s other stuff too.

Look into HBD generally, the human biodiversity of genetic diaspora and intergenerational findings in particular (class/SES regresses to the mean of the family bloodline). Galton wrote often on intelligence, he was well-qualified as a polymath and one of the greatest minds of all time. He invented bell curves and tests the people who hate him still use to this day in social sciences. The sociologist’s fallacy is being eroded every year by new genetic (and epigenetic) findings.

Q: Do-gooders hate us and their projects don’t work, also, why do people stay with abusers?

A: Pathological Altruism by Oakley. You could beat a man to death with this book. Heavy knowledge.

Q: Why is overpopulation of the non-European nations our problem?

A: Malthusian trap snaps on the globe and provokes conflict, pandemic, food shortage, hyperinflation.

Q: Why do women fancy men anyway? If it isn’t about money or muscles?

A: Read The Mating Mind.

Q: Why is monogamy better for both sexes in evolution?

A: Survival and health outcomes, all offshoots of Trivers Parental Investment Theory.

Humans evolved to become monogamous, like apes and chimps (close to us neurologically, not bonobos), the children of the promiscuous lost out competitively.

Because evolution is a genetic competition. There has to be a loser strategy.

In ancient times, they had no forums to curl up into a fetal position and cry like a bitch.

The promiscuous male (if reproductive, deadbeat) has a loser strategy (e.g. more masculine daughters from abandonment and more effete sons likelier to be gay*) because he cannot obtain a permanent mate (usually due to inability to emotionally pair bond) or loses out status to fund better quality children to couples higher in the sociosexual hierarchy (especially the alpha breeding pair). There are no lone alphas unless you count the amoeba. They can go fuck themselves.

*No coincidence the degeneracy of the Sexual Revolution generation has produced increasingly degenerate offspring, literally, as in the process of degeneration. With no world wars to cull them and dysgenic couples financially supported by their productive betters as dependents themselves, the ratios are off. At this point in socialist time, 3rd stage of 4, young nubile couples are delaying childrearing to pay for a parasitic elderly entitled class on ageist welfare (pensions) with no military service duties (as in Early Rome). It’s madness. Old people had decades to save if they wanted to retire. If young people aren’t supported in setting up stable marriages and families, society dies. Literally. Aging population = Dying population.

This is blatantly obvious if you just look around.

They “wonder” things to feel smart and you literally answer their question completely, e.g. read THAT.

Then, naturally, they don’t.

And ask the same thing for five years online, only to wonder why people are switching off them.

Why ask if you don’t really care?

Or they expect the answers to be nice, simple and EASY.

To which I say:

Youtube short on edgy shekels


The whores of Patreon must be concerned.

Wow… Youtube is dead.
That’s the only reason anyone went there.
They’re worse than the Puritans. CROMWELL APPROVES.

You want mainstream money, you’d better follow mainstream narrative.

Ironically, these people were also (rightfully) complaining that popular entertainers make too much money.

evil grin lol smile happy

Not limited to Jennifer Lawrence.

They’re correct – if it’s art and these people would do it anyway, it’s just a hobby, and those excessive fees are not justifiable.

No platform monopoly, no monopoly money.

Video: Patreon Whores are Hypocrites

shrug lol toldyaso fuck you bateman

…Can you tell he’s Jewish?

The Patreon Whoring is the worst though and I’m relieved someone else is singing the same tune.
Who wants any fucking thing in common with Zoe Quinn?

It’s humiliating.

Ads or nothing.

No begging bowl, it’s the fastest way to lose respect. We are not dirty commies.

I’ve explained why I don’t monetize already. There are Whores of Patreon who will say anything for shekels. We don’t need a protected academia class paid to spout BS, thank you. The right wing wants people who are NOT puppets.

Video: Ideological Motives in politics

Ok, I’ll bite.


Conservatives don’t have a clear and positive goal, it’s all negative backpedaling on the defensive to no particular year, fearful avoidance and gritting the slippery slope (the Left denies exists except when they call it a ‘social trend’, sure, a fallacy…). Tradition is the bundle of behaviours that lead to a prosperous society, history is a good lesson and they’re classics to be tweaked according to utility. The concept of social harm, especially to the nuclear family, the most effective model of economic productivity of all time and totally natural, and the ripple effect of social damage throughout society in a costly way that must be picked up by the other, the taxpayer, to accommodate the reckless lifestyles they didn’t enjoy let alone choose (bailouts is the word). With true freedom of association and allowance of isolation (inc financial) from these adults, nobody would care, conservatives prize self-reliance and work ethic to the point of early cardiac death. Children need to be protected, more important as the future than adults, but the Left sees this as keeping them ignorant, instead of innocent. Conservatives think children will naturally ask questions when the time is right and forcing children to mature too early is abusive, psychologically distressing and overwhelming them with concerns they cannot mentally process (especially abusive if it’s someone else’s children). Equality of opportunity and hierarchy based on meritocracy. Don’t use logic correctly some of the time (e.g. weak analogy, everyone does this but conservatives are called stupid for being religious, using more logic would counter this) or rhetoric when required (let me counter your soundbite with percentages). Human nature is animal and law must work around this to protect us from the worst excesses of ourselves for the good of society. Low time preference pragmatism. Protecting the individual and their natural rights scales up to society, everyone has the same moral standard. People are different but we all have a role. Physical purity. Suffering makes you stronger. Everything is about the principle.


