Can we do that here? Why not?

Surely it’s incitement for predators to practice on robot “children”, BBC Three was overwhelmed FFS.

They’re literally sexual objects in the likeness of minors. Where’s feminism?

Kinda like school shooters practicing on video games only worse. And we all know how bad video games are.

It reminds me of the creepy dead doll photoshoots. You know the ones.

Pedo acceptance

They’re just like you!
NO! They’re not.


How many people warned you about this?
This is why I don’t do TED. I have been offered.

You couldn’t pay me enough.

How’s that Sexual Revolution sitting with you? Feeling good about it?

When does the glorious “Revolution” end?

Have you looked into Kinsey’s taxpayer funded fetishes?

I’ve said, orientation theory is bullshit. The Darwin kind is real, anything else (inc. paraphilias) is a lie.

The German Pedo Left rise again

It was often said on the slippery slope of Sex “Ed”: “Next they’ll be showing the kids porn and doing demonstrations.”

Here’s part 1

the 70s cults weren’t the end

Why and how would children consent, exactly?

Forcing the viewing of any explicit material is part of the grooming process of pedophiles.

Really it’s state grooming and child sexualisation/harassment.

Children watching necrophilia porn?

Don’t punish the child, producers, platforms or parents?

Baby them!

“A school counsellor and a group of parents came to me because what they found on a child’s phone wasn’t even regular sex. We’re talking necrophilia and bestiality. It had already gone that far.

Believe me now?

Part of the grooming process of pedos is to show them explicit material: sex, violence and animal cruelty.

It shuts down the brain from trauma.

Supernormal stimulus, ban it without a credit card.

“Incel pedophile”

“Incel pedophile.”

“Incel pedophile.”

“Incel pedophile.” 


“Incel pedophile.”

I feel like the only person who isn’t surprised.


“The incel mantra is that women, particularly beautiful women, owe them sex.”

They need hookers. /s

Just get tumblr uggos to join, they’ll still magically claim nobody wants them.
Apparently, beggars can be choosers.

They’re complaining society doesn’t let them be degenerate but degeneracy is evil?

“Discussions career dangerously into violent misogyny and rape fantasies; whereas women are taught from childhood to blame themselves for feeling undesirable,”

to self-improve, something they refuse to do

if they pulled themselves together and stopped treating virginity like cancer the stink lines of desperation would go away and they might find somebody to love (but no, they wanna pump n dump because they think that’s normal)

Guys on the internet lie about the sex they get – Cpn Obvious

“these men think their virginity it is the fault of women.”

and a fault