Liberals love globalism aka supranationalism but claim to hate capitalism while using it to screw over the little guy for power (e.g. look at what happened to black communities) and promise if you vote them in again, they might undo it. Social engineering because we know everything and better than nature arrogance. Public sector is magically more honest than private and Governments solve problems instead of causing them. Leftists want to ban things like conservatives because they know better, Maternalism, a very insidious form of gaslighting where they question your ability to make decisions if you make the ‘wrong’ one (conservatives think, hey, as long as they’re your individual consequences, whatever I don’t care). Equality of outcome and double standards based on historical grievances we’re never allowed to let go covering for innate differences. Nobody can fail, nobody can succeed (or they must have cheated because we all have the same potential) because without enforced parity there is envy and anger by the Have-Nots, regardless of cause. No solutions, but rentseeking and pointscoring. Human nature is good and we deserve luxury and enjoy pleasure without social harm, no such thing as sin because naturalistic fallacy. Ignorance of outcomes of indulgence or minimizing damage to maintain image. Protecting designated special groups (of voters) from the other groups (positive discrimination) makes society better (for the politicians playing Divide and Conquer). Hedonism in children is to be encouraged in the developing brain because childhood must be enjoyable, high time preference idealism. Emotion as reason. Bad people can be reformed so the good of society involves helping the bad and blaming the good, because nobody is bad without a reason, right? Who’s the real victim? It must be someone else’s fault, we’re all responsible for one another. Emotional catharsis (purged purity). Everything is about the popularity
Libertarians, r-types who can do math, are young bachelors. It’s the ideology for the island. They want to be and stay atomised. They want nobody to limit them, in quite a selfish way because they expect certain structural supports to back them up if their ‘liberty’ efforts fail (support network built by others). They still expect a pension despite paying in insufficient taxes, for example. There is rampant entitlement because they don’t get that small Government does very little, in fact. Moral purity (I owe no one anything nor they me). Everything is about money.

SJWs want us to be equal in misery and poverty down the lowest common denominator, death to the West. They feel guilty for existing (see TC article New Church Ladies) and wish to spread the cultish notion of Original Sin via biased social contracts that promise nothing and expect everything. Invasion of heathen spaces isn’t entryism, it’s bringing the security of the faith to others, if they know what’s good for them (or else we’ll kill them, all but literally atm). Invisible unfalsifiable systems are keeping them down, conspiracy theories always without Jews for some reason, and the Devil is everywhere. Witch hunts (monstering mobs) are acceptable because we can’t expect to live and feel safe in our ideological purity around Those People, but don’t you dare exclude that man from the girl’s bathroom! The adult has more rights than the children. This is totally different from coloured fountains apparently. Proof of harm must be fake/exaggerated/all your fault (gaslighting). No rich people, no happiness privilege because sadness and self-pity still exists. Anti-majority and anti-democratic. Emotion above fact, fact as relative, narrative above pragmatism, rights without responsibility (infantile). Government as parent. Virtue signalling to be popular when they have nothing but words to offer and claim victimhood rewards like a Mary Sue, suffering makes one special and weaker (even criminals lose agency magically in a stunning display of learned helplessness). Spiritual purity (I am a good person) confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance. Everything is about me, in every way.
Avoiding personal discomfort but making out it’s for the benefit of others (dishonest collectivism). Experience (being alive) as expertise (over whom?) mentioned for attention. Degeneracy is living life to the full and leaving a beautiful corpse levels of solipsism.
Reading into everything to find something objectionable, they aren’t offended, they are outraged. Offended people shut the hell up and usually remove themselves from the situation, outraged people become loud and involved. There are good reasons to be outraged e.g. reasonable expectations, but they almost never have those or expect telepathy.

Slightly OT:

The worst faith is bad faith.
Patreon is Communist. Try to deny it. Market demands….begging….celebritized opinions as intellectual labour…
The funniest fucking thing is watching a libertarian ***strong independent*** male beg for ‘donations’ like Patreon. Are you a corporate person? Are you a charity case? Oh, but bitch about self-proclaimed victims, yeah…
Victims require criminals, one agency suppressing another. No criminal? No crime, no victim.

Note: Youtube makes more off your labour than you, but they don’t own means of production. WTF are you all doing. Band together. Start your own site, with the same damn channels. Like the Communists who say being a CEO is easy and you get rich, why not become a CEO then? A good one?
If you can’t make a living off it, it isn’t a job, it’s a hobby.

#mic drop#

Totally OT and unladylike, you’ll see why:

As a matter of fact, I’ve seen one or two Youtubers (not T, he’s great and has no idea who I am), actually rip off my topics and worse, opinions for paid videos of theirs. No credit. Intellectually dishonest compulsive masturbators. Yeah, I know it’s you, bitches and I know you’re reading this. I know you’ll rip off this post at some point too, it’s bait. Full of juicy material, isn’t it? My opinions are uniquely informed and too damn obscure so don’t even pretend you just happened to come to the exact same conclusion within one or two weeks minimum of my posting, for plausible deniability. The first time it was a coincidence. This is like, the fiftieth fucking time. Credit me you cuckadoodledoo motherfuckers.

Download a brain and think for yourselves. Topics maybe OK, as for opinions, get your own! Your Patreon supporters are paying for it! Or maybe download some principles, you rabbity fuckwits.

omg really wtf go away no audrey

They call themselves philosophers, dear readers. You might know from that alone who it is. (Clue: not Molly, a real philospher and intellectually honest for the most part).
You goys are the ‘degenerate’ capitalist ‘whores’ you complain about. Smug smirking little shits are exposed eventually and nobody is going to bail your untalented asses out.


Male intelligence supremacists beaten by a girl. #irony